Chapter twenty two

'Um, I want to ask Hermione something and sorry it's blunt again but I don't know who else to ask.'

'It's fine Harry, we're adults now, so ask.'

'Well, um, okay,' Harry sighed, 'My cousin had these magazines, you know the type, naked woman, but one time I found one that had pictures of men and woman having sex. As I was flicking through it, you couldn't help notice the size of the men. Now sorry about this, but to me or should I say compared to me, they seemed small. I'm not sure if how I am is normal or not, that's why I refused to change in front of anyone in the boys bathrooms.'

'So do you think you're small or big?' Hermione asked in her no nonsense serious tone.

'Big,' Harry shrugged, 'See, if me and Severus get on well, we might and I'm worried about it.'

'From what I remember reading, the average size for men is between six and seven inches fully erect.'

'How in the name of merlin do you know that?' Ron asked as his ears went red.

'I was reading up on sexual relationships and what it feels like for a girl the first time. It explained about if the man was average size than it is a little uncomfortable the first time, but if the man was on the larger size then it would be more uncomfortable and to make sure the girl was ready,' Hermione turned back to Harry, 'Do you know your size?'

Harry lowered his head as he nodded, 'Yeah.'

'Well?' Hermione asked.

'Nine and thick, really thick.'

'Then I suggest you make sure you have some good lubricant when you do decide to shag Snape.'

'This is one of the weirdest conversation we've ever had,' Ron said still with red ears, 'But mate, you aren't big, you're abnormal.'

Harry chuckled, 'Sorry, but you're right, I'm a freak and this is such a weird conversation. Anyway, let's go join my girls and my man.'

'No snogging,' Hermione said as she opened the door.

'Yes mum,' Harry said cheekily earning a slap on the arm which made Harry laugh and Ron roll his eyes, 'I've been ordered by Hermione not to snog you Severus.'

'I told him he's not allowed either,' Julie smiled.

'I said I would kiss him, he's my angel,' sandy said.

Harry leant over and kissed Sandy's cheek, 'I'm whatever you want me to be,' Harry sat beside Severus, Hermione and Ron sitting down opposite.

'So it's all good?' Severus asked.

'Yep, I wasn't sure how Ron would react but he was fine, then we had the weirdest conversation the three of us ever had.'

'Not here Harry, these girls are two young for that,' Hermione said in her bossy voice.

'I won't, I explain to Severus later. But three more days,' Harry sighed.

'Now what are you on about?' Ron asked.

'Before I can snog Severus again, he's tongue is wicked.'

'Oh no,' Severus shook he's head, 'Just because you three share everything it does not mean that have to hear about our private lives.'

'What we just heard was more than private, I feel sorry for you professor,' Ron smirked.

'Ron,' Harry glared, 'I said I'll tell him.'

'Tell me what?'

'That Harry's abnormal,' Ron chuckled making Hermione slap his arm, 'I'm only joking Hermione.'

'He's right though. Julie, sandy, I need a few minutes with Severus, are you okay with my friends?'

'Yes, we know their good people,' Julie said.

Harry took Severus hand and they walked into the office, 'What is all this about?'

'You know how smart Hermione is and I usually ask her if I'm not sure about something. But when we were alone in that tent we talked, about everything. I got so used to discussing stuff that most blokes wouldn't talk about. After I explained to Ron about what happened then to both of them about being gay and you I needed to know something.'

'Okay, you could have asked me, but I understand. You are used to talking to Hermione. Was she able to help?'

'Um, yeah,' Harry blushed as he turned away, 'My cousin had these magazines, some were couples having sex. Well, I got to see the men, how big they were and, oh blimey, okay,' Harry sighed, 'To me they didn't look big, they looked small. So I asked Hermione if she knew what the average size was for men, she said between six and seven fully erect.'

'Yes, that's true, are you worried about me?'

'No, I'm worried for you,' Harry sighed again, 'She asked if I knew my size, nine inches.'

'Oh, I see, then yes, that is going to be uncomfortable. Maybe I should give and not receive, at least straight away,' Severus took Harry's hand and made him turn back, 'We use Lubricant when we start. Were you really worried about me?'

'Yeah, I know as a kid it was different, I wasn't ready, but the size, I'm not sure.'

'It'll be fine, trust me.'

'I was worried you wouldn't want to.'

'I want to see you Harry, so even though it will be uncomfortable and a little painful at the beginning, I'll be fine. But you really shouldn't be thinking about this until you're healed.'

'I know, but I got up accidentally again and it's not that bad. I've tried not to, but you make it so hard.'

'I make it hard,' Severus smirked.

Harry laughed, 'That's not what I meant even if it's true. I never knew you had a playful side Sev,' Harry smirked making Severus laugh. 'This last week, it seems everything is finally working out. I never thought anything would, not for me. But now I have those girls and they feel like family, we're going to see how it goes and it seems we have a lot in common, more than I realise.'

Severus put his hand to Harry's cheek, 'Even if we've only kissed once, yes, we are going to work. Since I have gotten to know those girls, I feel very protective of them. If you let me, I want to help you raise them, we can do it together.'

Harry felt is eyes prick with tears, then he threw his arms around Severus and held him tight. He couldn't believe how close he felt to this man. But right now Harry had someone that cared about him, that he cared about and he had two girls that to Harry, felt like his daughters even though he wasn't even eighteen yet. He had a family, for the first time since his parents died; he had a family that cared.

The end: