P.S. This is actually an old plot bunny. A really old one. Like 5 years old one. Just decided to revive it and stuff. A portion of this was typed up 5 years ago; I just decided to finish it now solely because of the title.

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Mafia conversations, Tsuna thinks, are always filled with badassery; from roughing up some owner who's yet to pay his rent up to assassination plots. It's one of the reasons why Tsuna does not want to be in the mafia. God knows whatever gruesome reports will be placed at his desk.

Even if he thinks that way, he can never escape his destiny (as Reborn dramatically told him while polishing a gun) of being a mafia boss. And so, the fateful day comes when Reborn drags Tsuna to a mafia meeting so that the brunette will know what to expect. As per usual, Tsuna resisted, and his tutor was more or less pushed to resort to certain methods of restraint. Hey, leather ropes, handcuffs, and some sleeping aroma-drug-thing are completely legal.

When Tsuna wakes up, he's suddenly greeted by the worried face of his Storm guardian. It's not hard to not notice, what with it being three inches away. Still, Tsuna resists the urge to scream bloody hell at the silver-haired teen's face because the worry he sees in those green eyes is really… genuine. And the flush slowly occupying Gokudera's face is greatly complimenting those green eyes, too.

"So you're awake." Tsuna feels a light object settle at his shoulder, and from the corner of his eyes, he sees the cursed curly sunburns of a certain baby hitman.

"Reborn!" he suddenly screeches, startling Gokudera and making him fall back on his bottom at the floor. Tsuna shoots him an apologetic look, but promptly refocuses all of his attention back to Reborn.

"What were you thinking!? Tying me up and making me inhale a drug!? Isn't that dangerous and illegal!?"

Reborn scoffs and slaps Tsuna, as is their usual routine. "Silly, as if I'd bring anything dangerous and illegal into Maman's house."

"But your guns-"

Something cold is then pressed on his temple. "They're completely safe and legal."

Tsuna whimpers and says no more. Satisfied, Reborn hides his gun and hops on the table. Hazel eyes follows Reborn's form… and widens as Tsuna realizes that there are other occupants present in the room.

"D-Dino-niisan and Xanxus-san!" he blurts out. Dino waves at him, charming smile present, and Xanxus sorta does that grunt-thing he always does, scowl in place.

Tsuna also notes the presence of his guardians and their Varia counterparts, as well as Kusakabe and Romario too.

"W-What is this?" A pause. "And why am I still tied up!?"

Reborn snorts. "A mafia meeting." Tsuna's eyes widens some more and his face immediately morphs into that thing they call "the irresistible puppy-dog-eyes" expression. Unsurprisingly, Reborn is able to resist it and whack Tsuna at the head for being lame, much to Tsuna's dismay.

"You're tied up to prevent you from running away. Also, this is preparation for when you take over the Vongola-"

"But I'm not going to be in the mafia!"

"-to be the Vongola Decimo," Reborn finishes as he delivers another smack on Tsuna's head. The teenager hisses, tears making his eyes glisten. There are a few indignant cries from their audience- namely Gokudera and Dino- but Reborn easily brushes them off as he says, "Now, shall we get on with the meeting?"

"Ahaha, I'm kind of a bi-sexual person, I guess," Dino says, scratching the back of his neck. The other occupants of the room stares at him disbelievingly.

"No, you're not," Gokudera deadpans.

Dino then turns to him, face a complete replica of a child's confused one. "I'm not?"

"You're a multi-sexual herbivore that's ready to hump anything...and everything," Hibari scoffs, glaring.

At that, all people suddenly directs glares at Dino while inching a bit closer to Tsuna. Hisses can also be heard, but Tsuna isn't really sure if those came from the people around him or if it's just a byproduct of his crumbling sanity. After all, how is talking about people's sexualities help him to prepare to be the Vongola Decimo? It's not like he's interested at the fact that Dino might be attracted to guys!

"Uhm, I thought we were going to talk about, y'know, mafia things?" Tsuna pipes up, unable to contain his curiosity about the matter any longer. Not a second has passed before he realizes his mistake, gaze dropping down at the table to avoid meeting any of the eyes currently looking at him.

"Silly Tsuna. This is something that we talk about during mafia meetings," Reborn chides him, though this time he opts out on inflicting pain to Tsuna.

"I don't...understand?" Tsuna braces himself for a hit when Reborn turns to him. Once again, Reborn does not hit him, making Tsuna worry for his so-called tutor. "I mean, how would it help the family if I knew who was straight or bi or what?"

At that, Reborn's grin becomes purely evil. So evil that shivers run up and down Tsuna's body. "Knowing your subordinates' sexualities will help you to be more...sensitive to them. I don't want you completely souring a working relationship between you and another mafioso just because you were ignorant about their sexualities and preferences."

Tsuna mulls over that for a second, and concedes that Reborn is probably right.

"It will also be of great help to you when the time comes for you to choose your partner," Reborn continues. "Having sai-"


"Wait. Wait. What? A partner?" Tsuna chances a glance at the others, returning his gaze back to Reborn as swiftly as he can because- "Like a mission partner?" he all but whispers, the hairs at his nape standing. At the back of his mind, he notes the sudden silence that's occupying the room.

"No," Reborn chuckles. "Like a partner partner."

In another room, Fuuta blushes as he closes his book. Hesitantly looking up at the man in front of him, he nearly jumps out of his seat when the man gruffly asks, "Well!?"

"Uhm," Fuuta starts, clearly uncomfortable with the information that he's about to tell. "Almost all of the people inside the room, barring Tsuna-nii and Mr. Reborn, are straight."

"That's a relief, ain't it?" the man sighs in relief, though tension instantly floods his body once more when he realizes something. "Barring Reborn and Tsuna?"

Fuuta nods. "That's because Mr. Reborn is hard to get a reading on, and Tsuna-nii is...well..." Fumbling with his book, Fuuta purses his lips before diverting the subject. "That's not what you should be worrying about now, sir."

"Hah? Why not? Didn't you just say that almost all of them are straight?"

"Well...the statistics are changing, drastically, too. I think it's due to them being in the same room with Tsuna-nii." Fuuta looks at the several monitors to his right, each displaying a zoomed in view of each person inside the room where the "meeting" is being held. "They're all becoming more...attracted to Tsuna-nii as each minute passes."

Silence reigns for a whole minute and a half before the man utters a disbelieving and angry, "What."

Since it's nearly 5 years ago when I thought of this plot first, I have forgotten what I originally planned for it (this was only supposed to be a one-shot but I guess not anymore). I also need to polish up on my KHR memory because hahaha, too rusty!