** The events of this story take place immediately after Billy and Pat's confrontation at the end of Young Guns II. For the purposes of this story, the "Old Billy" scenes in that movie are being ignored.

Fort Sumner, Summer 1881.

Chapter 1 - Endings

Billy quietly walks out of Pete Maxwell's bedroom after his confrontation with Pat. Pat's wayward shot at Billy created a panic. People were running everywhere, screaming, and amidst the chaos, Billy steals Pat's horse and makes a quiet exit out of town.

However, unseen by Billy, one of Garrett's posse, John Poe, spots Billy leaving and gets a a shot off as Billy is riding away. The Kid is hit but he still manages to get away. Billy rides late into the night until the horse collapses. After the horse is dead, Billy leaves behind the animal and crawls, half dead, through the New Mexico desert. He doesn't know where he's going, he just wants to get as far away from Fort Sumner as he can.