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Part 1

"Hey! Watch where you're going!"

Spencer Hastings ignored the voice that called after her. She didn't care that she had nearly run some guy over or that she hadn't apologized for doing so. Spencer was too caught up being miserable.

It wasn't her fault though. How could anyone blame her for being less than cheery when she was dealing with the fact that her girlfriend had been out of town for almost a week. This wasn't the first time Spencer had to cope with Emily being gone. It wasn't a surprise when your girlfriend is part of a swim program like the one at Stanford.

But that didn't make it any easier on Spencer.

She hated when Emily wasn't around. Not that she would begrudge her girlfriend her dream of being a competitive swimmer. It's just that Spencer missed her so much when she wasn't at home.

Sure, there were nightly phone calls and Skype sessions, but that wasn't the same.

Spencer never envisioned herself to be someone who couldn't handle being separated from the one she loved. Then again, she had never envisioned the one she loved to be a girl.

Outside of the times when Emily was gone for her swim meets, there really wasn't much that Spencer had to complain about in her life. She and Emily had transitioned from roommates/best friends to being in love with relatively few problems. Sure, they still fought about petty things, but the way they resolved their fights more than made up for things.

In spite of her foul mood, Spencer found herself smiling at the memory of what her last night with Emily had been like before she'd left. Although mildly concerned that one day they'd get a noise complaint from one of their neighbors, that didn't stop either girl from ravishing one another over and over again.

Spencer was so consumed with those thoughts that she didn't notice someone was staring at her when she entered her apartment. She was too far gone in Emily land to realize that the object of her desire was standing less than ten feet from her.

Emily watched in amusement as Spencer's head remained down. She was oblivious to everything around her and that allowed Emily a few seconds to marvel at the girl that had stolen her heart. She knew how tough her absences were on the Spencer, but it wasn't easy for her either. Being away from Spencer always hit Emily hard. But her dreams were important to her and Emily loved having a girlfriend as supportive as Spencer.

When Emily would get particularly lonely or start having doubts about her ability to win, it was Spencer who talked her down, it was Spencer who fired her up and it was Spencer who told Emily that she would always have her back no matter what. Those were the moments that Emily would cling to when Spencer was driving her crazy or when she was missing the other girl so much that she wanted to come home.

It had worried Emily at first when Spencer and she had become much more than friends. She didn't want to lose Spencer if something went wrong and their relationship didn't work out. But the risk was worth it, because even though Spencer had a tough exterior, when the two of them were alone, she became vulnerable and incredibly sweet. It always gave Emily a special thrill when she thought about how she got to see a side of her girlfriend that was only for her.

Plus, Spencer was incredibly hot.

And they had incredibly hot sex together.

That was something both girls missed a lot when they were separated.

When she couldn't wait any longer, Emily cleared her throat to alert Spencer to her presence. She watched in amusement as her girlfriend jumped from shock and then her heart melted at the look on Spencer's face when she realized what was going on. It was a look that gave Emily tingles all over her body.

"Emily?" Spencer asked, her heart still racing. She had been so caught up in reminiscing about her sex life that she did not realize she wasn't alone. "You better be real because if you're not, I'm going to be really upset."

Emily laughed at the frown now forming on Spencer's face. "Surprise?" she said, the smile on her face only growing larger. "You could always come here and kiss me if you want to make sure I'm real."

"Oh I'm going to do a lot better than that," Spencer promised with a very confident smirk. Now that the shock of being startled had begun to wear off, the realization that Emily was actually in their apartment started to sink in. "After we're done, you can tell me why you're back a day early."

A shiver ran down Emily's spine at the huskiness in Spencer's voice. Unfortunately, she knew that in about two seconds, the other girl was not going to be that pleased with her. "About that-"

Spencer was so enamored with how good her girlfriend looked to think about anything else other than getting her naked as soon as possible. She rushed over to Emily and kissed her hello.

Emily got distracted by the way that Spencer was kissing her that she momentarily forgot what it was she wanted to say. She found herself pushed into a nearby wall with her girlfriend's body pressed hard against her. It was a position that she loved being in.

"Oh god," Emily moaned when Spencer's hands made their way under her shirt and her mouth moved to her neck. How was she supposed to think about anything other than how good Spencer made her feel when she was being welcomed home like this? But, sadly, the rational side of Emily's brain knew she had to put an end to things before they got carried away. "Spence, stop."

"We can talk later," Spencer mumbled against the soft skin of Emily's neck. She was not in the mood for idle chitchat.

Emily closed her eyes; she hated to put a stop to what Spencer was doing. A small part of her thought about being reckless, but she knew that it wasn't the best idea. She gently pulled her girlfriend away from her neck so she was looking into the brown eyes that adored. "We can't do this right now."

"Yes, we can," Spencer said with a lot of determination. She wasn't sure what was going on with Emily but she was not going to let them get sidetracked from what she wanted to do. "Whatever it is, it can wait."

"It really can't," Emily replied with a sigh. "The reason I came back early is because of a message I got from Hanna."

Spencer's stomach dropped. "What's going on? Is something wrong?"

Emily shook her head quickly; she hadn't meant to worry Spencer. "No, not at all, it's just she's coming for a visit."

Spencer pinched the bridge of her nose. She really didn't want to snap at Emily just because she was frustrated. "That's great news, Em, but what does that have to do with why you stopped me?"

"Because she'll be here in about two minutes," Emily explained. She could see just how unhappy Spencer was after hearing that. She flashed the other girl a very wide smile. "And I invited her to stay here with us."

"You did what!?" Spencer asked loudly.

"Well, we have the extra room now." Emily was practically batting her eyes at Spencer in hopes that it would prevent her from getting too mad. "And she hasn't been to visit us yet and-"

"Emily!" Spencer whined. She didn't think it was fair that Emily could have so much power over her with just a simple look. "I haven't seen you in almost a week! There is stuff I want to do with you that I can't do if Hanna is staying with us. Can't I just pay for her to stay in a hotel?"

Emily laughed at how dramatic Spencer was being. "It's not like I don't want to catch up with you either, but Hanna doesn't know about us yet, so I figured we could use her very short, five-day trip to tell her about us and then send her on her way."

"Five days!" Spencer was still whining. "That's way too long."

"I love you," Emily said sweetly as she cradled Spencer's face in her hands. "And I promise that I will make this up to you after she's gone."

Spencer let out a sigh but she did not protest when Emily kissed her. "I'm going to hold you to that," she grumbled. It wasn't that she didn't want to see Hanna, but Spencer was more interested in spending alone time with Emily. There was also the matter of Hanna being the first person she and Emily would be telling about the change in their relationship. It was a big step for the two of them.

"And you love me too," Emily said with a smile. She ignored the dirty look that Spencer shot her and decided instead to spend their last minutes of peace before Hanna's arrival kissing her girlfriend.

It was long afterwards that they heard someone knocking at their door. Even though Spencer knew what was coming, she still let out a pathetic whimper when Emily pulled away.

"Hurry up," Hanna called out from the other side of the door. "I have to pee!"

"This is going to suck," Spencer pouted.

Emily wasn't bothered by Spencer's behaviour. In fact, it was pretty hard not to find her absolutely adorable. She flashed a sympathetic smile in Spencer's direction before letting Hanna in.

"Where's the washroom?" Hanna asked frantically, not even bothering to say hello.

Emily pointed her friend in the right direction. She barely had time to react before Hanna threw her bags at her and took off down the hall.

"Good to see things haven't changed with her," Spencer commented with an eye roll.

"Be nice," Emily warned before she took Spencer's hand to lead the two of them to the sofa.

"I am nice," Spencer said, but it was hard to take her seriously with the scowl that she was sporting.

Emily responded by putting her head on Spencer's shoulder. When the other girl wrapped her up in a hug, Emily took the opportunity to revel in that fact that she was back in her girlfriend's arms. For the first time since Hanna told her about her visit, Emily was starting to regret allowing Hanna to stay with them.

She didn't have time to think about that too much, because soon enough Hanna was done in the washroom and had come back in the living room to join her two friends.

"Hey guys!" Hanna squealed. She ran over to Spencer and Emily and engulfed both of them in a massive hug. "I've missed you so much!"

"We've missed you too," Emily said as Hanna tackled her and Spencer. "I'm so glad you're here."

"Well, I figured if I had to wait for an invitation from you two, it would be years before I came for a visit, so I just decided to invite myself." Hanna said once she was done greeting her friends.

"Of course you did," Spencer muttered under her breath. She would have continued her quiet rant but the nudge she received from Emily was enough to get her to stop. She plastered a smile on her face, "What brings you to California?"

Hanna did not notice how close Emily and Spencer were sitting to each other. "Caleb brought me out to meet his mom, but instead of going back with him, I decided to come down and visit you guys before I go home."

Lucky us, Spencer thought to herself while keeping the fake smile on her face.

Emily nudged Spencer again because she knew what the other girl was thinking. "I'm so glad you did, Han, we've actually got something-"

"What's it like living with Spencer?" Hanna asked Emily. "Is it all like rules and getting in trouble for not following those rules?" Emily opened her mouth to respond but was cut off once again. "Actually, who cares about that? Let's talk about something more fun. This school must be crawling with cute guys," Hanna said oblivious to the fact that her friend was trying to tell her something. "And cute girls," she added. "Don't want you to feel left out, Emily."

"I don't feel left out," Emily replied. She could feel Spencer tensing up beside her. "Speaking of cute girls-"

"Have you hooked up with any hotties?" Hanna asked Spencer, once again ignoring Emily's attempt to steer the conversation in another direction. "Oh, who am I kidding, I bet you always have your nose buried in textbooks that you haven't had any time for fun. You're probably like a born again virgin or something."

Under normal circumstances, Spencer could take a lot of teasing from Hanna, but not today and not now. Hanna was laughing at her own joke and Emily was doing her best to keep the situation from going nuclear. She rubbed Spencer's back to keep her calm.

"What about you, Em, are enjoying how many college girls want to experiment with some girl-on-girl loving?" Hanna waggled her eyes brows suggestively. "It must be amazing to have so many options to pick from."

"Emily is not picking up girls at random," Spencer said through gritted teeth. "And if you'd stop talking for two seconds you'd find out why."

Hanna rolled her eyes. "Why are you being so bitchy? Do you have a big test to study for or something? Because if you do, I can take Emily out and help her cruise for girls. I happen to be an excellent wingman. Lesbians love me."

"Would you shut up!" Spencer barked. Between no sex with Emily and Hanna trying to prostitute her girlfriend out, she had a very short fuse.

Emily was frowning. This was not how the conversation with Hanna was supposed to go. "Spence, calm down."

"I'll calm down when Hanna learns to keep her big mouth-"

"Forget finding a girl for you, Emily, I think it's more important for us to find Spencer a guy to hook up with." Hanna commented. "Talking about being wound up too tight."

"I do not need to find a guy to hook up with!" Spencer exclaimed angrily.

Emily sighed, she was going to have to step in before things got out of hand. She did actually want to enjoy Hanna's visit and Spencer giving their friend a black eye would likely put a damper on things.

She slipped her hand over Spencer's before looking directly at Hanna. "Spencer and I are a couple."

"A couple of what?" Hanna asked in confusion.

"A couple!" Spencer snapped. "You know, two people who are in a relationship with each other and love each other. A couple!"

Hanna burst out laughing. "Yeah right, like I'm going to fall for that. You have to wake up pretty early in the morning to try and pull one over on me."

"That shouldn't be too difficult when you struggle to get up before noon," Spencer fired back not caring how awful she sounded. It took only one look at Emily's pleading eyes for the guilt of acting like a jerk to catch up to her. "Sorry, Em," she whispered to her girlfriend.

"A couple!" Hanna exclaimed, still laughing. "Like you two would ever hook-up!"

"Hanna, I can assure you we aren't trying to play any kind of prank on you," Emily said trying to remain patient and calm. With Spencer ready to fly off the handle again at any second, it was up to her to keep the peace. "And I know this must come as a surprise to you – goodness knows it surprised Spencer and I – but we are most definitely a couple, " she hesitated a second, wondering if she should continue, "in every way."

"Oh, OK, I absolutely believe you," Hanna replied, the sarcasm in her voice was impossible to miss.

Spence was going to explode again, but then another, much better idea popped into her head. Under the mantra of "actions speak louder than words," she turned to Emily, and before her girlfriend could say no, Spencer kissed her.

Emily was caught off guard by the kiss, but it was not unwelcome. Spencer's kisses were never unwelcome. In fact, the way that Spencer was kissing her made it quite easy for her to forget that they had an audience. She ran her fingers through her girlfriend's hair and then she deepened the kiss. The way that Spencer moaned into her mouth caused Emily's insides to quiver. She forgot all about Hanna or anything else really, and allowed herself to get lost in how amazing it felt to be kissed by her girlfriend.

As much as Spencer would have loved to continue kissing Emily she was not that keen to do that in front of Hanna-especially when what she wanted to do more than anything was strip Emily of all her clothes so she could welcome her home properly. Unfortunately that would have to wait. But she did allow the kiss to go on a little bit longer before she reluctantly pulled away.

When Spencer opened her eyes she was greeted with the breathtaking site of Emily: hair a mess, lips swollen, looking at her like she wanted to devour Spencer. She had missed that look so much. Spencer allowed herself one more soft kiss because she couldn't help herself, and then she turned her attention back to Hanna.

"A couple," she repeated incredibly proud of herself.

Hanna's mouth hung open and she hadn't blinked in over a minute. She didn't say anything in response to the display she witnessed because she was in too much shock. When she finally regained her ability to speak she pointed right at Spencer. "You?" She said before her finger moved over to Emily, "And you?"

Spencer and Emily nodded together in unison.

"Shut the front door!" Hanna squealed excitedly. Before Spencer or Emily could brace themselves, she ran over to the two of them to tackle them once again in a big hug. "You guys! I'm so happy for you!" When she was done tackling Spencer and Emily, Hanna squeezed in between them on the sofa. "Tell me everything!"

Spencer raised one eyebrow, "Everything?" Gone was the high that came with making out with Emily and back was her less than pleasant, I-have-been-without-my-girlfriend-for-days attitude.

Hanna ignored Spencer and turned her attention towards Emily. "How long have you been a couple? When did this happen? How come you didn't tell me before?" That question was followed by Hanna hitting Emily's shoulder. "Is it serious? What's it like dating Spencer?"

"Hello!" Spencer said before Hanna could get anymore questions out. "I'm sitting right here!"

Emily burst out laughing, both out of relief that Hanna was taking their news well and because of how adorable a grouchy Spencer really was. The pout on her face made her even more loveable than it had been before. "Whoa, Han, slow down."

"Slow down? Slow down? Two of my best friends are doing each other and you expect me to calm down? Yeah, that's not going to happen."

"We are not doing each other," Spencer said, her eyes rolling almost violently. "We're in love."

Spencer's statement was met with silence as once again Hanna was caught off guard. This time, though, she didn't take as long to recover. "Oh my god!" She squealed loudly. "Could you be any cuter?" Hanna was smiling broadly and Spencer was scowling at her. "I never knew you had it in you, Spence."

Spencer sat back and folded her arm across her chest. Not only was she being denied Emily time, but she was also being teased by her friend. She was not amused.

Hanna reached over to pinch Spencer's cheeks, but her hand was slapped away before she got the chance to. Of course, Hanna wasn't put off by Spencer's sour attitude at all. She was too giddy at the news of Emily and Spencer being a couple. Instead she turned to the friend that was likely to be more pleasant towards her. "When and how did this happen?"

Emily felt her cheeks get warm as she thought back to the day that she and Spencer had first gotten together. There was no way that she was going to tell Hanna about the fight that had turned into angry sex that had then turned into an incredible relationship. "Oh, you know, it was a gradual thing and-"

"Boring!" Hanna cut in. "Is Spencer a good kisser? I always thought she would be a good kisser."

Spencer was biting her tongue so hard she was mildly concerned she would actually hurt herself.

"Hanna!" Emily exclaimed now full on blushing. "We are so not discussing that."

Not at all fazed by the stonewalling she was receiving, Hanna kept right on going. "Come on, Em, I'm not asking for real details, just give me something."

Emily relented, but only because she was hoping that if she gave Hanna an answer, that would stop further embarrassing questions from being asked. "Of all the people I've kissed, Spencer is by far the best I've had and it's not even close."

Spencer forgot her surly mood for a second and found herself beaming at hearing Emily's answer. She knew what they had together was special, and extremely hot, but it was still nice hearing that directly from her girlfriend's mouth.

Her good mood did not last long.

Hanna whipped her head in Spencer's direction, there was a mischievous look in her eyes. "So, tell me, what's it like to go down on a girl?"

"Hanna!" This time Spencer and Emily shouted their friend's name at the same time.

"What?" Hanna asked innocently. "I've always been curious as to what that's like and I figured as a new lesbian you might shed some light on that for me."

"You're unbelievable," Spencer said as she threw her hands up in the air. "Unbelievable."

Hanna seemed completely unaffected by how horrified Spencer and Emily seemed to be. "We're friends, right? Aren't friends supposed to share things?"

"Not those kinds of things!" Spencer replied. She looked over at Emily behind Hanna's back just to make sure that Emily was OK. Not that Spencer was too concerned, the two of them were used to Hanna and her tendency to say whatever she was thinking without utilizing a filter. "And for future reference, if you have feel the need to share the intimate details of your relationship with Caleb, don't."

"Someone's really grumpy!" Hanna sang out while poking Spencer in the ribs. She was too amused with herself to notice the death glare she was getting from her friend. "I know exactly what you need!"

"So do I," Spencer muttered to herself, "but that's not going to happen because you're here."

"We need a girls night out!" Hanna squealed excitedly. "We are going to celebrate your new relationship!"

Spencer groaned and Emily reached over to pat her girlfriend on the arm.

"Oh my god! I have to go tell Aria about your news," Hanna announced before she left the room to go get her phone.

Emily moved over to console her girlfriend. "How bad could a girls night out be?"

"If Hanna's involved, I don't even want to answer that question," Spencer replied in a huff.

As Emily wrapped her up in her arms, Spencer wondered how she was going to make it through the next five days.