The Face Beneath

Based upon Clive Barker's "Nightbreed".

"I'm an actor, see? There's a face… beneath this one…"

Heh. Look at you. Look at you twitch. Look at that look on your face. Don't like this?

I thought you wanted this. You told me. They forgive you there, you said. I thought you wanted to see, liar, don't say it unless you want to see. Don't like this, what you're seeing suddenly? This mess of blood, of things inside? Want me to hide it again?

Sorry, can't. Heh. Heheheh…

I'm an actor, see? A face beneath a face beneath a face. Some of which happen to be a mess of blood, everyone's got them. I thought you could see – you wanted to see, you had the guts to see, don't go spilling 'em now just because I went and showed you. It's not like you haven't got this awful gross mess inside you. You just put that mask on awful well, your precious face.

And then you go and want to be forgiven. You don't even have the guts to confess the crime.

Me? I'm an actor, see, I don't mind. Pulled off more faces than you'll ever know. Rubber and smiles and shit, some skin won't make no difference. Want to be forgiven? Be ready to be told what you should be forgiven for. Liar. You come here with your pretty illusions and say you're from Midian. Liar. It's one thing lying to yourself, but giving me your shit, you should've known better. I see through masks, I see.

Want to be forgiven. Think you've killed. Think you're some beast, some monster that they should put down or some shit. All regretful, all self-hating, all whining about what a dreadful person you are. You didn't get anywhere near discovering.

Me – I pulled off the last mask. All the gore is on the outside now, everyone can see it, so there's no point in keeping any of it inside anymore. Faces, I know 'em, I've seen 'em, seen 'em all, everything your kind puts up to pretend you don't see what's inside, liar. And you said you wanted to see, I wanted to show you, you said you wanted it, you sick fuck, can't take the heat, eh?

I'm out of here, anyway, I'm out of this. You do what you want, liar, you keep hiding under that mask of regret of yours, that pretense that you know exactly how twisted you are inside. You were all I needed to see, liar, all I needed to see to know where I belong.

Me? I'm going to Midian. I'm going to the monsters. I'm going someplace where they'll forgive me the shit what's now all outside, all the blood, all the gore.

You? You, liar, can stay here. Have fun acting.