A/N: Hey guys, thanks so much for the positive reactions to my first chapter, the reason the dialogue is in italics is because it's in parseltongue. This chapter has a hint of comedy in it but this story isn't a comedy, I do however want to establish that the character added in this chapter has humor. I hope you enjoy! XxBen

Harry sat in the chamber of secrets, the one place nobody could disturb him, as he thought about what has transpired that morning. At first he hadn't understood why Ron was so mad at him but after replaying the scene over and over in his head he came to the conclusion that the only reason Ron could be mad would be if he thought Harry was gay. Harry figured that Ron must have seen Cedric kiss him and had jumped to the conclusion that he was gay, but he wasn't, at least he thought he wasn't. Harry, having been raised by muggles had no idea how the wizarding community looked upon homosexuality. The subject wasn't really spoken of at all as far as he could tell, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Harry groaned and put his head in his hands ''I have no idea what to do, or what to think for that matter it's too hard.'' How could Ron abandon him like this? Even if he did end up to be gay, Ron was his best friend and he didn't think that being gay should change that, maybe he was just overreacting, maybe Ron was mad about something else and they would be best friends again tomorrow, but even then Ron shouldn't have hit him and kicked him! Harry's inner musings were interrupted when the man's face which was carved into the wall in front of him opened its mouth slowly, making the deep rumbling sound of heavy rocks rubbing against each other. Harry stood up quickly and grabbed his wand pointing it at the now open hole in the wall.

The first thing he heard was a hiss and then a huge basilisk slithered out of the hole. Harry yelled and cast a stupefy at the monster, which rather than looking stunned looked mildly annoyed.

''Well that's not a very nice way of greeting me is it, little one?'' chided the basilisk.

''Stay back, ill curse you if you come any closer!'' yelled Harry, unaware that he unconsciously started speaking Parseltongue.

''Tsk, you really shouldn't be so emotional, it makes you much less intimidating.''

''Why aren't you attacking? Didn't your mother teach you not to play with your food?'' taunted Harry hoping it would piss the snake off.

''I'm here to help you, not to kill you, you did just ask for help didn't you or am I mistaken, little one?''

Harry looked into the basilisk's eyes, it seemed to genuinely mean what it was saying, wait, he looked into the basilisks eyes? That wasn't right.

'''How come looking into your eyes didn't kill me?'' asked Harry, now less wary than before.

''I can turn that on and off, it wouldn't be very useful if every slytherin heir that looked me in the eye died right away would it?'' stated the basilisk dryly.

''I'm not Slytherin's heir''

''No but you're a parselmouth and that's good enough for me, it's quite dreary and boring down here plus you asked for help, so now you're going to get it whether you want it or not.''

Harry sat down, fairly sure the basilisk wouldn't attack him. ''It's nice of you to offer help, but I don't think there is anything you can do.''

''Sometimes just having someone to talk to is helpful.'' responded the basilisk.

''Well, I guess it can't hurt to talk.'' shrugged Harry, ''but if we're going to talk I need to know your name.''

''I don't have a name''

''What do you mean you don't have a name''

''I mean I don't have a name''

''How can you not have a name?'' asked Harry incredulously.

''No one gave me a name''

''Salazar didn't name you?''

''I'm sure he did but I was like 2 and I've been down here for like a billion years''

''Around 2000 actually.'' corrected Harry.

''Oh yeah because that's so little time.''

''I was just saying''

''Listen if you have such a problem with it name me then''

''OK, sure I'll name you, I'm guessing you're a woman''

''What's that supposed to mean''

''Nothing, nothing'' said harry hands raised in a sign of peace.

''Mhm that's what I thought''

There was a moment of silence, and then both boy and snake burst into laughter. ''I want to name you Hydra, you know from Greek mythology''

''Hmm, I like it, sure''

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