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Part 2

Hanna impatiently watched Emily look for an outfit for their night out. "Emily!" she whined, as her knee bobbed up and down. "You already have the girl. What is taking you so long?"

Emily kept her back to Hanna and didn't stop what she was doing. "You'd think after all these years you'd learn not to rush me."

"And you'd think," Hanna started as she rose from her seat, "that you'd learn not to take so long." She huffed a little when Emily didn't respond but the other girl remained silent. "Fine, whatever, take a hundred years for all I care."

"I think you've caught Spencer's grumpiness," Emily said rather amused. "I don't know how I put up with the two of you."

Hanna flopped back on the bed. "Why do you even have your clothes in this room anyway? I thought you and Spencer were now living in romantic bliss."

"With the size of our wardrobes, we thought it best for our relationship to keep our closets separate," Emily explained. She was still no closer to figuring out what she was going to wear.

"And here I though the only thing you knew about closets was how to come out of them," Hanna joked. The hearty laugh that followed that comment proved that she really was her number one fan. "Man, I'm good."

Emily finally turned around. "Yes, you're hilarious," she deadpanned. "Now leave me alone or I'm never going to get ready. Go bug Spencer or something." Emily wasn't one to throw her girlfriend under the bus like that, but Hanna was proving to be too much of a distraction.

Hanna exited the room in a dramatic fashion. She was hoping that would prompt Emily to hurry the hell up, but she doubted it would have any affect on the other girl whatsoever. The blonde hated waiting around when the promise of a fun night out lay ahead.

When Hanna rounded the corner, she found Spencer in the den, sitting on the sofa reading a book. Of course she was, Hanna thought to herself. At least she was ready. "Hey there, Spence!"

Spencer sighed, her few moments of peace had been so enjoyable. Now she had to deal with Hanna and her many, and very often, nosy questions. "I thought you were helping Emily get dressed."

"Ugh, you know your girlfriend. She takes forever," Hanna complained as she joined Spencer on the sofa.

"That she does," Spencer agreed before she closed her book. There would be no point in trying to finish reading the chapter she was on with Hanna around. "Have you had a good trip so far? What was Caleb's mom like?"

Hanna chuckled. "Oh, please, like I'm going to talk about Caleb now that I know that you and Emily are together. Let's talk about that."

"Must we?" Spencer said, a sense of dread sweeping over her. "There's nothing really to discuss."

"Sorry, Spence, it's not every day two of my best friends fall in love with each other. I tried getting information out of Emily but she was too preoccupied with her wardrobe choice."

"Maybe you should take that as a hint," Spencer suggested gently. When Hanna had taken a shower earlier she'd had a few minutes alone with Emily. Although not nearly enough time, it did ease her sour mood just enough that she didn't feel ready to snap at almost anything. And while she would have loved to have a night in with Emily – alone – she was looking forward to going out. It had been a while since she'd had a fun night out with her girlfriend.

"And maybe you should just tell me what I want to know," Hanna replied with a cheeky smile. "Come on, it's not like I'm asking for those details; I'm really just curious about how you two got together. Have you always thought Emily was hot, or is the desire to jump her bones a new thing?"

Spencer couldn't stop herself from rolling her eyes. "Do you ever filter your thoughts, or do you just say whatever pops into that mind of yours?"

"Whatever pops into my mind. It's a gift."

"Some gift," Spencer said to herself. Although she found Hanna's line of questioning annoying, she decided to stop fighting the inevitable. It was clear that her friend wasn't going to stop until she got some answers. "I don't actually know when things changed or when I started looking at Emily differently-"

"Probably when you saw her naked," Hanna joked. She gladly accepted the death glare that her comment received. "Sorry, sorry, I won't tease you anymore."

Spencer burst out laughing. "Don't make promises you can't keep, Han." She shot the other girl another dirty look but both of them knew that Spencer wasn't really upset. "Anyway, as I was saying, I don't know when things changed but all of a sudden everything that Emily did started driving me nuts."

Hanna was confused. "Wait a second, shouldn't you have started viewing Emily through, like, rose coloured glasses or something? Like, everything she did was perfect?"

"You'd think that," Spencer said, a smile spreading over her face. The memory of what an idiot she'd been was something she found amusing. "I think what I was feeling scared me, so instead of trying to get close to Emily or see what I actually wanted, I decided to do everything in my power to push her away."

"Sounds like something you'd do," Hanna remarked matter-of-factly.

"Hey!" Spencer exclaimed even though she knew her friend was right.

Hanna waved her hand dismissively at the other girl. "I'm sorry, Spence, but subtlety is not your strong suit."

"Yeah, I know," Spencer let out a sigh. "But I wasn't the only one struggling with my feelings, so when I picked fights with Emily, she obliged and fought right back."

Hanna clapped her hands. "Ooh, foreplay."

Spencer laughed; Hanna was too harmless for her to get mad at. "Something like that." She thought back to what she loved most about being with Emily before continuing. "But it's more than just sex with us. I feel like I can talk to Emily about anything, and she already knows all my faults, so I don't have to try hide with her."

Hanna actually kept her mouth shut for once as she listened to Spencer talk. The transformation that came over her friend as she discussed her relationship was truly amazing. She was usually one to worry about almost everything, but there was this calmness about her now that was never there before.

After Spencer had rambled on for a while, she caught herself and decided that was enough. "So, there you go. That's me and Emily in a nutshell."

"I really am happy for you," Hanna said sincerely. She wanted nothing more than to see her two friends happy and it was evident that they both were. "I think you guys make an awesome couple."

"Uh, thanks," Spencer replied. And much to her chagrin, she started to blush. She wasn't sure why she was, but she didn't seem able to stop herself from getting flushed.

Hanna leaned in, knowing she'd only have one chance for this question. Seeing how relaxed Spencer appeared made her think it was the opportune time. "I really wasn't asking for details before, but I have to know…how's the sex?"

Spencer blushed harder, but answered anyway. "It's amazing."

Hanna let out a happy squeal and then clapped her hands together. "I knew it! I knew sex with another girl would be awesome."

Spencer's first instinct was to shake her head, but the fact was, she agreed one hundred percent with Hanna. Acting out of character (probably because she was sex deprived, she reasoned) she added, "Awesome doesn't even begin to cover it."

For the second time that day, Hanna was taken by complete surprise. She never expected Spencer to speak so candidly about those things with her. She had always been the one to clamp up when Aria, Emily and she had talked about the people they were with. "Well, whatever Emily does to you, you must really like it if you've stopped being so uptight."

Before Spencer had the chance to snap at Hanna's comment, her attention was drawn away by the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Standing in the doorway looking absolutely stunning was Emily.

"Sorry I took so long," Emily said, not sounding sorry in the slightest.

"Finally!" Hanna exclaimed before she got up from her seat. "We must have aged, like, ten years waiting for you. Right, Spence?"

Spencer was unable to reply. She was too busy soaking up the sight of her girlfriend. Her heart was racing and her palms were suddenly sweaty. Spencer couldn't believe that she was lucky enough to be with someone so exquisite. She locked eyes with Emily and everything else faded away.

Initially, Emily smirked at Spencer and the reaction she was getting. There was no bigger ego boost than watching her girlfriend stare at her. But then, Emily's expression softened as she connected with Spencer's eyes and she saw the love staring back at her. It was almost overwhelming.

"We should head out before you two make me barf," Hanna announced shattering the moment between both girls. She wasn't trying to be insensitive but she was ready to go.

Emily grabbed her purse and then headed over to Spencer. She pulled her girlfriend up before she took her hand. "You look amazing."

Spencer hadn't regained her ability to speak quite yet, so instead of replying with words, she kissed Emily hard. When the two of them separated, both girls were left breathless.

Hanna ignored the eye fucking that was now happening between her two best friends and pushed them out the front door. There were good times to be had and nothing was going to get in the way of that.

When the girls arrived at the bar, fake IDs in hand, Spencer and Emily made their way over to the line that had formed outside. It took them a few moments to realize that Hanna was not with them.

"What's wrong?" Spencer asked when she and Emily had walked back to their friend. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Hanna was less than pleased.

Hanna was frowning. "What the hell is this place?"

Emily and Spencer exchanged a confused look before Spencer replied, "A bar."

"It's a straight bar!" Hanna fired back, her arms crossed over her chest. "Why would you bring me here?"

"So you could have a good time?" Spencer told her, starting to get annoyed. Her short fuse was coming back. "You asked us to take you out, right?"

"Not here," Hanna replied, her nose crinkled in disgust. "I want to have a girls night, duh!"

Spencer tensed up, she was not in the mood for Hanna being Hanna. "Now just a minute-"

"You want to go to a gay bar?" Emily inquired before her girlfriend went ballistic.

Hanna turned around to get another cab. "Not just a gay bar, I want to go to a lesbian bar. Show me where my ladies be at!"

Emily took her girlfriend's hand before Spencer could react again. The three of them waited in silence as Hanna tried not to be too upset with where Emily and Spencer had taken her and Spencer tried her best not to throttle her friend.

"Isn't this so much better?" Hanna asked after they had sat down.

"So much better," Spencer said dryly. She couldn't understand why Hanna had put up such a fuss about where they had taken her first. But none of that seemed to matter much when Emily squeezed in to the booth beside her. Both girls were wearing short skirts so their bare legs were rubbing up against each other. "So much better," she repeated so only Emily could hear her.

Emily shuddered at the contact she shared with Spencer and at the way her girlfriend was looking at her. It was a look she hoped she'd never get used to.

"I'm going to get us some drinks. I'll be right back," Hanna said before she disappeared into a crowd of women.

"It should be illegal to look as good as you look right now," Spencer commented to Emily when they were alone. She had to lean into the other girl's ear so she could be heard above the music.

Emily turned her head so she was gazing directly into Spencer's smoldering eyes. "If you don't stop, I'm going to lock Hanna out of our place tonight."

Spencer leaned closer to Emily so their lips were almost touching. "Good."

Despite the moment they were having, Emily started laughing. "I never realized how grouchy you are when you're sex deprived."

Spencer wasn't offended by the comment."You'd be grouchy too if you were being denied sex with you."

Any comeback that Emily might have had was cut short when Hanna returned to the table.

She put three pink drinks down and smiled triumphantly. "Here you guys go, courtesy of her."

Emily and Spencer looked over to where Hanna was pointing. There was a woman staring at them and, when Hanna waved at her, she waved right back.

"You know, it's unethical to flirt with women just for free drinks when you have no intention of doing anything with them," Spencer pointed out once Hanna was sitting back down.

"It's not unethical," Hanna replied, looking insulted. "I told her that I had a boyfriend and wasn't into girls. She said that's what every girl says before they've met her." Hanna shrugged, "It's not my fault if she now wants to make me her conquest or something. It's also not my fault if lesbians find me irresistible."

Spencer shook her head and Emily laughed.

After they were done their drinks, the woman who had provided said drinks made her way over to their table. "You ready to show me those dance moves of yours?"

She completely ignored Emily and Spencer's existence.

Hanna giggled. "OK, but you better keep your hands to yourself."

"Of course," the woman said, but there was an undeniable swagger in the way she had walked over to their table. "I know how to treat a lady."

Hanna giggled again and for the second time Spencer and Emily watched her disappear into the crowd.

"What is wrong with you guys?" Hanna asked when she returned to her friends about forty-five minutes later. She had clearly been enjoying herself and she had also clearly had a few more drinks. "You're just sitting here like an old married couple."

"We don't need to make fools out of ourselves to have a good time," Spencer replied snarkily.

"Whatever," Hanna said, unfazed by her friend's remark. "You only wish you could dance half as well as me."

"Are you and that girl an item yet?" Emily inquired to keep her friend's from bickering. "You seemed to be getting quite chummy with her."

"Ugh, not you too!" Hanna said. "We were just dancing."

"I don't know, Han, it looked like more than dancing to me," Spencer teased. It was kind of fun to be on the other end of things for once. "Should I tell Caleb he has something to be worried about?"

"Shut up," Hanna started pouting, "you guys are killing my buzz."

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, three more drinks arrived at their table. Hanna downed hers in one go while also shooting her friends a dirty look.

"See you later, bitches," she announced once she was done.

"Maybe we better keep an eye on her," Emily said to Spencer when they were alone.

"If you want to dance with me, you don't have to use Hanna as an excuse," Spencer replied before she led Emily to the dance floor. "I will never say no to a dance with you."

Emily gasped when Spencer pulled her close. "Good to know," she gulped.

Drinks in hand, the two girls made their way over to where Hanna and her mystery woman were dancing. Hanna gave them two thumbs up before her attention was taken away from her friends.

"Do you think Hanna would ever do anything with another girl?" Emily asked as she watched Hanna dancing.

"Maybe if she was single," Spencer replied when she'd had enough time to think her answer over. "She seems to be more obsessed with girls than most gay women I know."

Emily laughed. "You have a good point." She was about to talk more about things when Spencer put her hand on her bare back, making Emily gasp. Before Spencer, she had never experienced such exhilaration from just a touch.

"Enough about Hanna," Spencer husked into Emily's ear. "It's been far too long since I've been this close to you. I want to enjoy myself."

Emily's eyes rolled into the back of her head as Spencer nibbled ever so gently on her neck.

It was so good to be home.

"I can't do this anymore!" Spencer yelled, her eyes were fiery and the grip she had on Emily was tight. "I know what we said, but I just can't!"

Emily had no idea what was going on. One minute Spencer and she were dancing unbearably close to each other and the next moment, her girlfriend seemed out of control and was dragging Emily away from the crowd of people. She had thought they were having a good time.

Spencer knew she wasn't making any sense, but it wasn't her fault. It was Emily's fault for being so gorgeous. It was Emily's fault for looking at her in that way that made Spencer's insides tingle. It was Emily's fault for touching her all night. It was Emily's fault that she had caused Spencer to crack. And it was Emily's fault that Spencer was now being reduced to this.

Before Emily had a chance to find out what was wrong, she found herself being yanked into the ladies' room and into the stall furthest from the door. Spencer quickly locked the door behind them and then Emily was in the lovely position of being sandwiched between her girlfriend and the stall wall.

"Spence, what's going-"

"Just stop," Spencer commanded, her voice low but as raspy as ever. The music from the club was thumping, and so was her entire body. She pressed herself right into Emily just as she took her girlfriend's hands and pinned them above her head. "I know this is cliché and not the ideal location but I can't do this anymore, Emily."

"Do what?" Emily asked even though she wasn't sure she should be talking. Her voice quivered as she spoke. Being in this position, with Spencer in complete control, was something she loved.

Spencer inched her face even closer to Emily's, but she wasn't ready to give into her desires yet. "I can't keep dancing with you and pretending that I'm OK. Because I'm not OK, Em, and I haven't been all night."

If she didn't know her girlfriend so well, Emily might be worried. "What's wrong?"

Spencer practically growled, "Stop interrupting me!"

Emily was going to respond that she understood, but she thought better of it. Instead she allowed every sensation that Spencer was causing her to feel, to wash over her.

"I've missed you so much," Spencer continued when she was sure that Emily was going to keep quiet. Gone was the harshness from the tone and while her eyes were still boring into Emily, the love she felt for her girlfriend was evident. "I hate when you go away, but I know that it's part of the deal of being with you. And, believe me, being with you is so worth it."

It was getting harder for Emily to fight the urge to speak. She wanted to tell Spencer how much she missed her too and how she also hated it when she went away. But this moment wasn't for her, so she kept quiet.

"All night I've had to be around you without touching you the way I want to touch you," Spencer said. She maneuvered herself that she was now only using one hand to keep Emily's hands above her head. She used her other hand to slowly run her fingers down Emily's body. It was so satisfying to see how hard it was for Emily not to voice her approval for what she was doing. Spencer started tracing different patterns across any patch of bare flesh that she could touch, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind her. "Do you have any idea how unfair that is?"

Emily nodded earning her a disapproving look from Spencer.

When waiting proved to be too much, Spencer leaned in and started softly kissing Emily's neck. She had intended to take her time before giving in to what she wanted, but her libido and the fact that they weren't exactly in a private place, allowed her to give in. She could feel Emily moving against her and that fueled Spencer even more. She kept her lips firmly on Emily's neck while her free hand started gently teasing its way up and down Emily's leg.

With eyes closed, Emily did her best not to moan out in pleasure. While the sound of the music was providing some cover for the two of them, she had no idea if anyone could overhear what was going on right now. Although, truth be told, she didn't really care if anyone could, she was enjoying herself too much.

When Spencer reluctantly dragged her lips away from what she was doing, she took a moment to revel in how fuckable Emily looked right then. Both girls were panting at this point and Spencer knew she couldn't hold out much longer. "Do you have any idea the things I want to do to you?"

Emily let out a whimper; she didn't know how more of this delicious torture she could take.

"Do you have any idea how much I want to be inside you right now?" Spencer finally let go of Emily's hands but the look she gave her girlfriend let the other girl know that she didn't have permission to move them. "Do you have any idea how much I'm going to enjoy-"

"For fucks sake, Spence!" Emily exclaimed, her self control all but gone. "Can you just shut up for a second and fuck me!"

Spencer's eyes went instantly dark. There was something thrilling about getting to see this side of Emily. Everyone always thought she was so sweet – and she absolutely was – but there was this wild side of Emily that only Spencer got to see. She was so lucky.

In an instant, Spencer was all over Emily. She knew they didn't have much time and Spencer couldn't hold back any way. Her hand made it's way under Emily's skirt much to the delight of both of them.

"Emily? Spencer? Are you guys here?"

It took Spencer a few seconds to realize that her name was being called. She froze with her fingers just inches away from where she wanted them to be.

"Emily? Spencer?" Hanna called out again.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no," Spencer chanted under her breath. She couldn't believe her bad luck. This had to be some kind of sick joke the universe was playing on her.

She wasn't the only one incredibly frustrated; Emily had to stop herself from banging her head against the bathroom stall. They had been so close to getting what they both wanted, it didn't seem fair that they had to stop. On the other hand, what if there was something wrong and Hanna really needed them. "In here," Emily croaked out.

Spencer gave Emily such a pathetic look but she wasn't mad. Frustrated as all hell, yes, but not mad.

"What are you guys doing in there?" Hanna asked once she was standing outside the stall her friends were in.

Emily straightened her clothes up to make sure she was presentable. "Spencer was, uh, helping me with something."

Spencer quirked her eyebrow at Emily, but didn't say anything.

"With what?"

Emily rolled her eyes as she fought hard not to start laughing. She didn't open the door yet; instead, she made sure to give Spencer a kiss that said, "I'm sorry, I will find a way to make this up to you."

Hanna stepped back when she heard the door unlocking. She was feeling too good to notice that her friends didn't seem all that pleased to see her. "There you are!" she slurred out, "I've been looking everywhere for you two!"

Emily's eyebrows were furrowed. "You OK?"

"I'm better than OK!" Hanna replied. "I'm having a gay old time! I thought of that joke while I was dancing and I needed to find you guys because that has to be the world's best pun."

Spencer watched Hanna break out into hysterical laughter. She couldn't believe that her good time with Emily had been stopped because of Hanna's stupid joke.

Emily was also less than happy to find out why Hanna had come looking for them. On the other hand, their friend was clearly drunk and it was probably a good idea for Spencer and her to keep a close eye on her so she didn't do anything stupid.

"A gay old time!" Hanna repeated much to her own amusement.

Spencer leaned over so she could say something that only Emily would hear. "If we killed Hanna, I'm sure the jury would view it was justifiable homicide."

Emily burst out laughing. Even though she agreed with Spencer in theory, she quite liked Hanna—except when she wasn't preventing Emily from getting laid.

"I am so drunk," Hanna announced right as the bar was closing.

"You don't say," Spencer replied. "You getting up on the bar and dancing with your shirt almost undone was clearly the act of a sober person."

Hanna ignored Spencer's remark and instead reached for her phone. She scrolled to her contact screen and proudly showed off her nights work. "Look how many numbers I got! I'm like some kind of lesbian Don Juan."

Spencer shook her head. "Clearly lesbians have low standards."

"Bitch!" Hanna exclaimed before she threw a napkin at Spencer's head. "It's good to know I have options if Caleb and I don't work out." She continued to marvel at how many new numbers she now had in her phone. "You have no idea how many times I heard 'nobody is gay until they are.'"

"How fascinating," Spencer remarked sarcastically. "My feet hurt and I'm exhausted, can we go?"

Hanna was about to protest but the look on Spencer's face made her think better of it. She went to stand up but then the room started spinning. "Oh, shit."

Luckily Emily and Spencer saw what was about to happen and they were able to catch their friend before she fell to the floor. They maneuvered Hanna so she had her arm around both of them for support.

"If you puke on me, you are in so much trouble," Spencer warned Hanna as they made their way out of the bar.

Hanna muttered something back but her response was intelligible.

On the ride back to their place, Hanna fell asleep on Spencer's shoulder. She moved to get more comfortable and that led to her cuddling with the brunette.

Emily was amused, but Spencer not so much. She was still buzzing from her encounter with Emily and knowing that they had to take care of Hanna now was not lifting her spirits.

Once they got Hanna up to their place, Emily fished around her purse for her keys while Spencer kept Hanna upright. It was a task easier said than done. Eventually Emily opened the door and it took both girls to get Hanna inside and eventually into her bed.

Emily bent down so she was face-to-face with Hanna, "We've left you a bottle of water and Aspirin. If you need anything else just let us know."

Hanna didn't respond. She was out cold.

Once the door was closed behind them, Spencer turned to Emily. "Do you want me to grab anything from the kitchen for you before we go to sleep? I'm actually a little hungry."

Emily took Spencer's hand and started tugging her girlfriend down the hall. "You know, when Hanna drinks, she's usually dead to the world for a few hours. I'm sure you can find something to eat in here."

Spencer's jaw hit the floor as she watched Emily disappear into their bedroom. Not only at how bold her girlfriend was acting, but also because she couldn't believe what Emily was suggesting. Clearly Spencer wasn't the only one who was suffering from withdrawal.

Not needing any further encouragement, Spencer eagerly followed her girlfriend. She was so happy to find that in the few seconds it took her to get inside their bedroom, Emily had taken the opportunity to rid herself of all her clothes.

Hanna let out a low groan before she opened her eyes. She had no idea what time it was or how long she'd been asleep. She also had no idea why the incessant pounding noise in her head wouldn't go away after she'd downed the water that Emily had left for her.

It took her a few minutes to realize that the pounding noise she was hearing wasn't in her head at all.

It was coming from outside her room.

Hanna couldn't believe that there was a construction project going on in the middle of the night. She was about to get up and start yelling at the moron making all that noise, when she stopped dead in her tracks.

"Oh, Spence, fuck, right there!"

Hanna went wide-eyed and slack jawed.

"Fuck, Spence, I'm so close. Oh god! So close!"

The pounding was rhythmic and seemed to be going at a ferocious pace.

Hanna wanted to move but her feet were not cooperating with what her brain wanted to do. Emily stopped talking but her moaning got louder. It wasn't long before Hanna heard her friend having what sounded like a mind blowing orgasm.

When Hanna regained the use of her limbs, she ran back into bed and stuck both her pillows over her head. She closed her eyes and practically willed herself back to bed.

Unfortunately for Hanna, a few minutes later, the pounding sound that had woken her up, had started back up.

"Again?" Hanna whined to herself. Not only was she horrified at having to listen to her friends have sex for a second time, she was also jealous that they seemed to be back at it so soon.

As she tried her best not to listen to what was going on in Spencer and Emily's bedroom, Hanna decided that getting a hotel room for the duration of her visit was a very good idea. She hoped her friends weren't going to be offended by her wanting to stay somewhere else.

Little did Hanna know, she had nothing to worry about.