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Chapter 10 ~ Time to Do or Die

The silence was broken by Sven's horrified grunts and groans as he backed away from the balcony. Something was wrong. Really wrong. Brushing the pile of frozen tears from her lap, Elsa made her way onto the balcony, instantly spotting the source of his distress.

"Hans's coming…" Elsa muttered, running back over to Kristoff as he stood up. "Take the back exit. If you leave now, you and Sven can be back down the stairwell before he reaches the front doors."

"You're sure Anna will be safe up here?"

The question bit into her soul like a pack of wolves, but she forced herself to meet his soft brown eyes, "I promise."

Giving her a final smile, he jogged over to Sven, quickly leading him back down the stairwell.

Elsa turned to Olaf, who was standing ever faithfully by her side. "Olaf, stay with Anna. We need to keep her quiet."

"On it," Olaf saluted, before dashing off to Anna's side.

Elsa's heart raced as she looked around the bell tower. Hans was mere minutes away, and there was no way she could hide her out-right rebellion. But then again, why should she? He was the one in the wrong, and she shouldn't let him hold her down.

The floorboards seemed to shake as the criminal in king's clothing she knew all too well marched into the bell tower, his ice-like eyes ablaze with raging fires. But to her surprise, she wasn't met with the shrill screams she'd been carefully preparing herself for, but a calm, collected voice that somehow still terrified her.

"For 21 years, I kept a roof over your head. I brought you food, gave you clothes, protected you from the scorns of the whole kingdom… I gave you everything your parents wouldn't…" Hans emerged from his cloak of darkness, stepping into the dim light of her life-long prison. A thin layer of shadow still covered his face; a perfect reflection of the blackness within. "All I asked in return was that you keep your powers at bay. And this is how you repay me…"

It took a few moments, but she finally gained the courage to speak, "My powers are a part of me, and I shouldn't have to hide them away."

"And I suppose the troll child told you that…"

The corrupted king moved closer towards her, the fire within his dark eyes burning ever brighter, but Elsa stood her ground. If he made it past her, Anna would stand no chance.

His gaze like raging suns, he spoke in a voice so toneless it terrified her more than his worse screams, "You helped him escape, didn't you?"

She gave no answer, simply staring into the fires of green before her. Finally reaching his boiling point, Hans exploded at full force, his dark rage consuming whatever royal status he had hoped to retain.


Elsa staggered back. She'd been exiled from the outside world her whole life – a couple weeks shy of 21 years – and had witnessed his corrupted core many hundreds of times. While the kingdom had followed him, blissfully unaware of his true nature, she'd been trapped in his inky shadow, forced to deny her truest self. But never in all that time had she ever, ever, seen him like this.

"Yes, master…"

"Traitor!" The black-hearted king roared, fist slamming against a nearby beam with enough strength to shake a low echo from the bells above.

A few days ago, that tone of voice would have made her cower in his shadow, but tonight, all it did was make her blood boil, and fill her with rage. Before her stood a man so hungry for power, he'd not only had his brother killed, but now also planned to murder his lost niece or nephew. All that, upon many other acts of cruelty, and yet somehow she was the traitor? No. No longer would she stand for it…

"Oh, I'm the traitor?" Elsa snapped. "You let your guards treat me like a monster, after telling me you were trying to protect me!"

Hans quickly interrupted her, selfish rage burning in his eyes, "I have a public image to represent!"

"Kristoff risked everything for me! He saved my life; I was just returning his kindness."

"That wasn't kindness! That was deception!"

"And I suppose you'd know a lot about that, wouldn't you?" Elsa retorted angrily, the air around her growing even colder. "Kristoff told me what you did! You killed your own brother just to ensure your place on the throne!"

"Exactly, MY place!" Hans bellowed. "Andreas was never fit to be king..."

"Andreas was more of a king than you'll ever be!" Elsa screamed, paying no head to his menacing gaze. "He didn't kill and torture innocent people to save his own skin!"

To her shock, the king's anger began to fade, leaving an eerie sort of cunning in its wake, "True, but I've got everyone convinced the trolls are evil... In the eyes of this kingdom, I'm their greatest hero..."

"You won't get away with this..." she spat, an uncharacteristic venom in her voice.

Surprisingly, Hans was left unphased by her threatening tone. An ominous chuckle rumbled in his throat as he slowly strode past her, "My dear girl, I already have."

Elsa's eyes widened in fear as she turned to watch Hans approach the table where her ice kingdom lay, "What do you mean?"

"A guard saw Kristoff leaving the kingdom the night you helped him escape." As he spoke, the king picked up the ice figure she'd made of Kristoff, clutching it tightly as he turned back to face her, "Followed him straight to the trolls' hideout…"

Terror flashed in the young bell ringer's eyes, frozen in time as Hans slowly walked back towards her.

"And at dawn, I'll storm through with every member of Arendelle's royal guard."

She forced herself to meet his eyes, glaring at him with all the courage she could muster, "They'll never tell you where the lost royal is..."

Her threats fell on deaf ears, his thin lips twisting into an evil smirk. With one swift movement, Hans threw Kristoff's figure to the floor, the vulnerable structure shattering on impact from the sheer force.

"Then I'll kill them, one- by- one-" the fragments of ice choked out a sickening crunch from under his feet as he walked away, his words like poison as he disappeared into the stairwell, "And after that, I'll unite my dear brother with his precious child..."

Elsa staggered backwards, gasping in horror. Kristoff, Pabbie, all the trolls… They all knew the fate of Arendelle rested upon their solid shoulders, and they'd protect the lost heir til their final breaths.

Sensing someone's presence behind her, she turned to see Olaf and the former captain standing behind her.

"What are we gonna do?" she panicked, snowflakes starting to fall around her. "If they reach the trolls-"

"Elsa, calm down. We still have time to find them," Anna attempted to reassure her, but her efforts were in vain.

"HOW?!" Elsa cried. "What power do we have to save the trolls? To save ourselves?"

"I was Arendelle's Captain of the Guard until just a few hours ago, and if need be you can protect us with your powers."

"No, I can't, I - I don't know how!"

"Sure you can. I know you can!" She might not be able to explain it, but in her heart, she believed in the frightened girl before her. And she was determined to show her that, "Cause for the first time in forever-"

Fear consuming her once more, Elsa walked past the redhead, singing out in despair, "Oh… I'm such a fool; I can't be free!"

"- you don't have to be afraid…"

"No escape from the storm inside of me!"

Icy magic swirled around her in a whirlwind of snowflakes, building in speed as her panic grew. Kristoff being on the run, the trolls' discovery, the lost royal's impending doom. All of it pointed back to her. Had she never left her dark bell tower, Kristoff and the trolls would be out of harm's way, and the kingdom would still have some hope of being freed from Han's selfish reign.

She barely heard the former captain's response, staring at her own hands in misery, "I can't control the curse!"

"We'll reverse the storm he's made," Anna assured her, squinting to see her through the torrent of snow.

Her words did nothing to comfort her. In fact, they only made her more unsure of herself. "Anna please, you'll only make it worse!"

"Don't panic-"

"There's so much fear!"

"- we'll make the sun shine bright."

"You're not safe here!" Elsa warned, glancing at the girl over her shoulder, although she could barely make her out past the blizzard of her own fear.

"We can face this thing together, we can break your fearful tethers-"

A scream began to build in the young bell ringer's throat, her blizzard closing in on her.

"- and everything will be-"

"I CAN'T!"

Without warning, all the fear and magic that had been circling her like a pack of hungry sharks retreated into her body, then burst outwards in all directions. Unable to stifle a scream, Anna leapt back, the blast barely missing her as a large mound of ice formed where she was standing just moments before.

Unfortunately, her yelp didn't go unnoticed. Elsa instantly turned around, gasping in horror when she saw what almost became of the former captain.

"I'm ok," Anna assured her quickly, knowing what she was afraid of. "I'm fine."

"You see what I mean?!" Elsa cried hopelessly. "I nearly killed you!"

"It was an accident; you were scared. You didn't mean it…" the redhead tried to reason with her, but her efforts were, again, in vain.

"But I'm a danger to Arendelle. You'll just have to find the trolls on your own…"

"I'm not leaving without you Elsa."

"Yes, you are," she insisted, turning her back on the former captain, who heaved a heavy sigh.

"Very well. I can't force you..." Anna turned to leave, looking back at her one more time, "I'm going to find the trolls before it's too late. You do what you think is right..."

Elsa said nothing, so Anna took that as cue to leave. Once the sound of retreating footsteps faded away, the young bell ringer heaved her own sigh, only to find her sole companion watching her expectantly.

"Well?" the snowman prompted.

"Well what? Kristoff doesn't need me…" Elsa replied sadly. "He has Anna, his true love. I'm just a nobody."

It was a moment before he answered.

"I thought a nobody is someone who isn't important…"

The girl shrugged, "Well, yeah…"

"So, if you're not important, why would he give you this?" Olaf asked, holding out his twig hand.

Bending down, Elsa picked up the glowing green crystal, which now had a thin leather cord tied around it so she could wear it on her neck. Considering it was magic, it had to be hard to come by, which meant she must mean something to him…

Smiling at her frozen friend, she put on the crystal around her neck, thanking him before she hurried out the bell tower.

The cathedral was never particularly busy, especially not at this time of night. But somehow, the predictable silence seemed almost eerie to the fugitive teen, like a calm cloudy night in the lead-up to a monstrous storm.

Anna was well aware of the pressing urgency to find the trolls before daybreak, but that didn't stop the doubts that plagued her mind. She was just one girl, and the trolls' hideout could be anywhere. For all she knew, Hans was already on his way there…


Spinning around, the redhead smiled at the girl standing behind her, "Elsa? You changed your mind?"

Elsa rubbed her arms, not quite sure what to say, "I don't know how to control my powers, but I do know one thing- if Hans hasn't been able to find their hideout in 21 years, there's no way you'll find it in one night..."

"You know where it is?"

"Not exactly, but Kristoff did give me this..." she replied as she took off her earth crystal, handing it to the former captain. "It's a troll crystal. He said it would help us find him..."

"Great!" Anna beamed, although it quickly changed to a look of confusion. "But uh, how do we use it?"

"He didn't say…"

Carefully examining the glistening gem, Anna turned around. Not a moment later, the crystal's glow grew stronger, growing stronger still when she held it up towards Arendelle's frozen landscape.

"The crystal glows brighter when I hold it towards the Black Forest…"

Elsa nodded, "Well, if the trolls' hideout was going to be anywhere, it would make sense it being in the forest."

"Let's get moving. We've got a long walk ahead of us..."

"Hold on, let me speed things up…" With two simultaneous blasts of icy magic, two mounds of snow began to form before them, taking the shape of a pair of beautiful white horses. With a final wave of her hand, the mystical creatures came to life, their snowy coats glistening in the soft, silver moonlight.

"Alright, to the Black Forest," Elsa said softly as she saddled up, placing the earth crystal back around her neck.

After taking a moment to admire her breathtaking horse, Anna too saddled up, taking hold of the ice coil reins.

Sharing a worried, yet reassuring look, the pair snapped their reins, charging into the night on mighty steeds of snow.


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