Summary: Naruto who has been in love with Sasuke for five years accidentally confesses one night. Sasuke, who is a bit homophobic, tries to spare his feelings by not saying anything. A year later Naruto receives a suspicious bottle from Kakashi. Unable to throw it away, he hides it. Sasuke finds the bottle and drinks it. The consequences results in a rift between them. When someone who is supposed to be dead returns, and people are showing up dead who were supposedly alive during the time of death, things start to become dangerous when are several murder attempts on Sasuke's life. Will they be able to fix things between them and stay alive?

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Warning! Spoilers! The universe is consistent to Naruto Shippuuden episode 348.

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There will be rape chapter 3. Please turn back now if you are sensitive to those types of situations. It will be treated as a Japanese manga which usually takes those situations somewhat lightly.


I love you.

How long has it been since I let those words accidentally slip? I think it was about one year ago today. I don't know why I said it to him back then. Maybe because I was too angry to think at the time. You see, Sasuke-teme hates "homos" as he calls them, and every time he says that word, I want to punch him in the face then kiss the daylights out of him. I kept my secret well. For four years almost. Even though he was a cold bastard to most people, he always kind of had a soft spot for me; at least I like to think so. When we were kids, we fought all the time, but it was almost a ritual. We'd yell and let our fists fly at one another then we'd smile, well he'd smirk, and offer his fist. I'd return the sentiment and put my fist out as well, bumping them together. Those were some of the happiest memories I ever had as a child. Then everything changed. He left the village . . . and I couldn't stop him. I was forced to recognize my own weakness. Even after he left, I didn't realize that I loved him. I had been obsessed with a girl named Sakura. I don't know why. I think it was so I could fit in, or maybe it was because she was in love with Sasuke too, and I didn't like that and misinterpreted it being jealous of Sasuke having her attention instead of being jealous because he had another's attention. But I do remember the exact moment I knew I loved him.

Sasuke had just attacked the Kage Summit. I had gone to the summit to beg the Raikage to forgive him and spare his life. I remember the dull throb from my injuries and the cold snow seeping through my clothing as I bowed, my head to the cold ground as I pleaded for Sasuke's life to be spared. The Raikage ignored my plea. Everything went downhill from there. Sakura came to the inn I was staying at to profess her love for me and to tell me to forget about finding Sasuke. That he was too far gone to save. That was the moment I realized I didn't want her love and that I was finding Sasuke for myself, not because of the promise I made to her when we were kids to bring him back for her. Then Gaara came up to me and told me what Sasuke did. He too told me to give up on Sasuke. Then Sai told me that Sakura was going to kill Sasuke herself and that all of the Konoha 11 had agreed to this plan. I couldn't accept any of it. The friends that had supported my endeavors over the past two years had pulled out their support right from under me. No. Was the only thing I could think as I tried to assimilate everything that had been going on around me. Then I thought about my life without Sasuke and the panic set in. No No No No No. Not Sasuke. Not Sasuke. This isn't happening! This can't be real! I couldn't breathe. I gasped for air, but no matter how many breaths I took, no air would go into my lungs. My chest hurt and I grasped weakly at my heart. My mind was filled with thoughts of Sasuke and how he might not be able to get out of this, that I was going to lose him. It wasn't long until I caused myself to pass out, not noticing Kakashi and Yamato shout out to me in worry as I fell. They didn't exist at the time. I even forgot they had been there at all. However, I was still not released from the pain even in unconsciousness as dreams of a still and unmoving, unbreathing Sasuke in my arms plagued me.

When I woke from the panic attack, I laid there while Yamato watched over me to get my thoughts together. I knew that I loved him. There was no doubt about it. The thought of Sasuke dying was the worst thing that could ever happen. It was my duty to stop him. With some creativity, I escaped Yamato's watchful eye and confronted Sasuke. I saved Sakura before Sasuke could kill her. Now that I reflect on that moment, a part (a very small part) of me wishes I let her die. Less competition that way. . . Just a tiny bit. I would never actually let her die. She is my friend. At least, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have. Sasuke . . . when I laid eyes on him, I could tell how lost he was. Just on the borderline of insanity as he smiled darkly at me. He was no longer the Sasuke I knew. I knew that, but what could I say. I just recently realized I loved the stupid bastard. I swore to him that I would fight him and that when we fought, we would die together.

That final battle between us pretty much destroyed a large portion of the forest and took down a few mountains in the process. We really did almost die together. I was in a coma for about 3 days. Sasuke, almost a month. I talked to him after that, you know while he couldn't run away because he was tied down to his hospital bed with ANBU standing at the exits. We discussed Itachi, the village, and Obito. After hours of arguing, mostly done by me since Sasuke-teme can't answer questions with more than one syllable at a time, I finally convinced him to come home.

Being the village hero, Jiraiya's student, and Minato's son does have some advantages. I convinced the Fifth Hokage to let Sasuke return to the village. As expected, Sasuke was not received well. The same glares I got as a child were now reserved for him. He pretended he didn't care. He just shrugged them off or returned the glares, but as Sasuke started returning to the way he was before leaving the village, it started weighing on him more. I hung around him all the time trying to get his attention to keep him happy. His smart ass remarks would rile me up and his famous smirk would appear for a second. My heart always skipped a beat . . . then I would try to pick a fight with him.

It took Sasuke two years to be allowed to become a registered Konoha shinobi again and walk around without an army of hidden ANBU following him, not that he was suppose to know that he was being followed. He quickly became ANBU soon after and was put into my squad; mostly because I was the only one able to take him down if he went rogue again and because I begged and whined for it though I will deny that if anyone asked me. I was captain, but I pretended that Sasuke was in charge. Made him feel important, and it gave a sense of nostalgia when he would show off, and I looked like an idiot.

We were on a mission when I said those words to him. Camp was set up and Sasuke and I were on watch while Sakura and Sai slept by the fire. It had been four years since my realization that I was in love with him at this point. I kept it silent to everyone but Kakashi who had figured it out about the time I had my panic attack. The sky was full of stars, the water was shining in the moonlight, and Sasuke looked deep in thought - which is why I pushed him into the lake. Man was he pissed! He grabbed my arm and pulled me in after him. I am pretty sure he was trying to drown me, but I managed to escape. He gave up his murder attempt quickly enough. It gave me time to take in how breathtaking he was. His hair matted against his face, water rolling down his pale skin, clothes clinging to his body. My mouth went dry, and I couldn't think about anything other than how beautiful he was that moment. That's when he said it. "Oi, Dobe, stop staring at me like some homo." I felt my eyebrow tick. He did not just say what I think he said.

"Do you have something against gay people?" I asked in a very calm voice. I was quite proud of myself that I was able to keep in control.

"They're disgusting and perverted. They should all die."

I snapped. I struck him so hard across the face he flew a several meters and back into the lake. "I don't know why I love a bastard like you!" The words slipped out so easily. I meant to take that secret to the grave. I watched his eyes widen in shock and for once it took him a long time to come up with something to say.

"What did you say?" I almost missed it. He said it so quietly.

"I said I love you." I whispered back, but I knew he heard it. Before he could say anything, I went back to wake up Sai to take over for me.

He avoided me for a week before he started bossing me around again. He pretended nothing happened. I knew it was his way of quietly rejecting me and keeping our friendship, but it still hurt. He even started dating a few girls after that. Sakura and Ino were two of them.

So here we are, a year later and nothing had changed between us. It was suppose to be another night with Sasuke-teme, drinking and insulting each other like always, but then that stupid Kakashi had to intervene. . .

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