Albus had been prepared when the aurors sure enough arrived at the house. They didn't have enough to arrest him for anything other than money. And he knew he would be released in a day or two at the most. But he was not about to be hauled in like some common criminal either. He had been a hero of the war. Of course Harry got all the fame, the so called hero, and over shadowed all he had done. He had hoped to use that fame to make the changes that were needed around here. Harry though was not as stupid as he thought the boy to be, and had become a thorn for him. He would handle these little legal issues, and then focus his attention on the baby. He was sure Harry had a few guardians named but he had no doubt who they were. He would have to see to George. Remus would not be any more of a concern then he had been when Harry was little.

Albus needed to make one last stop before he headed to a different home. He knew the risk he took but he headed for Molly's new place. The woman was his most loyal support, and he needed to ensure she had the bottles. Arthur could not be trusted to keep them forever.

Molly was confused. "Who are you?"

Albus was of course disguised. "Let me in Molly."

She realized. "What are you doing here?"

Albus went in. "You need to get the vials from your husband."

Molly was confused. "Vials?"

"I sent some pensive memories with him earlier."

"I thought he was at work."

"You sent him with a warning."

Molly was confused. "I sent him nowhere."

"He came and said the aurors knew where I was. You had sent him."

Molly was pale. "I have no idea what you mean."

Albus was furious. "He set this up."

"Arthur is as loyal as I am."

Albus went to leave. "Do you really believe that?"

Molly was shaking. "He challenges me but he….."

Albus felt a change. "Damn it."

He had come here and taken every precaution so he would not be seen. He thought the aurors would be busy for a time at his safe house. But he had made sure he would put up wards to alert him that they had come. He knew Molly would likely be arrested but he didn't worry too much. The woman didn't know anything and she was not involved in much. He was sure she would be released and she was loyal unlike her husband. All she would get was some community service and a slap on the wrist at the most for what she had done.

Albus was about to flee, but he realized with a shock, he was not able to leave the building. Even Moody had not been able to erect such a containment spell, at least not as fast as was done. He knew the security wards of the building had been advanced somehow.

Kingsley entered. "Albus Dumbledore you are under arrest."

Albus smirked. "On what crimes."

"Embezzlement, fraud, extortion, grand larceny, murder and conspiracy to commit murder."

Albus stared in shock. "Murder? Larson?"

Kingsley moved forward. "I may have missed a few."

Albus held off any magical restraints. "You have no proof."

Kingsley pulled something from his pocket. "Oh we have proof enough."

Albus was confused. "What is that?"

Kingsley looked at his men. "The plugs."

Molly had seen it. "Crap."

Albus had no idea what was happening as a ball was pressed. "What…?'

A loud sound and light blasted, and when cleared, the man was on the floor. "Shackle him before he wakes."

One of the men motioned. "What about her?"

Molly had protected herself, recognizing her son's product. "I am innocent."

Kingsley. "We will see about that."

The product had been created by the twins in the war, as one of the help for their side. Kingsley had known it would be hard to arrest the man. They got the magic dampeners on him, so he could not attack them, as soon as they could. The spell should have lasted an hour, but considering his magic, they were not shocked when he was awake by the time they made it to the ministry.

Albus was enraged. "You will free me."

"If you are found innocent."

Albus glared. "Of trumped up charges?"

"Oh they are very real."

Albus spat. "You have no proof. And murder? Who am I….?"

"Lily and James, and anyone else Peter had a hand in."

Albus spat. "I had nothing to do with that."

Kingsley smirked. "Oh we know you made him take the mark."

Albus was pale. "You have no proof. You can force me to take…."

"We don't need you to take any."

Albus smirked. "You have no evidence."

"We already have all your memories."

Albus looked in shock and turned to Molly. "Arthur."

Molly was confused. "What does he have to do with this?"

Albus was irate. "He did this."

Kingsley led him to a cell. "He was helpful."

Molly was in shock as she was allowed to leave for now. It seemed that her crimes were not enough to bother putting her in a cell. She would face court though in a few days' time. She headed home, in total shock, she knew she needed to find her husband. She had no idea how this was happening, none at all. Arthur was weak, but he was loyal to a bone, and he knew what it meant to betray Albus as well.

Molly sunk down into a chair. "This can't be happening."

Arthur had been warned about the arrest and he was prepared. He hoped that his wife would not do anything stupid. He had done his best to ensure that she wouldn't face too many charges. She would get community service based on what they knew she had done. But he was worried what she may do to help Albus. He knew she had been wrong but he loved the woman. He was angry at what she had got him to do, but she was not to blame for it either. And though he wanted justice for Harry, and his safety, he wasn't going to throw his wife to the wolves.

Harry was relieved when he got word that the man had been arrested. The trial would be in a few days at the most. The legal system moved fast in their world, especially when it was a high profile case as this was. He hoped it worked but he would not let out his breath until sure.

He ran unfortunately into Hermione in town. "Great."

Hermione smirked. "I feel the same."

Harry smirked. "No more fake pleasantries?"

"Couldn't pay me enough to try."

"Oh so you do have limits."

Hermione spat. "My life was in danger, I deserved danger pay."

"I guess I should get back pay."

Hermione scoffed. "You are rich enough. Plus it was your duty."

"Much of what I faced, I didn't have to."

Hermione didn't back down. "Had to play the hero."

"You were the one who chose. You could have never said hello."

Hermione went to push past. "Wish I never did."

Harry looked at the stroller. "So what name have you chosen?"

Hermione stopped. "What….?"

Harry shrugged. "I was looking into if I could sue you to change, and learned you changed it."

Hermione went red. "Harriet wasn't fitting…."

"Now that the world knows you are liars? I agree."

Hermione blanched. "You are alive, I meant."

Harry looked at the little girl. "Sure Ron didn't want his only daughter named for me."

Hermione went to leave. "Rose."

Harry grumbled as he pushed passed her. "At least it is not Lily."

Harry had worried, when he heard they were pregnant, if they had a girl they would call her Lily. He hated the thought they would use his mother's name. Rose was a fitting name he assumed for the girl considering she was a Weasley in coloring. Unfortunately unlike both Lynette and Bryony, Rose was definitely a Weasley, orange red hair and freckles. Her looks were only one thing Harry felt bad for the little girl on. He wondered if Hermione would soon be looking for a job, instead of being home for the summer with Rose. Ron had been fired from his cushy job with the broom company. It seemed the new owners had heard rumors he had been drinking on the job. The man had no idea Lucius had decided after all the brooms he had bought over the years, he should buy a share in the company. He also owned the Harpies, limiting Ginny's plans.

Harry headed for George's shop. He had not been happy George had gone to work but he was reminded that Albus was being arrested that day. He knew he was not George's boss but he worried. He could not stand the thought of losing a brother, especially not George.

George looked up when he came in. "Any word?"

Harry nodded. "He is in a cell."

George let out a breath. "I guess my dad was right."

Harry agreed. "I am happy he was trusted in this."

George looked around his workshop. "Feels like old times."

Harry sat down. "Will have to open a second shop."

"Are you going to run it?"

Harry shook his head. "Silent partner."

George sighed. "I thought we….."

Harry put a hand on his arm. "He would be proud how far you came."

Angie added as she appeared. "And would want you to expand."

George knew. "I need more funds."

Harry reminded him. "Not an issue."

George cut him off. "I am not asking for a loan."

Harry reminded him. "Bree inherited Fred's shares as you remind me. Just growing her inheritance."

Angie reminded her husband. "Lee is ready and willing."

George knew they were both right and had simply been dragging his feet. He had used the reward money from the war to repair this shop. He did have most of what he needed for the second shop already anyways. But he had trouble taking that next step without Fred. But he knew his twin would want him to. And with Harry by his side, he knew he should take that next step, and open another shop. He was looking in Hogsmeade.

They were talking when they were shocked to learn Percy and Arthur were looking to speak to them. Harry was reminded that they had both helped have Albus arrested, and they went out front to speak with them. George was just as on edge as Harry was about it.

Arthur spoke. "He has been arrested."

Harry nodded. "I was told."

Percy spoke. "Should I be prepared?"

Harry turned. "Committed crimes I don't know of?"

Percy shook his head. "No. But I am no more innocent…."

George snapped. "He is out for justice."

Percy asked. "Penny had nothing to do with this. If you want my job, for spying take it, but leave my wife out of this please."

Harry shook his head. "Neither of you have to worry."

George smirked. "You were a prat, but above stealing it seems."

Molly appeared. "Like your father, or so I believed."

Arthur turned. "What?"

She slapped him. "I know what you did to Albus."

Arthur didn't deny it. "He will answer for his crimes."

She shook. "He has helped our family. You used me to…."

Arthur snapped. "I was protecting our family for once."

Molly was shocked. "Harry? He is no…."

"He and Fred were mates. But his daughter is our granddaughter." Arthur reminded her.

"You did all this so you could see her." Molly was shocked.

Arthur shook his head. "I let Fred down, I won't let his child down."

Molly was in tears. "You betrayed our family. I could face prison, and all for…."

Arthur stopped her. "I love you, and I did all I can for you. But I will not risk our family again."

With that Molly stormed out of the shop and headed for home. She had heard that Hermione had lost her clerk position and Ron his job. Ginny was the only one unaffected so far, but she was fresh from school. But her dream of making the Harpies was crushed, when Lucius had bought the team. Her daughter was talking about playing overseas to get away from this. She could not believe her husband had betrayed them like this. Fred had not been a son for a long time and Harry would not even let them see Bree. She could not believe her husband would turn on her.

Harry looked at Arthur. "If she is right, I have told you, I am not about to allow you…."

Arthur stopped him. "I hope one day you will allow me to see her, but I didn't do this to see her. I did this to ensure she is safe and happy."