Love and Betrayal

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''Well, it's worth a try.'' muttered Harry

Harry held the egg in the water and opened it again. This time, instead of screeching he heard beautiful singing. He dipped his head under the water to understand what the mermaids were saying.

Come and seek us where our voices sound,

We cannot sing above the ground,

An hour long you'll have to look,

To discover what we took,

And be careful who to trust,

For a friendship will turn to dust.

Harry emerged from the water, panting, he had never been good at holding his breath. Before Harry got a chance to think on the words the mermaids had sung, Cedric flung open the door and half ran into the bathroom. ''Harry! You're here, I need to tell you something!''

''I'm in the bath!'' exclaimed Harry blushing, ''Can't it wait 'till later?''

''No Harry, I have to tell you now, or I never will, I love you. I love you Harry James Potter.'' And with that Cedric bent down and kissed Harry. The Gryffindor's mind was on fire. Cedric is kissing me, why is Cedric kissing me. I'm not gay, this isn't bad though, and I'm not gay am I? Cedric is still kissing me.

Once Cedric realized Harry wasn't kissing back he pulled away. ''I'm sorry I didn't mea-'' but before he could finish Harry got out of the water and ran out of the bathroom. Not noticing that Ron had been outside the door, listening.

That night Harry lay in bed thinking about his day. He was so confused. He hadn't been looking at Cedric in that way, but now that he thought about it Cedric was pretty attractive, and no matter how much he tried to convince himself he didn't enjoy the kiss, he knew it wasn't true. Harry had never known any gay people, as far as he knew, and had no idea what to think. Thinking back Harry realized he hadn't ever really been attracted to women, but that did necessarily prove anything, maybe he was just a late bloomer.

When Harry walked into the Gryffindor common room, Seamus and Dean shot him a dirty look. Confused harry walked further into the common room looking for Ron.

'' Morning Ron.'' called Harry, spotting Ron sitting with Ginny at the other end of the dorm. Ron turned his head to look at Harry, his eyes full of malice. Harry, now even more confused, walked up to Ron. ''What's wrong? Have I done something wrong.''

Ron stood up, red with fury ''I can't believe I was friends with you. You disgust me Potter, it's a shame Voldemort didn't kill you that night!''

''Ron wha-''

''Don't you dare interrupt me fag, I hate you, your disgusting and I never want to see your face again!'' Ron yelled, as he pulled back his fist and punched Harry in the face so hard that Harry fell to the floor. Harry cried out in pain and covered his face with his hands. Ron kicked him brutally in the gut and stormed away, Ginny followed him right after spitting on Harry. Harry felt tears slipping past his eyes, and ran out of the common room, heading to the only place he knew nobody could disturb him, having no idea what he could have done wrong to make Ron hate him so much

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