"...and like sunlight on a cloudy day,
a miracle was born and blossomed,
that which was also a great tragedy;
for plants cannot grow without rain
the same as hearts cannot grow
without pain."

Elsa laid the book of poetry down as the bell rang, sliding it to the top of her desk. Romance wasn't really her cup of tea; she found it too mushy and slightly immature to think such childish thoughts as falling in love being like sunlight. She was eighteen, a Senior in high school, preparing to begin a life of business, one she and her father had worked for since she was ten years old. She had no time for things like love, or romance, or (God forbid) a boyfriend.

However, this particular stanza stuck with her. Not because she thought it was ground-breaking, nor did it stay in her brain because it was an American classic. It stuck because it meant something to her.

And God, was she terrified.

The source of this fear came from a feeling in her stomach, like that of butterflies soaring into a patch of bright roses. It arose anytime a certain redheaded Sophomore (who was in her Advanced American Literature for whatever reason) came into her line of vision. Or, any time she heard her voice. Or heard mention of her name.


"Shit." she thought, as the butterflies did a particularly strong dance.

"Anna, over here! You are not going to believe what Kris just told me…"

Elsa inwardly groaned at the blonde sitting two seats in front of her. She reached for her book to attempt to get back into it, but a sudden flash of red caught her attention.

In strolled a girl of such immense beauty that Elsa's world surely stopped spinning, struggling desperately to go into orbit with the other girl's.

Anna's steps were short, confident, and met with an innocent sway of the hips that left Elsa's knees weak. With her hair in two pigtail braids framing her childish face, and a book titled "A Hero's Frozen Heart" crossing her chest, the air around her seemed to spark with her happy and outgoing nature. It was impossible not to like her.

Elsa was sure that the air around her must reek of self deprecation and social anxiety.

Also, she was pretty sure that everyone in the class called her "Mega-Bitch" behind her back.

Well, she wasn't pretty sure. She was sure, and had heard them all on multiple occasions when they thought she was out of earshot. There was one exception, though. And that exception had just sat a seat ahead of her, talking enthusiastically with her blonde friend. She was the only person in any of her classes who never spoke ill of Elsa. Granted, she rarely spoke of her at all; only once had Elsa heard her name grace those beautiful thin lips.

"You think she ever talks?" Rapunzel asked in a hushed voice, eyes on the girl walking into the classroom.

"Who, Elsa?" Anna asked, turning to look.

Elsa's immediate instinct was to snap her head up, but she refrained, choosing instead to linger and pretend not to be able to hear the two talk about her.

"Yeah, Ice Queen. She never says anything. She just looks at everyone like she wants to hit them with a frying pan."

"I think she's just...wise, that's all."

Rapunzel snorted, and quirked an eyebrow.

"Wise? What's wise about her?"

"Well, she knows when and when not to talk-"

"As in never."

"-and there's just...I dunno, something about her that doesn't seem rude to me."

"You're the only person in the galaxy who thinks that, Anna."

"I think everyone deserves a chance, 'Punz. Besides, she's kind of-"

The rest of Anna's sentence was lost on Elsa's ears as the bell rang and the class silenced itself. Elsa began moving to her seat, attempting to hide her inner pondering at what exactly she 'kind of' was.

Their teacher, Mr. Eros, strolled into the class. Elsa snapped back into present day, and began paying rapt attention to his words in an attempt to stop staring at the tantalizing bare shoulders in front of her.

"Good afternoon, class! As most of you know, in three days time is Valentine's Day! I'm sure you've all heard from the other classes that I hold a special place in my heart for this holiday. Which means-"

The sudden inhale of 24 students.

"-you get-"

Panic flooding everyone's brain, willing with all their might for the next set of words to not happen.

"-a project!"

A collective groan came from everyone, except for Elsa. She had expected it. He'd probably make them research some poets from the Romantic Era, or give essay's on what Valentine's Day meant for them.

"Now, now, everyone. This project is going to be fun!" he stated, hands spread as wide as his smile. Elsa highly doubted that whatever could induce a grin like that was allowed to be categorized as fun.

"On Valentine's Day, this Friday, you are expected to give a presentation. In this presentation, you will ask a member from this classroom to be your Valentine. The criteria are as follows."

He gestured dramatically at the chalkboard, where a single sentence seemed to shatter Elsa's view of all that was right in the world, leaving her to question the existence of any higher power.

Elsa's eyes scanned the yellow letters. "Must be creative, original, genuine, and -above all- under 1 minute and 30 seconds." Aren't things like this illegal? Surely there is some sort of child safety law that prevented teachers from forcing you to engage in romantic acts with other students? Especially if you're eighteen?!

But Elsa knew that there was probably no such law, she was being melodramatic, and all this was was asking someone to be her Valentine for one class period.

Who the fuck was she going to ask, though?

As the class finished reading the board, and Mr. Eros strolled to his desk to allow everyone to discuss, an excited voice piped up in front of Elsa.

"Oh, Rapunzel, how cool is this going to be! Who are you going to ask?"

The blonde seemed to look in deep thought, before meeting the eyes of a kid Elsa knew only as "Flynn" from across the room. Elsa noted the slight blush that crossed her features which betrayed the lie she spoke, saying she didn't quite know yet.

"What about you, Anna? Anyone here who's bones you wanna jump?"

Elsa watched as the back of Anna's neck flushed, with ears to match, and she could only imagine her face doing the same.

"Oh, I dunno, 'Punzel. I'm not very good at things like this. How romantic would it be to be asked, though?" Anna questioned, her voice taking on a dreamy tone. "Just picture it. Someone strolling in with chocolate, and looks me dead in the eye. They'll sing and play guitar-no, that's too simple. They'll play the ukulele! And-and they'll proudly ask me to be theirs. Then we'll go on a date later that night, and we'll, we'll-!"

Rapunzel watched on, smiling, as her friend got caught up in the fantasy, completely oblivious to the girl practically having a fit sitting behind the redhead.

"If I had any hope of being able to ask her it was just shot completely out the window like wow there it goes did anyone get a chance to see it I don't think so because that fucker is gone."

Elsa groaned at her inner dialogue, before a slight blush covered her cheeks at the realization she had actually made a noise loud out loud.

Anna spun around in her seat, eyes curious, before teal met cerulean and Elsa's entire facade of being composed melted.

"Are you okay, Elsa?" Anna asked, her head leaning in slightly.

"Y-Yeah, I'm uh...I'm fine. Just, this assignment is uh...it's kinda lame, I guess." the blonde managed to stammer out, cheeks ablaze as she thought of how much louder she'd like to hear Anna say her name.

"What?! This is totally cool! You're always reading those books, aren't any of them about, like, I dunno, knights in shining armor? Or, or, princesses going on journeys to find true love! Or what about-"

Elsa let out a laugh she wasn't able to control, and it ended nervously as Anna smiled so wide her gums were waving 'hi' to their families.

"Uh, n-no. No, I don't really read anything like that. Most of my books are about business law."

Anna's face went dull, her eye's a deadpan, as a freckled hand slapped the poetry book on Elsa's desk.

"Business law, eh?" she said, the faintest of smiles reaching the corners of her lips.

"It was recommended by a friend!" Elsa said hurriedly, snatching the book from under Anna's grasp in the gentlest way she could. Anna giggled, and the butterflies turned into a flock of geese, wildly batting their heads against every surface of her insides.

"Okay, I'll believe you this time. But be prepared to get creeped on, Els. I'm going to watch every book you read from now on. There's no way someone can only read such boring stuff all the time. Oh, shit, not that your stuff is boring, really! Just that, y'know, I can't imagine not reading anything without a hero and a princess! Or true love, or romance, or anything like that!"

The blonde completely ignored the unintentional insult as her brain attempted to register why it was so fucking hot to hear that curse roll off of Anna's tongue in such a manner, as if she was really genuinely concerned she had offended Elsa.

"Haha, it's fine, Anna." Elsa said, attempting to be nonchalant as possible.

"How did you know my name?"


"I, uh...I mean, you've sat in front of me all year."

Anna's cheeks turned a bright red, and her eyes cast downward.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry."

Good going, assface. You've just made her feel like an idiot.

Elsa attempted a smile, and asked teasingly "How did you know my name?"

Anna's features immediately brightened, but the blush seemed only to deepen.

"Oh, I uh, I've heard it a few times around school, and I mean…" Anna's tone turned deep, almost sultry, as she continued.

"It'd be almost impossible not to want to know the name of someone so gorgeous."

Elsa froze.

Right, so that's who she's asking.