Name: James Snow III
Age: 37
Occupation: President of Panem
: The Capitol (Main Office)

President Snow III frowned as he spoke to a Capitol scientist on the phone. His cruel icy blue eyes widened as he listened to the terrible news. According to the head scientist, Karen Bosworth, claimed that eight people were missing down in the ruins of District Thirteen. Five Peacekeepers and three scientists. Scientists who had a lot of valuable information. The scientists who were busy testing nuclear-weapons.

"What do you mean they are missing? I can't afford this!" James Snow complained on the phone.

"Well, I don't know what else to say, sir. For now we could just ship off an extra batch, okay?"

There was a slight pause.

"You don't think they ran off, did they? Cause if they did, I want them to be executed."

"Calm down, President Snow. We can't have you dying of a heart attack, can we? We do not need another situation like what happened with your father."

"Please do not bring my father into this." James hissed.

All of a sudden, a blood-curling scream was heard through the phone. "Karen, are you alright? What's going on?"

Karen gulped. "President, we might have a problem..."

"What is it now?" James asked, clearly annoyed.

"I just found a dead body... And the blood seems to be fresh."

"What is it? A Peacekeeper? A scientist? Answer me, Karen!" he demanded.

"I don't know... The body is badly mangled, I can't even tell what it is at all. It's just a huge slab of torn red meat. I don't even see a white jumpsuit or a lab coat. I think it might be a civilian?"

"That is absolutely outrageous, Karen! There are no survivors in District Thirteen anymore! I thought my father annihilated that District already."

"I don't know... I need to hangup. I need to get out of here. I just heard a strange noise."

"Now, now, Karen. I say when we need to hangup."

"No, I need to go now. Bye." CLICK!

"Karen!" shouted James. He was completely annoyed that someone like Karen would do that to him. After all, he was the president. He deserved some respect. Plus he was the son of Coriolanus Snow II. The one who killed the Mockingjay, the one who ended the rebellion. The hero of Panem because he saved all twelve Districts from starting another uprising.

Name: Karen Bosworth
Age: 34
Occupation: Head Scientist
Location: The Ruins of District Thirteen

Karen was locked away inside her office. Everyone was dead. She had no else to talk to. She had no else to help her get out of this terrible situation. For some reason, this situation seemed unrealistic. How could anyone survive the bombings of District Thirteen once again? The previous president managed to bomb this place twice. And now, some psycho killer is out there, wanting Karen's blood.

"You ruined us!" a man wailed. His voice was raspy, and it sounded very creepy.

"You ruined everything! You bombed our District, you killed countless people, and destroyed all of the food sources..."

Another slight pause. He was catching his breath.

"Now... You will face our wrath!" the man laughed evilly.

His badly burnt hands due to the radiation poisoning pounded the door.

Karen backed away, heading towards the small bathroom. She opened it, and locked the door once again. She sat on the floor, sobbing. There was nothing else to do but wait.

Karent felt something wet come in contact with her nose. She tentatively touched her nose and her finger came away with blood.

"What the..."

She looked up just to see the three dead bodies of the missing scientists. Their bodies were horribly mutilated. A few missing fingers, a foot was torn off, and their clothes were completely soaked with crimson.

She screamed as she moved away from the corpses. She quickly opened the door just to run into the mutant-like man named Big Brain.

He raked his claws against Karen's face, peeling off huge strips of skin. Karen screamed in pain as she was thrown onto the floor. Blood started streaming down her face. The thick hot liquid blinded her vision. She couldn't see anything right now. However, she was close to the exit.

"There's no escaping now." the mutant growled.

He pulled back Karen's head, and used the longest and sharpest nail to slice her throat wide open. She continued to breathe rapidly as blood sloshed down her clothes. The mutant dug around in Karen's throat, ripping out a handful of arteries.

Then he tossed her lifeless body onto the floor, and ripped open her stomach. He devoured her intestines, pulling out huge lengths of them, and scattering them all over the place.

PLOT PART 2: Head Gamemaker, Hadley Brown, discovers the fact that the head scientist of the Capitol is dead. He also finds out that three other scientists and five Peacekeepers are missing. When Hadley finds out about the truth, he decides to use the ruins of District 13 as the arena. But the tributes of the 95th Hunger Games are not alone...


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