I still haven't finished the outline. I don't think I'll ever finish an outline lol. But I do know why and how things will happen, so there's that!

P.S. To those still wondering, this is All x Tsuna, with a few pairings standing out from the others.

Tsuna basically launches himself inside one of the sleek cars waiting outside the airport, slamming the door behind him and locking it before anyone could come inside. There are the telltale sounds of bodies crashing against the body of the car, but Tsuna pays no attention to the indignant cries and pained groans. He sits right at the middle, mindful of the tinted windows and praying that the car is sturdy enough to withstand what his guardians might do to it in a fit of desperation. (Desperation for what, Tsuna doesn't know. Perhaps the car he got into is fancier than the others?)

He most definitely did not squeak when his infant tutor kicks him at the side of his head. "Dame-Tsuna, blocking out your guardians is the dumbest thing that you've done so far."

"B-But Reborn! You've seen what they were doing!" Tsuna involuntarily shivers at the accidental spilling of Mukuro's milk to his pants, a lot of it wetting his crotch of all places. The Mist guardian huffed quite petulantly before kneeling in between Tsuna to clean him. Using his lips and tongue. The Vongola Decimo still cannot fathom how the plane survived when a mini-World War erupted within it due to his Mist guardian's antics.

While that's going on, Squalo chooses that moment to sidle up next to him when no one was paying attention. He lifted the brunette and placed Tsuna on his lap as though it was a normal thing to do. As if that isn't enough, he effortlessly takes Tsuna's pants off with one forceful yank, leaving the brunette with only his boxers and shirt on. His subsequent "Hiieee!" drowns out any other sound, though there really wasn't that much noise to drown out after that because everyone seems to freeze in their place when they've finally located Tsuna.

Another mini-World War erupts right after, but now the main opponent is Squalo instead of Mukuro.

Reborn tuts in a disappointed way, something that irks and makes Tsuna apprehensive. "You should be glad that they're not attempting to murder you instead, which means that they are good subordinates."

Tsuna wants to hit Reborn with the can of soda that he somehow pilfered from the plane. Instead, he pulls at his hair as he mentally screams, "But they're attempting to murder each other! That's not a good sign of being good subordinates at all!"

The ride to the Vongola mansion is fairly uneventful that Tsuna manages to catch some shut eye. Reborn, mercifully, doesn't do anything to him for the rest of the ride, though that probably has more to do with him napping than him being merciful. Ten minutes before they cross the gates, Tsuna wakes up from his nap. He stretches languidly while yawning, taking in the scenery from outside the window. He leans his head on the glass, eyes unseeing as his groggy mind tries to make sense of what really is happening with the people around him.

As far as he can tell, nothing extraordinary has happened in quite a while that could have been the cause of everyone's sudden...interest to him. Mukuro he can understand—the illusionist has had very questionable designs for his body since their first meeting—but the others' interests have unfortunately left him in the dark. Reborn's summer lectures that have all been but pounded in his head about political science and finance can't also help him, much to Tsuna's frustration. What was the point of learning all of those if he can't even use them now!?

"Dame-Tsuna, we've arrived." Reborn's announcement is accompanied by a kick at the back of his head.

Wincing as he touches the forming lump gingerly, Tsuna supposes he'll ponder more on the subject later as he steps out of the car. His frown gives way to a smile when he sees Timoteo, all smiles and warmth when he says, "Tsunayoshi, it's good to see you again."

"Likewise," Tsuna returns the greeting formally. His composure lasts for a whole three seconds before he runs to the older man's open arms, embracing his dubbed grandfather tightly. Behind him, he thinks he hears someone whisper what a disgustingly cute image they make.

Timoteo laughs at the comment. Patting Tsuna's unruly hair affectionately, he looks up to the others and says, "Now, why don't we all go inside? I'm sure you're all tired from the long journey."

"You have no idea," Tsuna whines. He doesn't leave Timoteo's side, confident that the previous Vongola boss' presence will prevent any more unnecessary shenanigans for the time being.

He falls down to the plush bed with a sigh, exhaustion finally catching up on his body. Tsuna realizes his mistake a second too late when any desire to hit the showers flee him, the soft covers and faint scent of detergent used to wash them lulling him to sleep. Aside from the excitement in the jet, nothing else happened in between the time that they arrived in the house up until all of them retired to their rooms. Dino and Xanxus, with the rest of the Varia, went to their own respective mansions right after dinner but not before patting Tsuna on unusual places.

Except for the little scuffle that happened when his guardians tried to get the rooms closest to him. Tsuna nearly fainted when he saw weapons being taken out, his mind already listing the undoubtedly resulting collateral damage. Thankfully, Timoteo and Reborn managed to prevent any fight from breaking out by kicking the unruly tenth generation guardians (literally in Reborn's case, that is) to the other wing excluding Lambo. Reborn doesn't seem all that pleased when the ten year old got the room adjacent to Tsuna while he gets the one beside it.

Tsuna sighs as he rolls over on his belly, hands tucked under his chin as he stares at the wall. His guardians are acting weird...er than they usually do. He still hasn't reached a plausible answer as to why they are acting like so and it doesn't seem like he's gonna get any answers from the others soon. (Except from Mukuro, but Tsuna would rather remain in the dark for a thousand years before he'd entertain any answers from the rather deranged illusionist.)

A knock on his door startles him, hesitant raps against the wood. Basing from that, Tsuna removes Reborn, Gokudera, and Timoteo from the list of "who it possibly may be". He also adds Hibari and Ryohei to the list, since both are already probably sleeping. They never did enjoy long flights. That leaves Mukuro, Chrome, and Lambo. While Tsuna has no problem opening his door for Chrome and Lambo, just the thought that it might be Mukuro at the other side makes the Tenth Vongola boss want to ignore the incessant knocking.

"Tsuna-nii?" The quivering voice that definitely does not belong to Mukuro spurs Tsuna to push himself off the bed. Quickly ambling toward the door, Tsuna opens the door and is met with the sight of the young Lambo, huge eyes quite watery as he stares up at the Japanese teen. Tsuna sighs as he steps aside to let his Lightning guardian inside his room, the child needing no more invitation than that as he dashes inside. Checking twice to make sure that he's locked the door, Tsuna turns to face Lambo, exasperation and amusement warring for dominance on his face.

"Reborn will scold you come tomorrow." Amusement wins when Tsuna sees the young Italian shiver at the mention of the notorious hit man.

"It's just... the room's so big and I-pin and Fuuta aren't around..." At this, Lambo's lower lip quivers and Tsuna concedes in defeat. It's no secret that he can never resist the babies of the family, namely Fuuta, Lambo, and I-pin. Maman told the three one day that they have otouto and imouto rights when it comes to their Tsuna-nii. Cuddling and free candies are included to these rights, among others.

"Alright, alright. You can stay for tonight." Tsuna already knows that he'll regret this tomorrow, but he can't give a hoot right now because Lambo's face clears up and a huge smile replaces the frown that he has on. "Get settled, then. I'll just take a quick shower."


Tsuna watches him clamber up at the bed, wondering when Lambo had turned into this charming child. Not that he wasn't charming five years prior; Lambo just had a more pushy personality when he was a toddler compared to now. Perhaps it's the combined influence of I-pin and Fuuta that managed to water down Lambo's boisterous personality. Tsuna can't say that he doesn't miss how Lambo was when he was a toddler, but he isn't complaining about this current Lambo either. Having someone else than Fuuta look up to him like an older brother is...

"Tsuna-nii, I thought you were going to go shower?" Lambo is peering up at him from under the covers, green eyes half-lidded already.

Smiling sheepishly, Tsuna nods. "Ah, yes. Of course. Don't wait up for me if you're really sleepy, 'kay?"

"'kay," is the sleepy reply that he receives.

Fifteen minutes later, Tsuna stifles a laugh behind his towel so as not to wake his roommate for the night. Despite pulling the covers up to his chin earlier, it's now entangled around Lambo's legs. The child somehow managed to move around so much that he's now slanted on the bed, taking up most of it. He isn't snoring but he's murmuring things that Tsuna can't quite decipher. They're a curious mix of Japanese and Italian with a few English words slipping here and there. Shaking his head, Tsuna approaches the bed with light footsteps and experimentally shakes Lambo. As he had expected, Lambo merely mumbles in response, not even rousing from his sleep when Tsuna pinches his nose playfully.

"Honestly," Tsuna grumbles with a fond smile. Careful as to not jostle the child too much, Tsuna rearranges Lambo so that he's not hogging up the bed all for himself. It takes a bit of work since the boy is nearly as big as Tsuna was when he was fourteen, a fact that kind of irritates Tsuna. Did everyone really have to be bigger than him?

Once he's done, Tsuna pauses to take in the image of his sleeping Lightning guardian. Tsuna has half the mind to ask if all Italians are born naturally to be beautiful/handsome. Before Lambo was Fuuta, the young brunette easily capturing the hearts of Tsuna's classmates when he visited the teen one time at his school. He was eleven that time and Tsuna's classmates were sixteen-going-seventeen, yet Tsuna clearly remembers having to fight off an army to secure his adopted brother's chastity. (Tsuna shivers as he recalls the malicious glint in each girls' eyes when Fuuta innocently introduced himself.)

Now, Tsuna is being accosted with yet another adopted handsome younger brother in the form of Lambo. The Lightning guardian is ten now and has long since outgrown his cow-printed onesie and ridiculously cute afro. His hair is now reminiscent of how his fifteen year old's hair is, only a bit more untamed and fluffier. A cow-printed shirt and black shorts is his new outfit nowadays, but for tonight it's a cow-printed pajama set. Tsuna doesn't have a doubt that it won't be long before Lambo's turning heads. In no time, he will be chasing after girls and not his Tsuna-nii. The thought definitely doesn't make Tsuna pout.

"You're growing up too fast," Tsuna tells the fast asleep Lambo, poking the child's nose this time. Lambo scrunches up his nose but does nothing else. He turns to his side, though, facing Tsuna now, and Tsuna shakes his head once more as he pulls the covers over them. He settles close to Lambo, not quite touching him but close enough to feel the warmth radiate off him. It's a minute later when Lambo shuffles closer, one of his hands clutching Tsuna's shirt while he unconsciously presses his face to Tsuna's neck.

"...honestly," Tsuna murmurs fondly. He puts an arm over Lambo's form, loosely hugging the boy close before drifting off to sleep.

Familiar beady, black eyes staring at him is what wakes Tsuna up. Normally, he'd scream his lungs out, but upon registering that his left arm feels numb and that there are warm puffs of breath against neck, Tsuna goes for shutting up and willing his heart to calm down.

"Dame-Tsuna," Reborn greets. His face is impassive as always, betraying nothing of what's going through his mind. "Pedophilia is bad, you know."

Tsuna feels a bit of his sanity fade away as he vehemently denies Reborn's accusations. He hisses all the while, careful not to wake Lambo up while he's telling Reborn that, no, questionable acts between him and Lambo did not happen the night before you have one sick mind, Reborn. Reborn replies by delivering a slap to both of Tsuna's cheeks, which then leads to Lambo being jostled enough that he woke up. He's groggy for a total of three seconds before Reborn smacks him at the back of his head, too, ordering the two to get out of bed and get ready for breakfast.

Reborn is curiously letting them off too easily. Tsuna squints at the baby hit man but gets not hint as to why that is so.

He gets his answer when he enters the dining room with Lambo in tow. One look at the stiff postures of his guardians and Tsuna knows that this is already going to be not a normal morning.

Of course, everyone is livid when they are informed of how the Lightning guardian got to spend the night on Tsuna's bed. Tsuna has no doubt that the informant is Reborn.

Glares are thrown Lambo's way in full blast while the child cowers in his seat. It gets to the point where it grates at Tsuna's nerves, prompting him to say "Enough" in a stern voice that he rarely uses. He then proceeds to glare at each of his other guardians, daring them to disobey him. Raising one of his arms, Lambo immediately dashes under it and clings to Tsuna's shirt. Tsuna watches his other guardians rein their tempers in, the sound of porcelain and silver cracking accompanying the gnashing of teeth. Despite everything, the brunette finds himself proud at the restraint that they are showing.

"You will all cease this...bullying," he orders them. He doesn't receive a verbal answer, but he thinks they get it when they avert their glares to their food. So Tsuna stands up, gives one last glance to his older guardians, and herds his youngest guardian out of the room with promises of candy.

All is well until Lambo asks, "Do I get to sleep on your bed again, Tsuna-nii?"

Next up, another cool mafia meeting will be held.