Hi guys! I'm taking a break from Pokemon and Gargoyles/Teen Titans for a while. I've come up with a new story idea. Yup, that's right, a NEW idea…about dinosaurs! This idea had been stuck on my mind for quite a while and I decided I should write about it. Now for a few notes: 1) this story is going to be in two parts. 2) I'm following through with whatever species appears in Disney's Dinosaur. I know some are from different continents and some species are…well…different and don't pop up at the same time, but hey, it's a story. 3) There will be an event that would mess around with the timeline, but like I said, it's a story. And finally, 4) I do not own Disney's Dinosaur or Prehistoric Park. The only thing that I own are the characters I create. Now that I've said what I needed to say, let's get this show on the road!

Soundtrack: Prehistoric Park opening by Daniel Pemberton/Inner Sanctum and Nesting Grounds by James Newton Howard/Aladar Meets the Herd (first part) by James Newton Howard


There is something missing from our world. The amazing animals that time has left behind. But what if we can bring them back? What if extinction didn't have to be forever? We're going back in time on a safari with a difference, as wild life adventurer Nigel Marven plunges into pre-history to rescue creatures on the brink of extinction. His plan is to bring them back to the safety of the present and give them a second chance. This time, however, Nigel is sending Hazel, Prehistoric Park's youngest staff member, back 65 million years to find and retrieve a herd of dinosaurs. This is her biggest adventure yet as she makes new discoveries...and faces many dangers. Welcome to the ultimate wild life sanctuary. Welcome to Prehistoric Park.

It was quiet. The valley was covered in darkness. The stars were up in the sky and gleaming like diamonds. The only sounds that permeated in the air were those of crickets. It was summer and in mid-January, one of the hottest times of the year, at least in this part of the world. The air was still and everyone was asleep. Well, except for Nigel Marven.

Nigel was sitting in front of his desk in his study. His open-air workplace was littered with maps, diagrams, data, and pictures of dinosaurs. The area was illuminated by the few lamps he kept. If a maid came in here while he was researching, she would have a heart attack. He was in his usual adventuring outfit: his favorite blue shirt, light gray vest, and light shorts. It was a normal thing to see Nigel up all night doing research; this meant that he was planning for his new adventure. On his desk were a series of papers and maps depicting North and South America and was littered with post-its.

The man was about to write something onto another yellow post-it when his study was interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the walkway. Nigel looked forward and saw a young girl, about 18 or 19 years old, walk into his study. She was small for her size, the top of her head only reaching his shoulder if he stood up. Her medium-length black hair was tied back in a ponytail. She wore a light purple tank top and short brown khakis. The girl also wore a rope choker with a ring situated in the middle, a bracelet on her right wrist made of the same material, and brown combat boots. The girl stopped in front of Nigel's desk and folded her hands together behind her back.

"Ah Hazel. I'm sorry to disturb you at this time. It being late and all," Nigel said as he got up from his seat and went to her.

"Oh it's alright. I wasn't tired at all," the young girl replied. "Is there something wrong?"

Nigel shook his head and smiled. "No no. Far from that." He walked back to his desk and wrote something on a post-it note. "In fact, I only wanted to talk to you."

Hazel shifted her position, but still kept her composure. She had known Nigel for about a year and was already used to things around the park. Just last year, when she first arrived in Prehistoric Park, she had trouble getting used to the location and especially the park's residents. However, with time, her nervousness faded and she now considered this place to be her second home. There were even some times when she accompanied Nigel on his missions to bring back prehistoric animals. The park already had a few new residents, consisting of six Plateosaurus, a small herd of curious but gentle Therizinosaurus, and four baby Protoceratops. Hazel always looked forward to new adventures and traveling back in time to see and rescue prehistoric animals topped it off.

Nigel finished writing, put his pencil down, and looked back up at Hazel. "Do you remember the very first day you arrived here?"

The girl immediately nodded. "Yes. I remember it like it was yesterday."

"You were very nervous. And nearly fell off the truck when you saw a Titanosaur sniff at you," the head researcher chuckled.

Hazel did the same. "Yeah, I was very nervous."

"And you soon got used to them, and everyone else here."

"That too," she nodded.

Nigel made his way to her and stood about a foot away. "You love this place, don't you?"

Like before, Hazel nodded. "Yes. Very much. It's my home away from home."

Nigel did a small nod and looked down then back at her. "That's wonderful to hear. …This park is my lifelong dream and with what we've done so far, that dream has now become a reality. We're saving various animals from extinction. And I know in the future that we'll be rescuing more. Which is why I've decided to expand the park area."

Hazel grinned in excitement. "Which would mean the park would have more residents."

Nigel waved a finger once and did a pointing gesture. "Exactly!"

"So what creatures are you planning to bring in now?"

The man shifted a little, showing a little uncertainty in his expression. "Well…I've been thinking. This valley is so large that there's enough room to roam around in. I was thinking of something big."

Hazel placed an index finger under her chin and looked down a bit. "Like bigger than a Titanosaurus?"

"No, I didn't mean in body size. I meant in the number of animals. Like a whole family group."

The girl quickly turned her head to him and her eyes widened. "Wait, are you talking about a herd?"

"That's right. I'm thinking about bringing in a herd of dinosaurs."

Hazel couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Sound idea and all, but how are you going to keep them from escaping? I mean, they might break their gates like the Titanosaurs do and they'll need a lot of room to roam around in."

"Ah, I knew you were going to talk about that," Nigel leaned onto his desk with one arm for support. "That's why I'm expanding the place. It's so the herd of dinosaurs can have a lot of room to roam around in. And also…"

The man backed up and knelt down behind his wooden desk. He opened the largest drawer at the bottom, which was filled with various objects. On the very top was a ridged metal object about a foot in length. The middle part of the peculiar pole was raised and both ends had what seemed to be blue lights, which were off. Nigel closed the drawer, stood up, and showed it to the young member. Hazel walked a little closer and observed the thing.

"I've been working on this." Nigel added.

"What is it?" Hazel asked as she lifted the metal object from his hands.

"It's a new thing I've been working on. Wooden barriers and fences are good for small groups of animals, but for a large herd of dinosaurs, that would not work very well. This is just one part of a special fence that I've been working on. When fully functional, the fence would send specialized signals to the dinosaur's brain, letting them know not to venture very far. It's like an electric fence made for a dog, only harmless. The staff knows about it, but I didn't want to tell you until now." Nigel explained.

"Why?" the girl lifted an eyebrow up. She finished observing the metal fence and placed it on his desk.

"Well…I'm not sure how to explain it. Ever since I saw you interacting with the Ornithomimus a few weeks back, I knew that you had potential to be an excellent park keeper, and perhaps a zoologist. I've also thought about the future. As in…when I'm gone, who will carry out the legacy of Prehistoric Park?"

Hazel tilted her head in confusion. "I still don't understand."

"This park is my dream and my life. I don't want it to go to waste. I want it to continue and to thrive for generations," Nigel said with longing in his tone.

It was then that Hazel understood. "You want me to succeed you. That's why you've been taking me with you on those various adventures. You were training me."

"That's right. Now, I know it's a big decision and I understand if you deny it. I mean, it's a big responsibility and all…"

"Count me in," the dark haired girl immediately answered.

"What!?" Nigel said and nearly lost his footing.

"I'll go for it. I love dinosaurs and any other animal. I also know that everyone deserves a second chance. I love this park and I love everyone in it," Hazel explained. She then looked at Nigel and smiled. "And that's why I'll do it. Not just for the park but also for the animals."

The man nodded and patted her on the shoulder. "That's exactly what I wanted to hear. You will make a great partner, and a researcher."

He let go and picked up the fence part. After turning it over a couple of times, he bent down and returned it into the bottom drawer. Nigel stood back up and placed both of his hands on his desk.

"However, I won't give the position of partner or keeper just yet. You still have a long way to go."

Hazel's smile disappeared and she gave him a serious nod. She didn't expect Nigel to say something like that, but if she must prove herself to one day be this park's head successor, then she'll do it.

"What should I do?" she asked.

"I've never done this before, and it's one of my biggest dreams ever since I was a child; taking care of a herd of dinosaurs. I want you to rescue a herd and bring them here," Nigel told her.

"Okay then. What type of dinosaurs are you thinking of?" Hazel once again asked.

"Any. It doesn't really matter. As long as they're not too big though, like Argentinasaurus big," he replied.

"Alright. What period then?"

Nigel looked at her and placed a hand on his chin. He looked down at the map first then shifted through the many papers on his desk. After all the papers were gone, he revealed a large world map that had been hidden at the bottom. Nigel moved his right index finger slowly to various parts of the world. After a few moments, he flipped the map over and revealed the map of Pangaea.

Hazel curiously watched her mentor go through the many papers and maps. She knew that whenever he does that, Nigel is in deep thought. This is just his way of confirming his decision. She also saw him put the papers away and stare at the map for a few moments.

"Um…" Hazel leaved over to him and was about to say something.

"Right!" Nigel clapped his hands once and Hazel backed up a bit. "I'm sending you back 65 million years ago."

The girl gasped and trembled a little. "Wait, you mean back to the time when the meteor hit and destroyed the dinosaurs?"

"Yes," he said with another nod.

"Oh dear…" Hazel put a hand on her mouth. Her fears of his decision had been confirmed. For this mission, she would be on a time limit against the meteor impact.

"But don't worry. You won't be facing a problem like a meteor hit. In fact, you'll be retrieving a herd of dinosaurs after that event," Nigel reassured her, which only made her confused.

"After the meteor hit? But I thought the dinosaurs died when the asteroid hit the earth," Hazel looked at him in confusion.

"They did. However…I did not tell this to anyone because they'll think I'm crazy but…there were actually TWO meteors that hit the earth, 65 million years ago," he explained with some hesitancy.

"Wait what!?" Hazel again almost lost her footing.

"Not all of the dinosaurs died when the first one hit. When I was younger, I did some research and traveled the world. I visited the crater in Mexico and collected some samples to try and determine the age of the crater itself. Then, sometime later, I heard that a new crater was discovered in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I traveled there, rented a submarine, and collected samples from the ocean floor. Dating the rocks was a very long process and a very difficult one. However, my work paid off and I made a new discovery: the rocks were about the same age, being only a year apart," Nigel explained while trying to stay calm about it.

"Oh my gosh…" was all Hazel could say about his secret.

"The crater in Mexico was in fact 'younger' than the one in the Atlantic Ocean. I also dug for some bones of similar animals and I performed the same procedure on them. The results were astonishing! The same species, same time period, and nearly the exact same age. The bones I found were found near the respective craters and, with a few more detective efforts, I discovered that they were of the same age as those craters! It sounds like a lot to take in, but I'm saying that the dinosaurs survived the first hit," he said in excitement, happy that he could reveal his secret to someone he trusted.

"Whoa…this…this is a lot to take in," Hazel lifted her hands up next to her face.

"I know. It is. Now then, I'll be sending you back 65 million years ago, AFTER the first meteor impacted the earth. And don't worry, you'll be miles away from the inflicted area so things like oxygen and temperature should be fine."

"Uh…okay then," the girl tried to form a sentence but was still shocked by this secret. "That was secret was mind-boggling, but rest assured, I won't tell anybody about it."

"Very good. Also…I forgot to mention this…but you'll be going on your own on this one."

Hazel's mouth dropped. "Huh!? With no backup!?"

"I know. It sounds bad. But…I'm saying that for a reason," Nigel told her.

He then leaned down and opened another drawer from his desk. This time, it was on his left side and it was the smallest one at the top. He brought out a wooden box from it and placed it in the middle of the desk after closing the drawer. Afterwards, he opened the box and took out two objects: the first being a metal earpiece in the shape of a hearing aid and the second a small hand-held device, which looked like an iPhone.

"What are those?" Hazel asked, leaning forward and checking them out.

"These are two more of my inventions," Nigel said. He lifted the earpiece up and showed it to her.

"This earpiece is a prototype. I haven't taken it for a test run, but it's been built with tender, loving care. Before you receive it, I want you to promise me to never show anyone this at all. The results would not end very well," he warned her.

"Okay, but what does it do?"

"This is a special communicator that would allow you to communicate with the prehistoric animals," he said.

"You're kidding me!" Hazel slowly took the flexible earpiece from him. "I can talk to the dinosaurs with this thing?"

Nigel nodded. "Yes. I invented this because I wanted to be closer to the dinosaurs. However, after some time, I thought to myself 'You know, I kind of like the way I am now. Figuring out what they want through observation and interaction is fun.' Nevertheless, I decided to invent it in case my way gets tiring. When I saw you with the Ornithomimus that time, I knew that you would be the perfect candidate for this. So I am giving it to you."

"Awesome!" she cheered.

Nigel then lifted the peculiar phone and Hazel held it. "Now this is a unique phone. It's made from the same materials as the parts of the time portals. I've got one too," he said as he reached into his shorts pocket and showed it to her. He then set his down on the desk and continued to talk. "With it, you'll be able to contact me regardless of where or when you are."

Hazel turned the object over in her hand. She was like a child on Christmas day. "This is so cool."

"Now you have to promise you'll never tell anyone about these objects. The consequences will be severe," Nigel informed her.

The girl looked at him and nodded once. "Promise. I'm ready."

At dawn, Hazel and Nigel traveled over to the area where the time portal usually activated. No one was around and all of the animals were asleep. Nigel illuminated the way with a flashlight. Both humans treaded quietly on the balconies and then climbed down into the dirt passage. They stopped when they were at the end. Up front, two time poles were already set up, no doubt Nigel put them there earlier. Hazel gripped both of the straps on her bag, ready to push onward.

"Do you have everything?" Nigel asked her.

"Yeah. Four of those filtered water bottles, two boxes of those power bars, a flashlight, those shades that would protect my eyes from the elements, some sunscreen, a sleeping bag, my brush, the time poles for the time portal, my first aid kit, a box of matches, and my baseball cap," she said.

Hazel also gulped softly, trying not to alert her friend and mentor that there was something else. "I have my father's dagger too, for self-defense against predators. I don't like killing, but I'll have no choice but to use it if I'm cornered."

"Okay, you're all set," the man told her.

He then walked forward to the time poles and activated them. A large portal about the size of the gate and showing a rippling texture like water appeared. Nigel shined his flashlight on it to help show Hazel the way. The girl looked at him and gave him a hug. He returned that hug and completed it with a pat on the shoulder.

"Good luck Hazel," Nigel said with a smile. "And be careful. If you need anything, or if you just want a break, you can always return here. Remember, the time portal poles also record the time and location that you last use them."

Hazel let go of him and replied. "Thank you. And I know."

She stared at him for a few moments before making her way into the portal. The portal rippled as she walked and disappeared through. When she did, the portal in Prehistoric Park closed. Nigel closed the poles and made his way back to his study.

65 million years ago…

When Hazel passed through the portal, she expected to be in an area filled with vegetation. She was very wrong. The place was a wasteland. She knew that even though it felt cool now, the temperatures would climb. There were rocks everywhere and the dust even covered the sky. There was no vegetation and she couldn't see any animals around.

"Wow, I feel like I'm in Egypt or something," Hazel commented. She gripped the sides of her bag and walked on.

For the past hour or so of walking, the temperatures did climb. The sun rose higher in the sky and the place turned into an oven. Hazel had to stop at one point to put on some sunscreen and put her hat on. As she walked, the terrain became more rugged. Soon, she was walking alongside small rock formations and rocky passes.

Her uneventful trek ended when she heard the clattering of rocks. She quickly turned her head to the left at the sandstone ridges. The nineteen year old saw the rocks clatter down to the base, which was only a few feet from her. Hazel stood still and looked around slowly. She checked to see if there were any dinosaurs in sight, but there weren't any. It was at this point that she started to get worried. There are predators everywhere.

After another moment of silence, she continued onward. This time, her senses were on high alert. She walked a few more steps and out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw something move on the ledge. Hazel stopped again and looked at the clearing above. That open space would be the perfect place for a predator to come in. Hazel's hands trembled and she quickly took her foot long dagger out from her bag. She put her backpack back on and strapped the dagger on her side. After doing so, she heard a hiss from the northwestern side.

She gasped. Right there, walking slowly towards her, was a Velociraptor. The tannish hide on that lethe build was present on all of them. The creature had a slender S-shaped neck and sported brownish vertical stripes along their backs. The books she read were very accurate when they said they were up to 7 feet long, however, she was astonished to see that they were at least up to her chest area. The fossils paleontologists found were up to 2 feet in height.

There were other characteristics she found odd. Recently, theropods were found to have some features on their bodies due to some recent fossil discoveries. Nowadays, raptors were depicted on having feathers all over their bodies, with their arms looking like wings. But these carnivores sported none of those. In addition, except for the one in front of her, which had red on its triangular head crests, the other members had blue. No doubt it was the alpha.

Her mind raced as she thought of the possibility of encountering a new species of dromaosaurid. But now wasn't the time for scientific deductions.

Hazel unsheathed her blade and held it at the ready. Before she arrived in Prehistoric Park, she participated in karate and even earned a black belt. She also received training with the blade, and it was a good thing she brought one.

Hazel backed up slowly and raised the small sword. The lithe dinosaur was mostly tan in color save for darkened brown vertical stripes across its back and the hint of blue on its head. The brown and blue raptor lifted its claws and hissed at her. When she got into a stance, she heard another hiss from behind her. The young girl turned and saw another raptor there, which crept up while its pack mate distracted her. This time, it lacked the blue ornamentation, but rather a red coloring. The human turned her back to the ledge and faced both of them.

"Oh man, this can't get any worse…" she whimpered.

But it did get worse. Behind her, more raptors jumped onto the rocks. They growled and hissed at the strange creature. No doubt there here for her meat. Hazel tried to keep her composure and prepared for battle. The carnivores surrounded her and got closer. She was cornered and there was nowhere to run. Hazel put a foot forward and got into a battle stance.

"Me and my big mouth…" Hazel complained.

Right when she said that, the raptor in front of her on the right lunged forward. It opened its jaws and brought its arms and feet together in mid-air, ready for the kill. Hazel screamed and the Velociraptor shrieked as it got closer to her.

And there you go, the first chapter of this adventure. It's a little short, but it will get longer as the story goes on. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I'll post the next chapter soon.