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Chapter One

The Hunter and the Huntress

Third Person POV

The cool winter air slammed against the 12 year old goddess as she watched the horde of different monsters clean their blood stained claws. They havent noticed her yet, but they will soon. The moon goddess jumped off the high branch she had just been on and pulled out her hunting knives. The monsters reacted at beastly speeds towards the sound of crunching snow. The monsters lunged at the incredibly dangerous goddess. A mistake. Artemis started stabbing, slashing, stabbing, parrying, and blocking at inhuman speeds. The clearing where the battle was going on in was covered in monster blood and golden dust.

Then the monster that she came to hunt in the first place came into view. A three-headed monster, with the forepart of a lion, the middle-parts of a goat and a snake for a tail. The chimera. Artemis quickly went into a defensive stance as the beast charged. As the beast closed in Artemis jumped with a hunters grace and landed on the monsters back. The chimera then began to thrash violently causing Artemis to use her godly strength to hold on, but it wasn't enough. The goddess went sailing through the air until she slammed into a large pine tree causing to fall down on her limp body. Her vision became blurry but she couldn't give up so easily. She started to slowly crawl from under the fallen tree. When she went to stand up she instantly regretted it when pain shot through her legs. She looked down at her legs and winced. They were twisted in the opposite direction they were supposed to be.

When she saw the chimera slowly coming towards her she knew it was over. That is until she saw a shimmering sea green arrow buzz through the tree line and hit the chimera's first head. The arrow exploded in a cloud of blue dust and the the first head went limp. The same thing happened to the second head. The chimera roared in pain and looked in the direction the first to arrows were coming from. Then another arrow came rushing through the treeline but without the element of surprise it was useless. The chimera dodged it and went to charge. When the chimera was in the center of the clearing he was met by a man wielding two kopis swords. The man jumped into the air. That was a mistake, thought the injured goddess on the ground. That is until she saw to beautiful black wing shoot out of the mans shoulder blade. The man started to fly up and Artemis just knew he was a coward I mean aren't all males, she thought.

She was just about to accept her fate when she heard a sonic boom and saw a large blur fly right through the back of the beast. There was an explosion of gold powder and a tall broad shouldered man in the middle of it. The man had animal skin on and was still wielding his swords with his large black wings protruding from his back. Artemis thought he looked like a fierce dark angel. The man turned towards Artemis and his eyes turned from fierce and dangerous to soft and caring. But Artemis didn't notice his eyes and did her best to crawl away from him. She knew for a fact that this man was going to take advantage of the week state she was in. When she backed into a tree she quickly pulled out an arrow and notched. When she looked up to see the man about 50 feet away she quickly released and arrow. She expected the man to lie dead on the ground in seconds but that was not the case. The man caught the arrow without being fazed and walked towards here at the same pace. She quickly launched a volley of arrows at godly speed but the man simply put the bottom of the kopis' hilts together and spin the to swords that were now one. Each of the arrows were deflected off the now staff and he still wasn't phased. When he finally reached her she just couldn't look at him and prepared for the worst. She then felt two lean strong arms grab her. She felt the wind whip through her hair and her ears pop. When she looked up she was at least five hundred feet in the air gliding over the vast forest at incredible speeds. She couldn't help but feel comfortable in the mysterious mans arms and felt her body slowly go into the realm of Morpheus.

Artemis POV

I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and pain in my legs. I looked down to notice that I had my same silver pants and silver parka on which was a good sign. Then I assessed my situation. It seems that the boy has healed me since yesterday. It was obviously for ulterior motives. It looked like I was in a cave on a cot made of lumber and deer skins. Quite comfortable if you ask me but that's not the point. I look around until I spotted a large figure of a man in the darkness.

"SHOW YOURSELF BOY" I yelled with all I had.

But he didn't listen. So I decided to make some nectar appear and worry about the boy when I had my strength back. Once the glass of nectar I conjured was all in my system i felt a little stronger i decided to try to walk. Big mistake. As soon as I got on my feet my knees buckled but right before my body would have hit the ground I was wrapped in strong arms and brought back to the cot. When the man was in candle light I took my chance to size him up. He was about 6'7". He was muscular and toned but not big and bulky,instead he was lean and agile looking like a hunter. He looked about 19 or 20. He was quite handsome he had raven black hair, high cheek bones, a chin that looked like it was chiseled from stone, and regal features that basically scream "I'm in charge." Although the most distinguished of his features were his eyes. They were as black as night but the spectacular thing about them were the small multicolored dot within the dark orbs. And I would've sworn I saw some dots fly across his eyes. Finally I looked at his weaponry. On his back was a sea green bow that was beautifully hand crafted, he also had two silver kopis' on his sides. I wasn't strong enough to fight this obviously accomplished warrior so I could only hope he didn't try anything. I would wait until I was strong enough, then I would take him to Olympus so Zeus can decide what to do with him.

It's been three days that I've been in this cave. So i decided to got into my regular twenty year old form to conserve energy. But I feel strong enough to take that boy to Olympus now. So I decided to confront him now. I walked towards him as his back was turned. I pulled my hunting knives out ready to threaten him if need be. Before i was able to reach him he spun around at inhuman speeds and was in front of me with a knife at my neck before I could react. When he saw that it was me he brought his knife down with his usual emotionless face and began to walk away.


He turned his head to face me and he had the opacity to raise an eyebrow. So i did the natural thing. I charged at him with all my speed. That stupid boy was faster. He sidestepped and put his foot out. When I tripped over his foot but before I could fall he grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face him.


He just stared at me with an expressionless face. That's when I realized how close we were. I blushed a deep gold and pulled away. He looked at me expectantly.

"Close your eyes" I said in a small voice

Then I flashed us to the throne room.

Zoe POV At Camp Half Blood

It's been three and a half days since my lady sent us to this cursed camp. There have only be twenty or so camper injuries so that's not as bad as I expected. The worst part of camp is the dim-witted arrogant son of Poseidon Brent. The only reason why he isn't dead is because of his father. Poseidon would never lets us go nere a stream without casualties. But our patience is thinning every time he comes to flirt with us. Then there is the idiot daughter of Athena who follows him arround like a lap dog. If I don't leave soon there may be two less campers. Please Artemis come soon.

Artemis POV Throne Room Olympus

I sat in my throne worrying about my hunters until eleven bright flashes of light appeared in the room. The mysterious man walked to the middle of the room and calmly sat indian style in the middle of the throne room. Everyone in the throne room gasped except Aphrodite who looked at the man with pure lust emanating from her eyes. She quickly changed her appearance into a beautiful twenty year old woman with long auburn colored hair in a braid and beautiful silver eyes. She had no make up on that showed her natural beauty. The whole throne room went wide eyed when they realized that Aphrodite was a slightly improved copy of me. Zeus was the first to come out of his shock.

"WHO IS THE INSOLENT FOOL WHO DISRESPECTS THE KING OF THE GODS" The man continued to look blankly at Zeus. All the gods shook there heads vigorously towards the man worried pour the stupid boy's life. Except for Aphrodite who was slowly drifting towards the man that she so openly desired.

"WHY HAVE YOU BROUGHT HIM HERE ARTEMIS" His face turning red with rage. So i explained what happened in the forest and the display of skill he put on. Zeus began to ponder this before coming up with a solution.

"We will kill him he is to much of a threat to Olympus" That is until I ran and grabbed my father's arm insisting on a vote. If this boy hadn't just saved my life I would've killed him my self for touching me. But I will not be an unjust do to my arrogance like my father

"Who votes to kill this" Instantly Dionysus,Ares,Hera,Zeus,Apollo(because he thought he liked his little sis),and Athena raised there hands. It was 7-6 vote the boy will die.

"Then it is settled, due to your threat to Olympus and disrespect to me you will die" Father said as he raised his bolt toward the he let loose the blast the man faster than an eye could see made his wings appear and flew straight up dodging the blast. He then flew straight for Zeus once he was close he pulled out his kolpis' and had them at the front and back of Zeus' neck. Zeus' eyes showed fear as he looked into the hot, powerful, se... wait what? What I meant to say was that Zeus was looking into the mysterious man's breathtaking eyes with fear evident on his face. Then the man said the first words I've heard him say and i will never forget it.

"I only show respect to the people who deserve it" his voice was deep cold and monotone and it sent a chill down everyone spine. As Zeus was about to retort the throne room began to shake and a black vortex appeared in the room. Then a woman who looked exactly like the man stepped out. We all could tell from the power emanating from her voice who it was. We all bowed to the creator.

"Lady Chaos" All of the Olympians said at once she just waved us off and look at the man with his swords still at the neck of the king of the god's.

"Zeus you should be careful of disrespecting young Perseus here". She started to smirk and said

"After all he is my son"

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