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Summary: What if Gabriel wasn't infected and Riley actually felt some side effects of being infected in Patient Zero.

The Cure

After Riley becomes infected she becomes hyper vigilant in making sure that Gabriel doesn't come into contact with any part of her, she doesn't want to take any chances with one of the most valuable people in the world. Being locked in a tiny shed didn't help matters any more, Riley kept feeling quick glances her way from Gabriel.

"How are you feeling?" Gabriel finally broke the silence after searching every inch of the shed.

Riley just sighed, "I'm fine." She was just trying to stay calm but in the back of her mind all she could think of was that little boy and his family and how soon her fate could be the same of the small boy's father. But she also thought that Gabriel won't let that become her fate even though the skeptic in her kept whispering he can't always save everyone.

"I'm serious Riley you need to let me know the minute you feel something different. We have to get you to the CDC after we recapture this bastard."

"Gabriel I'm fine for right now, I will let you know when I feel like I'm going to die." Riley chuckled, trying to lighten the mood with some sarcasm fell on deaf ears as Gabriel didn't find it as funny as she did.

When the fire started it heightened the senses of both agents, making their situation even direr. Riley didn't want to add on to the fact that she felt really hot, not from the fire but from inside. She could tell the virus was working fast and she didn't want to add to the stress. She had to find the way out, she had to protect this gorgeous man.

Riley couldn't believe she just had that thought about the man she protects but she couldn't deny the truth in it either. She thought to herself, she really must be feeling sick if all she can think about is how attractive Gabriel is inside and out.

"The drain, the weakest point of the boards is where the fire was started." Gabriel gave her look and then gave a nod.

"There's a guard outside making sure we don't escape," the look he received from Riley he knew he had to explain, "hacked his head cam."

"I don't want to add to the situation but I think you would be better off getting out and taking care of the guard and then just open the door for me." She sounded exhausted, Gabriel wanted to think it was just because of being tired and the smoke but he knew better.

"I'm not leaving you in here."

"Well I'm not going to help you bust out of here, I can't and I can't let you get infected. You have to get my cure back, remember?" Riley just shook her head trying to clear the thickness she felt.

Gabriel just looked at her, not wanting to leave her but finally realizing he had to just for a few minutes. He huffed and grabbed a blanket, wrapped himself up and busted through the wall. He took out the military man quickly enough and rushed to the door. When he opened the door Riley walked out, not looking any worse for wear. Those few minutes had been the longest he had experienced in a long time.

"Quit looking at me like that I'm fine, now go get the cure back."

"What about you?" He wasn't about to leave her for a second time.

"I'll try to keep up but you go ahead, I'll just slow you down." Gabriel gave her the look she knew all too well already, he wasn't going to follow her orders no matter what she said. "I'll be right behind you, I promise."

Finally Gabriel just turned and started to run in the direction the troops went off in. He wasn't happy about leaving Riley but he kept reminding himself she is okay and that she can take care of herself. He knew he had a job to do and he had even more pressure to get the job done, he had to save his partner.

Riley tried to keep up but that wasn't even possible with the way she felt. She wasn't too far behind but when she finally arrived Gabriel had patient zero in zip ties and pulling him up from the ground. At first she was about to scold him and then she realized he had gloves on, maybe he did actually listen to her. She sighed and shook her head with a small grin on her face, Gabriel grinned back. They then heard and seen the helicopter coming to pick them up.

Looking up and waving his arms, Gabriel was getting their attention. He looked over just in time to see Riley crumple to the ground. He wanted to run and kneel down right beside her but he knew the instant he let go of the handcuffed man would take off. He just stood in place like a good soldier, but that didn't stop him from glaring over at her making sure he seen the rise and fall of her chest.

They synthesized a cure and was able to help everyone that was infected with the virus. Saving the boy and his mother was a big win for the unit. Being human is what made Gabriel special not the chip, he couldn't stand to see people hurting especially children. He kept looking over to Riley, just to make sure she was still recovering.

"You know you can sit with her, she's going to be fine." Nelson pushed his glasses up on his nose.

Gabriel just didn't know to respond to the fact that he could have easily lost his partner today. He sighed and started to walk to Riley's bedside. He pulled up a chair and sat down exasperated from their incredibly long day. Putting his elbows on his knees he let his head fall and finally felt like he could breathe again. He would sit here until she would open her eyes and tell him herself that she is okay and will be back to being a thorn in his side in no time.

After a few hours of keeping watch Gabriel started to feel tired but he would fight it as long as needed, he needed to know for sure that all this wasn't in vein. But just as he started to feel like she was never going to wake up her eyes started to flutter. He grabbed her hand and started to call her name.

"Riley. Riley…Agent Neal!"

This snapped her out of the sleepy trance she was in. She looked up at him with dreary eyes and instantly noticed her hand in his. She started to pull away violently.

"Let go! You will get infected!"

"Hey calm down, it's okay. You had the cure, everyone has. You're in the CDC tent have been asleep going on 5 hours now. Have a nice nap?" Giving that signature cheeky grin of his, Riley just shook her head.

Looking around Riley noticed everyone resting peacefully and the staff finally taking a break. This took a huge weight off her chest, finally she felt like she could truly rest also.

"Get some rest why don't you, I know you look worse than I do." Riley smiled and Gabriel instantly knew she would be okay, they would be okay.

Gabriel chuckled and sat her hand back down on the bed, leaning back in the chair he was sitting while Riley rested back down in her bed. Both needing some well-earned sleep, both finally able to relax knowing that the other was okay.

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