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Nightmare Mansion
by: Usagi Tuskino

Chapter Eighteen
Fighting a monster

There was no stopping now. She would kill the boy and make sure it was a slow and painful death. There was no escape. Her body went into a fit of convulsions as another laugh penetrated the air. The young fool could not hold against her power. There was no doubt in her mind, the boy was dead.

"Oh no," Togepi's breath caught in her throat as she watched Yuuki become what she had hoped to avoid from the very beginning. Yuuki's anger had completely taken over, letting the demon within her rise. Now that it had happened, there was nothing left to do.... except flee. "Ash, we have to get out of here right now!"

Ash's body was paralyzed from terror. What was going on? His eyes shifted from the screaming girl to the panicking pokemon beside him, hearing little of what the pokemon was shouting to him. His mind was blank, unable to comprehend what was going on before him. Something in his stomach told him that he was in deep trouble. By the look of things, he should listen to his stomach more often.

"You're not going anywhere," the demon and Yuuki's voice growled in unison. A rumbling laugh, broke free from her lips.

Before Ash knew what had hit him, he was lying on the ground several feet from his original position. His shirt soon became damp from the warm liquid coming from the open wound in his chest. He let out a cry, clutching his wound. He could hear another laugh rumble out of the monster before everything around became silent once more.

"I will kill you, Ash Ketchum," the demon bellowed as he took another step closer to the injured trainer, his lips curving upward in a twisted and demonic smile. Ash slowly brought himself up into a sitting position, his shaking hand now bloody as he held his wounded chest. His body slightly trembled as the demon spoke once more, "you shall no longer jeopardize my plans! Misty now belongs to me!"

Without warning, the demon's fist smashes into Ash's face, sending him reeling backward, the breath knocked out of him. The impact had left him temporarily paralyzed. Time passed by agonizingly slow for the young boy, his lungs burning from the lack of oxygen. All at once, feeling rushed through Ash's body. His body arched up, desperately trying to fill his burning lugs with oxygen. A cry escaped his mouth as he turned on his side, going into a frenzy of coughs. How was it possible? How could Yuuki become so powerful? How was he supposed to fight something that seemed invincible?

There was no way.

It was impossible.

He was going to die in this world, a world that didn't even exist. And he was all alone. Upon swallowing, a copper taste slid down his throat and he realized that his lower lip was busted. That was the least of his worries, for his chest wound had opened even more. He was lying in a pool of blood. His blood.

The demon stepped on him with his immense weight, splintering a few of his ribs in the process. Ash let out a blood-curdling scream from the depths of his stomach. The monster's lips curved up into a sneer, loving every scream that erupted from the boy's mouth. Ash's head dug into the ground as Yuuki continued to smash her foot into his ribcage, her mouth seemed to curve up higher and higher with each cry he uttered.

The sky grew dark, ominous black clouds filled the sky, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Thunder crashed out of nowhere as another yell came from Ash. the darkened sky lit up and thunder echoed throughout the gardens. Togepi let out a cry, hearing Ash yell in pain once again. His cries were horrible, one right after another. The little pokemon couldn't take them, tears forming in her eyes. She didn't want to see this anymore. It was too horrible. The demon was truly evil. Thriving on Yuuki's emotions, the demon got his immense strength from her her feelings of hatred toward Ash. Both Yuuki and the demon within her must be working together, Togepi realized. So that meant the only way to defeat the demon was....

"Misty," Togepi cried, rushing to the shell of the girl. Misty made no movement, no sign of hearing the spikeball pokemon. "Misty, please, you have to wake up!"

It was the only way. If she could get through to Misty, then everything would work. Yuuki cares too much for Misty, if she was to convince Yuuki to stop, she would. That was the only way to separate Yuuki from the demon. The only other choice was to destroy both the demon and Yuuki. Togepi climbed up onto Misty's legs, patting her softly as she tried to get through to her. It had no effect. How was she supposed to get through to an empty shell? It was impossible. She couldn't find it in her to stop, she wouldn't accept it so she continued to call to the lifeless doll, hoping against all hope that she would hear her cries.

Another yell hollered out of Ash's lungs, the demon picking him up by the neck and chucking him across the gardens. He landed on the brick rubble, his shoulder dislocating as it impacted with the ground. Pain surged through the dark haired boy, another scream erupting from his dry mouth. The demon and Yuuki laughed, sneering as they watched Ash fall over in pain.

"Damn you," Ash cursed. He watched, almost fearfully, as Yuuki stepped toward him. Yuuki, or rather the demon's, steps even and holding the utmost confidence.

"How amusing, you're still conscious after all." He laughed again, a crash of thunder echoing across the darkened sky. The demon, himself, seemed to be the very one who had summoned the sudden dark sky, the clouds radiating with the same demonic glow.

"Stop it," Togepi cried out, tears flowing down her pale cheeks. "Stop this madness Yuuki, this is not what you want." She turned to Misty, grabbing her arm with her tiny hands. "This isn't what Misty wants either! Do you really think she will be happy when she finds out what you have done?!"

"Shut up!" The monster bellowed, along with Yuuki, and sent a powerful blast of black magic hurdling toward the small, crying pokemon. The blast hit, sending Togepi through the air. In midair, she regained herself and weakly floated to the ground. Togepi glared at the monster with something akin to hatred for the very first time.

"You want more," he raised his hand to blast another at the pokemon.

"Leave Togepi out of this!"

The demon turned, a scowl on his face. His eyes widened in horror, the mighty demon stepping back in utter shock. Ash was back up on his feet, though he looked as though he was going to collapse at any minute. His clothes were covered in blood, another small pool forming underneath him from his wounds. His breathing was extremely harsh, coming in and out in gut clenching gasps. The demon saw this and smirked. "I am surprised you can still stand, though it looks as though you are having a very hard time staying that way." Amusement rang in his demonic monsters voice, his dark aura getting stronger by the second. "I will take off your legs and make it impossible for you to stand ever again," the demon yelled out, eyes glowing an intense, angry, red.

Black energy balls blast out of the heaving boy, blowing up in his face, sending him crashing into a nearby tree. As his back hit the trunk a loud crack echoed throughout the gardens. Whether it was the sound of the tree cracking or the sound of Ash's bones, no one knew.

"Myst.... please listen..," Ash fell to the ground in a mass of limbs and blood. "...I want to.... hear your voice..." His own words was so soft, barely even a whisper. He was about to pass out.

"Don't bother talking to a lifeless doll. Her soul belongs to me." With the demon's new powers rushing through Yuuki, she could hear even the smallest of murmurs.

Ash glared up at her as she stepped up to him, the demon's red eyes digging into his skin like a thousand needles. Yuuki chuckled to herself, along with the demon. His legs felt like jelly as he slowly begins to stand once again. With each breath he took in, his lungs would send a sharp pain through his body, making it extremely painful just to breathe.

Yuuki's right eye slightly twitched as she watched Ash yet again stand on his two feet. She had hit him over a dozen times, why was he still able to get up? If it was someone else, they would have been dead after the third blow. Here it was, some twelve shots being made upon the boy, and he could still stand. This was ridiculous. Ash Ketchum must be immortal to withstand such power. She would change that, prove him wrong. No one can withstand her power. No one.

In a rage, she grabs the boy by the throat and drags him over toward Misty. Something between a whine and a cough comes from Ash as he tries to pry her fingers from his throat. He's thrown to the ground and before he can even react, her foot is planted on his head, digging his face into the dirty, hard ground. He tries to lift his head up, but he is too weak. His body hurts all over and it had taken everything he had just to stand up.

"Take a look." Yuuki laughed, watching as she ground Ash's face father into the dirt. "Look into her face, Ash. Not one bit of concern. She does not care what I do to you. She is only my friend. She has always been my friend. Mine alone." Her eyes suddenly darked to a bloody red, "She will accept the truth, I promise you. I will make sure she forget's ever having you in her life. All you ever brought her was pain and misery. I will make it so she can finally be happy. She will be happy with me."

He found enough energy to lift his head off the ground, or maybe it was what Yuuki wanted him to do. Wanted him to get a good look at the girl that would soon never know he existed. He suddenly felt empty inside. Fear welled up in the pit of his stomach. He couldn't stand the thought of her forgetting about him. He would never want such a thing. He knew Misty wouldn't either. It was not him that made Misty sad, it was Yuuki. She just failed to see. Or perhaps she refused to see it. The girl knew nothing about Misty. Knew nothing of her happiness. Knew nothing of her heart and her desires. Taking her memory away was like taking her very being away. It was who she was.

"Erasing her past will not give her happiness." His heart was thumping so loud, ringing in his head. "You don't know anything about her! You do not wish for her to be happy, only you. You are no friend. You don't even know what that is."

His hand slowly inched toward Misty's. He had to wake her up. He couldn't lose her. If he... if he could just touch her. That's all he wanted. To touch her, feel her warmth. She could give him strength. He could get through to her, or die trying. Yuuki laughed at his pathetic attempt, her foot stomping down on his head once more. "Try all you want, you can't reach her."

His face straightened with determination. She would come back to him, he would bet his life on it. They were so close, both physically and mentally. He wanted her warmth. He could feel her energy, her kindness. His stomach lunched, nausea flowing through his body and reaching his senses. She would heal him.

"Misty.....you... you can't..." His fingers were trembling as they stretched out hopelessly, seeking out Misty's fingers. Yuuki watched with little amusement, seeing that his attempts were fool hardy. Let him touch her and see that she was never going to return. Her lips curved up. Let him realize that he was doomed from the beginning. She craved to see the look on his face when he realized this.

"I won't let you forget me." It was a promise. A promise he intended to keep. His fingers, though scratched and bloody, gently slid over hers. Finally, he had made contact. Her warmth flooded over his body, sending his heartbeat up into his ears. He could feel her in his mind. He could see her smile. Hear her laugh.

Misty's eyes flickered to life. The ocean swirling within the depths of her sparkling blue orbs. Emotions flooded over the red heads face, her eyes glistening with fresh tears. Bottom lip trembling, her mouth slowly moved forming the word 'Ash'. The word left her lips, soundlessly. Yuuki could not believe her eyes. This boy was capable of anything. Quickly, she harshly kicked him away from Misty. The minute his fingers left the comfort of Misty's, her eyes lost their shine. Her spirit was pulled away from her body, returning to the darkness Yuuki had once sent her. Ash let out a cry as the hard ground scrapped against his arms and wounded chest, but this time Yuuki did not laugh or sneer. Instead, she looked terrified.

With a single touch, he had returned Misty's spirit to her body. She had realized her mistake too late. She couldn't let him near Misty. He would destroy everything she worked so hard on. She couldn't understand how they could have such a strong connection. Even banishing Misty's spirit to the black void of darkness in her own mind. Even there, Ash could reach her. It enraged Yuuki. He shouldn't be able to reach her. Misty was her friend. He was no longer a part of her life. Dark energy began to circulate around the pale girl and she began to take full form of a black, blood thirsty demon. It was hideously scary, leaving Togepi feeling weak.

Negative energy consumed the demon, its red eyes glowing now more than ever. The girl was swallowed up within the creature. Yuuki was no longer in charge. "Oh.... no...," Togepi whimpered, sinking down to the ground. "It is all over. Yuuki has lost control. The demon has taken over, consumed the girls mind and spirit. The demon of hatred and anger. We have lost all hope. There is no way to win."

Ash was too weak to care. He was slowly dying, blood freely rushing from his body and soaking into his already stained and ripped clothes. Just let him die now, he didn't want to live anymore. Misty was gone. Pikachu was gone. Brock was gone. All his friends had left him. He knew he was going to die from the beginning and now he could no longer fight against his fate.

"I give up," he whispered to himself, his aching body giving into the overwhelming pain.

"You never had a chance from the beginning. You will die now, by my hands." The world around them had disappeared and again they were in the same black abyss. The demon walked slowly toward the fallen boy, his lips up in a cruel snarl. "Stand up, so I can deal a more fatal blow." With a lift of the demon's hand, Ash's body became weightless. His legs moving on their own accord. He found himself now standing. Horror flooded over his features as he stared at the terrifying creature before him.

A hideous smirk played on the demon's deformed mouth. Without warning, he took off toward Ash in an all out run. Darkness trailed behind him, clawed out before him smoldering everything in its touch. Run! Ash's mind screamed over and over again. Run! It was the only thing he could do. His legs were weightless, his wounds not having any affect on him any longer. He supposed that his whole body had gone numb from all the pain. He wanted to give up, but he couldn't stop running. It was like the command was printed in his head, forcing his legs to keep on moving and his brain to keep shouting it over and over again. Distant calls from a forgotten pokemon registered in his mind, along with all the panic rushing through his veins. It was Togepi. She was crying, tears streaming down her cheeks. She didn't dare look at the sight before her. She had given up as well. The monster laughed in back of him, suddenly speeding up and catching up to the dark haired boy with ease. The demon's red eyes were all knowing, telling Ash that death was promised to him. Ash had already known that. Had known since the minute he had started to run. He was just delaying the enviable. He was going to die. He knew this and yet he kept running. He didn't know why, but he couldn't stop. His body just kept pushing on.

Maybe it was for Misty. Or maybe for Pikachu and all the rest of his pokemon. Perhaps it was the thought of seeing them all again that drove him to run and fight against his inescapable death. Or perhaps.... it was the fact that he wanted to live. For whatever reason, he was here and running from fate. He had thought at first it was fear that drove him, and maybe it was. It was not the fear of death, but instead the fear of losing. Of losing everything.

But everything was soon to be lost as he legs suddenly gave in and he fell to the ground, gasping for breath. The pain that had once been so overwhelming was back and he felt himself crumbling back down to the ground in a strangled cry. It had been the demon who was messing with his fate, giving him false hope and then shattering it within one split second. Red eyes stared down at him, amusement dancing within their evil depths. Amusement and hunger. Hunger for his death. The demon's hand began to mutate, shifting into long and jagged claws. Claws he would use to rip through Ash's body. Ash could do nothing but cry out in horrible pain. All his broken bones, the blood now flowing freely from his body, his dislocated arm. Everything was aching, drumming into his ears. His heart was beating so loud and fast, he was sure it would soon explode. He would except fate. Except his fate here and now. The claws couldn't possibly hurt. It was impossible for him to feel anymore pain.

"Die!" The demon's voice was a horrible hiss, his claw coming down upon the helpless bloody body below him. Ash sat there, hunched over, watching as the claw descended toward him meant to rip him all the way through. He made to attempt to escape, had no fear rising in his gut. He was prepared for it. He had already given up and accepted his fate.

A shimmer of orange-red flashed before Ash's eyes. Everything slowed down after that moment and he couldn't comprehend anything going on before his eyes. He sat there numb as red painted blood sprayed across his face. Soaking into his matted black hair and mixing with his own blood running down his body. It was not his blood. His terror filled eyes could see the bloody claw gaping through the abdomen of the person before him, the demon, himself, in a panicked state. His eyes stared at the figure standing before him. His mind was blank, unable to feel, to think, to understand what had just happened. The person in front of him was not himself, instead it was.....

"Mi..Misty..," Ash breathed out as her limp figure crumbled into his bloody lap.

This nightmare had just become a living hell.

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The End.

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