Author's Note: Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for giving this a try! I'm going to be real here and say that I'm not the best writer...I've actually never even published a story. So, I decided to get some practice in with doing a 100 Prompts Challenge. As of right now, this is strictly Ambrollins, but it may change as I go. None of these follow each other, unless I make a note of it. I'm still establishing character's really hard for me to keep people in character. Anyway, here we go!

He was nervous…and that was putting it lightly. Pacing back and forth in their hotel room, Dean's hand found its way back into his messy hair, pulling on the strands. This was going to be it. This was going to be the night that he introduced Seth to his – rather obscene – fantasies. He just hoped that Seth was ready for this.

To say Dean liked to dominate would be an understatement. He dominated The Shield, being labeled as their eccentric leader. He dominated the US Championship, other superstars fearing to even challenge his position. Now, he was (hopefully) going to dominate in his private life. Seth's decision wouldn't deter his desires, but it would be difficult to quell. He decided that he would try to change himself if Seth so wanted, but fuck was it going to be hard. As much as he didn't want to, he would try. He just hoped that Seth would be okay with him.

It never got any easier to try and introduce his desires to his lovers. Hell, how would anyone bring that up nonchalantly? Hi, I'm Dean Ambrose, and I'm into some kinky shit? Not exactly a conversation starter.

Being so caught up in his thoughts, he hadn't heard the room door open and close, Seth walking in and placing his bag on the floor, toeing off his worn-in sneakers. He watched as Dean walked back and forth, absentmindedly rubbing at his bare shoulder. What the hell got him so worked up?

"Dean," Seth tried, but to no avail. He tried again, adding volume to his voice. The other man jumped from his thoughts, startled by the intrusion.

"Shit, man, you scared the hell out of me. How long have you been standing there?"

Seth chuckled lightly, knowing how Dean could get when he was thinking. The world around him fell away, and all that was left were his thoughts. Which could explain the rather disturbing look he could get in his eyes. This look, however, was not present this time, which was concerning in itself.

"Not long; just walked in. You didn't hear me say your name, like, five times?" Sure, it was only twice, but Seth liked to have a little fun at Dean's expense. The slight widening of his eyes and a short apology tugged a smile from Seth's lips, replying with a simple "'s ok". He knew how Dean got; he could never actually be mad at the man for being himself.

Flopping face-first onto the almost-too-soft hotel bed, Seth let out a muted groan, the tension in his body melting away into the duvet. He vaguely thought about changing into something more comfortable than the skinny jeans and obscure band t-shirt he currently adorned, but that quickly went out the window with every second he lay.

He glanced over to Dean, watching as he made his way over to the tall window opposite of their bed. He stared out into the brightly lit city, the artificial lights obscuring the view of the stars. Dean knew he was stalling, but fuck this was just too hard. He ran a serious risk of driving away the one person that he cared about more than anything.

Deep breath in, deep breath out. This was it. Do or die.

"Seth," he started, earning a hmm? in response. "Don't run, okay?"

Seth sat up from his place on the bed, the fabric puffing back up to its original state. Staring intently at the back of Dean, he watched his slender fingers make their way back into his hair, mussing up the already messy threads. He could visibly see the tension in his shoulders, the muscles underneath stretching the skin as they flexed with stress.

"What are you talking about? I'm not—," he began, halting his speech as Dean quickly turned around, staring directly into his confused eyes. Fearful blue met bewildered brown, the two colors creating a cloud of grey settling over the room.

"I wanna tell you something," Dean spoke, holding up his hand as Seth attempted to interject.

"Let me finish. I gotta get it out now, or I never will. I'm sure you could guess from our matches, but I kind of…thrive on pain. I like being in control. And not just in that sense, but in a sexual sense, as well…Seth, how much do you know about D/s relationships?"

"D/s? You mean, like…" he faded, earning a nod from his partner.

"To be honest, not much. I know what it means, but…why, that your thing?" Earning another nod, he softly smiled at Dean, watching as he turned back around to the window. Seriously, after all this time together, and he thought he would run? Seth thought he knew better; he knew what he was getting into the moment he accepted Dean into his life. The second he admitted his attraction to the other man, he knew it wouldn't ever be a 'normal' thing. Normalcy was boring, anyway.

Sure, he was a little fearful of the implications being presented, but it was a pleasant fear. He trusted Dean more than anyone, and would give him his everything in a heartbeat. That trust is what fueled him, what kept his head and heart in check. He loved this man more than anything.

Rising from the bed, he made his way behind Dean, wrapping his arms around his partner's waist, feeling the tension in his back increasing. Resting his head against those taut shoulders, he nuzzled into the heated skin, feeling some of the tension fade away.

"That's it? That's what had you so worked up?"

Dean shifted in his arms, turning to face the slightly shorter man. The apprehension that resided in his eyes was now replaced with pure confusion…why wasn't Seth freaking out?

"Dean, I knew from the second I met you you were off. I knew that full well getting into this thing that we have. I'm not going to stop loving you just because of what you're into, and if you think that then you're a fucking moron. I can't say I get it very much, but I'm willing to try. Who knows, maybe I'll like it. To be honest, being controlled sounds a little fun. It's different."

To say Dean melted would be an understatement. Every tense fiber in his body snapped, being replaced with a calm he hadn't known in a few days. He couldn't have asked for a better response. He knew there was a reason why he loved Seth so much.

Capturing Seth's mouth in a heated kiss, Dean allowed the rest of the tension to be sucked from him, the cloud of grey dissipating into something brighter, calmer. Breaking the kiss, he buried his face into the two-toned locks, replacing the dark burning in his lungs with the scent of his lover, returning the younger's embrace.

"Thank you," he mumbled into wavy black, barely audible. Seth heard him.

"You're welcome…Sir."