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"I must admit, you lot are getting better" The purple aura split Death said as he looked at his aura group who have nearly mastered the aura skin concentration technique as his other self was almost finished with the other group's strength training "Seems by next week we'll switch the two groups and have you train in the other activities" Death said as Ruby who Death was training to use an aura shield, that was a thin substance that was held out like a shield to protect the caster from firearms and some explosives (Think Infamous' Polarity Wall ability), flinched because their first year is only a week away till it's finished and they would be gone for a couple of months for break.

"Uh~ Dad" Ruby began weakly as he turned to her "You do know that our first year is almost over. Right" Ruby said hesitantly as Death looked at her confused

"What does that have to do with anything?" Death asked as the others became uncomfortable in this situation

"Well~ it's just that, when the year is over" Ruby said drawing the conversation out as Death crossed his arms "We leave. . for a few months" Ruby said as Death stared at her with a blank look. Death continued to stare at her for a minute as Ruby started to sweat under his gaze "Y-You okay" Ruby said hesitantly as she watched his purple aura form flickered for a moment and disappeared. The Death soon reappeared, taking a few steps to the side as he stared towards his class with a dry look.

Everyone stared at him confused before hearing several screams and saw everyone from Death's strength training group fly through the air fell down onto one another with a thud "What was that for" Yang said weakly as she pushed the others off her

Death didn't answer as the giant statue of himself was falling in the air and was caught by him. He gently set it on the ground before dispersing as the statue broke apart revealing the original "Would someone mind explaining to me why the FUCK didn't any of you tell me about this" Death said angrily as the ones who got thrown had no idea what was going on until Ren and Daniel filled them in

"It's just that we thought you knew. you know, seeing as you're a teacher and all" Ruby said meekly as she began backing up along with her friends who got up. Death twitched slightly as he cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders

"Whoever gets away from my reach doesn't get brutally beaten up. You have five seconds to run" Death said as he cracked his knuckles as his students learned never to question his motives and ran like hell away from their teacher.

Death watched as his students ran like hell away from him and gave out a tired sigh shaking his head "You actually like teaching them. Don't you" Fury said as she walked up to Death

"Well what do you expect. Being around them for so long makes them literally a part of your life" Death said "Plus it's always fun when I get to beat them up when they do something wrong" Death said as he began to chuckle while Fury shook her head and sighed

"So are you coming to the Gaea festival tonight" Fury said as Death looked at her confused

"The what festival?" Death said as he stared at her

"The Gaea festival, the festival that's taking place here in Vale this year" Fury said seriously as Death tilted his head at her "The festival that everyone including Beacon is participating in" Fury said nearly shouting as Death scratched his head "Or the fact there are people wearing hakamas, yukatas and even kimonos" Fury exclaimed as she gestured to the group of students walking down a hall far behind Death

"Didn't notice" Death said scratching his head as Fury pulled her head back as she held back a scream as much as she possibly can

"Did you even notice the ornaments and good luck charms that everyone decorated Beacon and Vale" Fury shouted in desperation as she gestured to all the props hanged up around the place

". . . Huh. . Didn't notice those before" Death said simply as he looked at the decorations around him as Fury let out a frustrated yell

"How the hell did you not notice ANY of these" Fury said in exasperation as Death just shrugged

"Do I honestly look like someone who would care about festivities and what people wear" Death said with his arms crossed as Fury sighed heavily and began to walk away

"Forget it, it would take hours to at least explain what this festival is about" Fury said tiredly

"Some bullshit about peace us Hunters achieve to make about driving back the Grimm from our world and making the four kingdoms. Also for luck for Hunters and Huntresses to be successful in their battles" Death said in a nutshell as Fury stopped and glared at him as she realized that he was screwing with her.

"I swear you are grinning behind that mask and if you are I am going to. Kick. Your. Ass" Fury threatened slowly as Death let out a bark of laughter as he walked away from her. Fury watched as he re-entered the Academy as she let out a sigh "Let it be known that Death has a funny side" Fury said dryly to herself as she gave out one last sigh before leaving to get her white and purple yukata for tonight

It was a little past eight as the sun went down as the festival started as many booths were put up with decorations hanged up everywhere. On the far end of the festival grounds was an old ceremonial temple as the priestesses that came to welcome another year of peace were preparing to preform soon "Come on guys what are you waiting for!" Ruby shouted at her friends as she wore a red yukata with black floral prints on the side and a black sash around her waist and of course her red hood on her head as the cape was wrapped around her neck like a scarf

"We're coming Ruby, hold your horses" Yang said with a grin as she came up to her with her own low cut yukata that showed a decent amount of cleavage. The yukata was orange with yellow flames around her sleeves around feet, along with a bright yellow sash around her waist. Next to her was Blake in a black yukata that turned purple around her arms and near her legs as the sides of the yukata had white flowers falling down its side. Weiss who was dressed in a white kimono with ice blue around the edges of her outfit and ice blue snowflakes around her entire body with an ice blue sash around her waist while her hair while in it's high pony tail was being held up by two elegant ivory needles.

"I still don't get why we're dressing up like this" Daniel said as he walked up to Yang as he wore a simple grey hakama top and darker grey hakama bottom as he stated he didn't want to wear a yukata because it looked like a dress which the others kept saying it wasn't

"It's tradition for people visiting a Gaea festival to wear these. Plus it's good luck to wear these while getting blessed by one of the priestesses" Yang said as she wrapped one arm around him and pulled him up close as she gave him a grin as he blushed trying to get out of her grip

"Still don't get why I have to dress like this" Daniel muttered still blushing as Yang laughed.

"Don't be like that Daniel and besides. I say I look good, don't you agree" Adam said as he walked up to them with Franz and Elisa. Adam wore a red hakama bottom and black top as well as a red haori over it with his wilting rose on his back. Franz wore a simple brown hakama outfit while Elisa wore a dark green yukata with symbols of snakes on one side of her body and a purple sash around her waist

"Yes you do" Blake said as she gave Adam a kiss

"Come on you two, leave that for later" Yang teased as Blake pulled away with a blush

"Where's team JNPR" Ruby asked as Ren came up wearing formal looking green yukata with pink lotus petals on the bottom

"There on the other side of the festival grounds enjoying themselves" Ren said calmly

"Oh I see, where's your outfit Ren" Ruby asked innocently as Ren's eye twitched

"This IS my outfit" Ren said gesturing to the yukata he was wearing

"Really? Looks like something you would normally wear" Yang said as Ren let out a low growl and glared at her "Just saying is all" Yang said as she held her hands up in a placating motion

"Why are you here anyways" Blake asked as Ren turned his attention to her

"I'm looking for Nora. Oum help us if she gets a sugar high while I'm not there to stop her" Ren said as they all shivered at the thought of a sugar high Nora

"Well good luck with that" Yang said as he gave him a rough pat on the back as he sighed before saying goodbye and went to look for Nora before she did anything incredibly stupid

"Well come on. Let's have some fun!" Ruby exclaimed excitedly as the others chuckled at her excitement as they began enjoying the festival. They all had a good time as they went to many game stalls and played, even though Ruby and her faunus friends would get an evil eye and some attitude from the stand attendee they ignored it and had fun

As they were having fun they came across Velvet and frowned at what they saw "Get out of here you damn animal, you're not welcome here" The stall owner nearly shouted as Velvet looked like she was about to cry when she noticed the glares she was getting from most of the crowd

"OY! Don't call her that" Ruby said angrily as she walked up to the stall with her friends close behind her. Ever since becoming a faunus she began to understand their troubles and seeing this angered a part of her she never knew she had before her horns grew.

"Tsk. Great more freaks, that's what I need to attract customers" The attendee said scornfully as everyone of Ruby's group started glaring at the man "All you faunus kind are just an eye sore for us normals, why you things even exist I don't know" The man insulted the group once more as the group was about to yell at the man until three police officers came to them

"What's going on" The one in front said as he looked over everyone

"These damn faunus' are causing trouble for my stall!" The man shouted as Ruby and her group gaped at him

"That's entirely bullshit!" Yang shouted "They didn't do anything, this racist fuck is harassing Velvet" Yang shouted as she gestured to Velvet who was shaking slightly

"I don't care, you can complain all you want at the station" The officer said snidely as the group looked at him in shock while the attendee had a victorious twisted smile

"You can't just do that for no reason!" Blake shouted getting really angry at the racism she's facing as the others were either growling or hissing at the cops

"Disturbing the peace and resisting arrest is reason enough" The cop said snidely as he and the others brought out cuffs "Truthfully if I had my way I would-" The cop stopped as three clicks rang in the air

"You do what" Death said darkly as he pushed the barrel of Redemption against the back of the cop's skull as Fury and strife was behind him doing the same to the other two cops

"You, what are you doing pointing a gun at a cop" The man hissed out as Death spun Redemption and then hit the man across the back of his head just hard enough to make him fall to his knees

"I'll give you a count of three to get the fuck out of here before I shoot you" Death threatened "One" Death said in a slow drawl

"You think you scare me, I'm the chief of police. I'll have you killed for this"


"You lot thinking you're better than me. I can see the bitch next to you is a freak as well, I'll make sure you all rot for this" The cop said pulling his gun up and aimed at Death


Death grabbed the man's hand and broke his arm in a single motion causing to drop the gun with a blood curdling scream. Death aimed at the man's head and- "STOP!"

Death stopped as he was about to pull the trigger and noticed Ruby looking at him in fear with the others taking a few steps back from him. He then also noticed the crowd that accumulated and watched with hitched breath. Death let out a tired sigh knowing the amount of bullshit he would get from the government and not to mention Ozpin as well as Goodwitch for killing someone in the middle of a crowd. He spun his gun around and knocked the man out with a swift strike to the man's head.

Death turned to the attendee and glared at him "If I ever see you here ever again. I'll end you" Death threatened in a low voice as the man panicked and ran away "What a little bitch" Death muttered as he watched him run away. He then felt something hit against his head as he noticed his daughter holding a broken pinwheel she probably got from one of the stands as her friends were comforting Velvet while looking at Ruby worried.

"Why must you always do something like that" Ruby said hysterically in exasperation while Death just sighed

"Why must you get involved with other people's problems" Death retorted as Ruby bit her lip "Listen Ruby, in this world there are people who help others, those who would do anything for someone, and then there are the complete assholes who do things just because they feel like it. Speaking of which" Death said turning to the two remaining cops who were still conscious and glared at them "Get the fuck out of here" he said dryly as the cops let out a shriek as they picked the unconscious chief and ran away

"What wusses" Strife scoffed as he put away his gun

"Sadly I have to agree with you. Also I been meaning to give this back to you. Catch" Fury said as she tossed her gun to Strife

"Oh how I missed you" Strife said happily as he held the gun up high as if it was to precious to drop

"If I wasn't here" Ruby began drawing the trio's attention back on her "Would you actually kill them" she said as she stood her gaze unwavering on them

"Of course we wouldn't Ruby" Fury said as Ruby let out a sigh of relief "We would torture them first to make an example out of them, Then kill them" Fury added as Ruby looked at her in shock as she never seen her aunt like this "What? Do you honestly believe I would let someone like that live. Fuck no, I would kill the prick where he stood but sadly you're too innocent to understand why we do it and won't listen so we didn't kill them. . . . Yet" Fury said as she whispered the last part to Strife and Death who nodded slightly.

Ruby looked at them and frowned as she also heard what she said. Fury noticed and sighed before smacking Death in the back of his head "The hell was that for" Death said dryly as Fury pointed at Ruby. It took Death a moment before realizing what Fury wanted. Death let out a sigh as kneeled down to Ruby's level "Listen Ruby, we do this because the world doesn't need people like them. If we let them live they would create hate that will continue on into the next generation and so on, making it into a never ending cycle of hatred" Death said as Ruby's frown deepened

"It doesn't mean you could kill them without consequences. What if that person had a family" Ruby said sternly as Death rolled his eyes

"Then whoever married the bastard was the same as him and would die as well" Strife said dryly as everyone looked at him in shock. Ruby couldn't believe the fun loving uncle could be so cynical "And the children as well if they are pretentious as their parents" Strife continued shocking everyone even more "And you're all wondering, how could you be so evil. Well I'm not, you see it's either I kill them or they grow up and try to exact revenge on me. So it's basically a mercy I kill them as kids then what I would do when they are adults" Strife said making everyone look at him in fear as mothers in the crowd held onto their children "I'm currently at three people at the mo- Wait hold on" Strife said unexpectedly as he brought his gun out and pointed into the tree that was on the other side of the stalls and fired "Make that two people at the moment who wants revenge" Strife said cynically as the faunus in the crowd smelled the iron in the air from the blood and took a step back in fear that the man just killed someone.

"And this is why War always tells you to finish off the contracts on families with everyone, not just the parents. What is this, the fifteenth attempt on your life because you let some kid live" Fury said dryly before noticing Ruby looking distraught as she walked away with Yang calling her but ignored her and kept walking

"Welp, we fucked up our only innocent member of the family. . . Good job everyone" Strife said happily as Death and Fury glared at him as they both elbowed him

"Ugh, so who's going to talk to her" Fury said in exasperation

"I might as well because you three are such role models" Yang said with her words laced with heavy amounts of sarcasm

"Don't I get to say anything" A voice stated as everyone turned to see a massive man in armor and a red hood standing behind them. He had two giant gauntlets on his arms and a giant sword engraved with skulls. Two locks of pure white hair fell out of the hood as the only part of the man's face could be seen was his glowing white eyes and the white mark on his face

"Huh. What are you doing here brother" Fury asked politely as War shrugged

"I came here because I heard the three of you have been hanging around Vale and I wanted to know why. Seems like that crazy rumor I heard was actually true" War said as he turned to Death who flipped him off "Charming as ever brother" War said dryly

"So we're going to let the man who is literally named war, give Ruby a pep talk. . . . Am I the only one who finds something wrong about that" Strife said sarcastically

"So getting a pep talk from someone named Strife better" War rebutted as Strife stayed silent and flipped him off "I thought so"

"Are you lot really having a conversation on who to cheer the girl up" A man stated as everyone turned their attention to a dark tanned man with piercing red eyes and white hair who wore a robe that hung on one shoulder "Besides Mithra has already gone to talk to her seeing as you lot really put a lot on her mind with what you did" The man said

"Well that solves that problem. Thank you Asura" Fury said politely as Asura waved it off

"It's my daughter you have to thank not me" Asura said as Fury nodded

"Are we seriously letting some stranger give Ruby a pep talk" Yang nearly shouted in exasperation

"Well would it help that my daughter is the head priestess of this festival" Asura stated as Yang stared at him blankly

". . . . . . Well when you put it like that" Yang said not sure whether to be happy that someone like the head priestess is helping Ruby or the fact she isn't the one trying to help her, seeing as she was affected by the event as well but not as much as Ruby did. Yang let out a sigh "At least she's getting help" Yang said tiredly as she stared off in the direction Ruby ran off to.

Ruby left the festival grounds not knowing what to do as she entered the forest that was close by. Ruby stopped and sat down against some random tree thinking back to what just happened "I don't want to be related to murderers. I don't" Ruby said nearly crying "Why, why when I actually get a decent family that always around comes and have fun with me to show their true colors as murderers. It's just not fair" Ruby cried out trying to shake the memory off like the hangover her uncle gave her that time they spent together as her aunt took her home. Her sweet, kind, fun, cynical, vile, cruel uncle and her benevolent, helpful, caring, cold, uncaring, evil aunt

"They do that because it's what they have always been taught" A girl spoke out as Ruby looked up and saw a girl her age wearing an elaborate multicolored kimono

"W-Who are you" Ruby said with uncertainty

"My name is Mithra, it's a pleasure" Mithra said with a slight bow

"Hello, my name is Ruby" Ruby said politely at the girl who smiled at her

"I saw what happened and wanted to tell you that this is completely normal what you are feeling" Mithra said as Ruby looked at her confused

"How would you know what it feels like" Ruby said hotly at the girl and reprimanded herself for taking out her frustrations on the girl she just met

"You're angry I know. I have a father that's similar to yours" Mithra said as Ruby looked confused which made her giggle "My father is always quick to violence and never thinks about his actions. There were even times when he killed another person" Mithra said the last part in a quiet voice that Ruby still heard "Don't take this in the wrong way, my father is a kind man and he did that to protect me and others when he did it" Mithra said as Ruby looked conflicted as she listened to the girl

"But I always been taught to consider all lives equal and to never take a life" Ruby said looking down as Mithra sighed

"I've been taught the same, that's why my father takes the responsibility of killing someone so someone like me would never have to" Mithra said as she sat down next to Ruby "Listen, just because a person kills someone doesn't make the person bad or necessarily evil. Evil is when the actions you have done to bring you to where you are now and is what defines you. I know of your father from my father as they once fought each other" Mithra said as Ruby looked at her shocked

"What happened" Ruby asked wanting to know the story

"Apparently the two got into an argument about something simple and ended up fighting each other with only their fists" Mithra said with a tired sigh as she looked away "Typical of my father really" Mithra said dryly. Mithra let out a huff and smiled at Ruby "But that doesn't mean I don't love him for what he does, he may kill a person once or twice or maybe even more but that doesn't stop him from caring for me and my mother. It just shows that he will do anything for family and yours will as well, so stop wanting him to change and just accept it. Life will become easier once you accept it and get on with your life" Mithra said as Ruby bit her lip as she began thinking what she said

'He has been there now since he came into my life, so has auntie and uncle. She's right though, I can't change how they act no matter how much I want them to. I guess I was just whining about how I wanted a normal family not a murderous one, even if they love me' Ruby thought with a sigh 'But it doesn't mean I condone his actions at times when he could go to a more peaceful route in doing things' Ruby thought as she picked herself up

"Thank you for talking to me, I really needed that" Ruby said with a smile as she helped Mithra up

"Any time" Mithra said with a smile "Now come on, your friends are probably worried about you, seeing as you ran off without telling where you're going" Mithra said as Ruby gave out a weak laugh as she looked away embarrassed

"You're right and I'll probably miss the priestesses dance if we don't hurry" Ruby said as Mithra laughed "What's so funny?" Ruby asked as she tilted her head in confusion

"It's just that the dance won't start without me being there to start it" Mithra said as Ruby looked even more confused than before causing Mithra to smile "I'm the head priestess, it's my job to bless everyone here and bring good fortune for the festival we're enjoying tonight" Mithra said as Ruby's jaw dropped

Ruby was just staring at her as she fumbled with her words "Y-You're" Ruby just said still fumbling with her words as Mithra nodded

"Yep, I'm the head priestess of the Gaea festival. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance" Mithra said softly as she makes a curt bow

"Y-Y-You don't have to bow, it's me who should be bowing" Ruby said hysterically as she bowed her head down low making Mithra laugh at the scene before her

"You don't have to bow, I prefer being considered as everyone's equal and nothing more" Mithra said genuinely, making Ruby looked at her in awe at how polite and kind she is

"Now come on. We probably should get back before our fathers do something that we would have no choice but regret for them" Mithra said dryly as Ruby let out a giggle as she followed Mithra back to the festival

"I bet fifty lien that Asura's daughter here calms her down" Strife said as Asura was leaning against a light post looking uninterested as he looked to forest waiting for his daughter to come out

"Fifty lien she hates us" War stated as Fury scoffed

"Ruby isn't like that. . . . I bet fifty that she'll hate us for about a week before getting over it" Fury said as Death smacked his hand against his mask as he couldn't believe his family is having a conversation like this while Durga, who came looking for Mithra, stood next to him watching the scene with a sweat drop along with Yang as the others left as Yang told them that she'll catch up with them as she gets Ruby.

Mithra and Ruby soon came walking out of the forest and up to them as Ruby went up to Death ". . . I'm sorry" Ruby said as everyone looked surprised

"Y-You okay little sis" Yang said as she had no idea what happened in that forest

"Yea, I'm fine" Ruby said giving her a smile "I just needed someone to tell me that my family is naturally crazy as it is and I have to accept them like that"

""HEY!"" Fury and Strife shouted while Asura laughed at them as Death gave her a dull look before looking at Mithra. Mithra waved her hands and shook her head

"I only told her that she needed to accept you all as you are. What she thinks about your mentality is all her" Mithra said as she walked up to her laughing father and her patient mother "We'll be going to the temple to begin the ritual dance, come join us when you're done with your talk" Mithra said politely as she bowed to them before leaving with her family

Death stared at the trio leaving before turning to Ruby "Truthfully I'm grateful I didn't have to explain myself, really didn't want to have that conversation with you" Death as Ruby looked at him dryly while Yang started chuckling "What's so funny?" Death asked as he looked at her

"Just that you think this is something you didn't want to talk about, just wait until she talks to you about what true love is" Yang joked as Death stared at her before looking at Ruby

". . . . . Who said I'll even let her do that" Death said as Ruby took a step back to gape at him

"Who do you think you are, saying what or what I can't do!" Ruby screamed at him as Death just gave her a dull look

"Your father that's who" Death retorted as Ruby scowled at him with a growl "You're not falling in love with anyone until you're 23, got it" Death said sternly as his siblings choked a bit from their laughter as they never would've believe in all their lives their brother would say that

"W-Who the hell are you. Because you are certainly not Death" War joked as he tried to control his laughter which ended when Death jumped up and roundhouse his face to the ground

"Shut the hell up War" Death said angrily as War got up and Fury got in between the two before it got out of hand

"Enough, both of you" Fury said sternly as she pushed the two away "Would it kill you to act civilize around each other" Fury demanded as the two of them and Strife gave her a questionable look "Right, forgot who I was talking to for a moment" Fury stated dryly as she pinched the bridge of her nose

"Hello~" Ruby said attracting their attention "Would someone mind telling me who he is" Ruby asked pointing to War "And also, I can do whatever I want. Isn't that what you always do, so why shouldn't I" Ruby said mockingly as Death stared at her with his arms crossed

"First the big brute over there is your uncle War" Death said as War gave him a low growl "And yes, I do what I want because I can back it up. You on the other hand are still a child and can't do anything to go against what I say" Death said as he poked the center of Ruby's head making her stagger back a bit

Ruby rubbed her forehead and pouted a bit making Death laugh softly as he ruffled her head "Still not going to happen" Death said merrily as he walked away towards the temple

"Still can't believe that's Death" War muttered to his siblings

"Well what can you expect. Having a kid really changed him, even if he only been with her for a few months" Fury stated

"He's also very protective of her. Never take her drinking because you'll regret it" Strife said rubbing the side of his head as a faint phantom pain appeared

"Why the hell would I take an underage girl drinking. That has to be the dumbest thing anyone can do, of all time" War stated as Strife let out a grumble "My god are you stupid" War stated as Strife flipped him off

"He didn't even mention the gambling or the drag racing or the fact he gave her a criminal record" Fury added in as Strife glared at her

"What is wrong with-. . . Wait I forgot who I was talking to for a moment" War said as Strife started cursing at him in a different language

"Ugh, you know I don't understand why I made such a big deal over things you guys do anymore" Ruby stated dryly with her head down low

"Well what do you expect" Fury said as Ruby looked up at her "You're more innocent to matters of life than we are. We were taught life was sacred but that life must be taken so others could live a peaceful life. You've been taught only the first part and not the last, we never had the opportunity to even be considered pure with our actions unlike you" Fury stated as she looked at Yang "We care for each other and that's it, sure we had other family members before the war but we were always secluded from one another. You were lucky to have a family so open and loving and that makes me sorta jealous that you get the life most would dream about" Fury said as she kneeled down to Ruby's level and soothingly pat her head "You lived in peace, we lived in war. No pun intended brother" Fury said to War who waved it off "What I'm saying Ruby is that we usually forget you never experience what we had to go through so our actions seems unorthodox to you and we're sorry if it scares you at times, but that's how we are raised and must learn to accept that we can never be considered normal people with what we do" Fury said softly as Ruby nodded

"Am I the only who is noticing Fury acting motherly-like or am I hallucinating" War asked as Fury twitched a bit in annoyance

"Yea I know it's pretty weird how Fury acts like this" Strife added as Fury reached for the whip on her leg "Now sis. Let's just calm down" Strife said backing away when he noticed her going for her whip

Fury pulled out her whip and gave it a good crack as red aura flames licked the material "I'm going to hurt you both" Fury threatened

"Your yukata is on fire" War said

"Complimenting me is not going to save you" Fury threatened

"Um, auntie your yukata IS on fire" Ruby said backing away from her aunt who noticed and immediately stomped the bottom part of her yukata

"Dammit, that actually looked good on me" Fury muttered as she looked at the now burnt lower portion of her yukata. Fury let out a tired "Oh well, what can you do" Fury said nonchalantly with a tired sigh as she put the whip away

"Um, well how about we head to the temple to see if we can see the priestesses dance and see if we can get blessed by one of them" Yang said as Ruby nodded and headed off with her

Fury watched the two head towards the temple as she turned to War "What's the real reason you're here" Fury asked seriously

"I'll to you all in private once this festival is over" War said as he looked to the side to see Death leaning against the side of a booth before nodding and left

"Wow, look at them" Ruby said in awe as she and all her friends were watching the priestesses dance angelically. Ruby watched Mithra in the middle of the group of priestesses as she sang beautifully. Yang pulled her in a gentle hug as the two siblings watched the dance with all their friends

They all watched them dance until they ended with a bow as everyone in the crowd applaud and cheered for them. The priestesses then went towards the crowd as they began giving a few prayers and blessings. Ruby watched as Mithra gestured her to come up and Ruby ran up to her. Ruby heard the grumbling audience saying 'Why should a faunus be bless by the head priestess' 'Damn animal' And so on. Ruby frowned but shrugged it off as she stood in front of Mithra

"We give prayers to our ancestors, to give us blessings for a long life filled with peace and love. Let us pray to all our friends and families as we wish them a happy life with those who love and care for them. Let us all give thanks to this world that gave us life and cherish each day as our last" Mithra said dramatically as she waved her arms in a circular motion as it leaves a green aura trail. Mithra clapped her hand together in prayer as she glowed golden as did Ruby. After a few moments the light died down and Mithra looked at Ruby with a smile

"Thank you for your time" Ruby said respectively as the two bowed to each other with smiles on their faces as Ruby returned to her friends who all were asking what it was like and how it felt

"Can you believe a year has already past" Ruby said happily as fireworks started to fill the sky with bright lights

"Just because the year is almost over doesn't mean you shouldn't study for the finals they are putting out" Weiss said sternly as Ruby held her head down remembering that they still had end of the year tests to do

"Well at least we had a great year together" Yang said pulling her team into a group hug as Ruby laughed, Blake giggled at the action while Weiss groaned at the action

"To this year and many more to come" Ruby cheered along with her team and friends joining in as they all laughed happily as they didn't notice Death watching from a distance.

"Be happy that you have this time of happiness Ruby" Death said with a smile as he grabbed the neck of a random assassin that approached behind him "Because there are things that are going to happen that will destroy this happiness you hold" Death said with a quick flick of his wrist snapped the assassin's neck. Death walked away with the new corpse from the group not wanting to ruin their current happiness as he looked at Ruby's happy face one last time and smiled before leaving the area and back to Beacon.

Death walked into his classroom and tossed the dead assassin into the room as his siblings stared at the corpse "That was the third one this week, mind telling me since when have I been so popular with assassins" Death asked dryly to War

"It's because the deadline has been announced" War said ominously as they all narrowed their eyes "We have two years until HE finishes assembling his army and attempts conquest" War stated as everyone mulled over what they heard

"Did you get any information from Vulgrim" Death asked as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed in thought

"Only two things that brought concern" War stated as they looked at him

"And that is" Strife said warily

"Mother and brother are with him" War said hotly as they all glared viciously

"They are NOT our family War. Not anymore" Death said hotly as he clenched his fists in anger "That's is only one thing, what is the other" Death demanded as War sighed

"They're planning to open the gates" War said gravely as they all went into shock

"No" Fury said breathlessly in disbelief

"The idea is suicidal in thought as it is in real life" Strife said sternly as he shook his head

"How are they doing this" Death demanded as War shook his head

"We don't know. Vulgrim only got the information that they were looking into the gates and that is it" War said seriously

Death began pacing back and forth "How many are in the group that is planning this" Death asked still pacing

"Just the four of them, those two, Samael and Him" War explained

"Seems we need to prepare for the inevitable when Lucifer finally makes his move" Death said as he spat the man's name as he quietly stared out his window towards the bright lights of the fireworks that are still going on

"What about Ruby" Fury said worried for her niece "What's going to happen when this starts"

"I'll try to keep her out of it when it starts" Death said with his fist shaking in anger that this has to happen. Death looked out once more to the lights of the festival and frowned "I only hope she won't have to fight at all but that's a fools dream. So I only hope that she makes out okay" Death said as he turned around not even waiting for his siblings as he left his room "I pray she makes it out alright" Death said desperately to himself as he walked down the halls of the desolate academy.

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