It had been less than a year since the end of the war and things were getting back to normal. The light side had won but with heavy losses. The greatest loss felt had been the hero, Harry. He and Voldemort had both been destroyed in the final battle, his body having disappeared. There seemed few who truly mourned him though he had been made a great hero. Draco had been studying to be a potions master with his Uncle since the end of the war. Severus had survived barely, Narcissa though had been killed. Draco did work with his dad for the company from time to time. Lucius had encouraged his son to pursue his own dreams, the company could be run by employees one day. Lucius had never had a real choice due to the war and forced into the mark. He encouraged his son in his freedom to choose who he married and in his career.

Draco was a bit surprised when his father wanted him to go on a business trip for him. It was winter break, so he had time away from school. Apprenticing with his Uncle, he was going by the school hours. His Uncle seemed okay with him leaving, even if a few days early.

Draco looked at his father. "I don't know why you are sending me."

Lucius reminded him. "You do work for me."

Draco nodded. "I have never gone on a trip."

Lucius shrugged. "Thought you could use a change of scenery."

Draco grunted. "Could have at least picked somewhere warmer."

Lucius shrugged. "Can stop in Mexico on the way back if you wish."

Draco reminded his father. "It is nearly Christmas."

Lucius handed him his bag. "May be more exciting than home."

Draco smirked. "Have some exciting plans I don't know of?"

Lucius shook his head. "Yes your Uncle and I are going to drown ourselves in booze."

Severus smirked. "Speak for yourself."

Draco did not expect to see him. "Changed your mind?"

Severus shook his head. "Thought I'd see you off."

Draco felt the portkey activate. "See you in a week."

Lucius looked at Severus. "Why?"

Severus looked blank. "Why what?"

Lucius didn't buy the act. "Why did you recommend I send him?"

Severus shrugged. "Thought it would be good for him."

Lucius didn't buy it. "I will find out."

Severus shrugged. "Indeed."

Lucius had found a few new business ventures since the war. Many of the old families had lost heirlooms and pieces. They had been stolen or they had sold them to pay off those who came after them. Lucius had his security company helping to track down some of the pieces. It had begun with his own. Many of the Malfoy pieces were on the list and ones he wished to have returned. None had been as far abroad, but he had received word about a piece he believed belonged to his father in law. He and his wife had an arranged marriage but they had loved each other. The piece should belong to his son, and he wished to retrieve it. Severus had suggested it was a sign Draco should go.

Draco could admit perhaps he was happy to leave the UK for a bit. He had been tempted to follow Blaise's route, and go work abroad. Blaise had actually left during the war before the final battle. He had been with his mother in Spain and now was in Italy. His father's family was from Italy and he was working for the family bank there. Blaise's mother had always been neutral, and it made Blaise a target.

Draco groaned when he arrived. "Merlin it's colder than I suspected."

A woman overheard him. "Not quite dressed for the Canadian mountains."

Draco turned to her. "I didn't think it would be so cold."

The woman motioned. "There is a store up that way."

Draco was reminded he was in a muggle area. "Thank you."

The woman went to leave. "Enjoy your stay."

Draco used a spell when alone. "That is somewhat better."

A man looked up when he went into a café. "Can I help you?"

Draco showed him an address. "I am looking for this place."

The man was surprised. "We don't see them down here often."

Draco wondered. "Have they been here long?"

The man shook his head. "Came in during the summer."

Draco wondered. "A family?"

The man shrugged. "Really only see one of them. But he buys enough supplies for at least two adults."

Draco had not been told much. "How do I get there?"

The man gave him directions. "You do have a car? It is a bit of a hike."

Draco of course didn't need one. "I do."

Draco took the address, and again when he was alone, he apparated as the directions were enough. He found himself at what looked like a chalet about a few miles from the town he had been in. It was quite large and looked nice though secluded up there in the trees. He noted a car in the driveway, and assumed whoever they were, were living quite muggle. He headed up the front walk.

He went to knock. "Father said they knew I was coming."

The door opened. "Draco."

He stared in shock at Remus. "Lupin."

The man motioned him in. "I see your Uncle didn't tell you who."

Draco was confused. "My father sent me."

Remus laughed. "He was doing your Uncle's dirty work."

Draco looked around. "Who are you here with? I know my cousin died."

Remus reminded him. "Our son."

Draco didn't buy it. "The man in town said two adults."

Remus shrugged. "Maybe I eat a lot."

Draco smirked. "You look like you never eat."

Remus shrugged. "Good metabolism."

Draco asked. "Why did you summon me?"

Remus shook his head. "I didn't."

A voice came from behind. "I did."

Draco may have been shocked to see Remus, but nothing prepared him for when he turned around. The man standing in the door, with the baby with bright green hair, stopped him in his tracks. The baby did not surprise him, he knew his cousin had been a metamorphmagus and the baby was obviously her son Teddy. He had got to know his Aunt a bit since the end of the war.

He looked at the last person he expected to see. "I thought you were dead."