Happy Valentines, everyone! Here's my first Icebreaker oneshot! Forgive the shortness.

It was a sleepless night for Ralph. The arcade was closed for an extended amount of time since Litwak had some family affairs, so ralph had gone to Arendelle – in the middle of the night. Everyone was asleep so Ralph just wandered around, thinking to himself. Soon enough, he found himself at the shore of Arendelle, where he saw a lone boat floating in. Ralph always found lone boats suspicious, especially late at night. He went over to investigate, and he saw a man with a cocky grin on his face. Ralph could tell he probably wasn't going to be too fond of this guy.

"Hey," he called to the man. "Who are you?" The man looked up and answered: "Prince Hans of the Southern Isles." Ralph stopped in his tracks. Olaf and Anna had told him about the vile and foul deeds of Hans of the Southern Isles. "What are you doing here, where you're not supposed to be?!" he growled. "Well," the prince said in a confident tone. "I have some unfinished business to attend to, not that it's any of your business, Brutus. But I need to drop off a little revenge. You see, the dear Arendelle royal family and their friends ruined my chances of ever becoming king, humiliated me, and earned me ten spankings from each of my brothers!"

"You brought that all upon yourself," Ralph said through clenched teeth, getting angrier by the second. "You better stay away from them!" "Oh, but I can't," Hans retorted. "They need punishment. Princess Anna, the mountain man and his horned donkey, and the monster they call the queen." If Ralph was angry before, it was nothing compared to hearing him refer to her as that. He knew Elsa was the farthest thing possible from a monster, misunderstood as he was. He started advancing towards the jerk. "Don't…you…say…ANYTHING…about…Elsa." "Well," Hans said, pulling out a sword. "If you care about them so much, I might as well get you out of the way, you big ape!"

Hans passed the idiot test right there by insulting a 9-foot man with obvious superhuman strength who was already steamed at him. Just as Hans was about to slice at Ralph, Ralph floored him with one punch. However, Hans shook off the first blow, got up and ran at him again. "That monster's not worth fighting for!" Ralph grabbed Hans' sword from him and yelled "The only monster around here right now is YOU!" He then snapped the sword in half by breaking it on his knee. Hans knew he was in trouble now. But before he could do anything, Ralph had picked him up, pummeled him, and laid an uppercut that sent him flying all the way to the Southern Isles. Ralph watched him fly, very satisfied with himself. He then headed back into town.

As Ralph was walking by the castle, he heard some footsteps and looked around. Just then, Elsa walked out. "Ralph? What's going on? I heard some noises." Ralph saw her and explained what had happened. Elsa was surprised, she all of a sudden got a serious question. "Ralph, see asked. "I'm not really a monster, am I?" Ralph heard the worry in her words. "Elsa, look into my eyes." She did. Really, Ralph just said that so he had an excuse to stare into her icy-blue eyes without looking like a creep. "You're not. I know. I've seen REAL monsters. You're too amazing to be one. Don't let anyone make you think otherwise." Elsa smiled radiantly and looked at Ralph. "Thank you. Ralph. You are a good guy." She climbed his shoulder and kissed his cheek. "Don't let anyone make you think otherwise, either.

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