Lucifer sat at the computer, he was truly bored, he couldn't go to bed because he did not have one, and he couldn't go outside because he was banned from going outside. He sighed,bored of the computer, he decided to see if there was anything around the house he could do. Ashiya had went out for the day and Maou had work, so he was alone.

He stood up and walked to the kitchen, he was kinda hungry, and they had some food left over. He grabbed some materials and decided to try cooking...

Okay. That was a bad idea. Not ONLY had he nearly burnt down the kitchen... he ruined the food and made a huge mess... Ashiya would kill him... he sighed, walked over to the sink, he started to clean up mess, although he knew he wouldn't be able to do it

Lucifer teared up, he couldn't fix it, he managed to fix some of it, but the kitchen still looked terrible, he ran to his boxes and hid in it, crying himself to sleep... Ashiya and Maou would kill him.

However, when the two entered the house later that night, they noticed everything Lucifer had done.

The table was flipped over, the kitchen was nearly burnt down, and some food was in the bin, burnt to a crisp.

The duo were going to yell at Lucifer, when they noticed something, he had cried himself to sleep. Sighing, Ashiya began to clean the kitchen completely, meanwhile, Ashiya walked to Lucifer and messed the boy's hair up, before setting up the new things they bought... a futon that was on sale for Lucifer to use.

Slightly requested fanfic from my friend Kaz. XD aka... I wanted to write a fanfiction and told him to give me a pairing. He said Lucifer x Maou... but I kinda went for more of a familyish thingy. HOPE THIS IS OKAY!

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