Auggie and Daisy grabbed their lunch trays and filled them with food as they filed down the lunch line. "There's a new guy." Daisy said without much emotion. Looking down at her nails, she sighed. It had been so long since she'd been able to paint them black.

"Do you know who he is?" Auggie was by far Daisy's favorite at Horizon. He had a flare, and he seemed to understand everything Daisy had been through. He understood when she wanted to talk, and he was there. He also understood when she didn't want to talk, and so he only sat there, keeping her company with his presence.

Daisy pointed to Shelby and Scott. "Not yet. But they do." Daisy picked up her pace and arrived at the table a few seconds before Auggie did. "Hey." She greeted them, taking a seat next across from Aden. Scott scowled at her, while Shelby threw her an uncomfortable glance.

"Hey Dais, this is Aden Mathias. Aden this is our friend Daisy Lipenowski." Shelby introduced Daisy to Aden. Daisy could both annoy and comfort Shelby, and it was usually the former. But for the past month or so Daisy and Shelby had been growing closer and closer, and it was nice. "And that's Auggie Ciceros. Aden is from Chicago."

"How is the Windy City?" Auggie joked, however Aden simply starred at him.

The five ate in a growing silence. Finally, infuriated by Scott's pouting and Aden's lack of interest, Shelby exploded. "Jesus, we aren't going to bite you. You could at least say something. I know you're not a mute."

There was a moment's silence as everybody glanced, first at Shelby, then at Aden. Finally Aden spoke. "Who the hell are you to say you know me?"

"Sophie told us you're from Chicago-"

"Anybody," he interrupted, "can find that out."

"If you had let me finish," Shelby gave a disgusted sigh, "I was going to say that you're from Chicago, you were into gangs and drugs, and you didn't spend much time at school. But because you were starting to get messed up in gangs you think you're tough shit, when really you're just a little wimp."

Aden's blue eyes flared and he gave Shelby the finger. On the other side of the table, Daisy started laughing and clapping. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Shelby Merrick. The Cliffhangers very own shrink." Shelby gave a small smile, realizing that Daisy's dig wasn't against Shelby.

"If you end up at Horizon," Auggie put in, "Then you've obviously been through your share of shrinks to pick up some of their habits."

"OK," Aden said, ignoring both Auggie and Daisy, "You've got why I'm here figured out. So why are you here?"

The small table became deathly silent as everybody looked from Aden to Shelby, then down at their food. Finally, for the first time during lunch, Scott spoke. "Leave her the hell alone." He warned through clenched teeth, trying to keep his anger in check.

"She started it, man. Besides, she's got flare; I kind of like her. And also, what are you going to do about it?" Aden chuckled, unaware that Scott would honestly try and kill anybody who hurt Shelby.

Scott's chair flew back as he quickly stood up. He was inches away from pounding the little punks face in, when he felt Shelby's hand close over his fist. "Let it go, Scott." She told him in her beautiful voice. "He's not worth it."

Scott dropped his fist and walked away from the table with Shelby following behind him. Daisy and Auggie paused, then got up and left Aden alone at the table.