chapter 1

Lola couldn't believe it, today was the day she had been dreaming about for at least a year, ever since he asked the question. Tears of joy were threatening to spill, but she swiped them away because she didn't want anybody, especially him to think anything was the matter. Lola frowned at her reflection in the ornate three-paned mirror, graciously donated by one of the premier bridal shops in Southern California. It's not that she didn't like the dress, her frown was that of a food critic dining slowly on the food prepared for them, trying to find any hidden flaws that might exist. Her pondering was interrupted by a not unkind chuckle from behind her. "I know that frown anywhere," Jason Lola's older cousin by seven years teased with a smirk. "Cuz, you look beautiful and you know it, so cut it out with the self-critiquing crap". Lola's first reaction to this interruption was annoyance, which she quickly aimed at him"Jason, you know I don't appreciate being sneaked up on like that, besides when did you become such an expert on bridal attire and emotions therein?". Taking a breath, Lola primed herself for another rant, when a thought struck her (not literally) "How did you get in here anyways, I could of sworn I had the door locked after getting ready." Sniggering, Jason replied as calmly as possible (having to muffle laughter on occasion). "I snuck in when you were still in Lola land". Just as Lola was about to fake laugh at her cousins weak pun,just downstairs the drummer hired for the reception and dance decided to practice a sting, because one of the other entertainment venues at tonight's reception was a stand-up comedian during the dinner. The pun, though weak, coincided with the sting so perfectly that they both (Lola and Jason) started to snicker, which quickly grew into a maelstrom of laughter.