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It all started when Nami flashily announced that she and the Captain were now together. It was met with a loud rejection by the cook, loud cheers from the cyborg, sniper, doctor, and musician, a smile from the archaeologist, and a quiet acceptance from the swordsman.

Robin watched the swordsman as everyone else, save for the cook who was unconscious and the doctor who was tending to the cook, celebrated. He had a distant look in his face, as he took another swig of rum. The archaeologist knew he had feelings for the navigator, she had perceived it earlier on, but the swordsman knew where his loyalties lay, and he was not going to usurp it.

Zoro was drinking more now, a bit more heavily than he usually did.

She was happy for them, as she watched Luffy and Nami hug and kiss each other, she could see that they perfect for each other. They deserve each other, they make each other whole. She had known about their feelings for each other for some time now, and had watched it grow, not intending to help or to bar. They actually cultivated their relationship without any obvious outside help. She was really happy for them.

Like all Strawhat parties, this one lasted throughout the night, and it was nearing morning when everyone went to bed, Nami and Luffy, arms looped around together, straight to the usually unused Captain's quarters. No one else noticed, but the swordsman and the raven haired archaeologist, because everyone else was too drunk. He was too, but he was still able to watch them stalk off.

Robin bid him good night and went to her own room, buzzed but not drunk.

She didn't expect him to come, that she did not perceive.

The knock surprised her, she was already tucking herself in, and thought that maybe Luffy had passed out before they could do anything. But Nami never knocks.

Opening the door, the green haired swordsman greeted her with his sullen expression. No words were spent that night, just actions, anchored with the smell of alcohol.

When the sun came up, he left, apologizing, saying it was a onetime thing.

She smiled at him, and told him she understood.

But he was there again that night, his muscular frame hovered over her, but she knew he didn't see her, and knew that he knew that too. That morning, he apologized again, profusely, saying it was a mistake, he hadn't meant to do it. And it would be the last time.

But it never was the last time.

Night, after night. Almost every night, except for the times when he was wounded, but sometimes, even then, he would come to her with blood soaked bandages. Almost every night, except for the times when he has watch, but somehow, he finds her still, while making coffee, or while passing through the deck, and she would find myself drawn up to the crow's nest.

He would always apologize, and say it was a mistake, and that it would be the last time.

It took months, while he was putting on his clothes, for her to finally muster up the courage.

"Do you love her?" She asked, pulling on my shirt.

He stiffened.

His back was turned to her, and it stiffened, the muscles tense, and for a few seconds she thought he would turn and hit her, snap at her, be angry and mad. Instead, he relaxed, and his back stooped low, his body hunching forward, his elbows on his knees, and his hands cradling his face.

He didn't apologize that night.

I didn't mind.

Nothing outside of what happens at night changed. He would act the same around her when they were surrounded by everyone else, and she would do the same. True, he would treat her a bit kinder, a nod here and there, a conversation about the weather. But besides that nothing else.

She didn't mind at all. He had his needs, and she was the only one available. She knew if it was the other way around, he would be find herself in his arms, too.

It wasn't as bad as the past, and he was quite gentle in bed. Much more than Crocodile, who had the audacity to call himself my lover.

"Good Morning, Zoro-san" She greeted, as she sat near her chair chair. He was on the deck, polishing his swords, and glanced up at her.

"Morning" He said, before resuming his task.

She smiled at him, before focusing on my book.

I never minded.

Sometimes, he was gentle, sometimes he was drunk and would pass out on the bed, but he would always wake up before the sun came and would apologize. It was always blunt, and frank, no foreplay. As soon as he was upon her, nothing but thrusting. It used to be short, but ever since it became official that the room was now her own, it lengthened. But even then, her satisfaction was not the priority. She didn't care, it wasn't her desire that was being fulfilled, it was his.

And he knew it. He would always apologize, and she would always tell him the same thing.

I didn't mind, I understand.

One night, Robin got a bit courageous.

"What are we?"


She never tried asking again.

A few months turned into a year, and before the second year, he defeated Mihawk. Everyone celebrated.

"To the world's greatest swordsman!" Chimed Chopper, Franky, Usopp, and Brook, their arms linked together, their feet kicking to some festive music.

Luffy, his arm around Nami, was grinning widely, proud of his first mate's accomplishment. Sanji, who didn't want to appear like he cared, still showed it by presenting a feast full of Zoro's favorite food. Even a barrel of amazingly aged rum.

That night, he was smiling when he came in. Bandaged and a bit bloody, the smell of the day's battle still lingering. Chopper had asked him to stay in the infirmary, to not do any rigorous activity for the next few days, but he was Zoro, and no one could really tell Zoro what not do.

That night, he stayed until morning, holding her in his arms. That night was a lovely night. She felt heat rising, something she hasn't felt in a long time, and she came with him. Strong waves of passion flowed through both of them. He didn't apologize that morning, but kissed her lips before he left. Chaste and quick, but a sweet kiss nonetheless. Not a kiss spent during the throes of fornication, not a kiss to add passion.

It was a sweet one.

And I thought that maybe something had changed.

But that day, and the month that followed, everything stayed the same.

The following day of his victory, Usopp also gained something. They were ambushed by a large pirate fleet, and they fought them off easily, partly because of help from a pirate crew suddenly appearing from their opponent's rear.

It was the red haired pirates.

The joy in Usopp's face when he saw his father.

All of our dreams were slowly being fulfilled. But nothing really changed between me and the swordsman.

In the month that followed, they reached Raftel, signifying several things for their nakama. Dreams being fulfilled in their adventures. Luffy was now the Pirate King, Franky's ship has finally reached its dream destination, and was still fit to take another round of the world, and Robin found the Rio Poneglyph.

Franky refused to admit he was crying, but pride was evident in his cries.

The joys of finding the final poneglyph and the reaching of their destination meant that about half of them has already fulfilled their dreams.

Zoro volunteered to accompany her, and it was useful since he could easily hack vines and other such foliage. It was a quiet trip, and they did not mind it at all.

When they reached the block, she gasped, she could not contain her excitement. The culmination of all the research the archeologists have done in Ohara. Of her mother, of Professor Clover.

She has finally reached it.

Of course the revolutionists would also benefit from this, but that wasn't the main point.

I, Nico Robin, the last archeologist of Ohara, has found the Rio Poneglyph.

She felt a sob come up, as she looked at it with tear brimmed eyes.

He noticed "Hey" he placed a tender hand on her shoulder "Are you okay?"

She nodded, not bothering to wipe the tears away "I just never expected to finally find this. I'm still missing some parts, some of the carvings need further inspection and translating, but I found it." She smiled at him, and went with the urge to hug him "I found it!"

He did not resist, and instead hugged her back, tight and secure.

She read the poneglyph, and unlike the others, it had more intricate carvings. All exposed sides of the poneglyph had carvings, and she copied them all, meticulously. She can understand most of them, but some of the symbols are a bit too complicated for her. But she had found it and that was all that mattered.

She was happy. And proud. But mostly happy.

That night, they had a party, for Luffy, for her, for their beloved shipwright.

Luffy was officially the pirate king.

They camped out in the forest, and when everyone was asleep, Robin stole away to stay by the poneglyph. However, Chopper, and to her surprise Zoro, woke up and went with her.

"I'm really happy for you, Robin!" Chopper said, climbing on her lap. He wanted to keep me company, but he was tired. She cradled him, reading what she can understand from the poneglyph.

The completion of the True History. I could feel electricity buzzing around me. It was magnificent.

Zoro kept to himself that night, leaning on a tree and falling asleep, but his company was still welcome. They spent a week there, with Robin marveling at the poneglyph, and the newly crowned Pirate King and his nakama experiencing a well deserved break.

She spent most of my time with the immovable and unbreakable piece of history, and thanks to Franky's "Super Ultra" camera, was able to take detailed pictures of all sides.

It was perfect.

They did it in the forest that night, not the by poneglyph, at her insistence, but the forest nonetheless. With her back upon a tree, and his strong arms propping her up, the night sounds of the forest mingled with slight moans and gasps, bodies coming together.

They went back to camp in the morning, and that's when they found out, that the Pirate King had proposed to his Pirate Queen.

It was determined that the marriage will happen after they reunite Brook with Laboon, then go back to both Nami and Luffy's hometowns for the wedding festivities. After that, to continue on sailing until we find the All Blue, until Nami finishes her map, until Chopper finds the cure to all diseases.

"We will invite the red haired pirates!" Luffy proclaimed, over barbequed sea king meat, earning a big grin from Usopp.

"Maybe we can stop by Syrup village first?" Usopp said, scratching the tip of his nose "And invite Kaya."

"Well then maybe we should invite Princess Vivi-chan too!" Sanji said, returning to his love struck counterpart. The time that Luffy and Nami had been together, he had been more subdued, even around Robin, but he was still the gracious and love struck cook.

He didn't come into her room that night.

Cementing the fact that his feelings have still remained the same.

It was okay, I didn't mind.

And it gave her the opportunity to decipher some more of the inscriptions. That's when she noticed some coordinates. It was in another poneglyph acquired some time ago, that she hadn't had time to translate properly, a couple of incoherent symbols. She realized then what it was.

"Nami-chan" She handed her the coordinates "Can we go there first? It should be on the way."

She looked at me curiously "Where is this?"

Robin smiled at the younger woman "It's a surprise."

When they reached the coordinates, Sanji cried. It was the area where all four seas converged, in just the right weather, the perfect dilution of each blues. It was the All Blue.

Sanji showered Robin with so much attention and gratitude, something she was not prepared for. They spent several days anchored in that area, with Sanji gathering water and processing it into salt, and filled the aquarium with the water and the various creatures found there. Thanks to Franky and Usopp's help, the usually long process of salt making and pumping in water was shortened significantly.

That meant that only three were left. Nami and Chopper's are the ones that need the longest time, while they neared Brook's.

It seemed excessive, in Robin's opinion, to have to travel the Reverse mountain twice, first to get to Laboon, and the next to return to their East Blue hometowns. But she wasn't one to complain. All the while, Zoro did not came back to her room, and kept more to himself.

Brook was happy to be reunited with his oldest nakama, and it was evident in both of them. Robin was impressed with the whale too, being the first time that she actually met him. It was fun to see Brook bond with his friend, and their days spent there were full of music and laughter.

Chopper has even bonded with the lighthouse keeper, the former doctor of the former Pirate King. However, the older doctor knew of things that the young reindeer wasn't prepared for.

"He said there's no cure all for all diseases" Chopper sobbed on my lap. They were at the crow's nest for their night's watch.

Robin patted his head, feeling sorry for the young doctor. "Then you should just prove him wrong."

He nodded, stifling more sobs. She smiled down at him, and kissed his head "You're a great doctor, Chopper, and I know you'll discover newer and more effective medicine. I know you will."

Chopper sobbed louder "You're a bastard!"

She only laughed, hugging him tightly.

The festivities for the wedding were not wasted, even Crocus and Laboon were invited, but they, unfortunately, cannot travel up the reverse mountain. Laboon was far too big for the narrow path. With sad good-byes and promises of returning once again shared, the Thousand Sunny left.

They picked up Kaya-san from Syrup village, with her butler and friend Merry.

"Going Merry came from them" Usopp told Franky, who claimed he wasn't crying. The shipwright commended Merry, the man, about the design of Merry, the ship, and they bonded in their mutual love for blue prints.

They stopped by Shimotsuki village, to pay respect to Zoro's sensei.

"I've fulfilled my promise" He said, bowing low "I've fulfilled my promise to Kuina."

They all went to her grave, and paid their respects, and they had a feast, in their usual fashion. But Zoro slipped away, and Robin had the urge to follow him. He was back in her grave, offering a piece of cake.

"I did it" he said, with a wide smile "I'm the world's greatest now."

She didn't want to intrude on his quiet time, but he did have haki.

"You can come over" he said, without the need to turn around.

She knelt down beside him, closing her eyes and clasping my hands in prayer. "Thank you." She said solemnly.

"It's okay, she would like the company" he said, taking a drink of sake.

Robin smiled at him "I was saying thank you to your friend. Even in her death, she inspired you to be the best. It takes a special kind of person to do that."

He smiled back at her.

Under the moon light, I thought things were starting to change.

On the way to Cocoyashi and Fuschia, she would stay awake, and wait. But he never came. He was distant, a bit too distant for her taste, even in the day time.

But I didn't mind.

They were nothing anyway, just nakama. Even in that shared time at her grave, nothing really changed.

The wedding celebrations lasted days, from one island to the other, but their marriage was only cemented in Fuschia village. Of course the celebration was not labeled as a wedding, it wasn't labeled at all. The town that Luffy grew up in was bustling with people now. Nami's family, the red haired pirates, even Luffy's grandfather Garp was there and Jinbei who had brought with him an inconsolable Hancock.

Guests from all over the world came, and those who couldn't called or sent their regards. The royal family of Dressora and Fishman island, and even the Heart Pirates all sent their congratulations.

And Princess Vivi.

"I'm sorry" Robin started, but all the Princess did was hug her and say it was okay. She really is as kind as they described.

That day, the Pirate King and his navigator exchanged their vows, in secret, with only a handful of people other than their nakama knowing.

There were two guests that didn't bother to make an appearance. But Robin noticed them nonetheless. In the shade of the forest, she approached them.

"Hello, Dragon-san, Sabo-kun."

The hooded figures greeted her back, taking off their hoods. It was indeed the father of her captain, and the blood brother he had thought he had lost, only to find alive.

"Why don't you come out of the shadows?"

"My father." The revolutionary leader stated simply.

Robin laughed "You do know your son is now the most wanted man alive? And your father isn't doing anything about it so far."

Sabo laughed with her "That is true, Robin-san, but we didn't actually come here for the festivities." He pulled her to the shadows with him, further in the forest "As much as we would like to congratulate Luffy about his accomplishment, the fact that you reached Raftel also means that you have found it."

She smiled "All business today then?"

Dragon looked around them, making sure the surroundings were clear. They were in the deep part of the forest now, flanked by trees an all side.

"The Void History, have you finished deciphering it?" He asked, keeping his eyes around the perimeter.

She shook my head "I did find the Rio Poneglyph, but the words were written in code."

"Aren't all of them?" Sabo said, sitting on the grass.

"Not in the character code, the words, when translated, are jumbled. It's like a puzzle, a bit more complicated than anticipated. Add to that, I haven't found all the poneglyphs. There are still missing information." She sat besides the younger revolutionary.

Dragon nodded at her "That's why we came here too, we found the whereabouts of another poneglyph and would like for you to see it."

"Are you inviting me back to the revolutionary?"

"Will you say yes this time?" It was Sabo who asked, looking at her.

She shook my head "My nakama is still my priority. I will get to that poneglyph with or without your information, Dragon-san."

He gave her a look, before nodding in acceptance "Well, you know how to reach us." And left, basking her and Sabo in a comfortable silence.

Sabo fidgeted besides her "So how have you been?"

Robin smiled brightly at him "Quite well, all of us, we're slowly fulfilling all our dreams."

Sabo smiled back, and they sat there, with her telling him about the adventures that we had since they parted after Dressora, and he did the same. Telling me about how several members of the Whitebeard pirates who met with the revolutionaries, marking them as allies.

Finally, they said our good-byes, and Sabo hugged her tightly. She smiled, patting his back. He has always been affectionate with good-byes.

"You're always welcome to come back to us" he said, and kissed her quickly on her lips. Before she could properly react, he was already gone. She smiled, still feeling the warmth that resulted from his devil fruit. The boy was oblivious to the feelings of another revolutionary, but his affection was cute.

He would grow out of it, she knew it well enough.

They had talked far longer than she thought, but by the time she emerged from the forest, the festivities were still going on. She could see Zoro, watching the couple dance, a hard look on his face, a tankard of beer in his hand

Yes, he still loved her.

He came into her room last night. Like two years ago, reeking of alcohol, though now it was stronger.

He took her hard that night. Rough. Came into her room and with nothing else said, pushed her to the bed. He had her from behind, on her knees, refusing to look at her face. He was drunk, yes, and he was savage. The last time she felt like that was with Crocodile, the memory of nights when she has been ravaged played in her head over and over, until it was done.

And she had to convince herself that this was Zoro and not Crocodile, that he was hurting, and not intending to hurt her.

He passed out on her bed, and before morning, she was outside. She stayed out on the roof, watching the sunrise, letting the cool breeze waft around her.

They continued our travels, but somehow, even with the joyous occasion, things were slowly changing. She kept her room locked now, but it was not needed. He never came.

Usopp felt more homesick, we found out that Crocus was dying, and that Water 7 received extensive damage from the last, and so far the strongest, Aqua Laguna.

"I have to help them rebuild" Franky said, pretending not to cry "The Franky family are having a hard time trying to keep that island afloat, and that Bakaburg can't do everything himself."

"I can take care of Laboon" Brook said, "He needs someone to watch over him. Crocus is getting a bit too old to protect him." He added the last part with much sadness.

"Kaya" Usopp started, "Kaya and I have decided to get married."

THey decided that it was time to part. Luffy and Nami would still travel, with Chopper and Usopp, and Kaya after their own small and private wedding. Sanji had decided to go back to Baratie, to take that floating restaurant and the Red legged Zeff to the All Blue.

"I owe that to the old man" He said, with a puff of his cigar.

Robin had nowhere to go to, no hometown to return to, but the revolutionaries are still welcoming her.

We expected this, what we didn't expect was who was going away first.

The last night he came to her room, he was gentle. As if apologizing for the last time. She was just closing the door when he came in, his foot keeping it wedged open. No words, just gentleness. He was careful, letting his mouth travel all over her body, letting her experience kind passion, holding her close.

She came before him, and when he was done, he held her close, his breath warming her neck. She knew something was up, but she was happy, and she wasn't thinking straight, all logic out the window. Instead, she thought that maybe, his feelings had passed.

I thought maybe things have changed.

"I'm sorry" he said holding her to his chest.


"I'm sorry, I made a mistake." he said, kissing the top of her head. "I hurt you, didn't I?"

She shook my head, daring to kiss his jaw "It's fine, I didn't mind."

The morning came, and Zoro was gone.

He had his swords, he had his few possessions, and he had left. Only Luffy knew he was leaving.

No anger, no words, he just left.

They were all devastated. And slowly, slowly everyone drifted, until it was her turn.

Five months after Luffy became the Pirate King, and she found the Rio Poneglyph, Three months since the wedding, and now, she's here, sitting on a rocking chair, in her house by the beach. No one knew who she was in this small summer island, and that's just how she wanted it to be. She needed time to gather what information she has regarding the poneglyphs she has discovered, including the Rio Poneglyph with its in encrypted encryption.

I have time.

Her hand gently rubs her slowly growing belly, a life she never expected. But she was happy. And unlike him, she knew this wasn't a mistake. Being alive is not a mistake, being born is not a mistake.

Merely existing and living is not a mistake.

I know that now.

I am Nico Robin, the archeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates, and I am going to be a mother.

End Part 1.

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