Chap 101 Is it Really You

Dean, Sam and Lexi were shocked to see who it was. They knew it couldn't be true. Dean knew there was a gun in the draw to where he was standing. He was slowly taking it out.

"Ok so don't move. Tell who you are and why you're here?" Dean asked when he had the gun out. It was filled with rock salt.

"Ok I don't know how I am here but its me Adam." He was telling them.

"No. See I know for a fact you are lying cause Adam is dead." Dean was telling him.

Lexi was so confused if it was really him or not.

"Dean, please don't shoot him." She begged her brother when she grabbed Dean's arm.

"How did you get here?" Sam asked him.

"I don't know. All I remember I was being dragged here." He was saying.

"I think you're lying." Dean said to him.

"Dean please." Lexi begged her brother again.

"Sam." Dean said when he motioned him to get the holy water.

When Sam came back he splashed holy water on Adam and nothing. Sam through Dean a curious look.

"Could be a trick. " Dean said to Sam.

"Shape-shifter." Sam said when he was agreeing.

"How did you die?" Lexi was then asking him.

"I was saving you and I would do it again." Adam told her when a tear was coming down her face.

Dean was then lowering his gun. He too was shocked to see Adam .

"Wonder who and why you're here?" She was asking when she was confused.

"I brought him." Cass said when everyone turned to look at him.

"You? Why?" She was asking Cass.

"You asked and God said yes." Cass told her.

"So its really him?" Dean was asking Cass.

"Yes." Cass was telling them .

They were shocked to what they have learned.

"I brought Adam, like you asked . " Cass told her.

"For good?" She asked Cass with a big smile.

Cass didn't know how to answer her.

"Cass please tell me for good?" She asked him when she pleaded with him.

"Just for tonight. He has to go back. I am however asking God if he could stay." Cass said when he was explaining to her.

Dean was putting his gun down. They were then taking a seat at the big table. Sam and Dean sat across from Adam.

"Are ya hungry?" Lexi was then asking Adam.

"Um, yes, but I can make it." He was telling her.

"No you sit. What can I get ya?" She was asking him.

"I can go for a peanut butter sandwich?" Adam was asking Lexi when she was heading into the kitchen.

Dean and Sam were sitting around the table. Adam could tell they were still curious.

"Ok so how did you all get to this big place?" Adam was asking them, trying to break the ice.

"Our Grandfather gave it to us." Sam was telling Adam.

"Look, I still don't get why and everything but seeing Lexi happy is all that matters." Dean was telling Adam.

"I know last time we spoke you were not fond of me and I can tell it hasn't changed either." Adam was telling Dean.

"Its not that we don't trust ya its just hard." Sam was trying to explain.

"I know. I don't blame ya's." He was telling Dean and Sam.

With that Ellen and Bobby were coming down when they heard all the commotion.

"What in the devils is going on?" Bobby was asking when he was wondering walking into the room.

"Well Cass brought back Adam." Dean was telling them both as he was filling them in.

"I'll be." Ellen was saying .

Lexi was then coming back with Adam's food. She was placing it in front of him.

"Anyone else hungry?" She was then asking.

"No." They were all telling her.

She was then sitting by Sam and Adam. She was all smiles.

"We will leave you guys." Ellen was telling the kids when her and Bobby were heading back upstairs.

"So what now?" Lexi was asking Dean and Sam.

After Adam was done eating it was super late.

"Why don't you take my room and sleep." Sam was suggesting to his younger brother.

"What about you?" Adam was asking Sam when he was wondering.

"I'll find somewhere." Sam was saying.

"We can share." Lexi was telling Sam when he nodded to his sister.

They were then heading upstairs to bed.

"Cass can he stay all day tomorrow?" She asked Cass giving him her saddest eyes.

"Alexandrea you make it hard for me to say no. But since its late now, yes tomorrow night." Cass said when he made her somewhat happy.

"I hope God lets you stay for good." She told her brother.

"We'll if not prepare yourself for him leaving." Dean said to her.

"I know. " She told him softly.

"Come on, no sad looks." Adam told her.

"I'll be back tomorrow." Cass said when he was then gone.

"Lets go hang out in my room? Lexi asked her brothers.

"Fine." Dean said to her when they followed her up to her room.

They were sitting on her bed. She was next to Sam and Adam. They were talking and laughing until Lexi rested her head onto Adam. They then laid her down in her bed and covered her. They boys left her room and everyone was headed off to bed.