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Whoever said that polar opposites attract could not be more correct when it came to Dean and Seth. Seth was the definition of a morning person. Every morning he awoke at dawn, getting his body ready for the day with a quick workout. The sun would rise, illuminating the once starry sky with its warmth. That's what Seth loved the most; he loved waking up with the sun.

Dean, on the other hand, was not a fan. If he could spend his morning sleeping, he did. Sleep was a luxury in their industry, and damn it if he didn't take full advantage of said luxury. The sun was not his friend – if his pale skin was any indication. He coined himself as more of a night owl, enjoying more the company of the moon than that oversized burning star.

This morning was no different for the two.

After a quick shower to wash away the morning grime, Seth returned to their shared bedroom, loose sweatpants clinging low on his hips. Attempting to towel dry his two-toned hair, he looked over to the lump of a body tangled in the sheets. A mischievous grin crossed his bearded face, the gears quickly turning in his wide-awake brain. Oh, this was going to be fun.

Removing the damp towel from his hair, he lazily twisted it a few times on itself. He figured it was fluffy and dry enough to be funny for his idea, but not hurt. Thank God for overly fluffy hotel towels. This was just going to be too good.

Quietly stalking over to the bed, he stared at the sleeping face of his partner. He looked so peaceful; soft snores passing his slightly parted lips, loose auburn curls framing his face…Seth almost felt guilty for a second on what he planned to do. Almost, and only a second.

Winding back, he brought the towel down to Dean's face with a good smack, instantly dropping his weapon and skipping away from the now irate and loudly cursing Ambrose. Seth made his way to the long shades covering the bedside windows, blocking the sun from their room. This would simply not do. Grabbing onto the thin fabric, he yanked the shades back, his 'best friend' flooding the room with its glow. Not only was Dean royally pissed and making it very well known, he was now blind.

The bright light burned at his eyes, his flailing mixed with the rapid dilation of his pupils causing him to tangle himself in the sheets even more, promptly becoming a heap of white on the floor. Seth's face burned with laughter, tears forming at the corners of his eyes. This was even better than he expected.

Managing to untangle himself enough to sit up, the fuming Dean Ambrose glared daggers at his partner. Oh, if looks could kill…

"Seth! What the fuck is your problem?!" he yelled, becoming even angrier at the fact that Seth still hadn't stopped laughing.

Attempting to compose his laughter, Seth wiped at his eyes, smiling sweetly over to the man still seated on the floor.

"Good morning, sunshine~" he chimed, cautiously approaching the still steaming Dean. Stretching out a hand, he assisted the other man from the floor, the white sheets still trying to consume his legs.

Stepping around the mountain of fabric, Dean proceeded to roughly grab the smaller man at both arms, shoving him none too gently back onto the mattress. Before Seth could realize what happened, Dean was back on him, straddling his waist and pinning his arms to his sides. A wicked grin spread across the newly awoken man, causing Seth to swallow thickly. Though, it could've also been that Dean was practically naked on top of him, sporting only a thin pair of boxers.

"You really thought that would be a good idea? Tsk, tsk, Sethie; you should know better than that. Y'know, I was having a really nice dream…guess you'll just have to help me finish it in reality," he smirked, that familiar feeling of lust flooding Seth's body at those simple, albeit suggestive, words.

"Buuut," Dean started, looking over to the window that was still allowing an obnoxious amount of light through its panes. "We're doing it my way."

Seth knew exactly what that meant, a shudder passing through to his core. Goodbye, light…

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