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FYI for anyone who's read 'Tangled presents: The Little Mermaid', this is NOT 'Frozen' characters playing the roles in 'Hunchback of Notre Dame'. This is completely AU, with bits and details of both movie mixed in.

Without further ado, queue the bells, bells, bells, bells, bells of Ar-en-delle! (Sorry, couldn't resist…)


Chapter 1 ~ The Makings of a Monster

The low clangs of the cathedral bells rang throughout Arendelle that cold December night. Most of the kingdom's residents slept peacefully in their beds, sheltered from the winter chill.

But at the very edge of the village-part of the kingdom, two women emerged from the darkness, the short one carrying a lantern while the taller figure trailed along behind, clutching a small bundle to her chest.

The two stopped at the edge of the village, the taller woman kneeling on the ground, "We're here."

There was a moment of silence, before it was interrupted by a sigh.

"Karen, are you sure about this?" the short, stony woman asked, placing a concerned hand on the other woman's shoulder.

"Bulda, my love was murdered before he even got the chance to know I was with child. That snowflake is all I have left of him," Karen argued, holding her baby girl close. "He would have wanted her to have it…"

The troll sighed, knowing there was nothing she could do to change her mind, "Very well, just be careful. If the King finds you-"

"He won't. He doesn't even know what I look like…" she insisted, pulling the hood of her mossy cape over her golden locks. "I'll be back in ten minutes, tops."

"I'll be waiting here," Bulda replied, settling herself down in the snow. She watched on uneasily as the young woman entered the streets, rolling herself into a tight ball as the human girl vanished from sight.

Three minutes later, Karen arrived at the back door of her old home. Slowly turning her dirty key in the lock, she quietly stepped into her former bedroom. Everything was exactly as it was when her parents kicked her out 8 months before.

Fumbling across the dark room, she made her way over to her bedside table and dug around in her jewellery box. After a few minutes, she finally found what she was looking for; a thin gold chain with an elegant snowflake pendant, a single ruby set into the ends of each of the snowflake's six golden points.

A satisfied smile playing at her lips, she slipped back out of the house, locking the door carefully behind her. Her feet crunching on the snow-covered ground, she tried to make her way back through the kingdom as quickly and quietly as possible. He might not know what she looked like, but if he found her-

Karen rounded a corner, but darted back behind it when she saw a tall, muscular figure sitting proudly on his horse nearby, "King Hans..."

Daring to peek round the corner, concern flooded her face as she watched the figure. In order to get back to Bulda, she'd have to cross this street. But if he so much as caught one glimpse of her, she might never see sunrise.

Taking a deep breath as she clutched her baby and necklace close to her chest, she leapt into the open.

Not too far away, the 23-year-old King of Arendelle noticed a flash of green dash across the street. Turning his head, he was just able to make out a young woman vanishing behind a building. The woman herself he'd never seen before, but there was one thing that kept him from letting her slip away into the night.

"Go Sitron," Hans urged, snapping his reins. With a loud whinny, the tan Fjord horse took off at full speed, in hot pursuit of the woman.

Looking over her shoulder, Karen gasped in fear at the sight of the king. Turning on her heel, she ran through the dark streets, twisting and turning round building after building. But everywhere she turned, he was always right behind her.

Up ahead stood a glorious cathedral; her only chance of escape. Picking up her pace, Karen ran up the front steps and stumbled to the door, desperately pounding on it with her fist and screaming through the thick wood, "Sanctuary! Please give us sanctuary!"

She waited for a few moments, but nobody answered. King Hans once again came into view, and he was still hot on her heels. Abandoning the chapel door, she attempted to get away, but just as she reached the steps, the king pulled up beside her.

"WHERE ARE THE TROLLS?!" Hans demanded harshly, reaching out to grab her mossy cape. But rather than the cape, he grabbed the bundle of blankets clutched to her chest.

Anger flashed in the woman's eyes like raging fires, "NO!"

With one violent tug, the corrupted king yanked the bundle from the woman's arms, and Karen fell back on the solid stone steps with enough force to knock her out cold.

Hans stared at the lifeless body, adrenaline and disgust coursing through his veins. A frightened scream filled the air, and the king stared at the bundle in his hands, "A baby?"

Pulling back the blanket, he came face-to-face with a blue-eyed baby with platinum blonde hair. As her terrified shrieks continued, a covering of frost spread across the blanket, finding its' way onto his crisp white gloves. On top of this, the snow began to fall faster, a blizzard starting to form.

"Sorcery!" Hans gasped, covering the girl's face as if just looking at her would turn him to solid ice. Looking around, he caught sight of a well not too far away. Sitting straight in his saddle, he guided his horse towards it, preparing himself to drop the defenceless child in.

The cathedral doors opened, and the priest watched on in horror at the scene that was about to unfold, "STOP!"

The king stopped in his tracks, turning away from the well, "This is a monster. I'm simply sending it back to Hell, where it belongs."

"That baby is completely innocent," the priest argued, kneeling down on the cold ground as Hans rode back up to the chapel.

"That baby can manipulate ice and snow! She's clearly a troll child!"

The priest felt his blood begin to boil, and he held up the baby's deceased mother, "And what about her? What did she do to deserve this?"

"Look at her, you fool!" the king yelled cruelly, getting off Sitron. "She's wearing a moss cape! She's obviously in connection with the trolls!"

"That's no reason for her to die," the priest snapped, quickly rescuing the child from the evil king's hold. "You killed a perfectly innocent woman, and left a helpless baby girl without a mother-"

"Everyone knows how I feel about those- those creatures! If she really wanted to protect her baby, she wouldn't have been stupid enough to be seen in that trash, and she wouldn't have brought her precious monster into my kingdom!"

"Say what you want, your Majesty. You can lie to yourself, you can lie to me, you can lie to everyone in this kingdom! But you can never hide the truth from Him, and when you're time's up, His view of you is the only one you'll care about!" the priest retorted, his anger finally getting the better of him as he cradled the orphaned baby protectively in his arms.

The cold-hearted king stumbled back, his gaze meeting the cloudy sky above him. As if on cue, the clouds parted ever-so-slightly; just enough to allow a single thin beam of moonlight to flash in his eyes. At that moment, he felt a sense of terror he never known, the priest's words shaking him to his core.

His body trembling, Hans looked back to the priest, who had managed to calm the frightened baby. In the pale moonlight, a glimmer of gold sparkled in the deceased woman's hand. Carefully unwrapping the chain from her hand, the priest held the snowflake pendant above the baby's head, chuckling as she smiled at the sight of her mother's necklace.

"This was meant for you, child," he whispered to the infant. "From now on, your name shall be 'Elsa'…"

Finally finding his voice, King Hans somehow stammered, "What must I do?"

Standing up to meet his eye, the priest gave him a serious look, "Care for her, and raise her as your own."

"What? You honestly expect me to look after that, that thing?"

The priest shot him a look, "Elsa needs someone to watch out for her, and if you're serious about making up for your mistakes, you should be that someone..."

The king groaned, but nevertheless agreed, "Fine, but she will live here with you, and she will be raised how I want."

"Live here? But where?"

"The bell tower, perhaps; I want her connection to the outside world as limited as possible."

The priest sighed. He knew what the king was demanding was wrong, but for Elsa's sake he didn't really have much of a choice.

"Very well," he agreed, standing up and gesturing to Elsa's mother. "Come, she needs to be laid to rest."

Reluctantly picking up the woman's body, Hans followed the priest into the cathedral. It was clear in that moment that his life had changed forever, but what even the king himself didn't realise was just how much one little baby - one magic secret - would impact his life...


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