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This fic is set around the beginning of season 8..after Sam returns from being in Fifth's fantasy world.

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Sam opened the door to her house and trudged inside tiredly. They'd just returned to Earth from Orilla and she felt like sleeping for a week. She'd been debriefed for hours before they'd let her go, and she'd had to relive everything that Fifth had done to her. He had essentially mind raped her, and she felt more violated than she ever had in her lifetime. Sure she'd been released eventually, but not until after the damage had already been done. She had considered asking the now 'General' O'Neill if she could take some time away from the SGC, maybe even request a leave of absence, but he'd surprisingly promoted her to Lieutenant Colonel and made her leader of SG1, and the opportunity was gone.

She felt lost, and all she could think about was what Fifth had put her though. It kept running through her mind over and over, and she didn't know how to make it stop. She wasn't a drinker or she would consider drowning herself in a good bottle of whiskey, at least enough to make her forget for a while, but it would only be a temporary fix and wouldn't solve much. The damning thoughts would eventually rear their ugly head again.

Sam wished she could talk to Jack about what happened to her, and why she needed him more now than ever before, but now he was even more unavailable than before. That hurt more than anything. She didn't feel like she could talk to Daniel or Teal'c about these things either; they wouldn't understand, and she didn't feel like being placated with hollow "It'll all work out eventually" and "I am sorry ColonelCarter" lines. They didn't make her feel better, and made her want to march down to Jack and just let it all out, but she couldn't. She was engaged to another man now.

Sam sat down on the couch and ran her hands over her face. Pete. She hadn't seen him in weeks and had honestly forgotten about him until now. She needed to let him know that she was back, but she didn't feel like answering all his questions about where she had been and what she'd been doing. They'd begin the old, tired routine of her telling him that she couldn't answer any of his questions, and he would pout for hours until he would eventually get over it, then start talking a mile a minute about anything and everything. She honestly didn't give a crap about what he said most of the time, and she found herself questioning why she'd accepted his proposal in the first place. She knew why, but she hated admitting to herself that it was because she couldn't have Jack, so she'd settled for boring and reliable Pete. She didn't love him, at least not in the way she loved Jack; she could admit that to herself now, but of course it was too late to do anything about it.

She rolled her head onto the back of the couch and closed her eyes. She needed a distraction, and Pete was as good a distraction as any.

She pulled her phone out and dialed his number, then put it to her ear and listened to it ring. He answered on the third ring, "Babe, it's been so long since I last talked to you. Are you ok?" She cringed, she really hated it when he called her babe. She'd told him multiple times not to, but he never listened. Just another reason she was starting to resent him. "Sam?"

She blinked, startled from her thoughts, "Hey Pete..I've been on a mission and couldn't call." She tried to inject some enthusiasm into her voice, but she sounded flat to her own ears. "I'm back now do you want to come over and have dinner?"

He sounded excited, "Sure! I'll be over in a half hour, and I'll even bring the food."

She closed her eyes at his enthusiasm, and felt like banging her head against the coffee table. Instead she said, "Sounds good. See you soon."

"Love you, Babe."

She couldn't bring herself to say it back to him. Not when she was feeling decidedly unfavorable towards him at the moment; so she disconnected the call, and hoped he thought that she didn't hear him. She stood up and walked into her bedroom and gathered her things to take a shower. She needed to shave and smell good for what she wanted to do later.


They were finished eating and were sitting on the couch watching some boring TV show that Sam couldn't care less about. Pete had brought over Sushi, something she hated, but he loved. He knew she didn't like it, and didn't understand his thinking process when he'd thought that it would be a good idea to bring it. She had just picked at it, and he'd asked her if everything was ok, and she had nodded and turned back to the TV. She didn't feel like fighting with him about it, not when it really didn't matter in the long run.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Pete putting his arm around her and pulling her to his side. She glanced at him as he started to move his head down to kiss her. She really didn't want to kiss him, but she needed to play the dutiful fiancé, so she endured it while he kissed her. His breath smelt like fish and she almost gagged, but stopped her reflex at the last second. He waggled his eyebrows at her, "Hey babe, feel like fooling around?" She almost laughed at how stupid that sentence sounded, but she covered her smile with her hand under the guise of yawning and nodded, "Sounds perfect."

He smiled and stood up, then pulled her up and led her towards her bedroom. She kept telling herself over and over in her head that this would help her forget what had happened to her, and maybe, just maybe, it would make her forget about Jack; if only for a little while.


It had been over in minutes and she felt decidedly unsatisfied. Pete had never been a very considerate lover, but had usually tried to satisfy her. This time he hadn't even tried and she felt hurt and angry. They hadn't had time to slip a condom on, and when she'd brought that up to him after he'd slid off of her, he just shrugged and said sleepily, "You're already protected, babe, it doesn't really matter."

That's when it hit her, she'd been due for her next shot when she'd been kidnapped, and she didn't get it before she left the SGC hours ago; telling herself that she would get it tomorrow. She had completely forgot.

All she could do now was hope that she was still protected somehow. There was no way she was going to go to the SGC and get the morning after pill. She didn't want that requisition going across General O'Neill's desk, and she was pretty sure that it wouldn't work on her anyway, since she had naquadah in her blood. She didn't know if she could get pregnant, and convinced herself before falling asleep that she couldn't.


The next morning she was woken up by a stream of sunlight shining on her face. She groaned and turned over, then opened her eyes to see what time it was. She saw that it was 9:00, and was grateful that General O'Neill had given her the rest of the week off so she could recover. She turned back over to wake Pete up, but he was gone and the sheets were cold. She figured he was already up making breakfast, so she slipped her robe on and walked into the kitchen. He wasn't there. She searched the counter for a note but didn't see one, so she walked back to her room and checked for one there. Nothing, and that worried her because that wasn't like him.

Her phone started ringing on her nightstand, and she figured that was Pete calling. She picked it up and answered without looking at the caller ID, "Pete, where are you?"

There was a pause, and then a quiet, "Carter?"

She groaned internally, "Uh, Sir..sorry, I thought you were..Um..Did you need something?"

He sighed, "Carter, I don't know how to tell you this, but I just received a call telling me that they found Pete's body in an abandoned warehouse."

She felt like she'd been punched in the gut. This had to be a joke. "Sir, that's impossible, he was with me."

"There's more."

What could be worse than that? "Sir?"

"My source also told me that there's been a hit put out on your head for a huge amount of money. Dead or alive."

She pinched herself, convinced she was still asleep, but nothing changed. She didn't know what to say, "Why..."

He cut her off, "I have Marines coming to your house to come get you. You aren't safe where you are. They should be there soon." He paused then continued, "Sam, I'll answer any questions when you get here, and for what it's worth, I'm sorry about Pete. See you soon." He hung up before she could get another word out.

Sam sat down heavily on her bed. She may not have loved Pete like she should have, but she still had feelings for him, and it hurt like hell to hear that he was dead. Dead. Pete was dead. She couldn't even wrap her brain around that, and she hadn't processed the fact that there was supposedly a price on her head. She thought that only happened in movies and TV shows, not real life.

She needed to get dressed before the Marines dragged her out of her house in her robe. She stood up numbly and dressed quickly into some jeans and a blue long-sleeved shirt. As she was tying her shoes, she heard a knock on the door. She grabbed her gun from her bedside table drawer and walked slowly to the door. "Who is it?"

"Sergeant Adams, Ma'am. We're here to escort you to the SGC."

She looked out the peephole and saw that he looked legit, but she didn't know him, so she opened the door slowly and pointed her gun at him, "Who sent you?"

"Ma'am, General O'Neill asked me to convey how important it is that we get you to the SGC quickly. We need to leave now."

She nodded and waved her arm for him to precede her. He walked down her steps and was quickly flanked by two other Marines as they made their way back to the SUV. She followed behind them and slid into the backseat. Suddenly, gunshots broke out, taking down the Marine holding the door open for her. She yelled to the driver, "Go!"

He punched down the accelerator and drove quickly down the road. She pulled out her phone and dialed the SGC, and as soon as they answered she said, " This is Colonel Samantha Carter. There were gunshots at my house and two Marines are down. Request that you send a team to investigate and send an ambulance for the injured." She received confirmation and hung up, then sat back in her seat and closed her eyes. Apparently General O'Neill hadn't been kidding when he'd told her that there was a hit out on her.

They arrived at the SGC within twenty minutes and Sam quickly made her way down inside the mountain with her escort. She didn't take the time to change as she walked to Jack's office and knocked on his door, and heard a faint, "Come in". She opened the door and was greeted by a worried looking Jack, "Carter, are you ok?" He walked over and stood in front of her, rose his hand as if he was going to touch her, but then thought better of it and stepped back slightly.

She shook her head, "No, Sir, I'm not, and neither are the two Marines lying on the ground at my house. What the hell is going on?"

He put his hands in his pockets and shook his head, "All I know is that we need to get you out of Colorado and into protection. It's too dangerous for you to be here. My source didn't know anything beyond the basics. He didn't know why there was a hit put out on you, or why Pete was killed."

She stepped over to one of his chairs in front of his desk, sat down on the edge, and put her head in her hands. "I can't believe it. I just saw him a few hours ago. Are they sure?" She still hadn't looked up.

Jack walked over and sat down in the chair beside her and put his hand on her shoulder, "They're sure. They think it was a Mob hit, but they can't be sure until forensics come back."

Sam looked up at that, "A Mob hit? Pete was involved with the Mob?" This was unbelievable.

Jack squeezed her shoulder lightly once more, then moved it and sat back, "Carter. We don't have time to discuss this. We need to get you out of here; we don't know who can be trusted and we're putting you in more and more danger the longer we sit here."

"So, what? I'm going to go off to some random town and live with strangers and hope that whoever is trying to find me, doesn't?"

Jack cleared his throat and winced, "Not exactly. I'm going to be going with you. Daniel and Teal'c will be around too." That didn't sound too bad to her, and she didn't understand why Jack looked so uncomfortable.


He grabbed his neck and grimaced, "You and I are going to be going undercover as a married couple. Daniel will come in later as your brother, and Teal'c will pose as a city worker." He'd said it quickly, and it took Sam a second to understand what he'd said.

When it finally clicked, she flushed, "Sir, a married couple? How's that going to work?" It didn't sound too bad, because if she had to do this, then she'd rather do it with him; but she still felt numb over Pete's death and didn't know how she felt about pretending to be married to someone else.

"I'll debrief you on the way, we'll have plenty of time to discuss it. We need to leave in a few minutes."

She took a deep breath. She could do this, how hard could it be? She and General O'Neill were good friends, and they were both adults. If her life depended on her being agreeable to this, then she would do it. It could always be worse.

She nodded, "Ok, I'll do it. I appreciate your help, Sir."

He smiled faintly, "Anything for you, Carter." Then before she could say anything else, he walked out of his office without another word.

She sat back in her chair and blew out a breath noisily. Her thoughts were a swirling mess, and all she could think about was the fact that she had to pretend to be married to General O'Neill for an indeterminable amount of time. She had a hard time fighting her attraction for him on a normal day, how much harder was it going to be being around him all the time in a domestic setting?

She knew the answer to that immediately. It was going to be damn hard.

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