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Nightmare Mansion

~Chapter one: Frightened beyond reason~

A lonely girl sits in the middle of a rose garden sipping tea. The garden is full of life and sparkling. The girl fidgets around impatiently, waiting for a friend soon to arrive. Her eye's sparkle with delight due to the thought of a new friend, she will never be lonely again.

It's a cool October night, and the wind blows through the trees and up Misty's back, giving her chills. It's starting to get dark out. They're in the woods again. They're always in the woods. Misty is a little upset about the fact. She hates being confined in the woods. Any wood is horrible, but this one just so happens to be terrible. It's October-the tree's are all dead and scary looking. It's cold in October and everything seems to have a eerie look to it. It's getting dark and that's when the wind plays tricks on her, making the trees creek and make strange noises. The wind itself howls as it forces its way by her. But tonight, what she hates most is not the forest itself-it's the fact that Ash of all people is leading the way. Knowing him, they're lost. Completely and utterly lost.

The fog totally sets in and we can't even see our hands in front of our faces. Ash looks down at the map and sweatdrops. Brock and Pikachu just sigh at Ash's obvious predicament. Misty of course goes off.

"Don't tell me-we're lost. Aren't we?! Thanks to Mr. Pokemon Master, Ash Ketchum!!" She shouts in Ash's face.

"We're NOT lost Misty!!" Ash retaliates.

Ash straitens out the map in front of him and points to a spot on the map. He turns to Misty with a grin spread across his face.

"We are right here!!" He declares.

Brock walks up to Ash and Misty. He examines the map. He then sweatdrops.

"Um...Ash.." Brock starts.

"I'm right aren't I?" Ash says proudly, smirking at Misty.

"The Maps upside down. You've been leading us the totally opposite way we were supposed to be going." Brock states.

This time it's Misty who has a big smirk spread across her face. She just shrugs her shoulders.

"It's just like Ash to go and do something Stupid like that!" She says, her smirk spreading ear to ear.

"Just leave me alone!!" Ash yells stomping off in a rage.

"A-Ash wait! It's so foggy you'll get lost!" Brock states running off after Ash.

"H-Hey wait for me!" Misty yells Putting Togepi in her bag and running off after Ash and Brock.

"Choka choka bree!" Togepi pops her head out and squeaks with delight.

Ash keeps on running ignoring Brock's calls. She never believes in me. Why? Why?! Ash asks himself enraged. I try, God I try so hard to impress her. But No, she doesn't see it, she doesn't understand. She still just goes on about me being dense and stupid and a moron. Why?!

"Pika pi! Pikachu!" `Ash! Slow down!' Pikachu yells.

Ash is snapped out of his thoughts as he looks over at Pikachu on his shoulder. He slows to a stop. Panting, he turns around to see two foggy figures running his way. Still gasping for air he turns around and is shocked to see what's in front of him.

"What in the-?" He asks confused.

"Pi-Pika?" Pikachu asks the same.

In front of him is an Old Mansion. By the looks of it a Very old mansion. He gapes up at it. Brock and Misty soon catch up, and by their sudden gasps, he guesses they see it too. Brock looks at the map to see if he can spot a mansion on it anywhere. Misty turns to Brock and gives him a questioning look.

"No. It's not on the map." He states.

"It's spooky-I don't like it!" Misty says shivering.

"Choka.." Togepi shivers and hugs Misty.

"It's awesome!" Ash says in awe.

"I'm telling you this mansions not on the map!" Brock says frustrated, turning the map all different ways.

Ash turns to Misty and sees her scared face. Ha! Now is his time to get her back. That's right Misty be afraid, be very afraid! Cause Misty, we're going in! Ash turns back to the mansion his fists clenched and a wild grin spreading across his face.

"Let's go in! We can get directions in there!!" Ash states eyeing Misty.

"W-What?!" Misty shouts half mad half frightened. "W-We can't!!" she states panicked.

Brock folds up the map hopelessly and shoves it in his pocket. He walks up to Ash and nods.

"Well we can get directions in here and maybe a warm supper."

With that he opens the door to the mansion. Ash is the first to walk in followed by Brock. They both turn around and notice Misty was frozen to her spot.

"Hey Misty, come on!" Brock yells.

"Hurry up we don't have all day!" Ash says impatient and grabs her arm in an attempt to yank her into the mansion.

Misty yells and resists. Screaming about how she will not go in! No No! She won't! But at the end Ash wins and yanks her in. She breaks free from his grip and races for the door but it slams shut before she gets to it. She freezes. How did the door close? Ash and Brock are over there...then..that means..

"AAAaaaaahhhh!!! Get me outta here!!" Misty screams but runs back to Ash for protection.

She runs up to Ash and grabs hold his arm. She was soo scared she was shaking head to toe. Ash could feel her body trembling. He felt bad. He looked down at her giving her a warm smile.

"It's all right Myst...Don't worry." he said reassuringly.

Misty looked up at him wide eyed. Her eyes locked with his. She felt herself being drawn to him, to his chocolate eyes. She could feel her heart beating. It was soo loud she was sure it was echoing through the mansion. Ash couldn't find the strength to look away either, not that he wanted to. He just stared into her pool of Cerulean eyes. He could see something in them, besides his reflection. A emotion. But he couldn't figure it out. They were both soon distracted by a little girl around 8 prancing down the hall. As the light hit her, Misty jumped. She was pale, white as a ghost. She had light brown hair that was up in pigtails. She ran up to them smiling.

"Hi-ho!! Welcome to the inn!" She chirped happily.

"Inn? This old mansion's a inn?" Brock asked amazed.

"Yes. Come I will show you to your rooms." She said signaling them to follow her.

"Y-You want us to stay the night-HERE?!" Misty screeched.

"Thankyou but we're not interested, uh..we just-" Ash began.

"Oh...but I insist.." The girl said, opening her eyes and a evil grin spreading across her face.

Ash gasped. H-Her eyes. They were blank. Blank! There was no color, no nothing. He shivered. Ok enough is enough now Ash is getting freaked out. Time to go! But before he could do anything Brock stepped in front of him and began following the little girl.

"Brock! What are you doing?" Ash asks.

"Well I'm tired from hiking all day today. I need a good sleep, and since this is a hotel-I'm staying the night." Brock stated in a matter-of-factly way.

"Brock wait don't leave me here!" Misty panicked and took off down the hall to catch up to Brock.

"Hey! M-Misty!" Ash yelled and ran after her.

As they walk down the dark corridor, it seems to get darker and darker and at the same time older. Ash was mentally kicking himself now. This was a stupid Idea. Why'd I have to go and show off? This place is just like one of those old mansions that are usually haunted! Stupid should of never came in here!
"What's your name little girl?" Brock asked out of the blue.

"My name? It is Maggie." She stated.

"Maggie huh? Well nice to meet ya! Your parents own the inn?" Brock asked curiously.

Maggie looked up at him and smiled. She pulled out a key from her pocket and inserted into the key hole in the old door. She turned around and smiled that evil grin.

"Here is the Boy's Room. Enjoy." Maggie said gleaming her ice cold blank eyes directly at Ash.

Brock and Ash walked into the room. Misty was clinged to Ash's arm walking into the room also.

"Oh no Miss. That is the boy's room. Come with me." Maggie says smiling a nice smile at Misty.

Misty looks at Ash worried. She hesitantly lets go of him and walks up next to Maggie. Ash turns around and looks at Maggie then Misty.

"Where is Misty's room?" He demands to know.

"Down the hall...Ash." Maggie states her ice cold eyes freezing Ash.

"Wha.." Ash was taken aback.

How did she know my name? I didn't tell her what my name was. For a split second he felt like grabbing Misty and never letting her go, he didn't want her in a different room by herself. He fought the urge.

"Do not worry. She will like her room very much." Maggie stated. " She will love it soo much she might just lock herself up in it, never wanting to leave." She finished her eyes beaming with delight.

"What?!" Ash yelled in a panic. "Why you little-"

"ASH!" Brock yelled. "Stop it! You're being very rude."

"That's it I don't want Misty in that room! She'll stay with us in our room!" Ash commands, ignoring Brock.

"Misty will stay in her own room and she will love it." The girl stated coldly.

Ash didn't hold back this time he went to grab Misty without even thinking, but something stopped him. Brock.

"Ash! Chill Out!" Brock yelled getting a little mad.

"Pika pi!" Pikachu yelled grabbing onto his pant leg.

The girl stood there her eyes full of life and amusement. The boy's door slowly and creakily closed in front of her. Blocking Ash out. Ash struggled against Brock trying to grab the door and swing it open.

"Brock, Brock let me go! I don't trust her! She's gonna do something! Something to Misty!" Ash cried out desperately.

"Ash listen to yourself! She's a 8 year old girl. What's she going to do?" Brock exclaimed. "Your being ridiculous!"

"Pikachu!" Pikachu agreed.

Was he? Ash stopped struggling. He thought about what Brock said. She was just a little girl. What could she do? He was acting ridiculous. He was being stupid, again. Nothings going to happen. Nothing.

"You're right Brock. I just need some rest, that's all." Ash said whipping off the sweat on his forehead.

Ash walked over to a bed and flopped down on it. Nothings going to happen...nothing. He clinched the blanket. Cause I won't let it!

"Pika pi.." Pikachu said worried.

Meanwhile walking down a dark corridor far down the hall from Ash and Brock's room is Maggie and Misty. Misty shivers. It's dark down here. She hears Togepi whimpering in her bag. She picks her up and cradles her in her arms.

"Don't worry Togepi. We're almost there, aren't we?" Misty asked.

Maggie picked up a lit lantern from the wall. She turned around. Misty shivered. With the light shining on Maggie's face, she looked like a ghost.

"It's still a little further down. We'll need this light." She said smiling. She turned around and started walking again, "This way, come."

Misty gulped. She hoped it wasn't too far. They were already pretty far away from Ash. And on top of that the corridor was getting darker, if that was possible. Now, Misty could see, the walls-they had mold all over them. Please please no more. I don't want to go any further down. Misty prayed.

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