Chapter 15

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Epilogue: Eight Years Later

Draco Pov:

I sit at a table on the back deck with my arm wrapped around Hermione, watching the kids in the pool. We'd moved into this house about three years ago, needing more room for our family. It was a Victorian style seven bedroom, four bathroom house out in the country with plenty of land, breathtaking scenery, and a nice size pool in the backyard for the kids. I bought it as a surprise for my beautiful wife on one of our anniversaries. It was large and spacious, but not vastly enormous like the manor or one of our many villas; a perfect compromise between the two of us.

The backdoor opens, and the Potter kids run out with their parents right behind them. The kids shout a quick hello at us, then head straight for the water. James greets Scorpious as he jumps in, and they both grin mischieviously while casting glances and smirks over at Teddy and Victoire. Those two obviously liked each other and were always flirting whenever they were in the same room. Victoire is tanning while Teddy tries to impress her with a quidditch story from back at Hogwarts. He's chaser for the Gryffindor quidditch team, much to my chagrin since I lost ten galleons to Potter. Can't say I didn't try. Both teens are completely oblivious to the two pranksters sneaking towards them and I have a feeling they're about to end up drenched.

Albus heads straight for Caelum, and they begin racing laps. Those two are technically only eight months apart, but will be a year behind each other in school. They're good friends, but fiercely competitive and have opposing personalities. I guess their friendship strongly resembles the one between Potter and I.

Ginny grabs her six year old daughter Lily before she can make it far, and casts a bunch of protection charms against the sun on her. She was the only one out of their three kids that inherited her mother's fair skin and vast array of freckles. I can completely relate to the dangers of being out too long in the sun with my pale skin, which I'd hoped I wouldn't pass on to my kids, but did to two.

Hermione and I now have four kids, much to mother's delight who spoils them rotten. Scorpious will be turning eleven this September, but won't be attending Hogwarts until the following year because of the way his birthday falls. That's fine with him, seeing as he'll be in the same age group as James. He's clever and cunning, and will take over Slytherin just like I did. He's already the ring leader between all his group of friends. Out of all our children, he still looks the most like me, and even slicks his hair back much like I did in my younger years. All of my children strangely enough, inherited my blonde hair even though Hermione's color was supposed to be the dominant gene. She told me once she suspected one of my ancestors cast a spell on the Malfoy line to make it that way so that we always stood out to others. Wouldn't surprise me.

Caelum, our second born, is now seven. He got Hermione's eyes and tan skin, but other than that looks exactly like Scorp and I. He's very cunning, manipulative, and according to Hermione, cockier than me. I disagreed, telling her he was only confident, but he is one of my sons after all, and is entitled to his cockiness. As I continuously remind her, we are Malfoys after all, and only the best and finest specimen come from our gene pool. He's a quick talker and thinker and is often the one that causes the most trouble, but he's honestly a good kid. Nowhere near like I was in school or the other Slytherins for that matter. He looks out for his younger siblings, and nearly worships the ground Scorpious walks on. They're close and I think Scorpious considers him his protégé.

Orion is our next. The five year old looks exactly like Hermione, except for his platinum blonde hair, and even acts the most like her. He's very adventurous and loves to learn. He's probably our most inquisitive child and asks more questions than anyone I know. He'll definitely be a Gryffindor, but unlike his mother, is good at sports and can handle a broom. Scorp and Caelum will be stars on the Slytherin quidditch team, but Orion will be the star of Gryffindor. Me and my three boys often play quidditch when we get home from work and school, and they honestly have incredible talents. Just one of the many amazing qualities they got from me.

Our last child and only daughter is our two year old, Carina. She's almost a perfect mix between Hermione and I. She has my hair color, but Hermione's waves, my eye color, but her eye shape, my high cheekbones, and Hermione's button nose. I love all of my children equally, but am probably the most protective towards her, as are her three older brothers. Good, that means they can watch over her when she goes off to Hogwarts. She's my little princess and has me completely wrapped around her finger. I really don't know which house she'll end up in. she knows how to get people to do what she wants, but is also very brave and loyal. It could go either way, but I still have nine years to shape her up as a Slytherin.

Carina is currently playing in the shallow end with Blaise's daughter Isabella. Probably the biggest shocker to us, as well as the rest of the wizarding world, was when 'most eligible bachelor', king of one night stands, never in his life been in a serious relationship Blaise Zabini, settled down with Gabrielle Delacour. They were in the papers and magazines for months after they announced their engagements, some calling it a joke or a rumor until they actually tied the knot three years ago. I never thought he was serious about her, but he spent four years building up a friendship, courting her, dating her, and finally marrying her. She brought out the gentleman in him, and he in turn brought a wilder side of her out, though she's still prim and proper when out in public.

Blaise was scared to death when he found out he was going to be a father a year after he and Gabrielle married, but his fear was replaced by love when Isabella came into the world. It reminded me of the way I felt before I had Scorpious. Blaise is a sucker for his daughter and she too has him wrapped around her tiny finger. Gabrielle is eight months pregnant with their second child, a son they'll name Gabriel. Since he'll be born in the summer, she won't have to take maternity leave from her job as the History of Magic teacher at one of the schools.

About two months after Caelum was born, The Remus and Tonks School of Young Witchcraft and Wizardry was opened. The school was a huge success and nearly everyone we knew sent their kids to it. Not only did it prepare the kids for when they went off to their boarding schools, but it made a way for pure bloods, half bloods, and muggle borns to come together. In fact, we've almost completely stopped identifying people based on blood, and just simply refer to them all as witches and wizards. Hermione works as the astronomy teacher, a great position considering we named our children after the stars and constellations, and was the one who decided on the name to honor our old professor and my cousin whom I regrettably never got the chance to meet. Andromeda was thrilled and has taken over the position of principle, which Hermione tells me is similar to Headmistress.

When Orion was born, the Wizarding World went through a baby boom. Families were encouraged to have more kids because we were still trying to make up for all the lives lost in the war, but also the number of muggle born children continued to rise, more so than it has in history. Because of this, it was decided a second school should be built to help accommodate the population growth. The James and Lily Potter School was just finished last year, and is the one at which Gabrielle works. I'm not entirely sure who exactly chose the name, but I'm sure it was Hermione's idea again. If there's ever another school that comes up, I'd be willing to bet that she'll name it after Sirius Black. This school is in Oxford, and isn't quite as big as Remus and Tonks', but still a good size. Mother has assumed the Principal/Headmistress position, and couldn't be happier. I think it's her way of redeeming the Black name as well as the Malfoy name, and she's done a marvelous job.

No one has gotten in the way or tried to steal our happiness since the trial. Weasley is locked away, where he does nothing but babble incoherently. I don't think he'll ever be a problem, but Potter kept true to his word about a dementor guarding his cell at all times. I never liked the prick, but I never thought he had such evil in him. His family was broken up for him which is completely understandable. As a father, I can't imagine what I would do if one of my kids committed such unspeakable acts. Hermione said that the Weasley's loved the Ron that existed before. That's how they imagine their son if he ever crosses their mind, not the monster sitting in Azkaban. I guess it's better to think of it that way instead of accepting what's become of him. Regardless, we love the Weasley family and often leave our kids in the care of Molly and Arthur if ever we have to work late or go on business trips. They're just like another set of grandparents, and I'll forever be thankful to them for choosing our side over their son's.

Astoria never made another appearance either. Hermione told me about the day in the dress shop, but I ignored it after she told me what all was said. Astoria was always trying to play victim, and never wanted to take responsibility for anything. I read in papers a few years ago that she ended up marrying some pureblooded man from Ireland who was old enough to be her dad. She'd foolishly squandered away her settlings from our divorce and needed to secure her meal ticket and continue to support her spending addiction. Two years ago, she randomly sent Scorpious an owl to see if he wanted to meet some time for lunch or tea. I was livid when he showed it to me, and didn't want him to go. What did she think she was doing? She walked out on him when he was a baby, not that she spent much time with him before that anyway, but why was she wanting to come back now? We'd told Scorpious the truth when he was either five or six, but explained that Hermione was his legal mother and loved him just as much as the others. He never really said much about it. I wasn't going to allow him to see Astoria, but Hermione told me that it was Scorpious' choice and we had to respect whatever decision he chose. We both approached him and asked him if he wanted to meet the cow, but to my relief he simply shook his head and said he already had a mother and didn't want to meet some random woman who couldn't compare. Though she never said anything, I think Hermione was just as thrilled by his answer as I was. Astoria finally realized her mistake and is probably torn up about it, but my son and I have no sympathy for her.

Hermione leans her head against my shoulder, and I plant a kiss on her forehead. I still can't believe I got this witch all to myself. We have had our ups and downs like every couple, but every day I try to tell her at least once how beautiful she is and how much I love her. She stepped in and became Scorpious' mother when he didn't have one, gave me three more amazing children, found a way to almost completely eradicate prejudices, and continues to help the wizarding world in any way that she can. She even goes as far as to tell me she's the lucky one for getting me, and reminds me that I'm not my father and won't make the same mistakes he did. I was able to completely heal all the damage that Weasley caused to her self esteem, and she's definitely more confident. I can't tell you how much I enjoy rubbing it in men's faces anytime we go out for charity events or formal balls, that I'm married to the Gryffindor Godess. She in turn, helped me learn to forgive myself for past mistakes and not take the blame for the sins of other members of my family. Although the Malfoy name is now once again respected, it is no longer feared and that's the way it should be.

Leaning back in my chair, I look around at all our friends and family. Everyone is laughing or smiling, and just enjoying each other's company. This scene would have never played out when I was a child, but I'm glad that I was able to give this to my kids. With Hermione by my side and all the other people we're close to, I know I can take anything life throws at me and continue to make my wife and children proud. Hermione looks up and gives me her smile only reserved for me. I return one of my own, then lean down and capture her lips, enjoying the feel of them against mine as I always do. Life was finally perfect.

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