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It was a clear and breezy day in Vale as Ruby was racing towards the park where her team was waiting for her under a lone tree "Hey guys!" Ruby called to her friends as she ran up to them

"Hey Ruby you are in just in time for the picnic" Yang said as Ruby sat down on the towel that was placed on the ground

"Took you long enough you dolt, probably fell asleep didn't you" Weiss said with a huff

"Calm down Weiss" Blake said looking up from her book "Today is a lazy day, nothing wrong with sleeping in" Blake said as Ruby gave her an appreciative smile

"Yes but when you come up with the idea of having a picnic it's best if you actually come on time" Weiss said with a huff as Ruby looked away sheepishly

"Come on, let's just enjoy ourselves today" Yang said happily as they all nodded as they began to have fun as Blake began passing out food from the picnic basket from the side

The group was enjoying themselves as Yang started making puns which Weiss started to get annoyed and told Yang to shut it while Blake just shook at the interaction as she lost herself in a book she brought. Ruby just smiled as everything felt perfect like nothing could go wrong

That was until she felt a chill go down her spine as she let out an audible shudder, which surprised her as she saw her breath was now visible. None of her friends noticed as they were still having fun with each other but Ruby couldn't help but shake the strange feeling that something was watching. She looked around until he met eyes with a strange looking creature that made her breath hitch

The creature didn't have legs but a robe that covered its lower portion that hovered with an eerie black mist flowing from the bottom. Its skin was a purplish black with chains around its waist and its wrist with strange glowing archaic symbols on them. but what disturbed Ruby other from its creepy bat-like wings on its back was its face. The creature had no mouth and had six glowing green eyes that was looking directly at Ruby as if it was trying to look deep into her soul

Ruby watched as the creature raised its hand with its middle finger and thumb pressed together in a snapping motion. The creature's face soon twisted and distorted into what Ruby could guess was a twisted grin as the creature snapped its fingers. The air its hand was rippled as with a dark and yellow substance until it exploded outward covering everything Ruby could see, including herself as she went blind for a second.

When Ruby's vision came back to her the entire area she was in changed but not for the worse. No. Much worse than that.

The entire area was on fire as buildings were being destroyed by balls of black fire. The sky was blood red as screams of people being slaughtered was in the air. Ruby turned to back to her friends to see they were gone and turned back to the creature as it disappeared.

Ruby got up and ran as she witness giant monstrous monsters ripping people to shreds and even eating them. Ruby gagged at this causing the monsters to be alerted to her presence. They loud a blood curdling roar as Ruby tried to pull out her weapons but found Crescent Rose not on her body and had no choice but to run away from the monsters.

Ruby kept running as fast as her semblance allowed her to. Ruby turned the corner and gasped as she found three quarters of Team JNPR on the ground. Pyrrha had and entire chunk of her body missing as if something bit it off as half off her face was crushed into the concrete. Ren had a giant hole in his chest as both his arms were ripped off as well as his jaw leaving his tongue on his bloody neck. Nora had half her face burnt to bone as her legs were crushed to a pulped while her chest was ripped open as her heart was lying in her hand

Ruby stifled her cries when she heard the roar of those creature and kept running as she held back her tears. She kept running until she came to a fork in the road and saw something propped up. Ruby held her gasp as she found the last member of JNPR

Jaune was crucified on a cross as his guts spilled to the floor, the lower half of his body was missing as the upper half was burnt to a crisp. The only reason Ruby was able to it was Jaune was the small strands of blonde hair that remained on his burnt head and his remaining blue eye that hanged out of its socket. Around Jaune's neck was a sign that said

'Foolish Man Who Tried To Be A Hero'

Ruby sobbed as she was about to fall to her knees as the roars echoed again causing her straighten herself up and run as tears fell down her cheeks. Ruby kept running until she reached the cliffs of Beacon and turned the way she came from when she heard the roars right behind her. Ruby took a step back as she ran forward and placed her feet against the wall of the cliff and pushed herself up the side of the cliff with all the strength she had all the way to the top. Ruby soon reached the top and pulled herself up as she kept running into Beacon.

But what she saw was horrifying as several students were on the ground killed and was being feasted upon by crows. Ruby gagged and kept moving as she made it to the entrance where the Hunters statue was and saw Team FADE

Franz had his head ripped off and tossed aside while his body was impaled by his own weapon. Elisa had her neck twisted to the point her head was backwards as her spine was ripped out and was hanging her by her legs from the statue. Daniel had his spine snapped in two as his eyes and tongue were clawed out while guts were spewed out on the ground. Adam the last of the team was impaled on the sword of the statue as his neck was ripped open as his head was only connected by a small sliver of flesh. Tied to his wrist was another sign

'Foolish Animal Who Wants To Right His Wrongs'

Ruby cried out for her friends before turning away, not being able to stand the scene anymore as she ran towards her father's class. Ruby kept running with tears flowing down her cheeks as she reached her fathers classroom and slammed the door open. She stepped in and choked back a scream as she stared at the three in front of her.

Blake was hanging from the ceiling by her own ribbon as her guts were spewed on the ground while her cat ears were chopped off as blood trickled down her pale face. Weiss had her chest caved in as blood poured from her eyes as her arms were ripped off while her white hair was stained red by the pool of her own blood she was lying in. And finally Yang, Ruby tried to look away but sobbed as she stared at her sister.

Yang's hair was burnt and cut as her tongue was chopped off. Her neck was cut open vertically as it went down her body revealing her insides as her heart had a giant bite taken out of it.

Ruby fell down to her knees as everything she saw finally took its toll as she began crying openly, not caring of the blood that she was kneeling in. Ruby kept on crying as she cried for each of her friends until she felt something draped around her neck. Ruby looked up and saw in the windows on the other side of the room show her reflection and saw what was around her neck. It was a sign like the other she saw the other leaders had

'Foolish Child Who Wishes to Be Something'

Ruby eyes widen as she saw the hovering creature from before was behind her. The creature then shot its hand at Ruby, gripping her neck as she began thrashing about in its grip. The creature lifted Ruby up as her feet left the floor as she kept on thrashing about while the creature choked her. The creature let out a dark sinister chuckle

"The day is coming, sooner than you think" The creature said maliciously with a cackle as Ruby's vision was going black. Ruby watched as the creature raised its free hand up as her vision was slowly going black as it lashed its claws at her.

Ruby let out a scream as fell out of her bed as she looked around and saw she was still in her room. Ruby huddled into the corner rocking back and forth until the door to her room opened "Ruby, what's going on" Yang asked with worry in her voice

"Y-Yang" Ruby said breathlessly

Yang looked at Ruby and rushed towards her worry evident on her face "Ruby what's wrong" Yang asked as she kneeled down in front of her "It's alright, Ruby it's just a nightmare" Yang said pulling Ruby into a hug as the redhead cried onto the blonde's shoulder

"But it felt so real" Ruby cried out softly as Yang calmly patted her head

"It's alright Ruby, I'm here now nothing bad is going to happen" Yang said as she pulled Ruby closer as she cried out softly onto her shoulder

Yang just held onto Ruby as she felt her sister sobs slow down to a stop "Can you stay" Ruby sobbed

Yang already knowing what she meant from several previous times Ruby had nightmares knew she wanted her to stay with her for the night "Alright Ruby, let's go to sleep" Yang said softly as she carried Ruby to her bed and placed her down as she lied down next to her. Yang pulled the blanket over them as she pulled Ruby close "Go to sleep Ruby, I'll be here when you wake" Yang said softly as she humming a soft lullaby that she always sang when Ruby had trouble going to sleep.

Ruby slowly closed her eyes as she fell back asleep in the arms of her sister as they dreamt peacefully for the rest of the night.

The creature let out a wail of pain as Death gripped its wings tighter before giving them a great tug as they were ripped out of its back with black ichor splattering everywhere

"Do you think I wouldn't notice someone like you entering the area" Death said darkly as he stomped on the creature's arm as it broke under his weight. The creature let out another wail when its arm broke as Death brought out one of his scythes and brought it down into the creatures back. The creature let out a wail of pain as Death dragged the scythe out painfully "And do you honestly believe I would let you live for messing with my daughter" Death said seriously as he placed his boot against the creatures head and began grinding against its skull

"Wait, I have something you may want to know. Just let me live" The creature pleaded as it grasped Death's leg and tried to pull his boot of its face

"There's nothing you have that I want" Death said darkly he grinded deeper into the creatures skull

"Wait, in exactly 15 months the plans will begin for the Gates to open" The creature shouted out as Death stopped grinding his boot against its face. He then grabbed the creature by its neck and slammed the creature against the wall

"How exactly are they doing this. Answer Me!" Death demanded as he slammed the creature against the wall once more for emphasis

"They're getting the key of life and death to do it" The creature gasped in Death's grip as he grabbed his wrist with his one good arm "We already have the key of Death and we are still looking for the key of life to use when the moon is full and it runs dark as blood" The creature said cryptically as Death tightened his grip on the creature

"Where is the Key of life" Death demanded

"I. Don't. Know" The creature choked out

"Then this is goodbye, abomination" Death said letting go of the creatures neck and grabbed its skull.

"I may die now but. Remember this-" The creature shouted out in pain as Death began squeezing its head tightly "Remember. Who. Holds. The. Leash" The creature said slowly as Death narrowed his eyes darkly at the creature before crushing its skull in its hand as its body went limp.

Death tossed the body to the side and took out a fire dust crystal. Death lit the crystal and tossed it on the creatures body as he watched it burn to ash and scatter in the wind before heading towards his daughter's dorm.

Death climbed up the side of the dorm, entered the dorm room and went to his daughters room. He opened the door to find her hugging Yang tightly as the two slept peacefully "Well, at least you are of some use Xiao Long" Death said as his face scrunched up behind his mask "Ugh, that left a terrible sensation in my mouth" Death said shaking his head as he silently closed the door and left

Death walked out of Beacon and took an airship out to a distant Island in the northern part of Atlas. Death arrived to his destination and summoned his horse Despair. Death got on Despair and started galloping towards the icy peaks of the northern part of the island. After an hour of riding Death soon saw in the distance a giant dark tower as his crow Dust appeared on his shoulder cawing

"What is it Dust" Death asked as Dust looked into his eyes as Death reeled back by a mental image of an old man sitting in a chair as he tapped his fingers against the arms of the chair. The figure stopped tapping his fingers as he turned and stared directly at him. Death came back out of the image and shook his head from the visions sensation on his mind "Well at least he knows I'm here" Death muttered as he rode forward until he came upon the towers entrance

Death jumped off Despair as he gave the horse a pat on its neck before it disappeared in a flurry of green fire. Death walked towards the entranced and summoned his two aura hands to push the door open with a slam. After several minutes of walking and climbing, as the elevator up to the top was frozen to disrepair, he made it to the top. Death walked into the circular room and stared ahead at the old man who stood up from his seat and disappeared in flurry of black feathers

"What are you doing here Death" The man said as Death looked behind him to see the old man was standing a few feet behind him

"I've come with a question Crowfather" Death asked the old man who simply grunted

"And why would I know of anything you need" Crowfather asked with gruff voice

"Because you are the keeper of secrets, your pets are everywhere and you see from everything they see" Death said motioning to all the crows that were up high on the beams on the ceiling "So stop fooling around. I know you know why I'm here" Death asked seriously as Crowfather scoffed

"I saw from Dust, I have no knowledge where the key of life is nor do I know anyone who could possibly point you in the direction of it" Crowfather answered as Death let out a tsk

"Do you honestly expect me to believe you have no knowledge where it could be" Death said with his arms crossed as the old man narrowed his eyes angrily at Death

"Do you honestly believe I would know where the key is located, its been hidden by the ancestors for millenniums as no one alive or descended from the ancestors know where it is. How they found the key of death is remarkable as I figured it impossible to find" Crowfather stated as Death went into thought of what he heard

". . . Then you better get to work old man" Death said after a moment of silence

"Oh hohoho, sorry Death but I'm not getting involved with this plan. I'm just going to stay here where its safe while the world is being torn to shreds when the End comes" Crowfather said sternly as he disappeared in a flurry of feathers and appeared on his throne once more

"I don't take no for an answer" Death said darkly as he pulled out Harvester

Crowfather scoffed "Put those away Death, I have no reason to fight a battle I would never win, and that goes without saying what is going to happen on the eve of the blood moon" Crowfather stated as Death narrowed his eyes as he put the scythes away

"What exactly is going to happen other than the obvious" Death asked as Crowfather sighed

"The legends of the Gates of creation is a very, how you say it, iffy tale" Crowfather stated as Death raised a brow behind his mask

"What do you mean?" Death asked as Crowfather leaned back in his chair as he crossed his fingers

"There are many speculations to what the Gate does, the most common is it would either give you the power to rule everything, or an army of the damn, or the destruction of life itself. None of these should ever be allowed but with them already having one key and looking for the other one, what could we do" Crowfather said as Death stomped his foot down

"We stand and fight to push back the onslaught and take the keys before its even used" Death said seriously as the Crowfather scoffed

"You and your siblings may be well and able to fight but do you have any idea where they are located other than in Vacuo" Crowfather asked as Death clenched his fist tight in irritation. Crowfather saw the anger boiling under his mask as he let out a sigh "The most I'll do is lead you in the right direction when the time comes and that's it" Crowfather said seriously as Death looked up at him and nodded

"Thank you. . . Old man" Death said tauntingly as Crowfather let out a 'bah'

"Just leave me be already and give this to your daughter to calm herself, as well as make sure this never happens again" Crowfather said tossing a necklace as Death caught in the air "I enchanted it so no one could ever enter her mind unless they have powers greater then my own" Crowfather explained as Death looked at the necklace

The necklace was held by a silver Figaro chain as a piece of red ruby was molded into a shape of a dragon's skull. The skull had silver jaw that was connected to the chain while the rest was made of ruby

"A little to showy don't you think" Death asked as he continued to stare at the ruby skull

"Says the man who carries a bunch of weapons that come out of nowhere" Crowfather retorted

"I actually don't carry them anymore" Death said as he put the necklace in one of his hidden pockets

"Really? And here I thought you enjoyed smashing things with those giant hammers of yours or using those bladed gauntlets or claws" Crowfather asked as Death gave him a mild shrug

"I never had the chance to use them anymore so I put them in storage, though now I probably will have to get them out. . . Might as well make a slight detour on the way back" Death said as he figured he should pick up his weapons on the way back

"Well then be off will ya, and pray not let the door hit on they way out, not like it will make happy or anything" Crowfather mumbled the last part as Death flipped him off as he walked away

"Are you sure you're okay Ruby" Yang asked as she placed on of her hands on Ruby's shoulder

"I'm fine, you don't have to worry" Ruby said with a fake smile that her sister and all her friends noticed. It has been an entire day since Ruby had her nightmare and she didn't sleep well since. She tried going to her father during the day before to ask about the dream but apparently he was gone on a trip somewhere in Atlas and would be back today for their lessons

"You can always rely on us Ruby if need anything, you know that" Pyrrha spoke up as she gave the young girl a smile that she returned weakly

"It's fine, let's just get to class alright" Ruby said waving them off with a cold shoulder as they all frowned sadly at her sullen attitude

When they entered the classroom they found it empty "Seems he's not back yet" Blake said as pulled out her book to read to pass the time

"Great we now got to wait in an empty classroom. . . . Why does this feel like deja vu" Elisa said as she wracked her brain trying to think why while her teammates shook their heads at her

"Let's just wait until he comes back before he gets mad for us leaving" Daniel stated as he sat down on the floor and began to meditate with Ren who was already deep in meditation. The others soon decided to make small talk with each other or get some work done from other classes. Yet during all this they always looked in the corner of their eyes at Ruby who was just staring out the window solemnly

It was about ten minutes in when Death finally arrived. . . By kicking his door down that went flying through the window "You know I would be mad that I broke my own window but fuck it" Death said uncaringly as he walked into the classroom carrying a giant that rattled with the materials inside "Well you're all lucky, today you're NOT doing anything other than one thing" Death said as they all raised a brow

"And that is" Jaune asked carefully

"I just need you to tend to my weapons" Death said as he dropped the giant sack onto the ground as it made a giant thud against it. The impact was so hard that it cracked the floor below and made everyone jump a foot in the air

"Wait weapons? I thought you only had the two" Ruby asked as she immediately came to his side at the prospects of new weapons. The others smiled lightly seeing as Ruby went back to her normal self

"Hello Ruby, how are you doing" Death asked politely as Ruby became crestfallen again

"I'm okay" Ruby said gloomily

"Uh huh" Death uttered dryly "Well to answer your questions I actually have several, it's just that I never got the chance to use them anymore" Death explained as he pulled out a massive hammer which its head looked like a crow "Huh, forgot I even had this one" Death said as he twirled the hammer around his fingers before jumping up in the air and bringing it down with a thundering crash that sent everyone back a few steps "Good ol Van Der Schmash" Death said as he tossed the weapon to the side as Franz caught it with ease as he stared slightly disturbed at the Crow hammer head

Death pulled out another weapon that was a gauntlet with two bone fangs sticking out the front as three skulls decorated the top as if it were its eyes "Achidna's Fangs, I remember getting these" Death said as the others looked curious

"How did you get them?" Ruby asked interested with what else was in that giant bag

"Well truthfully I forged these out of the bones and poisonous fangs of a rare Arcane Grimm Spider who the people that it was terrorizing called it Achidna" Death explained as Elisa had a look of interest when he said poisonous which he saw which was why he tossed it to her as she examined the fangs with a slight glee

He pulled out another gauntlet that was dark green with a ribbed bone-like spike curved outward on the edge "Lich spines, made for fast strikes as tendrils of lighting sear the flesh of its foes" Death explained as he tossed it to Ren who looked at it curiously as the spike cackled lightly with green lightning

Death then pulled Another gauntlet that was black with red tipped fingers and a piercing red gem on the back of its hands that look like a giant eye "Fists of Elhazar or commonly known as the Elhazar's Glare and Might. Supposedly he was a strong warrior who fought an army with these weapons and died when he killed the last of his foes" Death explained as he tossed it to Yang who had a gleam in her eyes that said she wanted to use them

Death then pulled out a scepter with the head having actual faces on four sides as the bottom and top were covered in crystal "The Scepter of the Deposed King, this was wielded by Argul the old king of Atlas who was the most hated king in the history of Remnant" Death stated as everyone looked shocked at the fact Death had such a historical weapon in his possession and his attitude showed he didn't care at all. Death lazily tossed the weapon to the side as Daniel slid to catch the ancient piece of history before it touched the ground

Death then brought out a double sided black and red axe that had a screaming face on the center of it "Rusanov's Axe supposedly this axe is filled with the souls of those who are damned and filled with regret. Bunch of bullshit really" Death said tossing it to Adam who fumbled to catch it until he got a hold of it. Adam stared at the axe but looked away in fear as the sounds of screams echoed in his mind

Death then pulled Another two pairs of gauntlets. The first was made of a pale white bone and the blade on the side was also made of bone that jagged outward in a design of a wing while the fingers were covered in a black metal. The second was of grayish brown as it had a face made of bone with its jaw wide open showing purple energy flowing out of its mouth and eyes while two blades ran along the front of the gauntlet

"The Frostforge Twins, these create spikes of ice that impale enemies with each hit you land" Death informed as he tossed it to Weiss who examined the quality of the gauntlets greatly "And the Gauntlets of Savagery, powered by a rare dust crystal that increases your speed and reflexes but in doing so you lose all sense of you techniques of how to fight as you start stabbing at great speeds wildly. . . Well depending how mentally capable you are at least then you'll be able to control it" Death said with a shrug as he tossed it to Blake who flinched when she caught the gauntlets as she stared at the gauntlets with a frown

He then pulled out another hammer that had the edges made of gold while the center had a sole screaming face with blue mist pouring out of it "Mace Maximus, supposedly this was wielded by a warlord and hid it because of its deadly reputation" Death explained as he tossed it to Nora who caught it with a giant grin on her face as she tested the weight and grinned wider as she swung the mace which caused an outline of blue energy following the swinging arc

Then Death finally pulled out a weapon that wasn't a mace, hammer, or gauntlet but a spear. The spear was pure gold with two silver blades at the end "Sunder. . . I forgot where I got this actually. I think it was for helping some group or something I don't know I think it was something involving giving them mercy" Death said as he scratched his head in thought before shrugging as he tossed it to Pyrrha who caught the spear and spun it around her hands professionally before slamming the bottom of the spear onto the ground. Pyrrha examined the workmanship and smiled as she felt benevolence within this spear and wondered how Death got such a pure weapon as she would never know

Death then pulled out a sword that was of a dark purple with the blade edges a dull silver. The hilt of the sword had a screaming face also as the horns of the face turned into the swords guard handle "Sword of Storms (I know it's Spear of Storms but I decided to change it a bit) This belonged to a righteous warrior who defended his land from evil, should have really kept that tomb closed" Death muttered as his students looked at him with distaste for desecrating someones tomb. Death noticed this and frown "Oh blow off, it was an unmarked tomb that was inside a mountain, in a very distant part of remnant, about 500 feet below surface level as it riddled with Grimm of various species. I found this thing fair and square. . . . . That and his skeleton was only a skull as the Grimm were chewing on the rest of the bones" Death added nonchalantly as the others didn't look assured about it. Death tossed it to Jaune who caught it as he felt an energy pulse through his body and made feel like he would fight to very end if it needed to

"Anything else" Ruby asked excited as she didn't listen to anything he said but the weapons

"No that's about all I could fin in that storage area. Should have probably went to the other one but I didn't have time to do so" Death said as Ruby looked crestfallen again "Wait found something" Death said making Ruby smile again "Wait. . What's this doing here?" Death asked as he pulled out a golden circular ring with a handle in the middle

"What is that?" Ruby asked as that didn't look like a weapon. She was surely wrong as Death squeezed the handle with some aura as four blades popped out of the ring in a windmill fashion

"Weird, why is the Crossblade doing here?" Death said mostly to himself as he scratched his head in thought

"Is something wrong with it?" Ruby asked as Death shook his head

"No, it's just this is your uncle War's weapon, that's all" Death explained as he racked his brain to figure out why he has something of his brother and wonders when did he take it from him

"Really" Ruby said slightly in shock because she never got the chance to see any of her families weapons except for her fathers scythe and gun

"Yep, seems he's going to miss this for a while" Death said tossing the giant shuriken to her

"So are we training with these or what" Yang asked as she already put on the gauntlets and began practicing some punches in the air

"No you are just polishing and cleaning these weapons that will soon be used to beat you lot into submission next week" Death stated bluntly as everyone paused in what they were doing and stared at him "That wasn't a joke, I hope you all look forward to next weeks lesson" Death said with a dark chuckle as everyone shivered

"Now I want all these cleaned and polished by the time I come back, come on Ruby" Death said as he walked out the room as Ruby gave her friends a confused look before following his father outside the classroom

"What's going on" Ruby asked when she stepped out into the hallway as she noticed her father had his arms crossed

"Do you honestly expect me to believe your alright Ruby" Death stated bluntly as the fake smile she had wavered a bit

"What are you talking about" Ruby said trying to push the conversation away

Death stared at her blankly before she saw him pull out a necklace with a ruby dragon skull "Here, it's enchanted to make sure that nightmare will never happen" Death said grabbing Ruby's hand and gave it to her

"Wha-What nightmare" Ruby said backing away slightly

"Ruby, stop trying to act brave you're not fooling anyone" Death stated bluntly as the cheerful look Ruby had dissolved into a crestfallen one

"How'd you know" Ruby asked sadly as she looked down at the necklace

"Well for one I killed the bastard who gave you that nightmare"

"Wait What!"

"Then you just acted throughout the day not caring what was going on" Death explained as Ruby frowned "That and you look like crap" Death stated bluntly as Ruby looked up at him infuriated "Hey I just say what I see" Death said holding his hands up at her as Ruby looked away with a huff and pout. Death let out a tired sigh as he bent down to Ruby's level "Ruby, listen to me right now" Death said seriously as Ruby looked at him in the corner of her eyes before turning back to face him "There are things that will scare you but you have to know there will be others that will help you. So stop trying to run away from the problem and just ask for help. You're not by yourself, remember that" Death said softly as Ruby teared up and hugged her father who returned the hug gingerly

"I-It was so scary" Ruby cried out onto his shoulder

"Don't worry Ruby it will never happen, I'll make sure of it" Death said as he softly stroked his daughters head

after a minute of crying Ruby finally stopped as she let go of her father "Thank you" Ruby said softly as she wiped the remaining tears from her face

"Anytime Ruby, now if you ever need to talk come to either me or Fury. . . Preferably Fury because truthfully I'm just drawing straws when it comes to these conversations we have" Death admitted as Ruby looked at him confused

"But you know exactly what to say?" Ruby questioned as Death scoffed

"You can blame Fury for that. Back when we were younger Fury went into a phase where she constantly watched soap operas and forced one of us to watch them with her" Death said as he shuddered a bit as he tried to push back the horrible memories "Reminds me of the time she went goth, now that was weird" Death said as Ruby snorted as she tried to hold back her laughter

"Really, she went goth" Ruby asked in amazement that her aunt would do such a thing

"Yep black clothing, makeup, piercings. Hell she even got a tattoo, I think she got rid of it though?" Death said as he placed his hand under his chin in thought

"I did" Fury said angrily as she pointed her flaming sword/whip at Death

"Ah, hello Fury how are you" Death stated casually as Ruby backed away from the angry woman

"Oh I'm just fine you know when people, DON'T TELL OTHERS EMBARRASSING STORIES OF THE OTHERS PAST!" Fury shouted angrily as her aura flared around her

"Really? People should be more considerate when they tell stories then" Death said with a smile behind his mask. Fury just stared at him with an angry face while she was sure he was grinning under his mask

"I'm going to kill you" Fury said in a dark low voice

"Oh come off it Fury, it's only Ruby that knows. . . Because if anyone would know about it we would kill them!" Death shouted to the doorway to his class where they soon heard scrambling and stuff being knocked over

". . . . I. . Hate you" Fury said slowly as Death chuckled

"I love you too little sis" Death said still chuckling as he stood straight back up "But we should talk about our familial love some other time"

"I will castrate you with a spoon" Fury said clenching her fist tightly enough to make some of her knuckles pop

"Sure you will, just like you said you would do that to Strife if he ever painted your room pink. . . From the last time I talked to him he sounds like a guy or am I hearing things differently?" Death questioned while picking his ears as Fury's mouth twitched before she let out a low grumble

Death chuckled before readdressing Ruby "Remember if you ever need help ask one of us and we'll try our best to help. That's what family is for" Death said with a smile behind his mask as Fury who was still mad at him smiled as well as Ruby slowly smiled as well

"Alright. . I will" Ruby said with a soft smile as Death ruffled her hair and Fury gave her a hug

"Alright go back in and clean Crossblade would ya, and make sure the others are cleaning their respective weapons as well" Death said as he placed the ruby dragon skull necklace around her neck. Ruby nodded as she gave him a quick hug before going back inside the classroom leaving the two adults by themselves

". . . . What do you have to report" Death asked seriously as Fury sighed

"Nothing, Nothing at all" Fury said with a slow shake of her head "Apparently no sightings, no movements, nothing. It's like they disappeared out of nowhere" Fury said as she began to bite her thumb "I don't know how about this, either irked I can't find them or worried I can't find them with all the connections we are using" Fury grumbled as Death nodded and went into thought "I heard you went to the Crowfather, any information we should know about" Fury asked as Death shook his head

"Apparently not even he knows where to find the key with all those crows of his" Death said with annoyance as Fury let out a huff

"So what do we do now" Fury asked

"We just wait, that's all we have to do now but wait as I train these idiots and my daughter to prepare themselves if the inevitable happens" Death stated as Fury nodded as she began walking away

Death let out a sigh "I swear to Oum if I find one of you scratched my weapons you're dead" Death shouted out as he walked back into his classroom

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