The Dragonborn meets the Guardians and the Big Four

Author's Note: Here's chapter 2 of my Elder Scrolls crossover enjoy and remember I do not own The Rise of The Guardians The Elder Scrolls Brave or How to train your Dragon they belong to there rightful owners but I do own John Flynn till then enjoy the chapter.

After the four and the Guardians arrived at North's workshop Bunnymund spoke up saying to explain why you called us here North he said and who's your friend ?asked Rapunzel to answer your question Rapuzel North said I like you all to meet Marcus or what his people call him Dovahkiin Dragonborn also known as the Harbinger of The Companions, Archmage of The College of Winterhold , Stormblade, and many others in his hometown Skyrim on Nirn he announced. This surprised everyone except John and Hiccup who already knew. Dovahkiin? Jack said confused aye it means dragon blood in Dragon tongue but in mine its is known as Dragonborn now I know some of you have a lot of questions about me said Marcus but save those for later there's something your friend North or what my people on Nirn call him Father Saturalia has to tell you something two things that is one for all of you and another just for the four of you he said gesturing to the big four. The Guardians and the four nodded then turned to face North what is it you want to tell us North Tooth said Pitch and the negatives has returned just as me and Hiccup predicted and seems like three more has joined him North said just then black sand started coming down the globe revealing Pitch and some other figures the first one was the figure of a woman with curly black hair and shrouded in a black cloak which caused Rapunzel to gulp next to her was a male figure he wore blue robes that looks like something a priest would wear and a golden mask with horns on the side of it which cause Marcus face to change that of anger and deceit Miraak he growled the last ones were not human the first one look like that of a bear the one next ones look like Dragons the first one had red scales wings while other had black scales and wings Marcus just gave a angry glared at the figures of Harkon and Alduin the last one was more batlike/ humanlike but had glowing vampire eyes. Jack turned his head for a moment only to see Marcus giving an angry glare to the last two black sand figure which made him feel uneasy a little but let it pass then turned his head back to the globe only to see the black sand changed into nightmares and started sprinted towards them and disappeared into nothingness. The guardians and the four remain silent for a minute only for it to be broken by Jack. Something tells me that Pitch and the negatives grown a lot stronger but those new recruits seem stronger he finished. I dealt with the new ones before Marcus said and I already know how to defeat them that is if they haven't got any stronger. When that was said everyone except North and James stared at him wide eyed, what do you mean dealt with them before do you know the them? Rapuzel questioned aye Marcus said will who are they Jack continued. There names are Miraak, Alduin, and Harkon or Lord Harkon Marcus answered.

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