You and Us

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Draco Pov:

This is it. I'm going to do it. There will be no miraculous escape this time. I, Draco Abraxas Malfoy, am going to accomplish what the Dark Lord failed to do.

I'm going to kill Harry "Boy-Who-Fucking-Refused-To-Die" Potter.

His untimely demise has nothing to do with the fact that we were bitter childhood rivals in school. Nor does it pertain to the fact that the tosser always managed to best me at quidditch. (Though obviously there had to have been some tampering with the snitch before each game. There's no way that with my natural skill and owning the fastest brooms on the market he could have beaten me.)

No, golden boy's end is vastly approaching because he insists on corrupting one of the few good things I've done in my twenty four years of life…my son Scorpious.

Scarhead is currently bent over laughing while my so called 'best mate' Blaise is biting down on his knuckles to keep his own laughter at bay. (And failing miserably I might add.) Scorpious is looking up at me innocently while I glare daggers at Potter's head. If looks could kill, I'm pretty sure he'd be six feet under by now. I knew coming to Diagon Alley to help him with some errands was a mistake.

"So daddy, can I" the almost three year old asks, cocking his head to one side and giving me a hopeful expression, "Please?"

I close my eyes, pinch the bridge of my nose, and let out a deep sigh. "No Scorpious, you cannot have a ferret for your birthday."

Scorpious juts out his bottom lip and pouts. "But daddy, I really want one! And Uncle Harry said you love ferrets. He said you want to be one."

At this, Blaise slumps over and slaps his knees howling with laughter. Potter, if possible, laughs harder than before and clutches Blaise's shoulder for support. People around us and those leaving the pet shop are giving them funny glances, but I can't enjoy them making a fool of themselves. I settle for shooting another venomous glare at the duo and mentally remind myself that I've worked too hard to end up in Azkaban for murder.

When the idiots have finally calmed down, I turn back to Scorpious and say, "A pet is a huge responsibility that I don't think you're ready for yet. We'll see about getting one when you're older. But definitely not a ferret." Last week I brought Scorp with me to Diagon Alley while I was meeting with a client to discuss her case. As a reward for being so good during my meeting, I took him to the pet shop so he could look at the animals. I really wished I hadn't, because after seeing some puppies in the display window he decided he wanted one. I had to physically drag him away. Since then he's been on a tangent for getting an animal of some kind for his birthday, though I know the ferret was all Potter's idea. I doubt Scorp even knows what they are.

"Tell you what, how about we head over to Florean Fortescue's for some ice cream?" I ask hoping to get his mind off animals for now. He nods eagerly, grabs my hand, and begins pulling me down the street. Blaise falls into step behind me and Potter follows him with a smile still plastered to his stupid face.

Seven years ago, I'm sure this scene would have shocked the wizarding world- the fearless Gryffindor savior openly hanging out with two former death eater Slytherins. Hell it would have shocked us too, but after the war everything changed.

My mother and I were facing serious charges and many years in Azkaban. Our name had been sullied, and we no longer held even a fraction of the power that we used to. So many wanted to see us behind bars and I had come to accept my fate. But to the shock of everyone, including me, saint Potter testified in our favor at the trials and told the court how I lowered my wand that night on the Astronomy Tower, didn't identify the 'Golden Trio' when brought to the manor, and even how mother lied to Voldemort about Potter being dead.

In the end we got off with a few fines and some hours of community service, a mere slap on the wrist really. I found Potter after the trial, thanked him, and we called a truce. I decided I wanted to build up the Malfoy name the right way, and applied for an internship as a law apprentice. Kingsley approved and I joined that following August. I worked diligently to help put the remaining death eaters behind bars, and within a year and a half and several cases that were successful because of me, I became an official Wizarding Lawyer.

For the first time in my life, I was in charge and making the right choices. Mother was back in social good graces after making several donations to help rebuild the wizarding world and even reconnected with her sister Andromeda. With Lucius no longer able to control us, (having died in the final battle by Aberforth Dumbledore's wand), we were finally free.

Unfortunately, even though he was gone, Lucius found a way to torment me even from beyond the grave. Two years after the battle, Edgar Greengrass approached me with a betrothal contract he and Lucius created years before. The contract was between me and Edgar's youngest daughter Astoria, who had just graduated from Hogwarts.

I was absolutely furious and refused at first, until Edgar pointed something out. Lucius had thought I may try to refute it, and thought ahead for a way to make me go through with the marriage. The evil bastard brought my mother's life into it.

He had used a dark magic spell similar to that of an Unbreakable Vow. It required a few drops of my mother's blood. If the marriage did not take place within six months of Astoria coming of age, my mother would die. I remember when I confronted her, she sat at the dining room table and sobbed. Malfoys were never allowed to show emotion, so this caught me completely off guard.

She told me how when Lucius first brought up the contract, she had refused not wanting me to enter an arranged marriage as she had. But Lucius was not someone who would take no for an answer. He took her blood by force and proceeded with the arrangement. She thought that when Lucius died, the contract would become invalid. Clearly it didn't, and we found out the only way out was if Lucius or Edgar revoked it, which Edgar wouldn't do no matter how much we offered him.

Mother repeatedly told me how sorry she was and to let her die, but I couldn't do that to her. I loved her too much and she was the only person who had ever loved me. So two months later, Astoria and I tied the knot with a very expensive and lavish wedding ceremony.

Astoria was a cold hearted cruel bitch. The minute I met her, I knew married life would be hell. All she wanted was our money and newly reclaimed social status. She openly showed her hate for my friendship with Potter and was disgusted that I no longer held to my father's ideas on pureblood supremacy. After watching Lucius abuse me and my mother, I vowed never to hit a woman, but Astoria brought me close to breaking that vow many times

If she wasn't off spending my money, or partying with her equally racist and stuck up friends, she was nagging me about my open support of half-bloods and muggleborns, or my cases against wizards who in her words, 'fought for a pure and noble cause.' I was losing my mind and threw myself into work just to avoid her. In no time, I moved up the ladder and became the most sought after Lawyer in the entire ministry.

Four months after the wedding, we found out she was expecting. We'd only been intimate a handful of times, but the sooner we produced an heir, the less we had to be together. I dreaded bringing a child into our lives fearing that it would end up like me or worse, Astoria. However, my feelings drastically changed the first time I held Scorpious in my arms. I never knew it was possible to love someone so much you'd just met, but in that moment I knew I would have given my life for him in the blink of an eye. I swore I would not be like Lucius and would do everything in my power to raise Scorpious right.

Astoria never lifted a finger to help with him. She was still asleep when I left for work in the mornings, and nearly always gone when I returned, leaving him in the care of a house elf. Sometimes I would hear her stumbling in during the early hours of the morning after a night of partying, but I was too exhausted between work and taking care of Scorp to confront her.

Mother and Andromeda helped out a lot, and on some weekends Ginny Potter would help out too so that I could catch up on sleep or review cases. She and I had developed a friendship as well and she wanted to get some practice in before her and Potter's first child was born a few months later. I was very grateful because without them, I don't know how I would have done it.

When I was absolutely as miserable as could be in my marriage, my best mate Blaise came through for me. Like myself, Blaise wanted to turn over a new leaf after the war and became an auror with Potter. Not that he needed the money, but I think he enjoyed the action and adrenaline rush the job called for. Although he had changed a lot and no longer held onto his prejudiced beliefs (Not that he really believed in it much anyway), he was still a heartless man slag when it came to women. He'd charm them into his bed and break their hearts the next day. As the king of one night stands, he'd probably remain a bachelor for the rest of his life and that was fine with him. Some women just didn't understand that, particularly Daphne Greengrass.

Although not nearly as evil as her sister Astoria, Daphne was still a conniving, manipulative bitch when she wanted to be. She and Blaise began a friends with benefits relationship back in our sixth year at Hogwarts, at least that's how Blaise saw it. Daphne considered it the beginning of a relationship and the only reason she got out of a betrothal contract herself was because she'd convinced Edgar she was to be the next Mrs. Zabini, and most pureblooded rich men stayed a good fifty feet away from Maria Zabini or 'The Black Widow.' Blaise had no intention of settling down with her, and tried to make that clear two years after we graduated by telling her he was through with her. Daphne didn't seem to get the message.

She practically stalked him after that. If he went out drinking at a bar or club with friends, she would randomly appear. She'd show up to his flat in the middle of the night and try to talk him into taking her back, and once she even sent an owl saying she was pregnant and he was the father. He knew she was lying because he was always careful. Seeing how nothing was working, she became obsessively crazy and came up with another scheme to trap him into a marriage.

One night while Blaise was out at a club with some buddies from work, Daphne showed up under the ruse of just wanting to party. He knew she had an ulterior motive and told his co workers to keep an eye on her. Sure enough, when Blaise went to the loo, one of the aurors saw her slip a potion into his unguarded drink. From the looks of it, he deduced it was ammortentia. The auror warned him, and Blaise pretended to drink it and followed Daphne when she suggested they go back to her place. Once there, Blaise made them tea and slipped veritaserum into her cup. After she drank it, he questioned her on where she got the ammortentia and she confessed her father had been brewing and selling the potion at his apothecary in Knockturn Alley.

Once the war was over and Voldemort's story became known, love potions, especially ammortentia became banned. Potioneers studied them and found out that if a child was conceived from a love or lust potion, they were born without emotions and feelings. These children were often sadistic and leading criminals, and it was discovered that a few death eaters had been children born from love potions. The ministry made them illegal and took them off the curriculum for students at school.

Seeing this as my way out, Blaise flooed over that night and told me everything. I hired a private investigator to obtain evidence against Edgar and was not disappointed. In fact, Edgar was also brewing and selling other illegal potions and poisons the ministry had banned. I approached him a few days later and showed him all the evidence against him and threatened to turn him in unless he revoked the contract. He begrudgingly agreed, although the day after he revoked it Blaise and Potter stormed in, arrested him, and shut down his apothecary. He's currently serving a thirty year sentence in Azkaban.

I immediately started the divorce proceedings, though Astoria tried to put up a fight. I told her she could keep the Malfoy family ring and I would give her a huge sum of money if she would sign over all parental rights to me and stay away from us. She agreed and by the time Scorpious was six months old, she was completely out of our lives. Blaise was also finally able to get rid of Daphne as well, seeing how he threatened to put her in the cell next to her father for the stunt she tried to pull.

Now Scorpious will be three in a week's time. He's my main reason for working as hard as I do to make our last name something to be proud of. I like to think I'm doing a pretty good job. At least that's what mother, Andromeda, Blaise, and the Potters say. Scorp spends a fair amount of time with Harry and Ginny and is even best friends with their son James. He's pretty spoiled, I'll admit. Between his nana and I, he gets nearly everything he wants although I'm still adamantly putting my foot down on the whole pet thing. Still, I try to make his childhood something he can look back happily on unlike me.

We meet Ginny, James, and Teddy, (who spends an equal amount of time with the Potters as well as Andromeda), at Fortescues. The boys enjoy their ice cream while Blaise, Harry, and Ginny enjoy more ferret jokes at my expense. Seriously, will they ever let that go? Probably not. Once they get it out of their systems, we indulge in happy chatter and swap stories about our lives and jobs.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Scorp staring longingly across the table. I follow his gaze and watch Ginny wipe some ice cream off James' mouth then kiss his forehead. Though he's never asked about his mother, I know he notices he doesn't have one. I feel bad for him, but there's really not much I can do. Most women I meet are only interested in my money or name. They couldn't care less about Scorpious, and I refuse to subject him to another woman like Astoria.

And if I'm being completely honest, I'm terrified to even think about settling down again. After watching my parent's disaster of a marriage and living through my train wreck of one, I don't really think another trip down the aisle is in the cards for me.

But as I continue to see the longing on my son's face, I wish he had a loving mother too. I pull him onto my lap and hug him close, then ask him again what all he wants for his birthday. He's told me so many times, I could recite it in my sleep, but at least he's not thinking about what he doesn't have. As he continues to talk, I think about how only having one parent might be a disadvantage in his growth. I want the best for him in all possible ways, but I don't know how to go about this. If only I could find a woman who would look past our name and wealth and love Scorp like her own.

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