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~If there is no struggle, there is no progress~ - Frederick Douglass

June 20, 1989

The sun was slowly sinking down in the sky over East Allegheny as young children ran around the large soccer oval beside the park, kicking a ball happily, yelling and cheering when their makeshift team scored.

Three streets away from the park, eleven year old Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau was buried beneath the comforter of her bed, her face buried in her pillow as she clutched one of her old ratty teddy bears to her chest. Tears fell from her tightly closed eyes, soaking the cotton of the pillowcase beneath her face.

It wasn't fair.

Why did Rosaline have to take herself away from them?

Despite the tears falling from her pretty blue eyes, JJ was the angriest she'd ever felt in her life. She wanted to kick and scream, throw her sister's things. She even wanted to hit her sister, make her feel as much pain as she was causing them.

Her sister was her guide, her protector, the one who JJ knew she could talk to. JJ had admired her in so many ways, imagining that one day, she too would look just like her big sister

In that moment, she hated her sister for killing herself, and she hated her for leaving them.

Sitting up with the comforter still wrapped around her, JJ threw an angry punch at the wooden headboard of her bed. Imagining it was her sister, the sister who had so cruelly abandoned her on this earth, she cried as she threw punch after punch at the chunk of wood.

She kept going until the wood had splintered and stuck into her skin, until her knuckles were bleeding and raw. She kept going until her brother, who she had not heard enter the room, pulled her into a tight hug from behind, dragging her off the bed to sit on the floor.

"Let me go James, let me go!" JJ sobbed hysterically, turning her anger on her brother as she started to beat her clenched fists against his chest, leaving bloody spots on his blue T-shirt.

"JJ, stop, stop it, ok?" James said tearfully. "I'm as angry as you are. But punching the shit out of your headboard and breaking your knuckles is not going to bring her back"

As the reality of her brother's words sunk in, all JJ could do was cry.

So she buried her face in the curve of her big brother's neck and sobbed for the loss of her big sister, not even registering when James started to cry as well.

Her head was aching.

Her eyes were stinging.

Her heart was broken.

She didn't even care about the blood dripping from her injured knuckles.

All she wanted was her sister back.