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"Ozpin, is it really wise to have him teach of all things" Goodwitch said with a worried tone as she place the dossier down on Ozpin's desk before continuing with an even more worried tone "How can we be sure he won't kill them, remember that village he was sent to help when the Grim began to infest the surrounding forest. He nearly killed everyone there because and I quote 'They got in my way'. Remember" Goodwitch said with utmost seriousness

Ozpin sighed leaning back in his chair resting his head on his hand as he tried to give her a reassuring look but failed to do so "As much as I despise his methods and his principles, he is the only true hunter that can make anyone if he wanted to into something great, especially now when he finally accepted to teach after countless years of denying the position" Ozpin said as he sighed heavily before he continued when he saw Goodwitch was still unsure of his decision

"I may be able to lead and guide them to become hunters and huntresses they always dream of becoming, but he's the only one to make them learn that it's not all fun and games. The life we live is dangerous one, we don't know when our last breath is going to be. But with his training methods may give them chance to live out their lives longer than most could possibly wish for" Ozpin said proudly

"But sir to be honest 'him'" Goodwitch said once again worried in his decision as Ozpin opened up the dossier again of the new professor that accepted to teach here

"Glynda, let us just pray for the students that they can handle 'Deaths teachings' for that's all we could possibly give them now"

"Hey guys, did you hear we're going to have a new professor coming to teach us" Pyrrha announced sitting down with her team next to team RWBY and FADE

"OO, OO I wonder what he'll teach us, I hope he teaches us how to wrestle Ursa" Nora exclaimed a little too excitably as everyone chuckled weakly while Ren sighed at her usual energetic antics

"Nora, please sit down and eat your food" Ren said as everyone soon noticed Nora had one foot on the table before plopping back down

"Okay~" Nora said happily as she started eating her food again or slurping to some who seen how Nora eats

"Where's Blake and Adam?" Ruby asked noticing the two weren't here with them as this elicited a giggle from the girls in the group

"Don't worry about it Ruby let them have their privacy" Yang said with a grin waving it off as the rest began chuckle leaving Ruby slightly confused

Before Ruby could say anything a loud shriek resonated through the cafeteria "What was that!" Jaune exclaimed standing up along with the others as they all saw the other students were gathered around the windows. The ten of them went over to see what was going on

"What's going on!?" Ruby asked squeezing through the crowd till she got to the window and gasped along with the others when they saw what was outside

An entire flock of Nevermores were circling beacon screeching out every so often "Holy!, there's at least ten of them!" Yang exclaimed wide eyed watching the Nevermores circle around Beacon

"Hm~ Strange why would these Nevermore be here?" Daniel asked no one and thought about it for a bit before snapping his fingers in realization "They're in the middle of migrating and they're using Beacon as perch to rest and get an easy lunch out of us" Daniel explained quickly

After hearing this Franz began walking toward the exit "H-Hey where are you going" Elisa asked watching the bear faunas walk away from them

"This is a place to learn how to fight against Grimm, What do you think I'm going to do" Franz said nonchalantly as he headed out to change into his regular clothing

". . . . Well he has a point" Yang said as the others looked amongst themselves before rushing to catch up with the bear faunus

"This has got to be the most reckless thing we're going to do" Weiss said angrily as the group made it to the locker room, changed and grabbed their weapons before heading to the academy's entrance

As they made their way to the entrance Blake and Adam joined up with them "We got here as we quick as we can, what's going on" Blake asked as Yang let out a snort

"I'll say you got here Quick-y, must've been a fast time for you to finish" Yang said playfully playfully earning a blush from the two

"Now's not the time Yang" Blake said quickly earning a loud Ha from Yang as Adam grumbled something about a dumb blonde

As they exited the school they saw prof. Ozpin standing right outside leaning on his cane while sipping from his mug of coffee "Professor!" Ruby exclaimed as Ozpin turned to them

"Good afternoon students, I'm guessing your out here because of them" Ozpin said pointing with his cane at the flock of Nevermores

"Yes, why aren't any of the professors doing anything about this" Weiss demanded infuriated the professors aren't doing anything to get rid of the Grimm

"Well you see we would get rid of these Nevermores by the end of the day if all the professors got out here to fight, but I'm guessing you heard about the new professor coming here today" Ozpin said as they all nodded in acknowledgment "Well" Ozpin just said as he pointed out in the distance which they could make out was an airship coming to Beacon "There he is" Ozpin said simply before sipping his coffee

"So we're just going to stand here while he's going to get eviscerated. Great plan" Yang stated dryly as the Nevermores began circling below the airship

"Takes a lot more than Nevermores to take him down. Trust me I know" Ozpin replied coldly which the teams shivered from

"But he's just one man" Pyrrha spoke up as Ozpin turned to her with a dry look

"Tell me. Do any one of you know who in all of Remnant is considered the deadliest man alive" Ozpin asked as the team looked at each other not knowing

"That- That would be the Crimson Demon Alucard" Weiss said shaking a little at just the mention of the man's name

"Who?" Yang asked

"He is a man who could take an entire kingdom's army by himself and not break a sweat while doing so" Ozpin stated as the teams jaws dropped hearing that statement "Tell me Ms. Schnee how do you know about him" Ozpin asked curiously as he looked at the fidgeting heiress

"I- I met him during a meeting between my family and the Hellsing family" Weiss said choking slightly on her words

"Wait Hellsing as in the Hellsing corporation, the people who make the most deadliest weapons in Atlas and rents out personal guards to the most wealthiest companies" Franz spoke up knowing about the Hellsing family business as the White Fang fought these men before and suffered heavy casualties from the conflict

"That is correct Mr. Kuma, Alucard is actually the personal guard to Integra Hellsing the head of the Hellsing family" Ozpin stated not taking his eyes off the approaching airship

"What happened when you met him" Ruby asked slightly worried for Weiss as she had a look of complete fear in her eyes

"We, my family and theirs, were having dinner together when assassins came out of nowhere. They killed our guards before trying to kill us but only stopped when that man-" Weiss said choking up a bit before continuing "That man started to laugh, madly. He stood up to them and when he didn't obey to their demands to get on the ground the assassins shot him but he didn't fall down" Weiss said as she became slightly paler than usual as the others listened intently to her story "They kept shooting him to the point that he had giant bloody holes on his entire body that would've killed someone ten times over and yet" Weiss gulped as she continued "That man kept laughing maniacally louder and louder before he. Before he killed them all. with his teeth" Weiss said grimly shaking visibly now remembering the event that gave her nightmares for months of a man with a bloody grin ripping a man throat out with his teeth while laughing madly through the night. Weiss turned to see the others looked appalled and slightly terrified

Weiss turned back to Ozpin wide eyed when she realized something "Wait please tell that he's not" Weiss said pointing at the airship scared of the possibility that he's going to teach them

"No he is not" Ozpin said simply as Weiss let out a breath of relief "No this is a man who can actually match blow for blow with him" Ozpin stated as they turn to the airship wide eye that was now overhead the academy as Nevermores flew in circles below it

"Um shouldn't we do something" Ruby asked nervously as the Nevermores flew closer as they noticed the door in airship and saw what they could guess was a man in purple shroud covering his entire body

They watch as the man removed the shroud and tossed it aside flowing down in the air before pulling out two weapons "Are are those scythes" Ruby said as she noticed the shape of the weapons as they all gasp as the man just fell out of the airship

"Hmm, Nevermores, I guess I could use a good warm up" the man said dully as he went to the door of the airship and opened it

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" the man turned to see the pilot yelling at him

"This is my stop you may go now" the man just said ignoring the pilot outburst as he stared back out of the airship. He removed his purple shroud and tossed aside as he pulled out his weapons "Now then Harvester it's time to reap what these Grim sow" he said before he simply leaned out the airship as he began to fall through the sky

A single Nevermore flew straight at him it's beak wide open as he moved aside and brought down his scythes into the side of its face. He then dragged his scythe through the Nevermore's body up to its wings before with a great tug he severed the Nevermore's wing. The Nevermore began spasm out of control as it fell to its death as another Nevermore caught the him in its beak. he responded to the action by bringing down one of his scythes into the Nevermore's eye causing it to let go of him as he pulled on his scythe as he hoist himself up onto its neck. He then brought down his other scythe into the base of its skull and began to repeatedly stabbed it until its twitching body went limp

The man jumped off the Nevermore's head as he went straight down. As he was falling he connected his scythes together as it formed a two handed large jagged blade scythe. The man raised his scythe up and brought it down into the nearest Nevermore's head. He then ran off the Nevermore's head with his scythe still embedded into its skull as he pulled the Nevermore's dead carcass with him. He then pulled his scythe upward with the Nevermore still attached as it went overhead and was thrown into another Nevermore, hard enough to break a wing as it fell to its death with the already decaying carcass of its companion.

As he finished admiring his handiwork his hand glowed an ominous purple with aura. He aimed his hand at an overhead Nevermore and shot out a purple aura gauntlet which grabbed onto the Nevermores talons. He halted in midair as the aura acted like a reel in line as he was pulled towards the Grimm like a rocket. He wound the scythe behind his back as he swung and cut into the Nevermore's midsection. The force he was going when he hit the Nevermore didn't stop as he kept on going as his scythe soon split the Nevermore in two.

As the dead Nevermore fell to the earth he was still shooting in the air before landing onto another Nevermore's back with a thud. He stabbed his scythe into the Nevermore's back and began running off of the Nevermore while dragging his embedded scythe, causing it to rip the Nevermore's spine in half. He jumped off the Nevermore as its back split open as it soon went limp and fell to its death

As he was falling he shot another aura gauntlet at another Nevermore by the fringe of its head. Just like before he was shot forward as he wound his scythe before swinging as it made a connection to the Nevermore's neck. His scythe went through its neck in an instant as it was decapitated. He then grappled his way onto another Nevermore as he planted his feet on its beak and pulled out his gun Redemption. He jammed his gun into its eye socket before firing multiple rounds as it went straight out the back of its head before he jumped off the dead Grimm.

As he was falling downward another Nevermore screeched out as he moved out of the way of its trajectory. He brought his scythe down into it's open mouth and continued falling his scythe went through the Nevermore's mouth and sliced the top part of the Nevermore's head off

The man grappled towards another Nevermore thrusting his scythe upward, making a large cut on the Nevermore's chest. Two large purple aura gauntlets formed above him and grasped the cut on the Nevermore's chest. With a quick jerk the two gauntlet hands ripped the Nevermore's chest open as the man simply brought down his scythe into the Nevermores visible beating heart

The man looked up to see the rest of the flock flying away in fear of the man which he scoffed at as he simply stood on the falling carcass of the Nevermore he just killed

"Damn" Yang said in awe as the others nodded in agreement at the carnage they just saw "So he's going to teach us" Yang asked turning to Ozpin who was staring directly ahead

"Yes, Pray you have him when he's in a good mood" Ozpin said bluntly taking a sip from his mug as a chill went down their spines at what he meant

"Umm guys what's going on" Jaune asked as everyone noticed a large shadow was looming over them causing them to look up and take a step back in shock at what they saw. It was Nevermore that was three times the size of an alpha. The Nevermore's entire body was covered in white armor with red markings, leather wings instead of the usual feathers ones and its beak sharp and jagged with rows of sharp teeth outlining the inner edge of it's mouth

"Is that" Ruby asked trembling slightly

"An Omega Nevermore, named the god Grimm of the skies because it has rarely been seen in centuries and the times it has been seen caused those who have seen it soon find themselves its prey" Ozpin answered calmly

The Omega Nevermore let out an ear shattering screech that caused all the windows of Beacon to crack then blast inward "Well there goes some of our budget" Ozpin said dryly looking at the destroyed windows of his academy

"I think you can worry about that after we somehow survive" Daniel said gulping looking directly at the Omega who was flying closer to the academy

"No we don't really have to worry 'he' can deal with it by himself" Ozpin said coldly as the others were going to say if he was crazy before feeling a wave of immense aura pouring down onto them as if they were drowning. They all turned back to see the man glowing a ominous purple and dark purple smoke forming around him

"What" was all Ruby could say before they were all pushed to the ground with the exception of Ozpin from a blast of energy the man gave as he jumped up high into the sky, higher than the Omega was flying

The man was chuckling to him self as he saw the Omega approaching "And here I thought I was going to be bored" the man said as he let out his power slightly causing the Omega to lose it balance in flight for a split second

"Now then how about I take your title as God Grimm from you" the man said darkly as his aura covered him as purple smoke began to precipitate around him as he poured aura into his legs and shot through the air higher above the Omega. Holding Harvester up high as he shot downward toward the Omega slicing the side of it's neck on his descent before turning around quickly and grappled onto the fringe of its head. He shot through air and sliced the back of it's neck as the Omega let out a screech in pain as it shot forward with it's beak wide open clamping down on the man trying to eat him but couldn't as the man's aura gauntlets caught the beak and held the Omega in place as the man impaled Harvester into it's eye causing it to screech in pain as the Omega flung the man into the air again

"This is getting repetitive, Time to end this" the man said as he tossed Harvester into the air spinning as it glowed as wave of purple aura covering it for a second before dispersing to reveal a scythe twice the original with it's side ornamented with with skulls and its bladed edge much more sharp and jagged. He then summoned an aura arm to grab the giant scythe as he grappled the Omega by it's neck and pulled himself toward the Omega. He landed on its chest with a thud and then summoned another arm to grip the scythe as it held the scythe up high in the air. The aura arms swung the scythe into the uninjured side of its neck embedding it halfway through it's neck "I commend you, I truly do" The man said as the Omega was choking on blood as its eyes were going pale "You were truly a good waste of time" the man said with a tug on his scythe as it severed the Omegas head from it's body

"Did he just" Ruby asked quietly as she stared wide eyed at what happened

"Yep" Ozpin replied monotonously

"But that's impossible" Blake added in shocked as she couldn't believe what she just saw

"Yep" Ozpin said once again even more monotone

"H-How is this even possible" Weiss said voice slightly wavering

"He was always one to make his point to show he is not one to be messed with" Ozpin said dryly

"I THINK HE MADE HIS POINT BY KILLING A GODDAMN OMEGA NEVERMORE THE DAMN GOD OF THE SKIES FOR FUCKS SAKE, BY HIS DAMN SELF WHEN IT TAKES AN ARMY OF S CLASS HUNTERS TO KILL THE DAMN THING!" Yang screamed out watching the decapitated head of the god of the skies fall apart from it's body where the man was standing on before jumping off the body falling from the great height onto the ground with a resonating thud with dust flying everywhere

"I-Is he okay" Jaune asked nervously as a fall like that should hurt someone normally

"I wish he was hurt from that" Ozpin stated coldly shocking the others at how cold he is towards the unnamed man. As the dust dissipated it revealed the man, unharmed, standing in a crater before walking out of the crater where they got a good glimpse of him

The man was deathly palish in complexion, he is incredibly tall with muscles that seem to bulge out of his skin, Raven shoulder length hair, skeletal like fingers, a scar on his right shoulder that was formed a strange symbol, the man wore purplish black armor ornate with bones with skulls in center that covered his body from his midsection down and his gauntlet but the most distinguishable feature on this person was his bone mask that covered his entire face with only his piercing red orange eyes that glowed ominously in dark insides of the mask.

The man outstretched his arm and opened his hand as the shroud he was wearing on the airship fell softly towards him. It gently landed into his hands as he put it on in a quick motion covering his entire upper body in the shroud

The man then split his scythe in two and place it on his sides before walking up to their group "You were always a showoff when it comes to power" Ozpin stated dryly staring coldly at the man before them

"Yes and you were always addicted to caffeine, how's that working out" the man said sarcastically which Ozpin just grumbled in annoyance

Before the man said anything a caw was heard and everyone looked up to see a crow glowing slightly green descend down onto the mans shoulder "Of course you come out after the battle is over, you useless bird" the man said as the crow cawed at him angrily

"Is that" Ren asked his voice wavering slightly at the sight of the slightly glowing bird

"An Ethereal, yes it is" Ozpin answered watching the man ignoring them as he argued with the crow

"Um a what" Ruby asked as she never heard of an Ethereal before

"An Ethereal is a rare type of Grimm that actually has consciousness of its own actions and to see one is considered incredibly lucky seeing as they hide from people and never show themselves during the day" Daniel answered staring at the crow with great interest

"Wait that thing is smart" Yang asked surprised while pointing at the crow which heard what she said and took great offense at that. The crow flew from the man's shoulder and hovered in front of Yang's face causing her to back up when it started cawing angrily at her

"Now now Dust, just because we don't think your smart doesn't give you the right to attack people for no reason" the man said mockingly as the newly name crow flew back to his shoulder and pecked at his master's mask vigorously in anger

"Hypocritical from the man with more dead bodies under his belt than the amount he helped if I don't say" Ozpin said dryly as the man stared dryly back at him

"Says the man who sends children out to die for a living" the man retorted as the two began glaring at each other

"It looks cute" Ruby said unexpectedly breaking the twos gaze to look at her as Dust cawed happily as it flew to her and landed on her outstretch arm "Aw your just misunderstood aren't you" Ruby said sweetly petting the top of Dust's head which it crooned to while the others just stared at the scene unsure what to say about their friend petting the crow of the very deadly man

"Huh, Dust would never let anyone pet it like that except for only one other person" the man said scratching his chin for a bit before shrugging "Now then, come along Dust we have things to do, Lives to ruin" the man said as Dust flew from Ruby's arm back to his shoulder

"Would you want someone to take you to your class you'll be teaching in" Ozpin said slightly bitter as the man shook his head slightly

"I'll find my way around this place. Dust make yourself useful for once" the man said as Dust cawed flying up in the air toward the school entrance glowing brighter while leaving a trail of green feathers behind

"Hmph, I see the Ethereal is more than just to show off" Ozpin said dully looking at the dissipating feathers on the ground Dust left behind

"That wasn't showing off, Excuse me for a sec" the man said as he raised his hand and snapped his fingers as everyone heard as a silence went over everyone. After a moment they all heard a whinnie as a horse appeared from the ground in green flames before standing on its hind legs and gave out another loud whinnie as it dropped back down as it went up to the man

"That. Was showing off" the man said smirking under his mask at their jaw dropped expression looking at the horse. The horse had green flames for it's mane and around it's feet as well as it's piercing green eyes staring ahead of it, It's skin is a sickly pale with some skin looking as if its decaying, on it's back was a skeletal saddle which the man hefted himself on in single smooth motion

"An Ethereal horse. How" Ozpin said slowly under his breath and could tell the man was smirking under his mask

"Now then I'll be seeing you students in class. We're going to have a good time together" the man said as he gave out a low chuckle that sent chills up their spines as he clicked his tongue and motion his horse to move. The horse complied as it trotted toward the academy's entrance leaving behind the stunned students and headmaster as they watched him ride toward the schools entrance leaving green flaming hoof marks in his wake

"I'm sorta scared to have him as a professor now" Yang said shaking a bit as the others nodded slowly in agreement

"I just noticed something" Elisa said as she broke the uneasy tension surrounding them

"What is it" Franz asked with little to no emotion in his voice

"What's his name" Elisa asked as everyone realized they never learned his name as they turned to Ozpin who solemnly sipped his coffee before walking toward the academy's entrance

"Professor?" Ruby said slightly worried as Ozpin stopped "Professor what's the matter" Ruby asked worriedly as Ozpin turned toward them with his expression grim as the next thing he told them sent chills down their very souls

"His name is Death"

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