Hello all! Many of you are familiar with my Stargate:Atlantis stories. To those of you that are new, I hope you enjoy. I have the honor of posting the FIRST Stargate:Atlantis / Grimm crossover. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Matt Brewer was a simple man. He'd grown up on this farm, married a local gal and they worked the land beside his folks until they died a few years ago. Now, it was just him because Suzanne had decided that there had to be more to life than just farming. She withdrew half the money in the bank accounts, took his mother's antique jewelry and the sporty car he'd bought her last year, and left. Her mother had called a month after Suzanne left to tell him that Suzanne had been killed in a car accident. Apparently she'd been drinking and ran off the road. The car burst into flames. They had to identify her by dental records. Mrs. Holloman told him what to do if he wanted to claim the body, at which point he told her that since Suzanne left him that he didn't want her back. Mrs. Holloman got so upset that she actually cursed him out before hanging up on him.

Looking out across the fields in the dim light of evening, he considered the future. He had left a good deal of the land fallow this year because he didn't have enough money to pay workers to help with it. Knowing it would only get worse, he was seriously considering selling the land. He turned to go back into the empty house when movement caught his eye. Squaring his shoulders, he decided to go investigate, figuring that it was some fool kid that'd broke in looking for drugs or something to steal. Too bad Suzanne had already beaten them to it. Reaching the edge of the porch, he peered around, looking for the source of the movement he'd seen. After circling the structure, he was about to go inside the house when an indistinct white shape floated across his view. He turned, watching the shape as it floated towards the woods. The shape faded at the edge of the woods. Looking around in disgust, he figured that it was probably just a wisp of fog and that his imagination was playing tricks on him. Just as he turned to head into the house a heavy hand spun him around to face the ugliest person he'd ever seen. The guy had long white hair and Matt would swear that his skin was greenish, but it was hard to tell in the low light. The guy leaned forward, grabbing Matt by the shirt collar and ripped it open.

Matt swung at his hand. "Hey, what'd you do that for?"

The guy hissed. "Because I hunger."

Matt attempted to shrug the guy off. "Well, if you're hungry, I can fix you something. Got plenty of food inside. What would you like to eat?"

The guy smiled, revealing a mouth full of pointed teeth, just as he placed his right hand on Matt's chest. "You."


Christine Appleton nudged the door to her apartment open, bags of groceries in each hand. She kicked the door closed, heading for her tiny kitchen. Depression set in as she put away her groceries. Everything was something that could be eaten as is or microwaved. Nothing had to be cooked and there had been a time when she would cook regardless of the time she got home. Those days were gone. Her boss was a prick; her job was now to do her own work and most of his while he screwed a succession of secretaries. He kept trying to get her to go out with him, but Christine knew that it didn't matter what he promised, he would never keep a single word.

A slight sound warned her that she was not alone. Turning, she choked out an attempt at a scream. A man with long white hair and a pale complexion, dressed in dark clothing, stood in the archway to her kitchen. Staring at it, she heard a voice command her to her knees. A cold hand tipped with sharp nails gently caressed her face as sharp teeth were revealed behind parted lips. As she knelt in her kitchen, she opened her mouth to scream, but no sound emerged as the man placed his hand over her heart.

Minutes later, the man walked out, the door standing ajar but no one was alive to care.


Many miles away, a copy of the police report from the Brewer farm crossed the desk of Captain Paul Hardy. He read it and grimaced. He took a deep breath then picked up his phone and dialed a private number. "General, we have a problem."