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The new ensign had been having trouble sleeping of late, though she refused to tell anyone why. Dr. McCoy had tried giving her sleeping pills, but she stopped taking them when she slept through a crisis drill. The captain had emphasized his open door policy and assured her that she could speak to him if she needed to. The ship psychologist had offered her services.

Spock himself wouldn't have pried about the situation, but she had botched an experiment by falling face-first onto the lab table, fast asleep, dropping her vial in the process; only the presence of her espeon, Leila, had kept the ship safe from an outbreak of a vicious strain of flu. That incident had led to Spock reprimanding her and Dr. McCoy confining her to Sickbay until she caught up on sleep.

Forced to take the pills she despised, the ensign had no choice but to sleep. The problem, Dr. McCoy later informed them, was that the pills didn't seem to work very well; they were supposed to be providing a dreamless sleep, and they weren't.

Every night, for three nights, the ensign woke up, screaming. Leila would try to reach her, but was always forced out because it was "unsanitary." The ensign would calm down, claim she forgot what she was dreaming about, and spend the rest of the night staring at the ceiling.

On the fourth night, with the ensign once again awake and screaming—about being attacked by a flock of murkrow, no less—Leila refused to be kept away. When the nurses tried to remove her, she gently pushed them aside with Psychic.

Finally, Dr. McCoy threw his hands up and told them to let her stay.

It was then that Spock, who had been sitting a silent vigil by the captain's bedside after an away mission gone predictably awry, witnessed just how far a Pokémon would go for its trainer.

Leila leapt onto the bed and stared deep into her trainer's eyes. When she had the ensign's attention, her eyes glowed a deep red, and the girl fell back against the pillows, fast asleep. When the girl began showing signs of another nightmare, Leila's eyes glowed again, and the ensign stilled.

But Leila would have full-body spasms, clearly in pain.

This continued until dawn. Then, when the ensign awoke, Leila collapsed in a heap next to her.

The girl gasped and called a nurse. Nurse Chapel rushed over and moved the exhausted Pokémon to a separate biobed, while Dr. McCoy examined the captain's readings.

Noticing Spock's confused look, McCoy glanced over at the espeon, lips pursed. "Dream Eater is a Pokémon move that allows a Pokémon to literally eat a dream, absorbing the energy to use," McCoy said grimly. "When the dreams are good, they nourish a Pokémon, but harm the one whose dream is absorbed."

Spock did not frown. "It seems to have had the opposite effect."

"Yeah, it can. When the Pokémon eats a nightmare." The doctor glared half-heartedly at the twitching psychic type. "Leila's used Dream Eater before in battle. Pokémon are more stubborn than Jim, when it comes to the ones they love."