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Go Othinus x Touma! (lol)

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"Then I will save you! Even if that means fighting the entire world!"-Kamijou Touma declared, right fist clenched, as he stood before the battered Magic God Othinus.

For Othinus, it meant a lot to her, yet, at the same time, confusing.

She had committed to die as the enemy of the entire world, bringing peace to it, as well as atoning for her crimes. Yet the boy who understands her feelings, the reason she did all of this, just to see him alive and spend a brief, very brief moment together, turned his back against the whole thing. The tone of his voice is filled with determination, even as he stands against the entire world with nothing apart from his special right hand, the Imagine Breaker. It might be a great power that negates any supernatural power, but in the end, it's just a fist. Why would he do something so stupid as going against the world with that? Can't he just play along with the given script and finish this?

Another barrage of bombardment from the Magic side came towards from the heavens. Kamijou once again raises his right hand to protect himself and Othinus.

'If we just stand here, this won't get anywhere'-Kamijou thought.

However, he didn't flinch. Not even for a second.

Even with that wave of bombardment, his soul didn't waver.

Even facing that power, the power of the entire world, the world he yearned for all this time, traveling through countless worlds of pain and suffering that Othinus pushed him through, he still has a solid resolve.

He won't let the world he loved so much crush the smile of a single girl in the name of peace and justice.

He didn't know what to do. He didn't know what he should do. It's hard to think anyone would believe his story. Not when the only witnesses are himself and Othinus. And so with that, he put together a simple yet hard plan.

Protect Othinus until he can explain it to them.

The thought of dying in the process did run through his mind, but he can't and won't turn back. He just reminded himself what will happen to the girl behind him if he does. He would imagine that smile, that heart of a lonely child being crush by a happy world.

'I still have a long way ahead in order to get back to my world.'

Soon as the bombardment stopped, Kamijou turned to face Othinus and immediately asked.

"Can you walk? We need to get moving. The ships below us is giving way!"

But he didn't get an answer.

Othinus just...looked at him with a blank expression.

"...Othinus? Are you okay?!"-Kamijou quickly crouched down to check her condition-"Don't tell me there's more problems..."

Her eye are tracing his, so she is concious, at least. Kamijou slightly patted Othinus's head, all the while asking question with a seriously concerned expression.

"...Why?"-Finally, the Magic God spoke. There was a slight trembling in her voice, mixed with confusion, pain and even a hint of anger.


"Why are you even here? Why are you helping me? I recreated the world for you! Why did you turned your back on this! You have to refuse anything I gave you, doesn't it?!"

It was most likely from her heart.


After a short silence, the answer came.

Othinus was expecting that classic Kamijou Touma line of "You don't need a reason to save someone."

But it surprised her. It surprised a Magic God.

"We...understand each other, right?"

Othinus looked at Kamijou with a strange expression, one she thought she shouldn't be making.

She might be blushing.

"We are the only ones understand each other, so what other choice do we have but to stick together? To help each other?"


"Yes, it might be reckless, and I'm not considering the consequences. I would have to apologize to everyone, getting my head bit by Index, a Railgun-hell from Misaka, and even a couple violent kick to the shin by Birdway. And that's the easiest case. But right now, I'm siding with the only person who I understand, who understands me as well. What's wrong with that?"

It was an inspiring moment, beautiful, chessy, even romantic.

A line of magical attacks came from all around.

But Kamijou just placed his hand from instinct, negating the attacks, all the while still crouching and keeping his gaze at Othinus's green emerald eyes.

Simultaniously, they both stood up.

A circle of magician came towards them.

"I'll handle defense"-Kamijou raised his right hand.

"Then leave offense to me"-Othinus stood back to back with him.

"Don't kill anyone."

"I know it already."

Sargasso is an island made of countless wrecked ship stuck together. It's not hard to find a boat with a room that's not destroyed to hide.

A forceful kick to the rusty lock opens up a small room in an old wooden ship.

A spiky haired boy came in, bridal carrying a blonde haired girl in a revealing witch outfit.

Also, with them, a radio broadcasting on an emergency frequency.

The voice of the news reporter came from it.

"The coalition army has just stopped the artilery fire down on the base of the terrorist organization located in Tokyo bay. In order to aviod civilian death, they used a tracer-like round to aim properly as well as for people to evacuate should one stray apart. The coalition has stopped the bombardment saying that a 'special team' of somesort is entering the terrorist's base in search for the leader. They say that a large scale mass-destruction attack would increases the chance that the organization's leader would surrvive and get away. We'll give you update of the situation as soon as we receive it. Until then, please stay calm in your home and awaits further annoucement."

With that, the line goes dark again.

But to the two person listening to it, it didn't mattered much. Certainly they would know that a cover up for the magic bombardment would be issued, and the 'special team' mentioned was magician.

Kamijou Touma and Magic God Othinus fought them. But with the fairy spell still hurting Othinus, she needs to at least stay out of fights for a bit. As soon as the last magician was knocked out via an uppercut from Imagine Breaker, Kamijou has negated the fairy spell, and carry her to a safe place to rest.

Looking around the chosen "safe place", Kamijou noted it was rather old, as there was no electrical appliances, a rather messy yet undestroyed room, proof that it was sunk in calm waters. Placing Othinus down a chair, and take a quick note at the sweet aroma the Magic God gives off, Kamijou cleared and cleaned the bed as much as he can.

Make no mistake. Kamijou Touma has no plan to use this bed, and certainly not to share it with the Magic God. He might be an idiot (self-admitted, but not proud of it), but he's dealing with a girl that can take on the world and win if she's unhurt. She could be hurting now, but in basic, World: Bigger than Kamijou, so there's was no arguments there. If there was a bathtub, he would gladly take it.

Placing the now-delicate Magic God down the bed, Kamijou took in his surroundings again. Seeing a couple of candle lights, the two occupants glanced at each other, silently weighing their choices until the both agree that they should light them. Create a match-sized flame to light them for Othinus is no trouble at all.

Next, a few step gives them the next problem.

The wooden floor creaked.

It's not that loud, but if one strain their ears, they would here it from outside.

This they have no fix for. The only thing they can do is limit their movement as much as they can.

Other than that, the place they choose is rather well hidden and covered, so they should be fine for long enough.

But not all problems are cleared.

The next, biggest (yes, bigger than the world) problem has come.

The awkward silence.

Sitting down on a chair next to the bed, Kamijou once again noted that sweet aroma coming from the Magic God.

He felt like cursing himself for noting it at a time like this.

As the silence grew long, as well as it was close to midnight, Kamijou stood up and take a peek out side. For all he knows, magician are turning the place upside down looking for the two of them, and before you know it, armies will be rolling in. As special as his right hand is, Kamijou won't be winning a fight against well trained soldiers and assault rifles.

'Then I have to resolves this before that happens!'-Kamijou thought as he looked back at Othinus, peacefully lying in the bed.

Finding no sound of search or light source around them, Kamijou returned to the chair.

With candles dimly lit the room, his vision aren't very good, but he can still make out what moves and what not.

Neither of them slept. Kamijou did try to urge Othinus to sleep, but she just shrugged it off.

As the both of them has been wandering worlds for more than a couple years, their mind is obviously more resilient. Losing a night sleep because of tension shouldn't be a problem.

The awkwardness continues.

Multiple things they both can't deny happened.

For example, what Othinus did in the 'Phases'...

Certainly, talking to a guy who she killed milions of time can't be easy.

And even so, remove all that, they're still a boy and a girl, stuck in a bed room while remaining close to each other.

'Now that I think of it, I'm thinking like a small lovestruck girl'-Othinus gave a silent sigh.

"Hm? Did you said something?"-Kamijou catched that sigh.

"Nothing"-Came the reply.

"Say...K-Kamijou Touma."-Suddenly, Othinus spoke.

"Oh? Are you okay? Do you need something?"-Kamijou came back to the bedside, leaving his former guarding position at the door.

Othinus suddenly get up to a sitting position.

"Are...are you sure you should do that?"-Kamijou asked out of concern.

"I'll be fine"-Othinus reassured.

The Magic God then give a couple soft pat to the area next to her, promting Kamijou to sit down next to her.

Kamijou did comply, but that didn't stop him from having a soft blush on his cheek.

And he would swore on his right hand that he saw that tint of pink on Othinus's cheek too.

With their arm and shoulder brushing each other, the scene just keep getting out of hand by the second.

'Her hair...smells nice.'

'He is...quite toned.'

It took them every mental control method to keep those thoughts under while keeping the other person from knowing it.

After regaining some composure, Othinus spoke again.

"H-How should I call you?"

"Eh? Ah...Just...just Touma would do."

Kamijou felt strange. He let others call him by his first name like it was nothing, but now his thoughts are everywhere.

" it really fine to call you that?"

"Yeah...I...guess...I suppose you could call me however you like..."



"Aren't you afraid?"-Othinus asked frankly.


"I...really think that you should live. Even if I don't. That's the reason I did this in the first place...My goal has been achieved. There's no reason to continue."

"...I just did."-Was Kamijou's reply.

"Don't tell me it's you being idealistic again."-The Magic God sighed.

"Yeah...that might be so...Heheh..."-Kamijou gave an awkward chuckle.-"But...the world you gave me isn't the one I want. So I fight. Of course I'm afraid. But I'm more afraid of what's going to happen if I don't fight."

"From fighting gods to fighting the entire world. You really are an idiot. And seems like you are just like me, looking for the original."

"Yeah..."-Kamijou gave a small nod.

"So, even using Imagine Breaker, the world is still not original enough for you..."

"Well, for starter...the world I want..."

"?"-Othinus tilted her head slightly.

"For starter, the world I want has you."-Kamijou gave his answer.-"I want you to live, too. I would fight anything to see your smile."

Othinus has once again froze.

She can tell she is blushing.

She didn't care. Even if Kamijou did noticed that.

"I see"-Othinus is slightly amused that she used it again, but now, under a different circumstance. She did know that "add to harem" line, but getting it for real still meant a lot. The fact that he would risk everything to save someone like her did deserve affection.

With that, they shifted position slightly, now leaned their back against each other, and slowly, their hands intertwined.

The silence is no longer awkward. Now it's filled with understanding.

"Touma."-Othinus spoke softly, turning her head to the side.

"Yeah?"-Kamijou also turned his head to see her's

"Thank you."

"..."-Kamijou froze.

He studied her beautiful face, that blond hair, emerald eye and her small, pink lips that is curving up to a smile.

He studied that smile.


'It's worth protecting, isn't it? The smile of this lonely girl.'


It's true he didn't know how he would continue to do so.

But he still has a reason to try. That's better than not trying at all.

He would do whatever it takes.

That's should be enough.

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