Chapter 2 - A Bargain

"With money you're a dragon; without it you're a worm." - Chinese proverb

Smaug floated through the inky blackness that surrounded him as if he were in water. He was numb to pain, his lungs needed no air and his eyes denied him the light. He was oblivious to everything, his mind completely blank with no thoughts save the peaceful weightlessness that he felt, as if he were deep in sleep.

But then, he felt something odd within him, a faint sound could be heard through the darkness, like a high pitched noise that grated down his spine as it shook his ears. It called to Smaug, bringing his attention towards it, slowly rousing him as he felt it pull him along the depths of the ocean in which he had sunk. And then, again as if he were floating in water, he began to drift back up towards the surface, air suddenly calling to him, making his lungs burn, his limbs felt heavy as he struggled to push himself towards the surface, his heart racing as his body set into a panic, images flashing before his eyes: fire upon water. A Black Arrow flying. Blood like oil that stained the lake. Red hair upon his snout. Purple eyes fading to gold. A man taking what wasn't his. Of Darkness in –

His eyes snapped open, and for a moment, he was blinded as a dazzling light filled his vision, causing him to blink several times in an attempt to clear his sight. And slowly the world came into focus: The night sky lay open above him, the stars hidden away by the clouds that shrouded them, leaving behind nothing but inky blackness. Smaug could smell the heavy scent of a wood fire, with the stagnant stench of marshland surrounding him, he could hear the chirping of insects somewhere out into the night, and felt the earth beneath him. That made him pause. He should not be on his back, on his side, yes; but when on his back, the spikes along his spine made such a position very uncomfortable, so the change made him feel exposed and confused. And that was when he saw two human females before him, one with raven black hair, pale skin and ice-blue eyes, the other with golden sunshine hair with the same complexion and eyes as the other.

And the Woman with dark hair was leaning over him, a look of pure elation on her face.

All at once, Smaug felt an uncontrollable rage fill him to the point of bursting, like a deadly force of nature that ripped through his chest with no way of being stopped, nor did he want to. In that moment, he merely acted on instinct, his last memory of lying wounded on the bridge of Lake-Town, and his instincts screamed at him that this was a someone trying to finish him off whilst he lay injured. He did not feel as dreadful as he had then, he had to admit, but nevertheless, he still felt a dull ache in his chest, a raw pain that would have made a lesser creature whimper and cry out. But not Smaug, he let the pain fuel his anger, and so lashed out at the dark haired woman, a roar tearing from him as he struck at her with his hand, fingers clasping around her throat –

It was then that Smaug noticed his flesh. As he looked at his hand, he saw pale and soft flesh, five fingered, calloused hands, wide palms, strong musculature on the arms, with a freedom of movement and reach that had previously been denied to him. He stared in horror as he realised that he was controlling a human body!

Surging to his feet, Smaug stood to his full height, his fury and outrage now ten times stronger than it was before, so intoxicating he could almost taste it like bile on his tongue. He lifted the woman into the air, her feet dangling a good two or three feet of off the floor, her hands grasping around Smaug's iron grip that held her suspended by her throat, squeezing the life out of her as he choked her for air with one hand. Smaug then saw the girl out of the corner of his eye, jumping to her feet and screaming. He turned his head to her and snarled, the sound rather impressive and demonic despite the fact that it came out of a human chest, being much smaller and weaker then what he was accustomed to. The girl leapt away from him towards the cart, her face paling as it scrunched up with terror.

"S-s-ma-g…" the woman in Smaug's grip choked out weakly, causing the man to look back at her and bare his teeth as he growled like a rabid animal, spittle flying from his mouth. He then heard a soft "click", and he turned, almost curiously, to see the young girl, physically shaking with fear… and pointing a crossbow at him.

"Put my mother down." Her light and wilting voice shook as badly as her hands.

Smaug's instinctive response was to laugh at her pathetic attempt to intimidate him and threaten him. Did she truly think that a crossbow bolt could harm him?! But then… the thought entered his mind, that if he were in his real form, then yes, that response would be warranted. But in a frail, mortal body, who's skin was easily pierced, organs easily ruptured, bones easily broken… it put things in perspective for him. So, with a growl of frustration and anger, he dropped the woman in his hands.

The dark haired female hit the floor heavily, coughing and heaving in air and massaging her throat as she tried to force herself to remain conscious. Smaug ignored her, instead glaring at the girl with the crossbow in her hands; he could see her torn between keeping the dangerous man in her sights, and going to the aid of her mother, icy blue eyes flickering back and forth between the two.

"If you are going to shoot me, girl," Smaug hissed, relieved to hear that his voice had the same rich silky growl it once was, the only difference being that it wasn't as deep or as big as before due to the smaller chest producing it. "Then I suggest you take me down with one shot. Because I will only need one,"

The girl's knees wobbled as her breath hitched in her throat, Smaug could practically hear her heart race uncontrollably, the stench of her fear soaking into the air as she threatened to soil herself. But to her credit, she rooted herself in place and remained where she was.

"Now that the ice is broken," came a soft chuckle. Smaug was so taken aback by this noise in such an unlikely situation, that he had to look down in confusion to see the dark haired woman, sitting casually on the floor, an amused smile playing upon her lips as she looked up at him. Climbing to her feet, she was still smiling as she walked past Smaug as if he were nothing, and came to stand by her daughter, who looked at her mother as if she had sprouted a second head. "I suppose that introductions are in order?"

Smaug only glared at the woman.

"Fine then. My name is Andraya of Dol Amroth," the dark haired woman said with a flourishing bow, a sultry smile playing across her face. "And this is my daughter, Freyja,"

"You do realise that it unwise to tell a dragon your name," Smaug growled out between his teeth.

"I am aware of the superstition," Andraya said coolly, though she never lost that amused look in her eyes that Smaug wanted to claw out with his blunt mortal fingers. "And I would never willingly give my name to a dragon. But… as you can see… you are no longer a dragon."

"What did you do to me?!" he snarled, hands spread and hooked like he would have done if he had had claws.

"I woke you up," the woman said simply.

"What have you done with my body?!" he demanded.

"I did nothing." Andraya said. "Despite the fact that I would kill for that kind of power, I do believe that it was your woman that did this. 'Kathryn' was her name?"

"Where is she?!" Smaug snarled, his rage almost consuming him as panic began to bite at his heart, the absence of her presence seeming to engulf him in that moment of realising once again that she wasn't with him and almost send him over the edge.

"Firstly, give me your word that you will not harm us so that my daughter can put her crossbow down. Then, we will sit and talk like civilised people, and I will answer all questions you have – to the best of my ability." Andraya offered, though there was no room in her tone for anything else to happen.

Smaug thought for a moment, a sense of rational thought breaking through the haze of his mind in order to comprehend and take advantage of the situation. It would be easy to launch himself across the camp and kill the girl, he might take a crossbow bolt to the stomach if he was lucky, nothing he couldn't handle for the time being. Then he could easily overpower the other woman and make her tell him where Kathryn was. It would all be too easy. But, despite this, Smaug was weary – though he would never have admitted it – whatever the woman had done to him had completely drained him of energy. He felt as vulnerable as he had ever been in this pathetic body, to add his tired mind to it only doubled his caution, not to mention the fact that if this woman had any answers for him, it would be easier to charm her into talking. From her looks alone – which Smaug supposed that some would consider her comely enough – Smaug new that she was a vain creature, though her stance and position in front of her daughter suggested that she was protective and determined, the subtle arrangement of a move pointed to the fact that she thought she was clever for a mortal. She would be easy.

And also, he couldn't fight a feeling along his sixth sense that something about "Andraya" was not as she presented. Something about her rubbed his scales the wrong way - so to speak. But he shook it off, for now.

"Fine. You have my word."

"And I have some clothes for you as well, your… nakedness can be… rather distracting." Andraya murmured.

A few minutes later, Smaug sat in front of the fire – for he took a notice at how much cooler his body was compared to his draconic form, meaning that he himself felt the cold much easier though the girl insisted that he was feverish hot. He was dressed in simple leather clothes in order to cover himself, and even though he himself was now in human form, he didn't understand the necessity for so much coverings that mortals seemed fond of. He was grateful to be able to sit and rest his body, resisting the urge to reach up and massage his chest that still ached and pained him; he would not show weakness in front of these humans. The two women sat opposite him, the girl subconsciously leaning closer to her mother like a pup yearning for attention, though the older woman seemed oblivious as her entire focus was on Smaug.

"What happened?" he asked at last, biting out the words in his baritone voice.

"You were dying, and your Kathryn saved you." Andraya stated as Freyja threw a small tree branch onto the fire. Smaug grit his teeth as frustration was already biting at his drained mind, the woman's habit for stating the obvious if only for the sake of it irking him.

"How?" he ground out.

"That, I'm afraid, I don't know. She is a Seer, yes? So I assume that she simply used her connection to Raw Magic,"

"How do you know that about her?!" Smaug snapped, instantly defensive. He had to take a moment to take in his hot temper, yes, before he had also been temperamental, but he had always had the mask of being coolly aloof, now his patience was thinner than it had ever been. Perhaps it was the stress of his injury, for Smaug had noticed that the wound that had previously been in his chest had miraculously healed, and only a black scar remained. An imperfection that stained his otherwise magnificent body - for a human.

"My dear Lord Smaug," the woman said smoothly. "I may have not had the most privileged upbringing, but I know what purple eyes mean."

"If Kathryn healed me, then what happened to her?"

"She died."

Smaug froze in place, his mind completely going blank, as if a white light had gone off inside his head, leaving behind nothing to comprehend. His heart literally stopped in his chest… no, she couldn't be dead! He quickly reached down into himself and tried to find the bond, the bond that connected him to her, he had to feel her, had to know that this was a lie! But as he searched inside of himself, he found the bond… and nothing there. Smaug felt his heart plummet into his stomach, memories of the bridge coming back to him from whatever black hole he had banished them to: of watching the light fade from Kathryn's eyes, of hearing her last breath and feeling her last heartbeat, and then to have nothing at the other end of the bond. The bond lay there now, once a golden rope of light that connected him to her and her to him, now lay severed and broken, frayed and torn and left to dangle in the wind, dead like the other half of the connection.

"No!" Smaug hissed, unwilling to believe it, even as he knew there could be no other explanation. "You lie!"

"Smaug, I promise you: I watched what happened, I felt the magic, heavy in the air. She healed you, she saved you… but I'm afraid that such wounds proved too much for small magic. It cost her it all, and she died because of it. I'm sorry," Andraya said, with seemingly genuine emotion, though Smaug scoffed at her with dark mockery.

"So I must have died as well… we were linked and I had a damned Black Arrow pierce my heart, I should have died."

"But you didn't. I know not what powers kept you living, nor what turned you into this – what must be for you – a most degrading form. All I know is that I saw the woman die, her being taken away and then you succumb to the waters. After that, I pulled you from the Lake and tended to you and then with my own talents awoke you."

"Witchcraft." Smaug sneered, connecting the dots as he glared at the woman with new understanding. If he had almost died and had laid in a coma like state, then there was only one way that he would have been awoken. And frankly, he still didn't believe that she hadn't put him in this body. It all pointed to one conclusion, and his skin crawled at the thought of it.

"I prefer the term 'magically capable'." She said tightly, not betraying her temper that Smaug could see growing inside of her. "And does it matter how I brought you back? You are here."

"Where is Kathryn?!"

"As I said, I don't know,"

"I don't believe you," Smaug so wanted to reach across and snap every bone in this woman's body for her insolence and to loosen her tongue. Only his promise kept him in place.

"Then, will you believe me when I say that she's alive?"

Smaug was so taken aback, that he literally had to shake his head, blinking several times as his mind tried to process the information. What?! His Kathryn was alive? But how? How was it possible? Despite the fact that his heart lurched inside of his chest, he couldn't believe it. Should it be a false hope then he wouldn't be able to withstand the onslaught of grief and disappointment.

"What?! Lying human! You said that she had died!" he roared, rearing up onto his legs as he towered over the two women.

"She did," Andraya raised her voice only slightly in order to be heard above him, though she kept her calm persona. "But I have reason to believe that she has recently been… awoken, as you have,"

"Explain yourself."

"I know not where she is, nor who took her. What I do know is that I felt similar magic that I used on you. There are things in this world that are worth noting. Sometimes they are bad, others they are good, others they just grab the attention of all those who have the ears to listen for them. I know you have felt this before."

Smaug remembered the time that he had first heard Kathryn whisper in the tongue of ancient magic, or when he had encountered the dark shadow that had contacted him, the darkness he had felt that would consume everything… He remembered how such magic felt, like it called to his own, was a part of him, he could hear it whispering to him. Yes, he knew of what the witch spoke of.

"So I know that she is alive, and I am willing to help you get her –"

"You believe that I require a puny human to help me?!" he growled dangerously.

"No," Andraya said carefully, realising that she was stepping on dangerous ground. "But I understand that for one as mighty as you are, to be trapped in such a form, may prove challenging. And whilst I have every confidence in you that you will be able to master this form and convince even a wizard that you are human, what with your cunning mind and skills of persuasion, I realise that perhaps it would benefit you to have someone to aid you. I know that you would much rather have Kathryn returned to you as quickly as possible. I can assist you. I am prepared to serve you in any way possible my lord, I can bring you to your Kathryn, and I will do all that you ask of me. In return, all I require is for you to help me with a small task."

"Really…" Smaug muttered, not believing anything this black-mouthed witch said. But… he had to agree that she had a point, and her attempts at flattery placated him a small amount. Yet she was right: he needed to see Kathryn as soon as possible, for the last time he had seen her had been when she had laid dead upon his snout, and at the news that she was alive, he felt the inescapable urge to hold her close to him protectively, unable to shake the image out of his mind of her lying broken, beaten and lifeless. And if he was to correct that, then time was of the essence, and he had no choice. "Very well. You have a deal."

Kathryn lay in darkness...

The walls were too close, closing in on her...

Then the sky was too open, seeming to suck her up and spit her back out...

The Ocean churned around her, driving itself down her throat until she choked upon the salt, the waves crashing down to break her bones...

And fire suddenly leapt across her skin, burning her flesh, blistering it and turning it black, the smoke making her cough as it seeped into her mouth and nose, and she was unable to shake it. The burning light seared her flesh, making her scream until she was hoarse from the pain and the smoke, yet she did not pass out from either, instead she was forced to watch as her flesh melted away from her bones, her blood falling into the fire and spitting and hissing like a snake. The flames were everywhere...

Kathryn lay in darkness...

Smaug, the witch Andraya and her daughter Freyja, journeyed south. It was really the only option available to them. Smaug had deducted that it would be the only direction that Kathryn's kidnapper would go. At Lake-Town, to go north would be to go to the Lonely Mountain or the Grey Mountains beyond that. To go west was to go to Mirkwood, and to go east was to go to the Iron hills, and from what Smaug had gathered from Andraya and Freyja, with the armies coming to the Lonely Mountain from both east and west, that left only the south. Smaug was still outraged by that, that anyone, let alone five separate armies, thought that they could come and fight over his gold… the only way that he could pacify himself was to keep familiarising himself with his new body, focus on the task at hand… and promise himself that when the time came, he would take back the mountain. Whoever won it would certainly not hold it for long. He had been Smaug the dragon and would be again, he vowed, even if he had to result to the vilest black magic in the world, he would become his true self once again, and he would have his precious gold back. He felt oddly bereft without it.

So they marched south, Smaug's new body constantly itching to move onward at a faster pace then what these useless women had set! It never seemed fast enough, or they tired too easily, they had a cart, damn it all, why couldn't they go faster?!

It was on the second day of traveling, that Smaug's boredom of the journey and frustration at the time it was taking, seemed to take its toll, and he had to distract himself otherwise he would end up killing something. His hands ached to feel his claws once again, to rip into flesh, he wanted his fangs back, rather than these blunted teeth. And oh, to feel the sky once again… to have the wind play across his scales, to be free. He now knew why mortals lived such short lives compared to dragons, their misery of being earth-bound must kill them in the end, for each day Smaug looked up at the sky, and felt a gnawing pit gape open in his chest with longing; before, with one flap of his wings, and he could have been far away, free, but now he had to crawl across the earth like a worm.

To keep his mind from such thoughts, he turned to the witch who stood not far from him. They had stopped for the night – why they needed to stop at all, was Smaug's understanding. He could see perfectly well, and after his quick recovery he seemed to have all the energy of the sun trapped within his tiny form. Despite the fact that days previously, he had been near death, and yes his chest still ached and pained him at times as if the Black Arrow still pierced his flesh; but despite this, he had made a remarkable recovery, his health returning to him along with this boundless energy.

"So, a witch travels all the way from Dol Amroth, just to help me in my time of need? Should I feel flattered?" Smaug asked her coldly. Andraya stopped in what she was doing, watching the dragon in the man's body, and Smaug watched her in turn, a satisfied smirk playing across his face as he saw a wary look enter her eyes as she beheld him. She then unexpectedly turned away from him to look at her daughter.

"Freyja, would you be a dear and get us some firewood? I believe tonight may be a tad colder than yesterday," the mother said softly, almost as if she were speaking to an infant. The girl looked at her mother for a moment, her eyes shifting to the pile of firewood that had been collected earlier. Her eyes finally shifted to Smaug who lounged against a boulder, watching them both with a cruel smile, before she finally looked back at her mother.

"Very well," the girl murmured, before wandering off. When she was at a safe enough distance, Andraya spoke.

"You wish to discuss the deal?"

"I know you want something," Smaug glared at her, his eyes, still the same colour of flames as before, hot and burning as he regarded the witch.

"Very well, I see no reason to beat about the bush," Andraya snorted, as she came to kneel before the pit where she would begin to make a fire. "I have no doubt that you have noticed that my daughter has not inherited my own… magical abilities,"

"I have," Smaug agreed, for he had noticed that whilst the mother used magic at every opportunity – whether because she was showing off in front of him or just used her powers because of their convenience, Smaug was not sure. But the daughter was a hard worker, where her mother used fireballs, she used the crossbow, where magic could make a fire with a click of the fingers, the daughter had to toil and work at sustaining a flame with kindling and flint rocks.

"And yet, despite those abilities not being apparent, they are there in her blood," Andraya continued. "I should know, I packed them into her well enough when she was a babe,"

Smaug said nothing, but continued to watch the woman, his eyes narrowing.

"And then, there is someone like you," Andraya said, leaning up from her arrangement of wood to smile that hooded smile, that Smaug had no doubt would send a human to his knees begging for her. When she turned it on him however, it repulsed him. "Now, if even a Cold Drake in human form were to mate with a lowly scullery maid with not a drop of magical blood in her veins, then the offspring produced would still have enough power to rival even elven magic. But with the greatest Fire Drake of the age, and all dragons themselves are connected to the old magic, and my daughter, who has enough magic in her blood that were she a true witch would be a force to be reckoned with… now there, one could make something truly glorious so as to rival the wizards."

"You wish for me to… impregnate your daughter?" Smaug's mouth hung open, partly in shock, partly in disgust as he thought of the girl, no more than fourteen summers, barely past her first moon-blood if Smaug assumed correctly.

"Of course," Andraya stated as if this were the most obvious thing in the world.

"She is a child," Smaug growled out between his teeth. Sure, he cared not for the girl, but even he, with his heart as twisted and black as could be, understood that it was wrong. In dragon terms, the girl would barely be past her early twenties, when dragons reached sexual maturity but were not fully developed, they were still juveniles that stayed with their parents until they were roughly fifty years old. It would be considered a monstrosity!

"She is my child," Andraya corrected, her tone becoming cold as she watched Smaug. "And as such I can do with her as I deem necessary,"

"If a grandchild with that much power is what you seek," Smaug said pointedly. "Then why not ask for me to give you a child? Why bother with the daughter?"

"We all must pay our debts," the witch murmured to herself. "For the price of the magic needed in order to bring you back into this world, I had to give up something of my own. The cost, was any other children I would ever have. I am now infertile…" the woman seemed slightly hurt, her voice catching slightly, before she moved on, shoving her way past the emotion. "That is why my daughter is the perfect candidate."

"You have planned this for some time,"

"Of course. And I don't ask that you fuck her now, just that you will. You will give her a child and then you will never hear from us again."

"And how fortunate for me that you were so readily available to save me from death, and then offer me such service in return for such a… small request," Smaug spat icily.

"If you are insinuating that I had some hand to play in your demise, then you are mistaken," Andraya replied just as coolly.

"And you just happened to be in the right place at the right time? What a coincidence," he sneered.

"Actually I was," Andraya stated matter-of-factly. "You see, I was previously on my way towards the Lonely Mountain, my daughter with me; we had come to offer you the same deal when I noticed that the Lake was on fire… you know how things went from there."

"And what would you have offered me then? Believe me when I say that if I had my true form now, neither you nor your daughter would be alive. And I doubt that you would have said anything quick enough to grab my attention before I roasted you alive."

Andraya just smiled with no actual mirth, before she reached towards her satchel, and retrieved from it, a small ball wrapped in a velvet cloth. Holding the ball delicately in her hands, and carefully peeling back the layers of cloth, she revealed a crystal sphere.

"With this," she stated, before passing it over to Smaug, who had instantly taken an interest in the exquisite looking crystal. He held it in his hands, captivated by its beauty and smooth surface that reflected his image back to him perfectly.

"Is this all?" he muttered. True, he found this captivating and it played to his greed now, but back when he had still had possession of the mountain, he had had hundreds of jewels and priceless crystals like this, so therefore it was no different from any of the others and would not have been worthy of his attention in order to keep the witch alive.

"Do not be fooled by its common appearance," Andraya grinned. "Focus your mind on what you want most, and it shall appear,"

Smaug snorted at such a thing… but did as she said. He immediately imagined Kathryn, her long ruby red hair flowing in curls all the way down to the small of her back, her purple eyes glittering in the dark like amethysts, her small body fitting perfectly between his clawed fingers.

As the image became clear in his mind, he watched in fascination as the crystal ball lost its shine, and became clouded and misty as if it held a dense fog inside of it. The clouds churned for a moment, before parting and revealing to him… Kathryn!

Smaug's breath choked in his human throat, eyes widening as his fingers gripped the ball to the point of shattering it into a thousand pieces as he focused on her. She lay in the arms of a mortal man, with dirty skin and great facial hair, bouncing in the saddle as he rode with her clutched tightly to him. Smaug felt his eyes flare with rage, a heat prickling along his skin, his teeth aching as his fury almost consumed him at the thought of some human touching what was Smaug's and Smaug's alone! Kathryn lay unconscious, though her face was puckered as if she were whimpering in pain. The man carried her with several others as they lead a caravan of carts and horses towards a city made of tall alabaster stone structures, with great stain-glass windows that allowed light to flow in from all angles, the design of the buildings being great and grand works of architecture. A flag flying from all the towers of the city, bearing the sigil of a vine wrapped around a sword. And then, all faded to black.

As the vision cleared, Smaug released a breath he hadn't even realised that he had been holding, noticing that Freyja had returned and both the girl and the witch were watching him curiously.

"Well?" Andraya asked. "Where is she?"

Smaug described to them what he had seen, his mind still reeling with the implications at having seen Kathryn with his own eyes! It wasn't proof that she lived, he would need to feel her heart beat himself in order to be able to believe that she was finally real, but it was enough for him to know that she was out there. As he explained, Andraya seemed to recede deep into her own mind, seemingly lost in thought, before she finally spoke up as her eyes widened as if in realisation.

"Dorwinion. That's where she is being taken: Dorwinion, it has the sigil of the vine and the sword, they pride themselves on their wine and military strength!"

"Tell me of this Dorwinion," Smaug muttered.

"Dorwinion's lands expand from the Sea of Rhun in the south east, the Red River curving round from the east to the north, a range of mountainous hills to the south, and large plains to the west. The land is extremely fertile, and is best known for its excellent wine, and also gains most of its wealth from being the centre of trade in the east. They trade not only with Gondor, but also with Edoras, the Iron Hills, the Woodelves of Mirkwood, Dale (when it was still a city), as well as Erebor (again, when it was operational). I believe that what you saw, was the capital city of Dorwinion: Vathvael. The city known as the city of light, as the architecture is built like grand cathedrals, with lofty halls and tall, stain-glass windows... I have only been there once before, it is truly a sight to behold."

"You are sure of this?" Smaug snapped impatiently.

"Yes," Andraya nodded, the movement looking oddly like a bow.

"Mother," Freyja said softly, "Dorwinion is a long ride from here, it could take us weeks,"

"We will sell the cart and whatever else we have and buy horses," her mother reassured her. "With any luck we should reach Vathvael before the next New Moon,"

"Then we leave immediately." Smaug stood and walked back to the cart, the two women quickly following him.

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