Chapter 13:

They had decided that division of labor was the best option. John taking the two youngest to the store, with Castiel as their guard, while Sam and Dean when work questioning the witnesses, to find this trickster.

John still had his misgivings about going anywhere with the Angel. Sammy and PreDean, however, where excited beyond belief after seeing the way he took care of those Demons the previous night. Sammy, in fact was so excited, he was firing questions at Castiel a mile a minute.

"So you don't have to do anything but touch a Demon to kill it? Like really kill it, not just exorcise it? Or is that called smiting? Why did the eyes burn out? What was that shining light that came out of them after you touched them? Why do you look human? Do you wear that coat to hide your wings?(gasp) Can I see them?" Sammy asked, not taking a single break for breath. Castiel had a look on his face that could be a mix of worry for the boy as he rambled on the questions he had, or as confusion of where to start. Luckily for the Angel, PreDean came to his rescue.

"Sammy, calm down. Your geek is showing." PreDean stalled his brother, tousling Sammy's hair as he said it. "The guys an all powerful Angel. I'm sure he doesn't want to waist his time answering your stupid questions."

"I really don't mind." Castiel encouraged, turning to Sammy as they walked into the store.

"See Dean, he's an Angel, he's here to answer questions, and he wants us to be knowledgeable about things. Who better to answer then somebody who's been alive since the dawn of time." Sammy said, sticking out his tongue. Causing PreDean to start chasing Sammy, to John's horror, around the the all powerful creature of unspeakable patients. Made apparent by Castiel simply standing between them, watching with slight amusement. Until Sammy tripped and started to fall, PreDean tripping over him.

But Castiel, using reflexes honed over millions of years of training, managed to grab them each, and straightened them out on their feet before they could hit the floor.

"Your quick." PreDean complimented.

"Thank you." Castiel excepted. Then stopped and turned in a direction, looking into a part of the store, unseen by the rest. "The clothing is this way." He said, as he started walking in that direction.

"How do you know?" Sammy asked, looking around for signs.

"I can smell the fabric, and hear the conversations. I can figure it out from there." Castiel explained.

"You can hear everything everyone is saying from across the store?" Sammy exclaimed. "That is so cool."

"Calm down Sammy, a lot of monsters can do that." John reminded.

"But he's not a monster Dad." Sammy argued.

"He's not human either." PreDean continued on his father's behalf, sending Castiel an apologetic look.

"Yeah, but Angel's aren't monsters. If he was, future us wouldn't be hanging out with him. Besides, don't kill humans to eat their flesh or drink their blood." Sammy stopped and looked back at Castiel. "They don't, right?"

"No." Castiel answered plainly. "We have been known to kill many for certain reasons. But it was because it was our Father's will."

"You mean it was God's will to kill all but a few human's in a Great Flood.?" John asked skeptically.

"No, not at all." Castiel answered. "I believe the flood you are referring to was not the work of Angel's at all."

"So Angel's had no control over that?" Sammy asked, brow scrunching in thought.

"No, and it wasn't the entire population. Otherwise incest would have become a big problem and the human race would not have survived this long. The flood I believe you are referring, only happened in one part of the world, back then humans truly believed that there was no where else to go past the oceans. I believe it was hit by a particularly bad weather anomaly that causes it to rain for weeks on end called a High Participation Super-cell. It's just bad luck that it happened where the Bible was being written." Castiel explained.

"But what about the whole Noah and God speaking to him through a burning bush thing?" PreDean asked, perplexed.

Castiel looked at him a moment, considering. Then answered.

"Noah was indeed warned. After all, he was the Hero of his day. His prophet would have been spared as well. I believe they where actually living together at the time, though the prophet made no mention of himself. As for the burning bush..." Castiel shrugged. "That sounds like Gabriel's sense of humor. I wouldn't dought he had a hand in it, being God's messenger and all." Castiel finished, voice going somber at the mention of Gabriel.

They found the men's clothes. John pausing the conversation as he picked some clothes from the clearance areas and sending them to dressing rooms. As John handed Sammy and PreDean another set of clothes, Castiel grabbed a few bigger sizes.

"I would suggest these sizes. Dean will grow another four inches in the next year, then stop. Sammy will grow another foot in the next year. The another 3 in the year after that, and that's just in height. They are also going to gain quite a bit of muscle mass as well." Castiel suggested.

"How could you possibly know that?" John asked defensively. Castiel took a moment to look when he looked at him like that. 'Because I'm an Angel you ass.' John was sure was what was going through the Angel's mind.

"Never mind, don't answer that." John stopped, holding his hands up to the Angel in a signal of defeat. He then walked away to go look at more clothes, choosing the sizes Castiel had suggested.

Castiel continued to walk through the racks, looking through the clothes and comparing the sizes. Picking up a couple of shirts for Sammy and Dean that he thought would compliment them. He'd just found a green shirt he'd thought would go well with PreDean's eyes when he felt a slight disturbance in the matter around him, and the smell of sulfur permeated the room.

"Didn't know you shopped at department shows Angel." He heard a deep, scratchy voice say behind him. "I always figured you'd find all this a bit beneath you to be honest."

"What are you doing here?" Castiel snarled as he turned to face the Demon.

"Is that anyway to speak to an old friend?" Crowley inquired, examining his finger nails.

"You are a Demon, I should smite you on pure principle." Castiel bite. "We are most definitely not friends."

"After all the help I gave you last year. I just came to say 'Hello' and you give me nothing but hostility." Crowley smirked. "Rude."

"Help." Castiel asked disbelievingly. "You handed us a gun with one bullet to go on a suicide mission." He spat.

"Yes, help. You never would have known the gun didn't work if I hadn't given it to you. Thus saving you years of chasing a failed plan." Crowley said, spreading his arms graciously.

"Then you slithered back into your hole until the opportunity presented itself to make a deal, and monopolize on the whole situation." Castiel shot back.

"Cas, who are you talking to?" Castiel could hear PreDean call from around a large shelf of denim, causing Castiel to panic. If Crowley sees them, the problems would escalate. Thinking fast, Castiel put his hand on Crowley's shoulder and flew them away to the farthest place possible.

Looking around, Crowley turned back to the Angel, brow raised in curiosity.

"Israel, really, do you have any idea how offensive this is to me?" Crowley asked in irritation.

"I could hardly care. What do you want?" Castiel asked, hoping the distraction would make Crowley forget about what he'd been taken from.

"What, ashamed to be talking to me in front of Dean?" You think he's think you where cheating on him?" Crowley mocked, to Castiel's relief. He thought it was Dean from now, but putting on a guilty face so Crowley would continue to think that. "Whatever, I don't really care. I wanted to talk to you. I have a business proposition for you." Crowely continued.

"Not interested." Castiel replied, before turning to leave.

"How is Heaven now a days?" Crowley asked, making Castiel stop. "That's right. Can't imagine it's easy for you. Raphael making you Heaven's most wanted. Spending all you time running. How many Angel's are in your corner in this big fight?" Crowley asked, watching Castiel closely.

"How could you possibly help with anything?" Castiel coughed.

"We should chat in my office sometime." Crowley said, putting a card in Castiel's pocket. "I've recently moved into the big office. I have a lot more power then I used to. We could help each other out."

"And what could you possible want from me? Because, in case you haven't noticed, I don't have a soul to sell." Castiel asked bitterly.

"You almost sound disappointed about that mate. But to answer your question, just a favor or two here and there. I have a feeling, if we team up together, we could rule. You in Heaven, me in Hell. You have to admit, we would be much better suited to it." Crowley surmised.

"Again, not interested. I have no desire to 'rule' Heaven." Castiel stated before leaving Crowley alone.

He returned to the department store to find PreDean in the spot he'd left him. Castiel hurried PreDean along as quickly as possible, to the others. They finished their shopping quickly, to his relief, and left the store to head back to the hotel.

Getting back to the hotel, John sent them both to the showers of their respected rooms and to change into the clothes that actually fit.

Once positive that they where safe in their rooms and warding where still in place. He walked around the perimeter, warding the area even more, ensuring a Demon would not get within five miles of their hotel.

Satisfied with his work, he returned to the hotel in time for PreDean to walk into his room, freshly showered and dressed. Clothes fitting him well.

"Hello Dean." Castiel greeted.

"Hey Castiel." PreDean answered, shifting around from foot to foot nervously. His eyes resting on the single bed in the room.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" Castiel inquired, sitting down on a chair by the small table, and gesturing for PreDean to have a seat.

"I just...I just wanted wanted to talk. I never did get the chance to thank you for saving us last night. So thanks." PreDean said, turning to leave.

"Dean." Castiel called to him, making him stop. "As much as you would like to deny it. I know you very well. You came in here to talk about something, not to say thanks." Castiel prompted.

"Well, it's just...I've never really had a friend before. I mean a really good friend, ever. So I was a bit curious about you. Because I know me, and I don't really trust anyone, except maybe Dad and Sammy. But I trust you, what's more. I feel like I should and I'm kinda drawn to you." PreDean started, once doing so, figuring he should probably go all the way. "I was wondering, is that an Angel thing. Or am I just imagining it." He asked, finding it hard to look the Angel in the face.

Before Castiel answered, he looked at Dean for a long moment. PreDean could almost see the wheels turning behind his eyes. Thinking hard about what he was going to say. PreDean, getting more and more nervous as the moments progressed. He hated the fact that everything anyone told him here was well thought out and calculated. Like there was a chance he could really screw up the future if they told him the wrong thing. Which, PreDean thought, is a major possibility, given his track record.

"No, your not imagining it." Castiel sighed. "We are connected in more ways then just friendship."

"What?" PreDean screeched, voice pitching high enough to rival Sammy's. "You don't mean we're..." He tampered off, gesturing to the bed.

"We're bonded in soul." Castiel answered, apparently missing PreDean's hint. When seeing his confusion, Castiel continued. "When I pulled you out of Hell, I had to leave a small bit of my Grace inside of you to complete the healing process. Your soul was tattered and broken, it was my job to fix it. Some of that residual energy is still connecting us on more levels then just the physical."

"But I haven't been to Hell. So why am I feeling it?" PreDean asked.

"Perhaps it is because the Dean of this time does." Castiel answered.

"Why would that affect me?" PreDean questioned again, not understanding it.

"Time is a fickle thing." Castiel sighed, getting up and sitting down on the bed, gesturing for PreDean to join him. "You can come here, be here now, learn everything you can. But as long as we erase your memories, it wouldn't change a thing. However, there are two identical souls inhibiting one time, in close proximity of one another at that. The souls are confused and want to synchronize. Therefore, you and Dean are bound to experience each other's emotions. This will become stronger as time progresses to both you and Sammy. Dean's and Sam's souls being the dominant and most mature, your souls are working to synchronize to theirs. Once you return to you time, this should correct itself. But I will monitor you for a time to make sure of it." Castiel finished, reassuring PreDean with a pat on the shoulder.

"Right, sure..." PreDean said, nodding his head and getting up to pace the room. "But why is there only one bed in here? I thought you and Dean, the now Dean, where sharing?" He asked, voice taking on a gruffer tone, undoubtedly to make up for his voice breaking the last time he mentioned it.

"Oh, that's simple. I don't require sleep." Castiel answered. "I spend my nights checking the perimeter and watching T.V."

"Thank God." PreDean said, rubbing a hand down his face in relief, not wanting to think of what his father would do if he came in here and thought his older self had been in a relationship with, not just Angel and non-human, but one that looks like a guy. "I thought we were sleeping together or something. Like I just started liking dudes for some reason."

"Would that bother you?" Castiel inquired innocently.

"Well, yeah. Wait, wouldn't it bother you? The whole, gays are going to Hell thing, and stuff like that, that they preach?" PreDean asked.

"Not really. God or Angel's care nothing for one's sexuality. That was started by humans during the Dark Ages when certain people in power wanted to have other people to believe the way they did. Homophobia is a human construct, and has nothing to do with how Angel's would judge you." Castiel answered. "But, to answer your previous question and ease your mind. No, Dean and I are not currently engaging in sexual activity.

"Okay." PreDean said, turning to leave, knowing his father did not want them alone with the Angel too long, and was going to be out of the shower soon. "But just one more question." He stopped. "Your and immortal Angel with lots of other things, that are important, to do. Why are you here with us? Why do you care?"

Castiel thought a moment on that. He then looked at PreDean. Eyes completely earnest as he said.

"There is nothing more important to me. Because you are my friends."

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