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The Hunter And The Huntress


Brent looked at the man holding him with a terror written face. The power coming off of him was enough to singe somebody eyebrows."I-I'm sorry I didn't know yo-" He was cut off by Percy."You have lost the chance to survive in this war" Percy turned to the other campers."I am sorry to inform you that your favorite hero has just killed you all" The pavilion went into an uproar until Chiron stomped a hooves on the ground."Perseus there must be something we could do" Percy shook his head."Your campers obviously do not want my help so I will take my leave" As he said it, his black angelic wings came out of his back."Farewell campers" Before he could jump, there was a flash of light and Artemis stood there looking annoyed."Percy can we talk for a second?" He nodded and was dragged to the beach."Percy you know you have to train them" He pouted and crossed his arms while shaking his head, like a five year."Percy you know the consequences. I and every other god, demigod, nymph, satyr, and hunter will die" His eyes soften."I know that you and your mother love this planet even if you don't show it" Percy tilted his head back and sighed."Fine I'll do it, but only if we do something when this all blows over" Artemis smiled and nodded before flashing out. Percy walked to the still silent pavilion."It looks like I have had a change of heart" Sighs of relief sounded throughout the crowd.

"You will learn to teach me with respect, and do not think I am here to make friends, you will harder then you ever have before, you had better get some sleep you will have a long day tomorrow" They all started talking and shouting when they saw Percy walk to the table where Chiron sat."Thank you Lord Perseus" Percy shook his head."You should be thanking Artemis not me, she is the only reason why I'm still here" Chiron's eye brows scrunched up but decided against asking him about what he meant.


The next morning Percy knocked on each cabin door at about eight o'clock. There was series of groans and profanities from each cabin except for the Aphrodite cabin. They were already up giving dreamy eyes towards Percy who just walked past them, earning him many pouts and frowns. He was at the the last cabin, readying himself for a demigod to be the most arrogant of them all. Percy knocked on the door of the biggest cabin. Immidiatly a pretty girl with electric blue eyes and black spiky hair opened the door. She had a huge smile on her face and looked at Percy with envy instead of lust. Percy smirked slightly."Hello I'm Thalia Grace, it's a pleasure to meet you" She brought up her hand for a hand shake which Percy returned."Nice to meet you to I'm Perseus but you can call me Percy" Thalia smiled. Before she ran off she said one last thing."I can't wait to train under you" The sides of Percy's lips twitched up.

When Percy got to the Arena it was filled with campers, two of which were giving him dirty looks."Alright campers, you are about to learn a style of fighting that you may not like very much" They all stared in anticipation."You will learn a mix between roman and greek fighting" The crowd went into an uproar of disaproval."Settle down!" The crowd went silent."I do not care what you think about the Roman's, but there teamwork and brute force, mixed with the Greek's fast and and randomized style is what you need to survive" Most of them grudgingly nodded."Now pair up and spar so I can see what you campers can do" Each camper paired up with one another and started to slash at each other. Everyone except the Aphrodite cabin. Percy raised and eyebrow."What are you doing" Percy asked."We are the Aphrodite cabin, we never fight" Drew said. Percy shook his head."I will not force you to fight but if you don't you and everyone else will die" They all got as pale as a sheet. They got up and started an amateur spar with the basic skills they are required to learn there.

Percy walked through out the lines of kids sparring, occasionally giving pointers to the younger kids. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Brent sparring against a child about four years younger then him. Every time the child would lift the sword Brent would just use a simple disarming technique. After the seventh time of watching this happen Percy walked up to him."Do you think you are strong when you fight people who are weaker then you" He looks up with a smug smile."Well every one here is weaker then me so I-" Before he could finish Percy interrupted him."Thalia, I think I want you to fight Brent right now" Brent paled."Everyone go to the stands, we are about to witness the greatest demigod ever defeat a daughter of Zeus" His voice was filled with sarcasm. Thalia walked into the middle of the arena with a smirk on her face. Brent got ready as fast as he could when Thalia charged.

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