Dean limped through the hallway, sweat dripping down his body and his United States title dangling in his hand. He had just got done defending the gold against Kofi Kingston. House shows were about the only place he really defended the belt anymore. Seth and Roman had stayed in the back as he took care of business but neither one of them were waiting for him when he came back through the curtain. They had their own match to prepare for sure but he still couldn't help but feel a little miffed. He was always out at ringside with them anymore but they couldn't even be bothered to watch his match from the curtain and run in with an assist if needed. He blamed Roman. Fucking Roman stealing the spotlight, stealing the leadership that wasn't officially supposed to be there but Dean considered to be his anyway and he was fucking stealing Seth too. He had been fucking Seth since their FCW days yet more and more often Seth was in Roman's bed as opposed to Dean's. Hell there was a time that the three of them shared one bed but now Dean was left alone at night to get himself in trouble. And trouble was what he was ever so good at getting himself into. It always had been but lately he had gotten himself into something even he felt like an idiot for. He wasn't one that did shame much but the shame of this kept him completely mum on how he spent his nights now. Well that and the fact Seth and Roman would fucking kill him if they knew. They would string him up by his own guts and leave him there to dry if they knew what was going on right under their noses.

As opposed to going back to his locker room he slipped down to the boiler room. He needed to be alone for awhile. He wasn't ready to go to the locker room and have another fight with Roman. He wasn't ready to deal with Seth pleading with him to play nice. He certainly wasn't ready to be seen alone by everyone else and showing off the fact that there really was trouble in the group. Sure it already was pretty obvious but they were at least trying to save face. Maybe they were failing miserably but the effort was what counted. Or at least, that was what he was trying to tell himself anyway. Effort wasn't going to mean shit in the long run if they didn't work stuff out but that was hard to accept and needed to just go ignored right now.

The boiler room only had a single light bulb that barely lit anything as he flipped the switch. Not that it really mattered. He let his belt drop down to the floor and leaned back against the wall. The room felt even hotter than it was since he just got done wrestling. He grabbed the collar of his shirt and tugged on it. He thought about just ditching it completely but he felt too lazy to even do that. Instead he just tilted his head back and closed his eyes. He tried to pretend he was in a hot tub. A nice hot tub that would soothe his aching muscles. His match with Kofi hadn't been the roughest thing he had ever gone through but years of abuse just wore him down sometimes. He didn't think the hotel's pool area would be open by the time they were done tonight so he would have to hope this would somehow actually help and he could take care of the rest of the aches and pains with some Tylenol and a night full of actual sleep.

"There you are darlin. I-"

"Jesus fuck!" Dean's eyes snapped open and he jumped nearly a foot in the air. Stepping out from the darkest part of the room was Bray fucking Wyatt, self-satisfied smirk planted firmly on his face. "You fucking asshole." Dean could have just throttled him right then and there. He really could have. He hated being snuck up on yet Bray did it every single fucking time. "What the fuck are you doing down here?"

"A little birdy told me you'd come." Bray walked forward lazily. His smirk turned into an actual smile as he watched Dean look around for Harper and Rowan. "I don't know why you still think I bring them every time we meet like this. You don't insult me by bringing yours so why should I bring mine?"

Dean didn't give him an answer. He just kept looking, knowing full well that Bray was actually telling the truth. The man wasn't a liar. Deluded yes but not an intentional liar. "What kind of little birdy tells you to hang out in fucking boiler rooms?" He folded his arms over his chest and pretended that his heart was beating at a more normal rate. "Don't you ever stop and think that's a little fucking weird man?"

"It led me to you sunshine so why should I question the whispers?"

"Don't-" Dean shook his head and scowled "call me that."

"What?" Bray was playing with him. Dark eyes were absolutely dancing in delight. "Sunshine?" He chuckled. "You liked it when he called you that."

Dean continued to scowl. He wasn't going to take the bait. He wasn't going to talk about Regal. He wasn't playing the game. Bray seemed to live to do this. Seek him out, get in his head...and then get into him. It was a song and dance they had been playing for weeks. Dean didn't know why it had started. He didn't know why he had let it continue. He had tried to break it off after the Wyatts had cost him, Seth and Roman their chance at the title at Elimination Chamber but Bray wouldn't leave him alone. No matter what he did or said Bray kept chasing him and for some reason he didn't think he could ever explain to himself, he couldn't stick with his answer of no. He had always known he was a sick guy but with this he felt like he had somehow gone to a whole new level.

"What? You have nothing to say tonight?" Bray stretched out his arms and honestly looked surprise. "I usually can't get you silent quick enough."

"That's rich coming from you," Dean snapped. He stepped up to the bearded man and just to try to fuck with him he knocked the stupid straw hat right off his head. He wanted Bray to get mad, wanted to get under his skin but Bray only looked amused. That only served to make Dean angrier. "You fucking go on and on and on preaching some psycho babble bullshit and you tell me I talk too much?"

"I only preach the truth darlin." Bray leaned in real close, putting his face so close to Dean's that their lips were nearly touching. "Just because you don't like to listen doesn't mean my lessons aren't worth learning." He put his hand up and tried to run his fingers over Dean's lips but Dean swatted his hand away.

"Don't do that fucking shit." Dean forced himself to take a step back. He normally was never the one to back away but if Bray started touching him then he would be finished. The fight would leave him and he would give in. He couldn't let himself do that. Not again.

Bray lowered his hand and tilted his head to the side. "You try to call me a liar yet you act like you don't want me to touch you."

"I don't."

Bray just laughed. He fucking laughed and Dean almost socked him right in his stupid mouth.

"I'm not fucking joking!" Dean hissed. He didn't know why he just didn't hit the son of a bitch. It was being asked for. He certainly wanted to right now. Yet for whatever reason his arm wouldn't carry through with the strike that his brain was begging for. "You-" he pointed a finger against Bray's chest and puffed himself up as much as he could. Dean had an inch on him in height but Bray was a lot fucking bigger than he was. "You fucking need to leave me the fuck alone. No more of this stalking bullshit. No more trying to get into my god damn pants-"

"I wasn't aware that required trying."

"Fuck you." Dean shoved Bray back as hard as he could and started storming away. He wasn't terribly far from the door he could get out. As long as Harper and Rowan weren't blocking the other side of the door he could get the fuck out of there and get back to his locker room.

"You think you can just keep running to your false idols?" Bray's voice made Dean stop. It shouldn't have but it did. He looked back to see that Bray had picked up his title and was glaring at him. He was glaring at him and Dean swore in that moment Bray's eyes were pure black. "They won't be there. They lie to you, promising you the light. They say they shine down the beacon of justice, they say they want to absorb you in their light and call it love but they LIE!" Bray hurled the title and Dean jumped back, expecting it to come towards his face. It went upwards instead and hit the light above them at full force. The light bulb fell from the fixture and shattered against the floor. They were plunged into total darkness but Bray was hardly affected by it at all. He closed the distance between them and Dean found himself being shoved unceremoniously against the wall. The hard slam, Bray's body pressing against his, his face being cupped with the leather glove clad hand, Bray's hot breath blowing against his lips-all of this went straight to Dean's cock. His eyes were starting to adjust to the dark and in that moment he would have sworn on his life that Bray's eyes were fucking glowing. They were fucking glowing with fire yet still black as the room they were in at the same time. It sounded absolutely insane but he lacked any other way to explain it.

"You don't belong in the light." Bray's voice was barely audible but Dean still heard every word clear as day. "You're too twisted for the light. You belong down here in the shadows with me."

Dean made no attempt to deny those words. He could barely breathe let alone think. Rationally speaking he knew he shouldn't be listening. Bray didn't want him to break their little affair off. He pulled people in with his pretty words and used them to keep them in place. This wasn't any different. Yet Dean fucking believed these words. They weren't fucking untrue. He had lived his whole life in a dark place. It was what he was used to. Seth and Roman didn't understand. Bray did. Dean knew he did and a part of him knew that's why he kept letting him in. He craved someone who got it even if it meant getting into something that was way over his head.

If Dean were to reflect later on he wouldn't have been able to say who initiated the kiss. Bray would be the easy one to blame but it could have easily been him instead. It didn't really matter in the long run. What mattered was their mouths being fused together, tongues clashing and hands ripping and tearing at clothes that were a cruel barrier for the skin on skin contact they craved. Dean tried to shove Bray back, to pin him against the wall and be the one in control. Bray didn't budge an inch. A low growl rose from the back of Dean's throat. He pushed again, this time using his whole body weight. For a single moment he thought it worked. Bray started to fall but before Dean could capitalize he was being yanked down as well. Bray twisted himself mid-fall so all of his weight landed on Dean's hips and stomach. Dean opened his mouth and a choked yelp of pain escaped him. If he had the breath he would have cursed Bray eight ways to Sunday.

Bray's teeth found Dean's lower lip and he bit down so hard he drew blood. The pain sent a jolt through Dean's whole body. Large hands tugged away on his pants and he lifted his hips so they could be discarded. It only briefly occurred to him that the door wasn't locked and anyone could come waltzing in at any time. Bray's hand around his cock drove that worry far from his mind. "Fuck me," he groaned. He thrusted his hips upwards, his own fist grabbing dark brown locks and pulling hard. The hand that wasn't holding Bray's head tugged on his pants in return. He smashed his mouth against the larger man's, using his tongue to push his own blood into his mouth. Teeth found his lip again and bit down harder than before. Bit down so hard Dean thought his entire lips was going to get ripped right off his face.

A bottle of lube emerged from Bray's pocket and three fingers slipped inside Dean as he was distracted by the biting. What emerged from his mouth was a cross between a hiss and a moan. His own teeth started biting down in return, desperate not to be the only one who was bleeding. His head was fucking spinning from all the sensations assaulting his body. Bray's hand was still wrapped around his cock, pumping in time with his fingers.

"Do you still want to run off little lamb?" Bray's soothing southern drawl only halfway snapped Dean out of the haze he was in.

"What?" Dean shook his head. Bray's hand and fingers weren't moving anymore. "What the fuck-"

"You're more than welcome to leave." Blood red lips spread into a smile. "I mean if you still want to chase that light who am I to stop you?"

Dean stared at him incredulously. "Are you fucking kidding me?" He arched his hips up, impatient to be touched more. If he had something sharp he would just stab Bray right in his stupid face.

"Tell me what you want little lamb." It was a power play move now. Bray slipped his fingers out of Dean and gave him that so very unsettling smile. "Tell me what your black little heart desires."

"I want you to shut the fuck up and fuck me." Dean had to say it. He was too hard not to.

"What else?" Bray teased Dean's cock with a single stroke. "That's not all I want to hear come on now."

Dean scowled and tried not to say it. He didn't want to say it he wasn't fucking gonna say it. He wanted to pretend he still had some dignity. Yet with another stroke of his cock the words were tumbling out of his mouth so fast they made Bray laugh. "Please!" he gasped. Dignity was going right out the window.

"Where do you belong darlin?" Bray's eyes locked on to Dean's, his hand continuing to tease him slowly. "Say it."

"Here." Fuck it. Fuck dignity. Nobody was there beyond them and if Bray ever said shit he'd call him a liar and kill him when his goons weren't up his ass.
Bray looked absolutely thrilled at the admission. His lips captured Dean's again and with a swift motion he thrusted himself inside of Dean, swallowing the moans that escaped the other man's lips. Dean tried to move his hand down to stroke himself but Bray slapped it away. Dean let out a low growl and tried again. Bray grabbed his wrists and with only a brief struggle Bray got them pinned down above Dean's head. Dean tried to jerk his head up, looking to smash in Bray's nose. Bray jerked his head out of the way just in time, burying his face in Dean's neck and biting the sensitive flesh hard enough to leave a bruise he would have to explain away later. Dean sucked in a harsh breath. Every single thing he tried to do to the other man failed. He couldn't land a blow, he couldn't tell him to go fuck off without ending up on his back like some two bit whore...he had no idea what was wrong with him. He had lost all control. Bray was in his head. In his head and under his skin. Like a disease. Perhaps it was karma. Being the one that got under people's skin was something he had thrived on for years. Sami, Seth, Regal, Roman to an extent-perhaps having his control taken away here was showing him how he made all of them feel. That or he had just lost what was left of his fucking mind. He had never been a picture of mental stability; perhaps something deep down had just really snapped and that was why he kept letting this happen.

Darkly sweet words were being whispered into his ear but Dean was hardly listening. He tilted his head back, his eyes closed tight as his body rocked with their movements. His mouth hung open and tried to say something but all that came out was gibberish. He didn't realize Bray had let go of his wrists until the strong hand was once again wrapped around his dick, stroking hard and fast to be in time with his thrusts. Dean's entire body jerked, actually spasming along with his orgasm. His teeth found Bray's shoulder though it didn't quiet him very much. He felt Bray's release spill into him and for a few moments they just laid there, limbs tangled together and bodily fluids lingering together in a lovely yet disgusting mess.

Bray kissed Dean's forehead before moving off of him. Despite the temperature of the room itself Dean immediately felt cold at the loss of the larger body on him. He watched as Bray fixed his clothes and retrieved his hat. "You can run along now little lamb." The words weren't meant in the very least. Dean could tell that much. It was a courtesy send off. He had yet to decide to kidnap Dean and keep him locked down in his swamp compound though that couldn't ever be put past him. Tonight just wasn't that night.

Dean slowly got up to his feet. He pulled his pants back on and went to grab his shirt. The sleeveless black material was completely ripped in half. He turned to Bray to snap at him but his voice failed him as their eyes met again. Bray's gaze was completely blank. Dark eyes held neither their usual charm or malice. He was just watching Dean. Just waiting to see what he would do. After a long moment Dean let his ruined shirt slip from his fingers and he walked over to Bray. Very gingerly he sat down next to him and let himself relax back against the wall. "Don't fucking gloat or I walk," he threatened.

Bray smiled and put an arm around him. "Wouldn't dream of it darlin."