Sasori was shocked, that was not something he was expecting. A stripper, a virgin? Not something that was heard of often. He licked his lips hungrily at the flushed blonde, his lips swollen from the blood that rushed through his body. His chest heaved up and down, attempting to catch his breath. Sasori watched in amazement as the mans stomach underneath him flexed and tensed. Sasori smirked, running his hands up the sides slowly, tickling the blonde and counting every single rib as he leaned down onto the smaller body underneath him. Sasori could feel the tiny shudders that were released underneath him from the gorgeous blonde underneath him. The long golden hair tickled his face as he snuggled up into the tan neck, making himself home to the crook. His hot breath hit Deidaras neck, causing the swear that was already there to fire up even more. The night had become cooler, but god dammit it still felt fucking hot. Deidara swallowed and closed his eyes, his body was aching for the redhead above him.

"Sasori, un." Deidara moaned, his voice cracking as he felt their groins ghost against each other. Said redhead only answered with a gentle kiss to the small lobe of the blondes ear. It was gentle, innocent, but it shot pleasure to the pit of Deidaras stomach nonetheless. He moaned slightly when gentle lips kissed down his neck, down his chest and latching onto the collar bones to bite and suck on. Deidara moved his hips up for friction, oh god how he needed friction NOW. Sasori lifted his hips above him, trying to keep the bothered blonde from releasing before they got onto anything, The blonde found comfort though rubbing up and down harshly and erratically on his thigh. Sasori smirked, feeling a wetness on the small shorts. Deidara groaned, giving a harsh thrust on Sasoris leg, he wanted this so bad.

'I swear to go im going to burst if he doesn't-'

Deidaras thoughts were interrupted by a dangerous purr in his ear "If you don't stop moving ill pull those cute little shorts off of you and shove my cack in you so fast you don't have time to start screaming before I fuck you, now be patient, brat." He squeezed the soft hips under him, relishing in the supple skin. God, this brat was so soft, and it only got softer as he went lower. Sasori groaned, the blondes butt plump and nice and bubbly. He gave the tush a soft smack and squeezed it, closing his eyes. He wanted to squeeze that bottom all day.

"I can handle it, un."

Sasori raised his brows, confused at first. Realization hit as he remembered his previous statement, the blondes ass causing brain damage to his genius mind. The red head smirked and it furthered when the blonde gave him a scowl, digging his nails into Sasoris pale skin.

Sasori chuckled and leaned down, intimidating the blonde underneath him slightly. "You can handle it, huh? Want to test that theory?"

Deidara bit his lip at the dare, and he nodded. The redhead looked so hot, all dominant and not bitchy.

That smirk pissed him off though.

Deidara grunted as he was flipped over violently and his shorts jerked to his knees, his perk butt all for show for the rich man behind him. Sasori licked his lips and leaned over the blondes body, reaching his hand to the plump lips and shoving two fingers in far down Deidaras throat. He ghosted out a moan when Deidara gagged, his throat tightening on his fingers. Not giving Deidara time to process what was happening, Sasori ripped the digits from his mouth.

Deidara gasped for air, moaning when a gentle kiss was pressed to his shoulder, then-

"Oh FUCK, un!"

Sasori was going to die, his fingers scissored the blondes asshole harshly. He was so tight, it was amazing. It was only two fingers and he could feel the walls clenching on his fingers for life, not letting him move too much. He hoped those hot walls would do the same for his dick..

Fingers began thrusting harder and harder into Deidaras tight heat, his knees scraped against the floor harshly, more than likely going to give him rug burns. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes, it hurt so much. "St-Stop, un!" He begged, he wanted the pain to stop. His dick was slowly becoming flaccid, regretting ever challenging the redhead.

"Fuck no, not yet." Sasori growled, beginning his search for that spot. He knew the general area of where it layed, he just had to-

"Gah!" Sasori curled his fingers and smirked when he got his reaction. Deidaras body stiffened. The redhead lifted up and examined the hole, body heating up and shorts becoming a nuisance.

Deidaras dick had never gotten so hard before in his whole life, holy fucking shit. "Ah, again, un!" He begged, it felt so good.

Sasori paused and took his fingers out slightly, pressing a third finger inside the pink hole. Deidara moaned in pain as he did so, wiggling his hips as he waited for that spot to be hit again. The redhead didn't disappoint either, not wanting to cause the blonde any more harm, he grinded his fingers on it harshly, smirking at the squeal he received. He kept no pattern, he pushed, tapped, rubbed and tortured the swelling spot until Deidara was practically begging.

"P-please, un.." A soft voice whimpered. Sasori chuckled and kissed his tan back, glistening from sweat.

"What was that?" Sasori pressed more kisses on his spine and rubbed the blondes prostate harshly when he didn't get a clear answer.

"What, Deidara."

Deidara breathed harshly into the carpet, trying to catch his breath after the harsh push. Sasori wasn't happy with this and scowled. He began thrusting quick and short, just barely tapping the blondes gland. Deidara began writhing and whining until it was just too much.


"Fuck me, un!"

Deidara gasped when the digits were ripped from his hole. He waited for the inevitable. It didn't matter that it wasn't making love, Deidara just needed to be filled, he wanted to be fucked.

Sasoris shorts were thrown across the room and he straightened the blondes legs, pulling his shorts off the rest of the way. Sasori laughed slightly as the blondes perky butt jiggled slightly. Deidara scowled, knowing just what the redhead was laughing about.

"Fuck you, un." He breathed out, flushing from embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, brat. Maybe you should lay off the chocolate.." Sasoris voice scared Deidara, his breath hitching at the sultry tone. Deidara could feel the redheads wet tip rubbing on his ass cheeks. Deidara frowned, but a tender finger gently turned his face to the side to look at the pale man. "Of course, if you didn't have a bag ass, i couldn't feel it jiggle when i pound into that tight hole of yours."

And Sasori pushed in. He groaned at the tight heat and Deidara clenching on him hard. He closed his eyes and seated himself all the way in, balls deep.

Deidaras blue eyes widened triple their size, he nearly screamed, but a pale forearm pushed against his lips and Sasori whispered "I cant stop, bite me. I'm sorry."

And Deidara did, Sasori left him no choice, he didnt even warn that he would start THAT hard.

Sasori thrusted harshly in and out of Deidaras ass, he knew that his virgin hole was going to cause him to cum quick, it was too hot, too sexy, he was too close.

Deidara bit hard into his forearm, not in pain anymore. His asshole burned, yes, but oh god Sasori knew how to use that dick. Sasori did with his hips as he did with his fingers, he kept no pattern and played around with his speed and thrusts. He gave one slow role and bit his lips as Deidara moaned into his arm.

Sasori could feel the blondes teeth retract from his arm. He angled his hips and thrusted shallowly. He refused to cum before the brat.

"Ohhhhh Sasorriiii!" Deidara moaned loudly, getting the redheads game, grinding his hips back onto the impailing dick. "Fuck, harder, un!" he moaned loudly, smirking as Sasori grunted onto his back.

Sasori growled and lefited his body. If the brat was ready to play games, he was ready for the beast.

Deidara yelped when Sasori jerked his hips up higher and violently pushed his face into the ground. The blondes hair was like liquid gold as it splayed out around him. Sasoris eyes flashed and he leaned down, taking the hair and holding it tight, using it to keep the blondes chest to the ground.

"Stay." He demanded, thrusting harder, enjoying the blondes ass like it was... well, a very very nice ass.

It was certainly the best he'd ever had.

It was only after a few thrusts that Deidara came. It spurted out everywhere on the floor. Sasori laughed and thrusted harder as he took his fingers and scooped up the hot liqui, shoving it in the blondes slightly open mouth.

Sasori came as the gentle tongue lapped at the seed. He moaned as the pink organ licked every drop of cum off his fingers, pulsating his own see din Deidaras ass.

Slowly, he pulled his fingers from the wet mouth and pulled out of the ass, he stood up shakily and picked up the blonde, whome was close to falling asleep.

"All this hair is probably like, ten pounds." Sasori grunted, laying the dead weight on his bed.

Deidara flipped him off and turned on his side, waiting for Sasoris body. They both slowly fell asleep, not caring that they were both messy with sex and a white liquid leaked from the blonde.

"Sasori, un.." Deidara mumbled.

Said redhead nuzzled into his neck. "hmm."

"Boyfriend, un?"

"Yeh, boyfriend."

"Good, un."


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