The Big Four's Adventures on Tamirel and Nirn

Author's Note: Before anyone asks yes I'm doing a Brave, Tangled, Rise of The Guardians, and How to Train Your Dragon crossover with The Elder Scrolls your elder scrolls characters as well as ocs are welcome to be a part of the story but this is a big fanfic and I'm going to need all the help I can get so if anybody is able to help with this I'll gladly appreciate it thanks anyway enough rambling let's get on with the story ps I do not own Tangled Brave Rise of the Guardians How to Train your Dragon or Elder Scrolls they all belong to their rightful owners.

Summary: After The Big Four agreed to go to a place called Tamirel on the planet called Nirn with a Nord by the name of Marcus they find themselves on adventure like no other little did they know that they would do more than that can the four survive the dangers that awaits them on Tamirel and return home before Pitch takes over? And how is the four seen on a place they never heard of? And how come Hiccup fills like he shouldn't bring Toothless with him? Read to find out.

After Pitch's fourth defeat the guardians and the four settled down in North's workshop celebrating their victory over the defeat of Pitch black but it was interrupted by Hiccup. I wouldn't celebrate to early guys he said I agree with Hiccup said North we may have defeated Pitch once but I fear he and the negatives will return with more allies and stronger than ever. He announced everyone was Silent when North said that Rapunzel gulp knowing she does not want to see Mother Gothel again after what she did to her Jack comfort her and then kissed her this cause her feel a little better Bunnymund so we just got to keep are guard up eh mate he said in his Australian accent North just nodded but if he gets anymore allies we'll need all the help we can get Jack said. So what are going to d'u Merida said in her Scottish accent if Pitch rises again with new allies? She asked we'll save that for later Merida said North right now let's celebrates so the guardians and the four celebrated after the celebration everyone was resting or relaxing for the night before get some sleep. Morning arise and all the guardians and the four were doing what they do Rapunzel was tending to her plants, Bunnymund was painting Easter eggs for next Easter in his Warren, Hiccup was out training Toothless, Merida was back home teaching Archery to her three brothers, Jack was playing with Jamie and his friends on a snow day which was cause by Jack, Tooth was in her palace with baby tooth counting all the teeth that was gathered with baby tooth's help, and North was making all types of toys with help from his yetis. When he was done with that he walked around the workshop when all of a sudden a portal of sorts appears out of nowhere surprising the Yetis, and the Elves North thought one of them were messing with the snow globes but they weren't the portal was about to close but before it did a figure came out of it the figure was very tall and very muscular and male he wore clothes that aren't native to earth and had amber yellow eyes North recognized him and laugh well if it isn't the legendary Nord dragonborn and Harbinger of the Companions and ArchMage of the College of Winterhold the figure now known as Marcus turned to the source of the voice his eyes widen at who he saw by the Nine he shouted in a Nordic accent your Father Saturalia or do you prefer North? He asked North is fine so what brings you here shouldn't you be on Nirn Dragonborn by the way how's your wife Aela and Daughter Lucia there doing fine and what brings me here are two things first thing I was wondering if the four would like to explore all of Tamirel with me the second thing I fear that Alduin, Miraak, and Harkon will return but stronger. North stroke his beard all of Tamirel huh aye said Marcus and what makes you think they will return North asked. With the help of your enemy Pitch Black after the mention of Pitch North's facial expression changed from jolly to serious if Pitch gets involve before he could finish a wisp of black sand appeared passing the globe North ran to the back of the workshop summon the guardians and the four Rapunzel and Jack were the first to appear then came Hiccup then Tooth Fairy then came Bunnymund, Merida, and James Flynn and Sandman this better be important North said Bunnymund and who yours friend Rapunzel continued.