The Chipmunks and Chipettes Rules and Guidelines

Rule #1: Never leave Alvin and Brittany alone

Simon: The last time they were left alone, the house was destroyed.

Alvin: It wasn't us, there were people in the house while Brittany and I were still in bed.

Simon: Yeah, of course there were, you and Brittany.

Brittany: It's true, check the security footage.

Dave: How did you know about the hidden camera I placed?

Brittany: A picture of Claire out here, Dave, really.

Dave: Dang it, I thought it would work.

Brittany: Well, you had everyone else fooled, but not Alvin and I.

Rule #2: Cussing is not allowed

Alvin: I actually agree with this rule, a lot of people in our school cuss, it gets on peoples nerves.

Simon: For once, I agree with Alvin.

Dave: Someone call Guinness, we might have a new world record.

Brittany: Is sarcasm your best friend, Dave?

Dave: Is it that obvious?

Jeanette: It actually is, Dave, no hard feelings.

Rule #3: Country music is banned from the house

Theodore: It gets on Dave's nerves, and, quite frankly, mine.

Eleanor: I don't blame you at all, none of us do.

Jeanette: It's true.

Simon: It gets on all of our nerves.

Alvin and Brittany: Agreed.

Rule #4: WWE Monday Night Raw is allowed

Alvin: I agree totally, my favorite superstar has got to be Batista.

Brittany: Wow, that's my favorite superstar.

Simon: My favorite superstar has got to be Daniel Bryan.

Jeanette: That's my favorite superstar.

Theodore: My favorite is definitely the Big Show.

Eleanor: Go figure, that's my favorite superstar.

Dave: Mine is Triple H.

Simon: Why Triple H?

Dave: He's the COO of the WWE, and he's been my favorite.

Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor: BUZZKILL.

Rule #5: Lunchtime with Smosh is allowed

Brittany: They always have something different, each episode.

Alvin: They even ate Indian food.

Simon: Whenever I hear Indian food, I think of the movie R.I.P.D.

Alvin: What does that stand for?

Theodore: Rest In Peace Department.

Alvin: I have to watch that movie sometime over the weekend.

Dave: We're actually going to watch it on Friday.

Jeanette: All of us, Dave?

Dave: Yeah. Why?

Simon: I think it would be best if I sit next to Jeanette during the movie.

Dave: Why is that?

Eleanor: Remember that day we all watched Fireproof.

Dave: Oh, that's right.

Jeanette: Yeah.

Rule #6: The movie Courageous is allowed

Jeanette: Mostly because it's based off of the movie Fireproof.

Simon: Except the movie Fireproof was about marriage, Courageous is about family.

Jeanette: That's true.

Theodore: Courageous is sad to me and Eleanor.

Simon: Why is that?

Theodore: Well, a character dies in the movie.

Jeanette: Oh, that is sad.

Eleanor: Yeah.

Rule #7: The movie Fireproof is allowed

Brittany: It shows what a divorce can do to you and your family.

Alvin: I hope that doesn't happen to us if we ever get married.

Brittany: That's sweet of you Alvin.

Dave: I see some romance coming up.

Alvin and Brittany: SHUT UP!

Rule #8: Smosh quotes are allowed

Theodore: We're addicted to Smosh, no joke.

Eleanor: True that.

Alvin, Simon, Brittany and Jeanette: Amen.

Rule #9: Saying 'Da Fuq' is allowed

Dave: Just don't get it confused.

Alvin: Oh, trust us, we won't

(Doorbell rings)

Alvin: I got it

(Alvin approaches door and opens it)

Ian: Guess who?

Dave, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor: Da Fuq.

Rule #10: Ian Hawke is banned

Alvin and Brittany: Amen.

Simon and Jeanette: Hallelujah.

Theodore and Eleanor: Thank the Lord.

Dave: I hear romance.

Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor: SHUT UP!

Rule #11: The movie R.I.P.D is allowed

Jeanette: It's actually a good movie, even though it has cussing in it, but still it's a good movie.

Simon: So true.

Dave: I'm not going to say anything about this, I'm tired of getting told shut up.

Rule #12: No bringing the babies from childhood development home

Jeanette: It kept me up all night.

Simon: I understand why, but don't they usually have a different class for that.

Brittany: They actually do, a friend of mine had that class.

Alvin: That cry gets on my nerves at night.

Eleanor: It's not our fault, the teacher made us do that.

Theodore: It was for a project.

Alvin: Let me guess, you two got an A+ on it.

Dave: Please don't take that class next year, I'm begging you, please don't take that class.

Theodore and Eleanor: We'll try not to.

Rule #13: No signing up for any class with the same home economics teacher.

Dave, Alvin, Simon, Brittany and Jeanette: Halle-freaking-lujia.

Vinny: About time someone put that rule down.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore: MOM!

Vinny: Hey, boys.

Brittany: Nice to see you again, Vinny.

Vinny: As with you and your sisters, Brittany.

Rule #14: Don't stay up past 10:00 on the weekdays

Brittany: Why did he put that rule down?

Beatrice: Because I told him to.

Dave, Vinny, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor: Beatrice!

Beatrice: Yep, I'm back.

Jakob Anderson: Okay, that tears it, I'm butting in.

Beatrice: Who are you?

Jakob Anderson: The creator of these rules, and their security guard.

Beatrice: Oh, that's right, you're the rent-a-cop Dave hired. What's your name, Jakob is it.

Jakob Anderson: OKAY, THAT'S IT.

Rule #15: Beatrice is banned for life


Brittany: Actually, yes, he can.

Alvin: He creates, he can take away so beat that.

Dave: Now, get out of my house, or will Jakob have to force you.

Beatrice: F**k you, Jakob, f**k you.

Jakob Anderson: Watch the language.

Beatrice: Why should I?

Alvin: Rule #2: Cussing is not allowed.

Vinny: How do you remember that rule?

Alvin: I'm the one that suggested it to him.

Vinny: That's smart of you, Alvin.

Alvin: Thank you, I try my hardest.

Simon (mumbling): Yeah, right.

So rules 1-15 are done. If you have any rules that you want to me to put in here, please leave them in a review. Until next time, I am out. Deuces!