Chapter one

Harry spoke to Hermione and Ron, told them he was heading out, he was going to stay at Grimmauld place for a while, and even though he hated lying to them, he needed time to himself, so he waited until no one is around, then slips his cloak on and makes he's way out of the ruined castle. There were too many people, too much death, too much sadness. But the crowds, it was making Harry feel penned in, claustrophobic, so he hurried from the castle then apparated away. He needed to get away, he couldn't stand to be surrounded again, he couldn't stand to see the faces with no life left in them, he couldn't stand to see the lost look on the Weasley's faces as they stared down at Fred.

Harry arrived in a quiet secluded laneway, then leaving the cloak on, he made his way up to the house. He never stopped, just stepped through the gate and went around to the back. He saw large glass doors and from what Dumbledore said, they would open to his touch, so Harry grasped the handle then turned, he pushed the door in and it opened easily. Harry figured after seventeen years it would have been a little stiff, but it wasn't. He stepped into a nice size conservatory that had four sofas and a couple of small tables. He left that room and headed into the house, going through the kitchen into a dining room, then into the main living area. Harry stared around and even though it was dusty and smelled from being closed up for so long, he thought the room looked very nice, comfortable and well decorated. Nothing like the Weasley home with its mixed matched sofa's and arm chairs, nothing matched in the Weasley home and Harry loved it that way, but here, Harry could tell that his parents had money and had put a lot of thought into their home.

Harry looked around then knelt down and picked up a small fluffy dog, he figured it must be some type of toy, his toy, from so long ago. He spotted the stairs and slowly walked towards it and stared up, he could see bits of the roof at the top of the landing and a door was hanging by one hinge, two other doors were closed, but looked fine. He takes a deep breath and climbs the stairs, he looks in the first room.

'My parents room,' Harry stepped inside and looked around. He could see a lacy type of robe, his mother's, but he also saw a bathrobe, maybe his father's he thought. He drops his bag near the bed, then continues to look around the bedroom, eventually going over to the large built in robes. He slid the mirrored doors open and see's that it's full of clothes, 'I could use some of my father's stuff, it would be better than Dudley's old clothes,' Harry steps into the bathroom and turns the tap on at the sink, the water runs brown, so he leaves it running until it clears, he takes his glasses off then splashes water over his face. He looks in the mirror above the sink, that's when he notices he has dirt and blood over his face and neck, but he also looks tired and drawn. He walks over to the shower, opens the class doors and turns the water on, again letting the water turn from brown to clean as he strips off his shoes, socks, then clothes, he steps under the cascading warm water and groans loudly, 'Oh that feels so good,' Harry closes his eyes and lets the water run down his head, his face then down his body. He finds a dried out bar of soap but after a few minutes in the water he's able to lather up and starts to scrub away the blood, the dirt and the stench of death. After his body is clean, he spots two bottles of shampoo and decides since his cleaning himself, he might as well do his hair and to wash that as well. The one Harry picks up and smells, it's a manly smell, his father's, it has a woodsy smell to it, to manly to be his mother's. When he finishes, he grabs the towel that is hanging over the rail, but it's stiff and dusty, so he leaves that and casts a drying charm over his body and hair then steps back into the bedroom naked. He goes over the chest of drawers and finds some briefs that belonged to his father.

'Well, if I can wear Dudley's old stuff, I can wear my father's, at least they look fairly new and in good condition,' Harry pulls them on then finds a t-shirt and some jeans. Harry casts a charm on the jeans as they were just slightly too big. Then he strips off the bed and goes in search of linen, finds the linen cupboard and remakes the bed. Even if the stuff smelled a little musty, it wasn't too bad, then he climbs into bed and within minutes, he's sound asleep.

Hermione leaves Hogwarts with the rest of the Weasley's and they head straight to Muriel's place. Molly Weasley, even though upset and had tears falling down her face starts to make tea and something to eat for her family.

'So why didn't Harry come with us Ron?' Arthur asked wearily.

'He said he needed some time to himself so he headed back to Grimmauld place for a while. He did say he'd see us in a couple of days.'

'Do you know why he let everyone think he was dead?'

'Yeah, he wanted Voldemort to think he was dead so he could get the snake, he was hit by the killing curse again, that's why Voldemort thought he was dead. If you give me a few days I'll explain, but right now I'm just too knackered.'

'He survived that curse again, how?' Charlie asked.

'I really have no idea, he never went into that. All he said was he was knocked out, so was Voldemort. Hagrid said it was about twenty minutes before they came too. Give me some time, I'm really tired, we haven't slept since we were at Bill's last,' Ron put his head down on his arms, Hermione put her head next to Ron's, but everyone around the kitchen stared at the couple wondering what had happened and how had Harry survived the killing curse for the second time in his life.