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Chapter 2:

They had been living together for a couple of weeks now and neither of them had made as much progress with the other as they would have liked. Elsa wanted to conduct more research into Anna's emotional and physical capabilities, but the younger girl made it difficult for her to find an opportune time to do so. On the other hand, Anna simply wanted to be the doctor's friend. If she succeeded, Dr. Arendelle would be the first friend she'd ever had. It would be wonderful. Unfortunately, she was very much the Ice Queen everyone described her as: cold, joyless, and stubborn.

The time that had passed hadn't been completely uneventful. There was the day when Anna had tried to do the washing for the both of them. After just one week, the clothes hamper was practically overflowing. The poor android girl never stood a chance really. She only had a vague idea of how the washing machine worked. She had seen it on TV once or twice, and thought that to be enough to get her by. How wrong she was.

Elsa had come home to a washing machine that had been absolutely jam packed with clothes – clothes which had not even been sorted into smaller piles of different colours, and washing detergent hadn't even been used. She prayed that Anna had not put her brand new pair of jeans in with everything else and most importantly, with her favourite cardigan. Unfortunately, it seemed the Gods were not on her side. It had finished its cycle, and she hastily pulled the door open to check the state of the clothes. The first thing she noticed was that everything was blue. Elsa had massaged her temples with her fingers, trying desperately to suppress the stress that was building. It wasn't that she didn't like the colour blue, in fact, it was her favourite colour, it was just that she would prefer it if not everything was blue. She soon noticed that the other girl was nowhere to be seen, and suspected that Anna had realised what had happened, and chosen to keep out of the blonde's way for a little while; something which she was eternally grateful for.

So that had been another failed attempt at gaining Doctor Arendelle's approval, following the cooking mishap. But the android had not given up hope. Anna spent many a morning preparing a cooked breakfast for her roommate; she had been unsuccessful every time. But one day, she had finally cooked scrambled eggs and bacon to perfection. Since this one was a success, she would actually allow herself to take it to the doctor in bed. She placed it on a tray along with cool glass of orange juice. With extra care, she carried it to the blonde's bedroom and set it down on the bedside table. Sadly the older girl was asleep, but that did not deter Anna. Although she was in a bit of a dilemma; on the one hand, she did not want to wake the doctor up, but on the other, she wanted to see her face when she saw what Anna had done. So she waited – for an hour.

When Elsa finally woke up, let's just say she was not expecting a pair of silvery blue eyes to be so close to her face. She had screamed. Anna fell out of her chair in surprise, but she had scrambled to get up to give the older girl her breakfast. Elsa had pushed her away, calling her a creep and various other not so nice things before promptly kicking Anna out of the room. The breakfast had been left untouched, much to Anna's sadness; the doctor had claimed it to be too cold and inedible. But at least the android girl had learnt something new about Dr. Arendelle; she was not a morning person.

Despite her recent failures, Anna was confident that today was the day she would break down the doctor's walls of ice. She had woken up a little under an hour ago, eager to see her roommate. Disappointment had washed over her once she heard the sound of running water; Elsa was taking a shower, but she had waited patiently for it to stop. As soon as she heard the familiar click of the door opening, Anna leapt off of her bed and practically sprinted towards the bathroom. The blonde girl was only just stepping out as she reached it.

"Morning, Dr. Arendelle!" Anna greeted enthusiastically.

Elsa was taken aback. "Uh, morning, Anna."

The redhead rocked from heel to toe from excitement before it suddenly dawned on her, she hadn't really thought about what she would actually talk to the doctor about. "So, how's it going?" She mentally cringed. Smooth.

"Fine, Anna. Now if you'd please move. You're blocking the way to my bedroom." She was curt in her reply.

"Oh yeah, of course!" But she didn't budge. "It's just that I was hoping to talk to you, maybe finally start getting to know you a little better since, you know, we're living together, and all…" Anna began to fidget with her hands, repetitively linking and twisting her fingers together, before abruptly unlinking them, only to start the cycle all over again. Elsa continued staring at her, perturbed. Anna continued.

"You're a bit distant but I can tell that deep down inside you're an amazing person. Not that you aren't already amazing." Anna ceased, she looked the doctor up and down. Her eyes greedily took in all of the skin that the doctor was currently showing thanks to the small towel she had clutched around herself. It was beautiful and unblemished, Anna gulped. She watched as a drop of water slowly made its way down her smooth leg. She so desperately wanted to reach out and catch it on the tip of her finger. It took all of her will power not to. She wasn't all that familiar with social boundaries; however, she was almost certain that the doctor would not appreciate such an action.

Eventually Anna managed to break her gaze from the doctor's legs, her eyes landed on the older girls face. Her usually pale cheeks were now adorned with a bright red blush, and her eyes were looking anywhere but Anna's direction.

She smirked. "Hey are you ok, Dr. Arendelle? You're face is looking a little red." Anna loved how awkward she was making the blonde girl feel, times like these were the only times she could get any sort of emotion out of her.

Elsa pulled the towel tighter round herself and huffed, "I'm fine." She darted round Anna, headed into the bedroom, slamming the door shut. Anna laughed. The look on Dr. Arendelle's face was priceless.

Elsa sighed as she sat on the edge of her bed. She could not believe how much of a fool she must have looked, or how the android girl had gotten her so flustered. That was as clear a sign as any that Elsa needed some attention in her life. She blamed the lack of intimacy the cause for what she had felt a few minutes ago; even an android was getting her excited. But the way Anna had been staring at her, Elsa could now see why she kept reading headlines of people who claimed to be in love with their androids. If they all could look the way Anna had looked just now, then it was unavoidable. She shook her head, attempting to clear her thoughts.

The spare bedroom in the apartment had been converted into a large office/research space, Elsa was performing a new test today; she wheeled about the room on her desk chair whilst Anna lay stretched out on a black leather chaise longue. The doctor shuffled her chair to a stop in front of the other girl, notepad in hand.

"So what are we testing today, doc?" Anna asked as she resituated her arms behind her head to rest on them.

"I just have a few simple questions for you, Anna. They are designed to test your levels of emotional intelligence." Elsa was in professional mode now, her glasses and notepad only adding to the effect. Her platinum blonde hair was twisted up into a bun, just like usual.

"You can be emotionally intelligent?" Anna's eyebrow's knitted together in confusion. "I didn't even know that was a thing."

"Yes it is." She snapped. "The questions are designed to measure your ability to comprehend, perceive and reason with emotions." She watched as the girl nodded slowly. It was a lot more complicated than that, but she didn't want to get into all the specifics. "But not only will I be assessing what you say, but also the way in which you respond to each answer." Elsa picked up a long wire, it was hooked up to a machine intended to record Anna's decision processes. "May I?"

"Of course." The android girl sat up to face the older girl, and bowed her head, sweeping her hair away from her neck, exposing it to the doctor.

Carefully Elsa pressed down on the skin; a panel shifted and revealed itself. She removed the cover and plugged the wire into the small socket that had been concealed beneath. Gently her fingertips brushed Anna's skin as she moved away, she hardly noticed. But Anna's skin tingled in response. It was an odd feeling, one that the younger girl had never experienced before.

"Ok so the first question is an easy one. How are you feeling today, Anna?"

"Great thanks."

Elsa sighed. She could tell that she was going to have to probe for answers throughout this session to get a sufficient amount of information. "Any particular reason why?"

A cheeky smile formed on the redheads lips. "Well doctor, seeing you flustered in just a towel this morning was a pretty good start to the day."

"Be serious please, Anna." Elsa scolded. She was well aware of the blush painting her cheeks, although she tried her best to remain professional and ignore it. "Moving on. To what extent do you feel as though you identify with the following statement: When I am around people, I am generally aware of how they are feeling?"

"I am aware that right now you are embarrassed because I almost saw you naked. Your blushing only confirms my statement. However, I do not understand why it makes you uncomfortable." Unconsciously Anna licked her lips, and Elsa's eyes locked onto the movement. "Does that answer your question?" It didn't, and the remainder of this session carried on in a similar manner.

Elsa tapped her pen in frustration on the notepad on her lap. She glanced down and read the next statement out loud. "I adjust my behaviour depending on who I am interacting with."

Anna actually paused to think about this one. It was true that she acted differently around Dr. Arendelle in comparison to how she did with those at Hanscorp; she was cheeky. The blonde noticed that the redhead had grown quiet, and was hopeful that she was going to answer seriously. "I agree with that statement." Elsa made a move to write something down for the first time that session. "When I am around you, you make me want to be a better person." Anna laughed to herself. She had heard that phrase in a movie she had watched the other day. She wasn't entirely sure what it meant on an emotional level, but she knew that it would irritate the blonde seated before her.

The pen was clenched tightly in Elsa's hand as she attempted to hide her annoyance. She thought it best not to give into Anna's obvious goading. She read out another phrase. "I am stubborn."

"Yes you are." Anna said quickly. She slapped a hand over her mouth. "Oh, sorry. I forgot this was relative to me and not you." An innocent look was plastered on her face. Elsa did not believe it for a second. The android girl really was pushing her luck.

"When making important decisions, logic should come into play more than emotions."

"What am I? A machine?" Anna asked. Elsa bit her tongue, holding back a harsh reply. Was this girl even aware of what she had just said?

"I feel like I am just going through the motions in my life... like I'm running on auto-pilot." Elsa continued through clenched teeth.

Anna's eyes narrowed at the older girl. "Ok now I know you are just doing this on purpose. All these questions are related to me being an android! You're trying to make me slip up!" A finger was pointed at the doctor in an accusatory manner.

Elsa matched the redhead's offensive stance. "Now that is preposterous and you know it. All these statements have been used in questionnaires that humans have taken, so your point is invalid." She wasn't done yet; Anna had gotten her riled up. "And in regards to making you slip up? First of all, you haven't even been answering seriously so this whole session has been a waste of time! Secondly, if you genuinely do have emotions, then you have nothing to worry about!"

Only the sound of the washing machine in the kitchen could be heard as the two stared each other down. After several minutes, Elsa relaxed back into her chair, ready to continue the test. There weren't many questions after the sudden outburst from the two of them, and by the end, Elsa had barely taken down any notes. She had also failed to gather any of the information she was originally looking for, but she hoped the data the machine had collected would shine some light on Elsa's further understanding of Anna.

It was now early afternoon, and the two girls were sat in the living room of the apartment. Anna was lounging on the sofa watching TV; she had quickly discovered a programme about humans with superpowers. It was fascinating to the young android, and she watched it with rapt attention. The adverts came onAnna glanced at her roommate. Elsa was sat at the other end of the sofa, a pen in hand and a newspaper resting on her curled up legs. She was biting her lip in an act of deep concentration.

"What're you doing there?" Anna attempted at conversation. If she wanted to be the girl's friend, then she would need to show interest in the things she does.

There was a few seconds silence as the blonde quickly wrote something down before acknowledging the android. "A Sudoku."

"What's a Sudoku?"

Elsa sighed impatiently. "It's just a puzzle where you have to put numbers in certain boxes."

"Oh ok." Anna watched as the doctor began to start scribbling down more numbers. "Why do you do them?"

She sighed somewhat more dramatically this time, emphasising her annoyance at the android. "I like them. They relax me. But for some odd reason, I am not finding this one particularly calming." She shot Anna a pointed look.

"Can I have a go?" The younger girl asked innocently.


"Why not?"

Elsa slammed the newspaper down onto the arm of the sofa, the pen immediately followed. "Would you stop asking me so many questions?! I just wanted to do my weekly puzzle in peace, but no, you just couldn't allow me that luxury."

Anna visibly recoiled at the doctor's sharp tone. It was quiet, bar the sound of a cheesy advert involving a cat and bird singing to each other playing on the TV. It was a deep contrast to the atmosphere of the room. "I just wanted a go." She said meekly.

"Well you can't. You're an android. You wouldn't even find this challenging. You're all supposed to be super smart or something like that." The last part was said more to herself than to Anna.

Elsa began to say something else but Anna cut her off. "Hey be quiet, my programme is back on."

The blonde girl just sat there facing Anna, an incredulous look on her face.

As soon as Anna's show had finished, she had informed Elsa that she was going to go to town to scope out the area, see what was around. The young doctor had put up an argument at first, saying that it was too dangerous. Not because she cared about Anna's well-being, but because the android was worth billions of dollars, and she was worried that Hans would put her in debt for the rest of her life if Anna got damaged. The redhead just huffed at Dr. Arendelle's pointless concerns and assured her that no one would recognise her as an android, and that she would be extra careful. Eventually the blonde had given in and let her go.

The local shopping precinct was where the android girl went first. She wandered around a variety of clothing stores, but didn't buy a single thing. For starters, she had no idea what to buy as she had lived quite a sheltered life so far. She hoped that eventually she could convince the doctor to come with her, give her advice on what would look good on her. Secondly, she only had a small amount of money, and clothes were far more expensive than she ever could have imagined. She made a mental note to phone her father when she got home to request a sufficient amount. She was certain that he'd comply. After all, he was her father, and from what she'd learnt from TV shows, they always gave their daughters everything.

After visiting the shopping precinct, Anna discovered a high street full of vintage looking shops. She didn't go in all of them, but one that particularly took her fancy was an old antique shop. Anna couldn't believe the sort of items that people used to own. There were beautiful hand crafted rocking horses, a gramophone that according to the shop owner, still worked, and a couple of grandfather clocks. The wide-eyed android was in awe of almost everything in there, it was simply fascinating.

A little further down the street Anna noticed a window advertisement for piano lessons. She had seen a piano in the antiques shop, and immediately got excited at the prospect of learning how to play. She ran in to sign up for lessons. The sweet old man that had booked her in for a lesson was also the man that would teach her, and he seemed equally as excited to have a student as enthusiastic as Anna.

The young redhead could not wait to become talented at playing the piano, after all, music was a form of creativity, and creativity was something strictly human. She would prove that she was different to the other androids. It would just take time. Her thoughts of the doctor gave her a fantastic idea: everyone loved presents, and with the remaining amount of money in her purse, she could bring something home for Dr. Arendelle. But what?

Anna thought back to all of the conversations she'd had with her roommate. It was an easy task, as sadly they had not had that many. Finally an idea came to her. Sudoku puzzles – Dr. Arendelle said she like Sudoku puzzles. It wasn't much, but it would have to do.

Unfortunately, the young girl had no idea where to get them from. Would she have to buy lots of different newspapers and just pull out the pages with the puzzles on? Or was there an easier way to do it? Anna resorted to trying to ask random people on the street. Most of them ignored her, thinking her to be mentally unsound. After a little while of trying to get information out of rude people, she bumped into a very friendly android who pointed her in the direction of a newsagent who sold books containing Sudoku puzzles. At first she had been worried that the android would recognise her as being one of his own kind, but he didn't seem to notice.

Anna returned home a little after 5pm. The blonde haired girl had instantly jumped up to see if everything was ok, and that no harm had come to Anna. The redhead knew that the doctor was only concerned about her job, but she was still flattered by it none the less. The both of them headed towards the kitchen, and the android girl decided that it was the perfect opportunity to give the other girl her present.

"Hey um, Dr. Arendelle, I got you something from town." Anna was nervous; she really hoped that the doctor would like it.

Elsa's face showed a cross between confusion and wonder. "What is it?"

Shyly Anna reached into her bag and produced the book, thrusting it towards her. "Here."

Carefully Elsa took it from her, turning it around to read the cover. "A Sudoku book?"

"Yeah" Anna nodded, scratching the back of her head; it was a learned behaviour that showed how uncomfortable she felt.

The redhead soon turned on the spot and headed for the living room, leaving the blonde to stand there, dumbfounded. Elsa watched her leave, book still in hand.

"I definitely need to look over those test results later. This girl – android," Elsa corrected herself, "is too weird."