CHAPTER 11: Sixteen Weeks.

I woke up to the sun streaming brightly into my bedroom. I glanced at the clock seeing it's just after 9:30. I looked towards Jax seeing his back turned towards me. I pulled back the covers and swung my legs over the side of the bed, my bare feet hitting the soft creamy white carpet that covered the bedroom floor. I pulled on my satin robe tying the sash just above my noticeable baby bump.

I walked into the bathroom, turning the shower on and grabbed a couple of towels while waiting for the water to heat up.

I was about to step back into the bathroom when I heard my phone start to ring. I rushed quickly back into my room to answer it before it woke Jax up.

I picked it up off my bedside table, answering it as I walked out of the bedroom.


"Dallas, I've been trying to call you." Gemma said. She sounded slightly frustrated.

"I haven't heard the phone ringing."

"That's because your home phone isn't working." She let out an exasperated sigh. "I tried calling it three times."

"It should be working, it's a new phone." I was confused. I bought the home phone brand new 3 days ago. There wasn't any way it shouldn't be working.

"I didn't call about your phone not working. I need you to come help in the office after you've had your scan."


"Good, I'll see you then." She said hanging up before I could say 'see you later'.

I put my phone on the kitchen table and headed back to the bathroom. I hung my robe on the hook on the door, stripped off my sleep wear and stepped into the shower letting the steam and hot water seep into my skin, the tension in muscles disappearing.

After washing my hair and body and debating with myself if I should get out or not, I finally stepped out of the shower wrapping one of the large fluffy white towels around my body and used the other one to take some of the moisture out of my hair.

Dropping the towel I used for my hair on the floor knowing I wouldn't get my hair any dryer with it, I walked out of the bathroom and back into my bedroom. Jax was still sleeping on his side, his back faced towards the door.

I went to step forward into the room when I saw a crimson trail that looked like blood. I slowly followed the trail around to Jax's side of the bed and froze seeing the large pool of blood staining the blankets, bed and floor. I saw blood dripping from the bottom of the base of the bed onto the floor. The blanket was covering Jax's face.

I hesitantly reached forward and slowly pulled the blanket back. I gasped in shock at Jax laying there, eyes closed, blood pooled around him and a clean slice to his throat. I was about to scream when I felt myself being whipped around and something sharp stabbed into my side.

I gasped loudly as I sat straight up clutching my enlarged belly. My terror-filled eyes were wide open. My heart rapidly beating against my chest. I looked down at my stomach as I felt for any signs of a bleeding wound.

I didn't realize Jax was awake and sitting up until he spoke softly in a calming tone while moving closer to me. He places an arm around my shoulders and a hand on my stomach. "Babe, what's wrong?"

My body relaxed in his arms. I leaned against him resting my head on his shoulder. "Just a bad dream."

"Wanna talk about it?" He asked kissing the side of my head.

I shook my head. "Not really."

"Okay," he said falling back against the pillows, pulling me with him. I could tell he was worried because he wouldn't let me go. It was the third time this week I'd woken up terrified in the middle of the night because of a nightmare. When Jax asked me about them I just told him crazy dreams were part of the pregnancy. Of course he didn't buy it even though that fact was true.

I couldn't tell him that in each dream it would just be me and him, there would be a phone call, I'd step away to take it, when I come back he'd be killed in a murderous way and I'd feel like I'd been stabbed.

I didn't read much into dreams before but these ones were starting to scare me. I was hesitant to fall asleep, scared they'll keep happening.

I laid there, wide awake as I felt Jax's breathing even out. His hold on me didn't loosen. I kept my head against his chest as I listened to his heartbeat.

Soon the rhythmic beats had me falling back into a deep, and thankfully, dreamless sleep.

"What time is your appointment again?" Jax asked me, wrapping his arms around my waist and rested his hands on my growing belly. I smiled as I felt as Bug moved. It seemed Jax already made an impression with him or her.

"I changed it to one o'clock this afternoon since I slept in a little later than I should've." Just like my dream my appointment was originally at 11AM. I'd slept in until just after 10AM. It had taken me a while to fall back asleep after the nightmare and when I had it was a dreamless sleep.

"Are you sure you don't want me to come?"

"I'm sure." I said turning in his arms to face him. "It's just a routine scan to see how the little one's doing. And you're meant to be doing that thing with Clay."

I didn't know they what they were doing and I didn't bother to ask. The not knowing did worry me but growing up around the club you learned not to ask questions, especially when it didn't involve you and was none of your business.

"I should get going then. I'll see you later." He leaned down brushing his lips against mine, unwrapping his arms from my waist and stepped away from me.

"Let me know if you'll be here for dinner so I know if I should cook dinner for two." I told him as I followed him to the front door.

"Call me after your appointment. I should be done by then."

"Okay," I nodded. He gave me another kiss before heading towards his motorcycle.

I closed the front door after I watched him pull out of the driveway.

I walked back into the kitchen and put away the breakfast stuff and put the dishes into the dishwasher.

When the kitchen was clean I walked into the bathroom and had a quick shower. Once I was dressed I went back into the living room and got my stuff ready to leave the house. I was going to Donna and Opie's house to have lunch with Donna and Ellie before my appointment. We agreed to have lunch after I texted her saying I changed my appointment time and could be at her house a little earlier.

I picked up my cell phone and put it in my bag. I grabbed my keys and left the house locking the door behind me.

I pulled into Donna and Opie's driveway and grabbed the paper bag filled with pastries from the front passengers seat before stepping out of the car. I locked the doors and made my way to the front door. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I felt a chill run down the back of my spine. The sudden feeling that someone was watching me made me uncomfortable. I didn't know where it came from all of a sudden. I wasn't being followed, or at least I didn't think so. They could've been here the whole time, watching my brothers home. Opie is a Son after all. That always brought unwanted attention.

I was about to knock on the door when there was a loud bang and the screeching of tires as a dark blue car sped by. I couldn't tell if the loud bang was a gunshot or the car backfiring. I looked around, no seemed to be coming out to investigate and the people that were outside didn't seemed fazed by the loud bang. It was the car backfiring. The driver was just an idiot, no doubt some teen who just got his license.

I knocked on Donna's door and smiled holding up the bag of pastries when she opened the door. "I'm craving a couple of these so I grabbed you a couple too."

"What are they?" She asked letting me in.

"Cream and pastry goodness." I said walking inside. She shut the door and followed me into the kitchen.

"Sounds yum." She laughed. "What was that bang outside?"

"Some assholes car backfired."

"Sounded like a gunshot."

"That's what I thought too but no one seemed to take much notice of it." I said. I pulled out two plates from the cupboard and placed the cream doughnuts onto the plates. "Where's Ellie Belly?"

"Just went down for a nap, she didn't get much sleep last night." She sighed. "I took her to see her doctor this morning. She has a slight ear infection. As soon as we got home, I gave her some pain medicine and her antibiotics and she's been asleep since."

"Poor little girl, hope she gets better soon." I said giving her a look of sympathy. I knew ear infections with baby's can be bad. I was partially deaf in my left ear because I had quite a few ear infections when I was a baby. When it came to listening I could still hear with my left ear but it wouldn't be as good as listening with my right one.

"Me too." She said giving me a small smile. "I'm not a fan of staying up all night with a crying baby in pain."

After an hour of talking with Donna and eating lunch I made my way to the hospital for my ultrasound appointment. I saw the sweet middle aged woman I met when I came here for my first appointment sitting at the reception desk.

"Good afternoon Anna," she smiled looking at me as I approached the desk. I didn't seem to mind her calling me Anna instead of Dallas. When she first called me Anna I told her she could call me Dallas but she told me she'll be different and call me Anna. It sounded better coming from her than my own mother.

"Good afternoon Mrs. Connors," I returned her smile.

"Here for your appointment?" She asked and I nodded. "Just take a seat and I'll let your doctor know you're here."

"Thank you." I said and took a seat across the room. Ultrasounds made me nervous, even when the other scans came back normal. I was four weeks away from the half way mark and finding out whether my little Bug is a girl or boy.

I picked up a magazine off the chair next to the one I was sitting on and started flipping through it paying no real attention to the articles or the pictures. I've never been one to get into gossip magazines. They were only filled with bullshit I didn't care about.

"Dallas?" I heard my name softly called. I stood up and followed Gloria into her examination room.

"How are you today?" She asked taking a seat behind her desk.

"I little tired but okay," I answered her truthfully.

"Babies can take a lot of your energy out of you."

"So can not getting much sleep."

"Is something keeping you awake?" She asked looking at me concerned.

"I've heard you can have weird dreams when you're pregnant, I just didn't know how weird." I said. I didn't want to tell her about my nightmares. I didn't want anyone to know about them.

"Have you tried taking naps during the day?"

"I do when I'm not working."

"How's work going for you?" She asked.

"Gemma's reduced my hours, I don't know if it's because of the pregnancy or because Jax and I are together."

"I'm guessing it's the second one, your jobs not too strenuous on you or the baby."

I sighed. "And Gemma's doesn't think anyone is good enough for her baby boy, not even someone he grew up with."

Gemma never liked Tara and made that well known. Now she was distancing herself from me. I know she'll be talking about me behind my back, it was only a matter of time before she did it where I could hear her.

"So you and Jax have made it official?"

"Yeah we have," I said. Last week I finally picked up the courage to tell Jax how I felt and ask him where our relationship stood. "I asked him about it, he said he wants to be and so do I."

"That's good," she smiled. "Should we see how your baby is doing?"

I nodded standing up as she stood up. I followed her over to where she had the ultrasound machine set up. I got onto the bed and lifted my shirt, uncovering my belly.

"You've got a good sized bump for 16 weeks," she smiled smothering the gel across my stomach. "I remember when I had my first baby. I was slightly bigger at this stage than you are. I carried a lot of water so I didn't need to drink any before a scan."

"Mom said she was the same with Opie." I said. "She said she looked like a beached whale."

Mom and I had talked just before I moved into the house. We'd actually had a civil conversation after I told her I was pregnant. I didn't tell her how it happened and she never asked. She did tell me if I needed anything, even if it's just for advice or to talk, to call her and it didn't matter what time of the day it was.

"It happens quite a bit with women having their first baby. It's not a rare or common thing." She smiled clicking away on the screen. "And with Opie I wouldn't be surprised your mom was that big. Your brother is a giant."

"More like Sasquatch with all his hair." I chuckled.

She smiled. "Well your baby is looking good, all ten fingers and toes, good strong heartbeat, no shadows surrounding the heart, baby looks healthy."

I let out a small sigh of relief. Every scan I always held my breath until I heard the words just spoken.

"Our next appointment, I should be able to tell you what you're having. I would be able to tell you today but he or she is being shy."

"You can tell this soon?" I asked.

She nodded handing me a few tissues. "If the baby is sitting in a certain way we can."

"That's cool." I said wiping the gel off me and lowering my shirt as I stood up from the bed.

"Hopefully next time, he or she won't be covered up and I can tell you the sex."

She printed off a photo of the scan and handed it to me along with an appointment card.

"I'll see you in four weeks." I said to her as I picked up my handbag.

We exchanged goodbyes and I left for home after texting Jax telling him I'd call him when I got home.

He watched from across the street. Her turned the key in the ignition letting the car roar to life as he watched her get into her car and pull out of the hospital car park a few minutes later.

He followed her to her street, keeping a good distance between their cars. He parked the car a little ways down the road. He was just far enough to still be able to watch her through the binoculars that were sitting on the front passengers seat.

He grabbed them, bringing them to his eyes and watched as she stepped inside the house.

He moved his vision to the window where he saw her answer her phone and start pacing the room with a giant smile on her face. He frowned knowing who it would be. Only one person, one man, made her smile that big and it made him angry.

He dropped the binoculars back onto the seat and gripped the steering wheel tightly with one hand while starting the car with his other. He need to form another plan. There was no way he was letting some stupid biker guy steal her and his child away from him.

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