Chapter 1

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*Curling has four members to a team. They are referred to as The Captain, the First, the Second and the Third.

The four members of the US Curling team stood at the entrance of the Olympic Village. Claudia was bouncing on her heels, her eyes wider than a deer caught in high beams.

"Holy Borscht Batman! This place is fracking huge!" the redhead all but shouted.

* Myka, the team Captain let out a grunt as Amanda, the first and Leena, the second, chuckled at the third's excitement as they waited for coach Nielsen to come back with their room assignments and security ID's.

"Wait till you see the inside, Claudia. It's like a mini city unto itself," Myka mumbled, her head still buried in the information packets and strategies for their matches.

"This makes your third time competing in the games, right Myka?" Amanda smirked. Then whispered to the others 'wait for it'

"Mmm hmm...yeah, third" Myka grunted, her eyes still glued to the papers she was shuffling around in her hands while hiking up her shoulder bag.

Leena gave Amanda a slight frown as the first continued. "So, you are our designated tour guide to the debauchery and orgies that go on here" Amanda grinned.

Leena shook her head, knowing their team captain was completely absorbed in the itinerary and strategies she had mapped out for her team. Myka was oblivious to what her teammates were saying.

"I hope they have borscht, never had to have borscht when in Russia they say." The third said as she threw her arms up, spinning around to emphasize her point.

"Leena, what is borscht?" Claudia said between rushed breaths as she cocked her head to the side.

Leena knew her girlfriend was obviously excited with all that was going on around her. Taking Claudia's hand gently, slowing calming her down. "It's like beet soup sweetie, though I think you would much prefer a Fluff n Nutter sandwich" Leena said. Smiling as Claudia started to breathe again.

Amanda spotted their portly coach fighting his way through the incoming tide of athletes. "Artie!...over here coach," Amanda yelled as she waved her arm over the crowd.

Myka felt a sharp bump against her back. The sudden contact causing her bag to slip from her shoulder and the papers in her hand to fly up into the air. She watched, wide-eyed in horror as they flutter to the snow covered ground. A small curse was muttered under her breath as she quickly bent down to pick them up.

"I am so sorry, please pardon my brothers clum…," the soft Essex voice said, her apology coming up short as mahogany eyes met forest green ones.

"Helena?" Myka whispered.

"Myka" Helena said, barely able to speak the woman's name.

Their faces were mere inches apart as their bodies froze in place. Fingertips barely brushing together on the damp papers as they rose slowly together at the same time. Both women were transfixed upon one another, time and space seemed to no longer exist for them.

The loud voice startled the women out of their trance. "James, what the hell are you doing here!"

Myka jumped back, pulling the papers with her. A shiver ran up her arm as she felt her fingers sliding over and away from the Brit's fingers. Helena just stared at the beautiful woman before her. Unable to move, her eyes unwilling to release their gaze.

A flood of memories engulfed Myka. The rush of their time together. She opened her mouth to speak, but the words wouldn't come out. She felt the air ripped out of her lungs, her feet cemented in place. Watching the woman before her slide those long, tapered fingers through raven locks.

"Hello, darling, you straighten your hair" Helena said with a shaky breath. Helena was finally able to speak when McPherson put an arm around Helena's shoulder.

"Well Well Well, Arthur, nice to see you, too. As you can see, I am here with real athletes" James said as he squeezed Helena tighter around her shoulder. "Right, old friend?" He said to Helena.

Helena pulled away from James, her eyes still locked on Myka's. "Dont be rude, James. Myka has just as many medals as I have. Right darling?" Helena said, giving Myka an apologetic smile as she backed away. "But none are gold, are they Ms Bering? Such a pity, you were so close last time" James said. A greasy smile curling over those cracked lips.

"James, that was completely uncalled for!" Charles snapped at the rude Englishman.

Helena ignored Mcpherson rude comment. Wrapping her arm in Charles , she started to turn. "It was good running into to you, Myka. I hope we shall meet up soon," Helena said, watching as a small flash of gold flickered in those storming green eyes.

Myka's expression of shock softened. Finally finding her voice. "It was good to see you to, Helena" Myka said, turning away from the others as she felt the heat of her anger at Mcphersons words rising up from her chest. At the very instance her eyes met the Brits. She felt the old pangs and the adolescent blush creeping across her cheeks.

As Myka turned, she came face to face with the gruff coach. "Helena, is it now!" Artie growled. "I will never trust that woman! How could you Myka... just stand there and act like nothing happened…?" the portly coach sputtered out, his face turning crimson with each word.

"Coach… Artie! Just chill, okay?" Amanda said. Grabbing Myka by the arm, snatching their passes and ID from the coach. "Come on team, the sooner we unpack, the sooner we can find some vodka," she said, pulling Myka along as the rest soon followed behind. "WE need a girls night in, no men!" Amanda said, glaring at Artie as they made their way past the checkpoints and eventually finding their rooms.

Helena glanced behind her, watching the group go through the checkpoints and disappearing into the lobby. "You should not have been so rude, James. A medal is a medal." Helena said. Craning her neck as she watched the elevator door close. "Yes, but is not the gold, now is it, my dear." James said. "Do not speak to Myka, EVER!. And do not think for one iota that you can ever call me dear." Helena said between clenched jaws.

"You knew there might have been a chance of running into her, right?" Amanda said. Not bothering to look up from her unpacking. Myka hadn't said a word since they entered their room. Amanda sighed as she watched her team captain and good friend unpack in silence.

"Look Amanda, I know what you are going to say and I dont want to hear it, okay?" Myka said, the slow burn of emotions churning inside her. She tried distracting herself by arranged everything in a orderly fashion. Shirts, pants and jackets, one inched spaced apart on the right side of the closest. Her Curling uniforms on the left. Myka grabbed her satchel and started arranging the team strategies on the table.

"Look Myka, I get it, unresolved issues, buried emotions all of a sudden slamming you in the back, literally" Amanda said, turning toward the door after hearing the soft knock. "You need to get this out of your system before eats you alive. We need your head in the game, all of you in the game," Amanda said over shoulder as she opened the door.

"HEY HEY HEY" Pete said as he scooped Amanda up into his arms. "Hey Mykes, what's shaken Moi Capitain?" Pete said as he stumbled against the doorway.

"She ran into HG today" Amanda whispered as she kissed her husband's cheek. "Wait a minute while I get my coat, honey," Amanda said.

Pete walked over, plunking down a bottle of Jamesons on the table in front of Myka. "Didn't think you would need this so soon. Had one hell of a time finding this. All they have is Vodka around here, go figure" Pete said, watching his best friend rubbing the back of her neck.

"Look Pete, I'm fine. It was four years and.." Myka started to say.

"Nooo...more like eight years ago when this chick first got under your skin. Look Myka, I know you all have worked hard to get here, even though Curling is NOT really a sport. But I want you to be okay. So can you be okay, FOR THE TEAM. Okay?" Pete said, lowering his voice as he saw his friend's fists start to clinch.

Myka stood, her glare cutting into her friend. "Hey, Honey, I'm ready and...what is going on?" Amanda said as she eyed the bottle on the table, then her husbands worried look.

"Nothing Hon, just thought I would bring over a little something to keep Mykes warm while we get our groove on" Pete said as he dragged Amanda out the room.

"I'll be fine, I'll meet you at the Ice Arena tomorrow morning, okay? Now, you two go have fun." Myka said. Trying to reassure her friend. "Really, I'll be fine." Myka said. Shoving her friends out the door.

Amanda put her finger and thumb up to her ear. "Call me if you need anything"

Myka had changed into her most comfy flannel PJ's and settled into bed. After an hour of reading the same sentence over and over again. She gave up. Tossing the folder aside, she got out of bed, digging around her dresser drawer for the cups she knew she had packed. Her finger brushed against the smooth leather cover of the book.

Myka gulped back the third cup, almost thankful for the burning sensation that was distracting her from her thoughts of their first time. Remembering that night under the stars at the deserted Slalom course.

The leather bound, first edition book Helena had so cherished as a child, she was now giving to Myka. That night, Myka gave Helena her heart.

Myka settled her head on the pillow, sighing as she curled the other pillow into her further.

Her lids fell heavy over her eyes as she started to dream of raven hair brushing lightly against her collarbone. Moist, soft lips pressing against hers.

"Helena," she whispered.